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Live blogging Barack Obama's first press conference as president-elect

(UPDATE: A complete transcript of the news conference is available far below or here. Additionally, we have inserted a complete video of the full news conference if you want to follow along while reading the live-blog.)Barack Obama gives his first press conference as president-elect

12:26 p.m. It's over. Obama’s first press conference lasted only about 20 minutes.

Although Obama did acknowledge the direness of the current financial crisis, he didn't get very specific in his proposals to mend it. There had been some speculation that Obama might lay out plans for an FDR-like public works project today. He did nothing of the sort.

When possible, Obama's answers about his plans for the future were vague. For example, when he was asked if he still intends to seek income tax increases for upper-income Americans, Obama was non-committal. "I think that the plan that we've put forward is the right one," he said. "But, obviously, over the next several weeks and months, we're going to be continuing to take a look at the data and see what's taking place in the economy as a whole."

Answers such as those give him a lot of wriggle room. That's what an incoming president wants.

Overall, the press conference went well. Obama seemed more at ease than he did on the campaign trail, and he had a nice repartee with reporters. And, perhaps most importantly, there was a new air about him -- something you may have noticed during his acceptance speech on election night in Chicago’s Grant Park: He seemed presidential.

Thanks for reading. The Times' Michael Finnegan and Peter Nicholas have more analysis, and you can find the entire transcript of Obama's remarks after the jump.

12:18 p.m. On Thursday, Obama was given his first national security briefing at FBI offices by Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence. CNN's Candy Crowley asks if Obama had learned anything in that meeting that gave him pause. He declins to answer.

12:16 p.m. When asked how he is preparing to step into the role of president, Obama says he has met with every living president and also has re-read some of President Abraham Lincoln’s writing.

Barack Obama gives his first press conference as president-elect Then Obama gets down to the important stuff: what kind of dog he'll bring to the White House.

Obama says he’d prefer to get a dog from a shelter. After all, he says, "A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me."

12:11 p.m. Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet stands up to ask a question, and Obama notices that her arm is in a sling. "What happened?" he asks.

"I cracked my shoulder running to your speech on election night!" she says, and the whole room cracks up.

12:08 p.m. Obama says he plans to move with "deliberate haste" in choosing his cabinet. "We will be rolling that out . . .

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. . . . in subsequent weeks," he says.

12:07 p.m. When asked about working with President George W. Bush during the transition, Obama says he will meet the sitting president with a "spirit of bipartisanship."

11:59 a.m. Obama begins by talking about the day’s grim economic news: The Labor Department reported today that the economy lost 240,000 jobs in October. (The unemployment rate is now 6.5% -- the highest rate in 14 years.)

He says he will rely heavily on his economic advisers to help with several rescue efforts, including an extension of unemployment benefits and an emphasis on job growth. He also says that he supports Congress' plan to give billions to help the ailing auto industry.

When asked how he'll spend his first days as president, he says that a stimulus package would be "the first thing" he gets done (if a package hasn't been passed before his inauguration on Jan. 20).

11:50 a.m. Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden have just stepped on stage. Obama is standing before the lectern (which is hung with a placard that says president elect).Barack Obama gives his first press conference as president-elect He is flanked by about 15 of his economic advisers (and new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel). It's very symbolic -- they are literally backing him up.

11:47 a.m. Obama, who was known for being punctual on the campaign trail, is now nearly 20 minutes late for his first press conference as president-elect.

11:31 a.m. In a few minutes, Barack Obama will give his first press conference as president-elect. We will be live blogging it here at the Ticket.

The event (which is being held in Chicago) will give us a taste of what we can expect from an Obama White House, and it also will bring to light Obama's plans to fix the ailing economy. Disappointing job figures released today suggest that the financial crisis is deepening, and Obama surely will be asked about possible remedies.

Earlier today, Obama spent several hours mulling over the economy with several of his top economic advisers. Two former Treasury secretaries, Robert E. Rubin and Lawrence H. Summers, were scheduled to attend, and billionaire investor Warren Buffett was expected to take part by phone. 

Another probable topic will be Obama's transition to the White House, including his selection of his Cabinet, which he will be assembling in the coming weeks. On Thursday, Chicago congressman Rahm Emanuel accepted Obama's offer to be White House chief of staff.

We expect the press conference to begin shortly.

