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Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

(UPDATE: Complete text of Pres.-elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech is available here.)

As expected, the moment the polls closed in California, Oregon and Washington state, network projections declared that Barack Obama would win all three.

And with those three, based on such calls, the senator from Illinois passed the 270-electoral-vote mark needed to win the presidency.

Not only will he be the nation's first biracial president, he also will be the first native of Hawaii to move into the White House.

He is the first sitting senator to claim the ultimate political prize since John Kennedy in 1960 (as would have been John McCain).

There is one trend that continues -- Obama will be the fourth straight president with an Ivy League educational pedigree.

-- Don Frederick 

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This is a great day in history. The first African American to become President of the United States. May things why can't people get pass color. Why can't a black man be President, why do the country have to be run by a white man, People need to see that all different races can become a President. I hate that whites are mad as hell that a black man had become President. Get over it, It has been a long time coming. A change has to come and it has. God knows whats best for us. When I looked at the election, I not only saw blacks but I saw a mixture of all races in the Grant Park. I only wish that I could have been there to celebrate with them. All I have to say is I'm black and I'm proud and I am so blessed to see this day come. Now we have seen that any one could do what they put there mind and heart to.

I know dat obama is a great man wit vision,and Americans needs a man like BARRACK OBAMA.Bravo and wel done obama.

I hope Obama will support more good governance in Africa and help us to remove dynausore presidents like Bongo , Biya etc
Good luck

For all of you who have posted something negative about Barack Obama, the Devil lives on your shoulder. God chose the best person for the job. He knows that this country has been in disarray for decades and now is the time for change. Our God is a fair God and He has seen what has happened when He allowed us to choose how to run this wonderful world and we have allowed hate to take over. Understand, hate doesn't last always. If you are afraid of Barack Obama being the new president, then you are numb from the neck up. The fear should have been having Bush in office all of this time. Bush has taken so much from us without regret. How ignorant you must be to judge someone by the color of his skin and not by the content of their character. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

OMG - if ANYONE says anything negative about Obama, they are being racist! Why wasn't it racist for the blacks who said/say negative things about Bush? GROW UP and realize that everything negative that happens in your life is NOT RACISM. Guess what? A lot of white people are out of work,too, but if a black person is, it is because of the racism in the country. The racial divide will grow even wider now and with that kind of thinking. I agree with all posters here who said we are now going to lose our constitutional rights, our middle class, our democracy and are going to become a socialist country. And all of you who voted for our new President ARE lemmings led to the slaughter. Just remember YOU voted for him and for "change" without even asking WHAT change. It just goes to show you that a lot of Americans are stupid, just like the Democrats said. This is a SAD SAD day and it is because we lost our country and you don't even know it or care - NOT because Obama is half black.

I am so happy thet we got rid of Bush.Do your job Obama and I want you to vsit my hometown one day. I live in Union Springs, Alabama.I hope have a precious time being the president

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