-- Kate Linthicum

Photos: The president-elect at his first press conference since winning the election (top and middle) and with his economic team earlier today (bottom). (Stan Honda / AFP/Getty Images)


Here is a list of the economic advisers standing behind him, from right to left:

William Daley - Chairman of the Midwest, JP Morgan Chase; Former Secretary, U.S. Dept of Commerce, 1997-2000

Robert Reich - University of California, Berkeley; Former Secretary, U.S. Dept of Labor, 1993-1997

Penny Pritzker - CEO, Classic Residence by Hyatt

Roger Ferguson - President and CEO, TIAA-CREF and former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Lawrence Summers - Harvard University; Managing Director, D.E. Shaw; Former Secretary, U.S. Dept of Treasury, 1999-2001

Anne Mulcahy - Chairman and CEO, Xerox

Richard Parsons - Chairman of the Board, Time Warner

Paul Volcker - Former Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve 1979-1987

Rahm Emanuel - United States Representative (IL-05)

President Elect Obama

Vice President Elect Biden

Jennifer Granholm - Governor, State of Michigan

Robert Rubin - Director and Senior Counselor, Citigroup; Former Secretary, U.S. Dept of Treasury, 1995-1999

David Bonior - Member House of Representatives (Michigan) 1977-2003

Laura Tyson - (Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; Former Chairman, National Economic Council, 1995-1996; Former Chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors, 1993-1995)

Antonio Villaraigosa - Mayor, City of Los Angeles

William Donaldson - Former Chairman of the SEC, 2003-2005

Eric Schmidt - Chairman and CEO, Google

Roel Campos - Former Commissioner of the SEC


[*] OBAMA: Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you very much.

This morning, we woke up to more sobering news about the state of our economy. The 240,000 jobs lost in October marks the 10th consecutive month that our economy has shed jobs. In total, we've lost nearly 1.2 million jobs this year, and more than 10 million Americans are now unemployed.

Tens of millions of families are struggling to figure out how to pay the bills and stay in their homes. Their stories are an urgent reminder that we are facing the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime, and we're going to have to act swiftly to resolve it.

Now, the United States has only one government and one president at a time. And until January 20th of next year, that government is the current administration.

I've spoken to President Bush. I appreciate his commitment to ensuring that his economic policy team keeps us fully informed as developments unfold. And I'm also thankful for his invitation to the White House.

Immediately after I become president, I'm going to confront this economic crisis head on by taking all necessary steps to ease the credit crisis, help hardworking families, and restore growth and prosperity.

And this morning, I met with members of my Transition Economic Advisory Board, who are standing behind me, alongside my vice president-elect, Joe Biden.

They will help to guide the work of my transition team, working with Rahm Emanuel, my chief of staff, in developing a strong set of policies to respond to this crisis. We discussed in the earlier meeting several of the most immediate challenges facing our economy and key priorities on which to focus on in the days and weeks ahead.

First of all, we need a rescue plan for the middle class that invests in immediate efforts to create jobs and provide relief to families that are watching their paychecks shrink and their life savings disappear.

A particularly urgent priority is a further extension of unemployment insurance benefits for workers who cannot find work in the increasingly weak economy.

OBAMA: A fiscal stimulus plan that will jump-start economic growth is long overdue. I've talked about it throughout this -- the last few months of the campaign. We should get it done.

Second, we have to address the spreading impact of the financial crisis on the other sectors of our economy: small businesses that are struggling to meet their payrolls and finance their holiday inventories; and state and municipal governments facing devastating budget cuts and tax increases.

We must also remember that the financial crisis is increasingly global and requires a global response.

The news coming out of the auto industry this week reminds us of the hardship it faces, hardship that goes far beyond individual auto companies to the countless suppliers, small businesses and communities throughout our nation who depend on a vibrant American auto industry.

The auto industry is the backbone of American manufacturing and a critical part of our attempt to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

I would like to see the administration do everything it can to accelerate the retooling assistance that Congress has already enacted. In addition, I have made it a high priority for my transition team to work on additional policy options to help the auto industry adjust, weather the financial crisis, and succeed in producing fuel-efficient cars here in the United States of America.

And I was glad to be joined today by Governor Jennifer Granholm, who obviously has great knowledge and great interest on this issue.

I've asked my team to explore what we can do under current law and whether additional legislation will be needed for this purpose.

Third, we will review the implementation of this administration's financial program to ensure that the government's efforts are achieving their central goal of stabilizing financial markets while protecting taxpayers, helping homeowners, and not unduly rewarding the management of financial firms that are receiving government assistance.

It is absolutely critical that the Treasury work closely with the FDIC, HUD, and other government agencies to use the substantial authority that they already have to help families avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. Finally, as we monitor and address these immediate economic challenges, we will be moving forward in laying out a set of policies that will grow our middle class and strengthen our economy in the long term. We cannot afford to wait on moving forward on the key priorities that I identified during the campaign, including clean energy, health care, education, and tax relief for middle-class families.

My transition team will be working on each of these priorities in the weeks ahead, and I intend to reconvene this advisory board to discuss the best ideas for responding to these immediate problems.

Let me close by saying this. I do not underestimate the enormity of the task that lies ahead. We have taken some major action to date, and we will need further action during this transition and subsequent months.

Some of the choices that we make are going to be difficult. And I have said before and I will repeat again: It is not going to be quick, and it is not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves out of the hole that we are in.

But America is a strong and resilient country. And I know we will succeed, if we put aside partisanship and politics and work together as one nation. That's what I intend to do.

With that, let me open it up for some questions. And I'm going to start right here with you.

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President-elect. I wonder what you think any president can accomplish during their first 100 days in office to turn the economy around? How far can you go? And what will be your priorities on day one?

OBAMA: Well, I think that a new president can do an enormous amount to restore confidence, to move an agenda forward that speaks to the needs of the economy and the needs of middle-class families all across the country.

I've outlined during the course of the campaign some critical issues that I intend to work on.

We have a current financial crisis that is spilling out into rest of the economy, and we have taken some action so far. More action is undoubtedly going to be needed. My transition team is going to be monitoring very closely what happens over the course of the next several months.

The one thing I can say with certainty is that we are going to need to see a stimulus package passed either before or after inauguration.

OBAMA: We are going to have to focus on jobs, because the hemorrhaging of jobs has an impact, obviously, on consumer confidence and the ability of people to -- to buy goods and services and can have enormous spillover effects.

And I think it's going to be very important for us to provide the kinds of assistance to state and local governments to make sure that they don't compound some of the problems that are already out there by having to initiate major layoffs or initiate tax increases.

So there are some things that we know we're going to have to do, but I'm confident that a new president can have an enormous impact. That's why I ran for president.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) from House Democrats that the stimulus package may be in trouble, that it's going to be a hard time getting out of a lame-duck session. Are you still confident that you would be able to get something done before you actually take office?

OBAMA: I want to see a stimulus package sooner rather than later. If it does not get done in the lame-duck session, it will be the first thing I get done as president of the United States.

QUESTION: Senator, for the first time since the Iranian revolution, the president of Iran sent a congratulations note to a new U.S. president. I'm wondering if, first of all, if you responded to President Ahmadinejad's note of congratulations and, second of all, and more importantly, how soon do you plan on sending low-level envoys to countries such as Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, to see if a presidential-level talk would be productive?

OBAMA: I am aware that the letter was sent. Let me state -- repeat what I stated during the course of the campaign.

Iran's development of a nuclear weapon I believe is unacceptable. And we have to mount a international effort to prevent that from happening.

Iran's support of terrorist organizations I think is something that has to cease.

I will be reviewing the letter from President Ahmadinejad, and we will respond appropriately. It's only been three days since the election. Obviously, how we approach and deal with a country like Iran is not something that we should, you know, simply do in a knee- jerk fashion. I think we've got to think it through. But I have to reiterate once again that we only have one president at a time. And I want to be very careful that we are sending the right signals to the world as a whole that I am not the president and I won't be until January 20th.

QUESTION: Picking up what we were just talking about, your meeting with President Bush on Monday. When -- he is still the decider, obviously, stating the obvious. When you disagree with decisions he makes, will you defer? Will you challenge? Will you confront? And if it becomes confrontational, could that rattle the markets even more?

OBAMA: Well, President Bush graciously invited Michelle and I to -- to meet with him and First Lady Laura Bush. We are gratified by the invitation. I'm sure that, in addition to taking a tour of the White House, there's going to be a substantive conversation between myself and the president.

I'm not going to anticipate problems. I'm going to go in there with a spirit of bipartisanship and a sense that both the president and various leaders in Congress all recognize the severity of the situation right now and want to get stuff done.

And, you know, undoubtedly there may end up being differences between not just members of different parties, but between people within the same party.

The critical point and I think the critical tone that has to be struck by all of us involved right now is the American people need help. This economy is in bad shape. And we have just completed one of the longest election cycles in recorded history.

Now is a good time for us to set politics aside for a while and think practically about what will actually work to move the economy forward. And it's in that spirit that I'll have the conversation with the president.

QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President-elect. With the country facing two wars and a financial crisis, do you think it's important for you to move especially quickly to fill key cabinet posts, such as treasury secretary and secretary of state?

OBAMA: When we have an announcement about cabinet appointments, we will make them. There is no doubt that I think people want to know who's going to make up our team.

OBAMA: And I want to move with all deliberate haste, but I want to emphasize "deliberate" as well as "haste." I'm proud of the choice I made of vice president, partly because we did it right. I'm proud of the choice of chief of staff, because we thought it through.

And I think it's very important, in all these key positions, both in the economic team and the national security team, to -- to get it right and not to be so rushed that you end up making mistakes.

I'm confident that we're going to have an outstanding team, and we will be rolling that out in subsequent weeks.

QUESTION: Yes, sir. To what extent -- to what extent are you planning to use your probably pretty great influence in determining the successor for your Senate seat? And what sort of criteria should the governor be looking at in filling that position?

OBAMA: This is the governor's decision; it is not my decision.

And I think that the criteria that I would have for my successor would be the same criteria that I'd have if I were a voter: somebody who is capable; somebody who is passionate about helping working families in Illinois meet their -- meet their dreams.

And I think there are going to be a lot of good choices out there, but it is the governor's decision to make, not mine.

Lynn Sweet?

QUESTION: Mr. President-elect...

OBAMA: What happened to your arm, Lynn?

QUESTION: I cracked my shoulder running to your speech on election night.

OBAMA: Oh, no.


QUESTION: (inaudible)

OBAMA: I think that was the only major incident during the -- the entire Grant Park celebration.

QUESTION: Thank you for asking. Here's my question. I'm wondering what you're doing to get ready. Have you spoke to any living ex-presidents, what books you might be reading?

Everyone wants to know, what kind of dog are you going to buy for your girls? Have you decided on a private or public school for your daughters?

OBAMA: Let -- let me list those off.

In terms of speaking to former presidents, I've spoken to all of them that are living. Obviously, President Clinton -- I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances.

I have re-read some of Lincoln's writings, who's always an extraordinary inspiration.

And, by the way, President Carter, President Bush, Sr., as well as the current president have all been very gracious and offered to provide any help that they can in this transition process.

With respect to the dog, this is a major issue. I think it's generated more interest on our Web site than just about anything.

We have -- we have two criteria that have to be reconciled. One is that Malia is allergic, so it has to be hypoallergenic. There are a number of breeds that are hypoallergenic.

On the other hand, our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. So -- so whether we're going to be able to balance those two things I think is a pressing issue on the Obama household.

And with respect to schools, Michelle will be -- will be scouting out some schools. We'll be making a decision about that in the future.

QUESTION: You are now privy to a lot of intelligence that you haven't had access to before, in fact, much of what the president sees, I'm sure all of it.

First of all, do you -- what do you think about the state of U.S. intelligence, whether you think it needs beefing up, whether you think there's enough interaction between the various agencies?

And, second of all, has anything that you've heard given you pause about anything you've talked about on the campaign trail?

OBAMA: Well, as you know, if -- if there was something I had heard, I couldn't tell you. But...


OBAMA: I have received intelligence briefings. And I will make just a general statement.

Our intelligence process can always improve. I think it has gotten better. And, you know, beyond that, I don't think I should comment on the nature of the intelligence briefings.

OBAMA: That was a two-parter. Was there another aspect to that?

QUESTION: Well, just whether -- you know, absent what you've heard...

OBAMA: OK, I get you.

QUESTION: ... whether anything has given you pause.

OBAMA: I'm going to skip that.

QUESTION: Mr. President-elect, do you still intend to seek income tax increases for upper-income Americans? And if so, should these Americans expect to pay higher taxes in 2009?

OBAMA: The -- my tax plan represented a net tax cut. It provided for substantial middle-class tax cuts; 95 percent of working Americans would receive them.

It also provided for cuts in capital gains for small businesses, additional tax credits. All of it is designed for job growth.

My priority is going to be, how do we grow the economy? How do we create more jobs?

I think that the plan that we've put forward is the right one, but, obviously, over the next several weeks and months, we're going to be continuing to take a look at the data and see what's taking place in the economy as a whole.

But, understand, the goal of my plan is to provide tax relief to families that are struggling, but also to boost the capacity of the economy to grow from the bottom up.

All right. Thank you very much, guys. ###

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I hope President-elect Obama will not fall prey to ridiculous plans like supporting businesses that just don't get it like the domestic auto-makers (why can't they make a vehicle that people will buy?) and troubled home-owners (did anyone force them to buy a house they could never afford to keep?).

We MUST allow the markets/economy to correct itself. Anything less and the bubble will grow bigger to the point that my great-great grandchildren will be paying for our mistakes.

I am a life-long DEMOCRAT but all this government spending just HAS TO STOP. I think this was what got us here in the first place.

Concerned taxpayer

The LA Times "liveblogging" is the writing on the wall. It's a bad paper, and now they resort to imitating real bloggers to regain some shred of credibility and usefulness. Now they will most likely not publish this comment, further evidence of their falseness.

I believe the LA Times can do blogging like I trust George W Bush to fix the economy.

who are the morons who are blogging the confrence? are they watching the same press confrence that we are watching on AP? terrible blog...shame on you!

President Elect Obama gave us the type of news conference we would expect. Informative and thoughtful but no push over. A bit of humor concerning the "first dog". But, then, back to business. He is showing his merit and steady spirit - which is why he was elected.

Poor showing by press corps - question his choice of a dog, but no mention of the atrocities of the passage of Prop.8 in California.

Why link the Republicans to God?? It really does not matter which man is in the white house, from which ever the party.

Our faith is in God not mankind. Who are we to hold our fists up to our creator??

Will, a trenchant anaylsis. But should you be posting in a more appropriate forum? Say,

I have been relatively successful in my life, I own a business, own my house and car, and I make enough money every year to cover my wants and needs. Are the republicans then solely responsible for my success? Does the enormous amount of work and risk I assumed when I started my business have absolutely nothing to do with my current situation? Or despite my earned wealth am I still no more than "cheap labor" to the "aristocracy."

I don't really agree with the republican or democratic party's policies in most situations. I think a much better course would be a middle ground approach because it would appease the most people and probably achieve the greatest good. But, I am tired of people complaining about contrived conspiracies on either side of the isle.

Face it people, you are where you are in life because of who you are, not because of some vast web of politicians out there who are trying to specifically suppress you. Work harder, educate yourself, and you will be successful it really is that simple.

Unless Obama select really un-biased, unused, known cabals from the Washington crowd, he will not be able to become a kinder, gentle, humane, peace loving, just and fair American President, he has told us hundreds times that he will be like that. The first selction is not to the expectation of many peace loving Americans, but they are waiting and watching whre the other steps will fall.

I hope Obama addesses what the mainsteam media fails to: That the bailout was another huge robbery of the public coffers. I am furious aty both parties for failing and fooling the public -- and at the media for failing to report the true ramifications.

I watched President Elect Obama's press conference. He is still looking presidential. He is a serious thinker. Man, is Obama intelligent. I could not see John McCain as president elect. Obama plans his steps carefully, but he does not cross the line, especially since he knows that President Bush is still the current President. Barack is preparing ahead though. Barack Obama was, and still is, the right choice for President.

As you can see from the question about raising taxes on upper income americans, he did not answer the questions. Why??

For goodness sakes, give the man a break. Everyone knows the economy fix is not a quick onen -- after all, it took 8 years to destroy it. We don't need your kind of shallow and immature commentaries. Get a real job

I hope Obama addesses what the mainsteam media fails to: That the bailout was another huge robbery of the public coffers. I am furious aty both parties for failing and fooling the public -- and at the media for failing to report the true ramifications.

I hope Obama addesses what the mainsteam media fails to: That the bailout was another huge robbery of the public coffers. I am furious aty both parties for failing and fooling the public -- and at the media for failing to report the true ramifications.

is OUR important issue "what Dog" is to be in the white house? i gathered nothing from the first speech other than what kind of dog will be in the white house. oh abc, charlie, and george. there were no definite answers given.

I hope Obama addesses what the mainsteam media fails to: That the bailout was another huge robbery of the public coffers. I am furious aty both parties for failing and fooling the public -- and at the media for failing to report the true ramifications.

Jobs: A Practical Path to Overfull Employment

The U.S. experienced full employment during World War II: The jobless rate was a mere 2%. Early in 1977, the late Robert Edmonds an economist, L.V. Watkins, Jr. an attorney experienced in economic development and I, prepared the second of two reports for the Economic Development Administration that described a Human Investment Tax Credit program. We suggested a group of employment tax credits and provided research to support turning them into law. The 1977 job tax credit program, which reflected a few of the recommended incentives, generated 900,000 private-sector jobs, fully 20 percent of all new jobs created that year. To that moment (and perhaps since) it resulted in more jobs in less time than any single piece of legislation in our history. A Census Bureau survey showed that only 34 percent of all businesses were aware of the little-publicized program. Only a third of the eligible businesses utilized the credits. The White House opposed the job tax credit, and it was little advertised.
If promoted effectively, with all of the suggested incentives, it might have met the original goal of generating three million to six million new jobs and encouraging one million to four million people to become self-employed. Since Congress created the program over Administration opposition, the following year the program was gutted and became the targeted jobs-tax credit, with only a small fraction of its previous effectiveness. Unemployment is once again a most urgent problem. The tax incentives in the Human Investment Tax Credit program can readily be updated and voted into law. That should be the first order of business for the new Administration and Congress. What follows has been adapted from the Abstract that introduced the second report.
Curing unemployment without creating new inflationary pressures is clearly possible if we view the economy from new perspectives and adopt appropriate tools and policies. The primary addition in the second report was a unique analysis of causes of unemployment that suggests that overfull rather than merely full employment may prove possible. This analysis split employers into three categories: large corporations, medium corporations and government, and small business. The only category having the potential to absorb large numbers of new employees appears to be the small employer. It is worth repeating that a package of carefully crafted carrots could readily create 3 to 6 million additional jobs in the small business sector with another 1 to 4 million becoming self-employed. A small business employment reservoir, rather than government as an employer of last resort, appears to be available.
Employment tax credits can be used as a more effective alternative to another general tax cut. This is a rifle shot approach, instead of a shotgun, aimed specifically at lessening unemployment as rapidly as possible without contributing new inflationary pressures. A concept of the "employer force" was advanced. This seeks to supplement the existing studies of the labor force by examining the impediments to additional employment from the other side of the coin. Long term policy would aim at the underlying structural corrections necessary for the economic roller-coaster to move toward equilibrium. Were these new directions adequately explored, new management tools can become available. These could include, for example, an incentivized Income Maintenance Savings Program.
A coordinated alternative economic analysis is suggested as an immediate priority that could yield large dividends. If the Human Investment Tax Credit program is rapidly updated and implemented, a comprehensive attack on the root causes of both unemployment and inflation can both stimulate the economy and provide millions of citizens with hope for an accelerated economic recovery.

Just hearing Obama speak gives me the confidence that he knows what he is doing. He seems prepared to do whatever he can to bring America back on top. And he is one of the most personable presidents ever. I cannot remember another president more caring or creating a comfortable environment for those around him. I loved when he asked how Lynn was. A great man.

Check your facts , The economy was at its strongest in the early 90's thanks to Reagan and Bush 1 .Clinton thought it would be a good idea to give loans to people without jobs or money. Good job Clinton thanks for ruining our Economy.

The president will need to remove current fbi/cia directors very quickly; then, stop the high tech torture by USA of all persons on earth ; then, report to the people about the treason that the fbi/cia and some members of Congress have perpetrated against the citizens of the USA. Finally, Mr Obama will need to prove that he is worthy of the historic opportunity afforded him to pull the USA from the grips of totalitarian rule.Any questions! geral sosbee (956)371-5210

Will.....are you for real? The bizarre occult is mostly all connected to the Liberal left except for a few bad apples like Nancy Reagan who is 'very impressed' by Obama accorging to her effeminate son Ron. I admire her being Ronald Reagan's wife, former 1st Lady, who adopted her other son Michael, but don't like her occultism.

Obama's slam on Nancy's sceances (From what I learned, it was Hillary that did the sceances with help from Jean Houston and Marianne Williamson, a now strong supporter of Obama who wants to create a department of Peace under Obama.....and it was Nancy who did astrology) was uncalled for in the 1st press again you have Obama saying bipartisan mishmash out of one side of his mouth, then saying something very partisan out of the other when the economy is in dire straigts mostly caused by socialistic liberals who wanted minoroties and others to have a house they couldn't afford.

see for more about the occult connection to Obama

You must be an evolutionist that believes we evolved from a snake and before that a slug and before that slime. Re: Lucifer, a well know liberal who worships Lucifer supports Obama...see Fox's Pinkerton's blog about this at:

Evangelicals like myself belief Lucifer to be a light-bearing serpentine spirit being (the Hebrew word for Lucifer is nachash, pronounced naw-kash, means exactly this) who can manifest into most anything he likes, and who bosses over many evil spirits, some that mess with your mind to do things like write your post to mock Christianity. When the following youtube video probably happens to you: you will realize your error.

Will writes: "Naturally this includes all evangelicals and such. After all , they believe that a talking snake caused all the grief in the World and that God, who was fearful Mankind would become like Him, was so angry that He sentenced Mankind to misery for all generations unless they tortured and killed his Son"

It's ashamed one can get so caught up in the Political Arena of Life, that they totally missconstrue the True Message to us as humans.

Don/t forget: Black or matter our race...nor political affiliation, God is still the Creator of the Universe. and mankind...and at some point in time, we will give an account of our life, not political affiliation, nor how we spent our money, but rather our affiliation with HIM.

Hate to say it but he's right. Bush and Raygun have , in an amazingly short time transferred more wealth to fewer people that in the entire history of man. They did it and convinced a large part of the country that they were actually benifitting the whole population. amazing!
The only way back to a democracy is to pass laws prohibiting that type of economic rape from happeneing again, and then slowely siphoning the excess wealth thats been hoarded from the wealthy and allowing the middle class to recover. This theory goes back to :the right of kings". That those that have do so because G-d wants them to. Somehow they are better than all of us and should be set up as special people above the law.

I thought that's what this country stood against?
I thought it was about equality and protecting EVERYONE from ALL types of oppression?

The Republican party and those that ran it for the last 25 years must be expelled. Essentially they have been by this election, but they need chastizing. 20 years in a federal prison would be about right.

1000000 dead in Iraq.
20000 dead ini Afganistan
The Constitution disgraced
The military abused
The economy destroyed
The courts politisized and degraded
Human rights troden on
Civil rights disgarded

Any of these is a crime worth prison. together, i think Jefferson would have shot them on the Wiite House lawn!

I am still amassed that the simplicity of my concept always seems to fall on deaf ears. Recovery is simple; give each legal citizen over the age of 18 $428,000. Several things will occur after receiving the money, 1. home mortgages will be paid off completely thus returning the money to the Lending Institutions. 2. auto loans will be wiped out making way for the purchase of a newer auto thus saving the auto industry. 3. student loans will be cleared. 4. credit card debt will be wiped out. 5. one of the biggest spending sprees will start and I don't have to say what that would mean to retailers and manufactures. 5. approximately 30% will be returned to the government in the form of gift taxes. If we really wanted to save the economy we would put spendable cash into the hands of our citizens. The total cost of such a program would be less than the amount of money given to save AIG! Out-Of-The-Box thinking is required and our new President-elect is just the guy that will consider it.

Hey Will,

Obama believes the same think you just mocked. So your reasoning is really moronic.

President elect Obama, is a smart and honest man. Mr. Obama did not seek to ignore Mr. Bush he let the world know that in this country only one man can be president at a time. He showed respect for Mr. Bush, thereby showing respect for the office of "President Of The United States Of America." Boy, does that feel great, "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I leave it to you....


You obviously didn't grow up in the Reagan years. When Regan took office, Carter had left double-digit interest AND unemployment rates. Reagan correct both in the first term. We also didn't have to wait in line for two hours to get our ration of gasoline. Please don't simply regurgitate the nonsense Al Franken and Bill Maher have been spoon-feeding you. Obama will never tax the rich. In reality, he shouldn't. Reagan stated back in 1975 (you remember 1975 don't you, Will?) that the rich don't pay taxes. Any increase in their taxes will be simply handed down to the consumer. Yes, Barack will give you a tax break but what does it matter when you'll be paying $10 for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread? That $1000 is going to run out rather quickly.

As far as religion (specifically Christianity) goes, you really show your ignorance. It wasn't the snake that caused the misery, it was sin (you're old enough to know what sin is don't you, Will?). Jesus willingly came to this world to die in our place. He took our punishment (even yours Will). The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. That means He didn't just die for the faithful, church-going Christian. He died for every person. Even those that make fun of Him, even those that kill people for believing in Him, even those we would call monsters in our society. We didn't torture Him, He died for us so that we don't have to get what we deserve. You'll face judgement someday, Will. God is not going to take ignorance as an excuse. You will either take your punishment or you will have accepted Christ's offer to take your place. Don't be stupid, Will. What sin is worth living an eternity in darkness for?

In his first press conf., he takes a shot at a 90 year old woman recovering from a broken hip in a hospital (Nancy Reagan). I don't like her much either, but it is beneath the president to make fun of a private citizen, especially a 90 year old woman.

Classy, Barack, classy.

The again, he did the same thing with his grandmother, and also mocked "Joe", another private citizen that just asked him a question -- one that was just too tough, I guess.

I predict that before 2010 is out, he will have a 30% approval rating, if not before.

Did you hear the compusory youth service? Don't they call that a draft? Here comes the socialism and forced labor. Well... it is!

Obama has serious EGO issues.

What in the world is that sign in front of the podium? Office of the President Elect? Where in the heck is that office located exactly? How ridiculous!

Didn't he also sport a fake Presidential Seal earlier this year? What an EGO maniac.

Someone stated: "I hope Obama addesses what the mainsteam media fails to: That the bailout was another huge robbery of the public coffers."

Um... where have you been???

Sorry to tell you this, but BO isn't change. Look at his economic advisors. There is no 'change' there. Yep, he scammed you. It may take you a year or two to figure that out, but you will.

It's pretty obvious that when Obama says, "I'm going to skip that" when asked if anything has given him pause after his intelligence briefings... he's probably been briefed on UFO's and doesn't want to disclose it! :)

I have never seen a totally scripted press conference until today! Every question and person who was asking was known in advance!
Looking down at his reference sheet to see who was supposed to ask the next question? Good Lord, what a sham!

Oh, and somebody explain to the Harvard educated Obama, that you don't DIG yourself out of a hole! If you keep digging, you only get deeper and deeper.
You CLIMB your way out of a hole! He obviously isn't familiar with how a shovel works.

none stated: "Everyone knows the economy fix is not a quick onen -- after all, it took 8 years to destroy it."

No... it didn't take 8 years. It took 2 years.
Two years ago, there was no Fannie (Demo controlled) crash, gas was at $2.00 and unemployment was under 5% and the economy was expanding at a historically high rate.

It took TWO years.
Gee, I wonder what happened in 2006?

People like you that cover for their own party's faults do nothing but make matters worse. YOU deserve this economy because people like you cover for the people that destroy it.

If you are honest, you know that the Demos are at least half, if not much more to blame for this current credit crisis. THEY mandated these loans (Clinton & Janet Reno) and people who regulate Fannie & Freddie (Barney Frank) did not stop it, even when warned by people like McCain. Why? It was a way to buy votes (IT WORKED). NOW they want to blame Bush? LOL!
That's called a bait-and-switch. And boy, the Demos sure are good at it.

Are you too blind to see how they work it? They put people in homes they could not afford - they bought their votes -- now these people are getting kicked out, so they want to buy up these loans (sticking it to the taxpayer) to keep these people in their homes they can't afford -- they bought more votes -- and they blame Bush because he was Prez when they did all this.

They bought votes by destroying lower income people & their credit. Now THE SAME PEOPLE that caused this problem are going to "fix" it.

Do you not see the scam?
If not, you deserve the government you have.

how abouta move to get the Obama team in office now. Time is of the essence. Why do we need to wait until Jan 20th???

At the end of just about every Republicans tenure From Hoover has had a severe downture, including Bush Senior in '91-'92. The Dems starting with Roosevelt has had to play the part of cleanup by doing all of the hard work of trying to and suceeding in undoing the economical damage that was passed on to them.

Clinton did a fabulous job, but had a major flaw in his personal judgements (Kennedy's are no stranger to that).
We have paid the price for that with 8 years of Bush, President Obama should offer us the whole package with the great posture that the Dems have on the economy.

To Will:

If you're going to talk about recessions that Republicans had after their administrations, let's be fair and don't forget the recession and national security disaster zone following the Clinton administration!!

It's not about putting more money into the hands of less and less. It's more along the lines of the federal government getting a smaller slice of a larger piece of pie, everyone wins.

I can't believe anyone could look at this beautiful earth and life itself and study the universe as a whole and still come to the conclusion that there is no God. Miracles happen every day that science can not explain.

Democrats and Republicans and Independants and Libertarians and every political group out there are made up of people who beleive the scripture of the Bible and even if they don't necessarily follow the Bible, they have a strong faith or follow some other religion.

Will, I hope you come to know Him in your life.

Jobs. Oh yea, we need workers we can tax heavily for the bail out of the rich. Is that something like redistribution? Hey, we could create another crisis like global warming and suck some more money out of the pockets of the naive!

kinda farfetched theory I would say. lmao, if I beleived in your story I would be just as bad as those you acuse. nothing is perfect in this life and no man is perfect, politician or pessant.

Has any one heard that when you are president , The buck stops here good or bad ???? well it still does .....and if it is still in a mess after 4 years it will still stop there and be Obama"s mess .. I shall wait and see ,but as of now get over 10years ago 20 years ago 100 years ago it's in Bush's lap.

Obama is president elect. It is nt appropriate while another president is in office to be specific, especially if it conflicts with the existing present's policies -failed as they may be.

President Elect Obama was ask a question about what he is reading in preparation, for his new job I assumed. If I could make a suggestion to Mr. Obama, and everyone else that could learn about what we are in store for regarding our economy, it would be President F D. Roosevelt's second inaugural address. It was given four years in to the New Deal, 01/20/1933. It could be read again on 01/20/2009.

Now, where's the change? Emanuel from the Clinton administration WH AND on the board of Fannie/Freddie while they tanked the housing/banking markets; Volcker...ala Clinton....Granholm...the woman who singlehandedly lost almost 1,000,000 jobs via business tax escalation.

This is supposed to be change....HOW?

Oh, and the crass shot at Mrs. that's the BO we recognize. Always disparaging the women. What a president_elect.

Andreanna - did you notice the market declining as he spoke? This guy is awful, complete with insults.

mary - I suppose you think it's a good idea to trash the Constitution too. Your knowledge of American government is atrocious.

Nice,, fielded 9 questions,, then goes out of his way to dis the much loved republican Nancy R....... WOW ...cant wait to see ho he treats the :minority" congress members,, With E - man from freddie mac at his side I recommend EVERYONE pull all your money from the bank... Obama is not up to the task at hand

Wake up! No accidents. No miracles. It is all totally determined friends!

Obama has already shown what is going to happen by surrounding himself with brilliant people instead of a bunch or cronies like W.
His choice of chief of staff shows that he is not going to roll over and let the hard right slip him a Bohner.

Emanuel is an outstanding choice by Barck. He is knowledgeable and experienced in both the Legislative and Executive Branch. He is a strong supporter of our number one ally in the World - Israel but not a fanatic as Joe Lieberman. Based on his past experience, he is adequately knowledgeable of the details of our current financial crisis. Above all he is very shrewd, loyal, energetic and steady. In 2007 he had the guts to request de-funding of Dick Cheney office due to DC arrogance. He is a rare find.

Revised Einstein equation for the 21st. Century:

Superman + Students4Obama = America's apotheosis.

No matter how many wise men our new President has around him, success and the country's ascendance will come only with the constant lobbying of youth organisations like students4Obama. For the first time since JFK, young people are taking an active interest in government. Which is just as well - oldsters like Greenspan have been in charge far too long and look what a mess they have made.

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