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Surprising news: Sarah Palin gives a tip of the hat to Barack Obama

Maybe Sarah Palin watched that 30-minute Barack Obama extravaganza Wednesday night and was at least a bit taken with it. Republican Sarah Palin speaks in Pennsylvania

Whatever the reason, The Times' Seema Mehta reports that as the feisty Republican vice presidential candidate stumped in Pennsylvania today, she was noticeably less strident in her criticism of Obama -- at one point praising him, after a fashion, as promising but untested.

“A man can be admirable in many ways and quite promising and still not be quite ready for the most important and demanding job in the world,” she told about 7,500 supporters crammed into a convention center in the western side of the state.

“Rousing speeches can fill a stadium, but they cannot keep our country safe. For a season, a man can inspire with his words. For a lifetime, John McCain has inspired with his deeds.”

Palin made no mention of Obama's controversial past associates, such as Vietnam-era radical Bill Ayers. She did, though, scoff at the Democrat's nationally-televised ad.

"He wrapped his closing message in a warm and fuzzy, scripted infomercial intended to soften the focus in these closing days,” she said. “He’s hoping your mind won’t wander to the real messages of national security, challenges that he is incapable of meeting.”

Pointed words, to be sure. Still, in these closing days, it will be worth watching if Palin -- perhaps with an eye to future courting of swing voters -- maintains a less-harsh edge in her critiques of Obama.

-- Don Frederick

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I have been disgusted with the hate Palin ridicule and media bias against Palin. That a necomer like her can get as much popularity and credibility as she has is a miracle with the Palin trashing going on. We have to remember that the media would NOT trash her like that if they did not think McCain was capable of winning the ticket. They would not trash her if she was a stupid lightweight who nobody would vote for. The most vociferous and nasty journalists have been the ones who want abortion on demand.Very few people who really want to lessen or stop abortions are against her. The right to kill your baby means that we have to have an unbalanced press which has as much credibility as a comic. The press in US is rotten and brings disgrace to the US from all rational thinking people around the world. Christians will not vote for an abortion president, we can sort the sheep from the goats now.

if americans think they practise tolerance by voting for a black candidate and at the same time discriminating people over 70 -mccain and women -palin- they only changed the focus of their intolerance

The ultimate irony, Palin questioning ANYONE'S readiness to lead and qualifications for the Presidency. Two years ago she is running Alaska's meth capital, Wasilla. She thinks that Putin entering her "air space" constitutes foreign policy experience. This is a woman who once played the FLUTE in a talent competition for the Miss Alaska BEAUTY contest, finishing second.

Governor Palin's softening message in criticism of Senator Obama shows a change in her rogue strategy. Here lies the TRUTH about Sarah Palin:

We need to talk to everyone, including the Palestinians. It's just common sense. Palin wants more of the same cold war tactics that dictate shutting down of all avenues of communication that only generate more hatred of the USA.

As mean-spirited as Palin has been (palling around with terrorists?) nothing compares to the newest Cruella De Ville of the GOP, Elizabeth Dole.

In Dole's latest ad she insinuates her Democratic opponent for the Senate is an atheist who secretly cavorts with Godless Americans. She even makes it seem like her opponent said "there is no God."

This ad was the last straw for CNN's Campbell Brown, who showed the ad and savaged Dole.

It is a rare moment of journalistic integrity and passion. Watch it at:

Sarah Palin , if you're looking to a future in the White House without McCain, your Marge Simpson do ain't going do the trick. You may have fooled some voters in Alaska, but on a national level, you are a real cartoon. And you think YOU are ready for the "most important, most demanding job in the world??!! Like #$&* you are!

Well I am glad that Sarah palin was able to refer to senator Barack Obama as promising and admirable. Her hero, Joe, the Plumber, is certainly not admirable nor promising. Didn't he fail to show up at John Mccain's rally today. ?

I love you Sarah. May God help you win.

I am not American but I love the America that appears in the books I have read, but iI am honestly afraid. I am afraid of having Mccain and Palin running this great nation because if Bush can cause the sole super power to get stuck in a war that should have never been, then what will McCain and his flibustering get the world into. This man and his party are superficial and worrried about imaginary challenges and enemies whom could be made to be America's allies which in turn would make the world safer for Jews, Americans and the rest of us.

Praise? Wow. I don't see it that way. She's trying to paint him as a good speaker that lacks substance and experience - like the two are mutually exclusive. She ought to look in the mirror. She's the one who lacks substance. Her mission: DIVIDE - The 'we're good, we're the best, we're more saintly, we are more moral, we're the do-gooders and you aren't' mentality. I'm so over it. Time for a change. You've had your chance Palin (the lion in sheep's clothing), time to step down.

She would say and do anything to win because that's what she loves, the challange. That people are actually fooled into believing that she's in it for the people is heartbreaking. She's in it for her, so SHE can win.

"...challeges that he is incapable of meeting." Isn't she the one who is incapable of meeting the challenges? Poor Sarah...

Palin? The republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They handed the presidency to the democrates by a no brainer failed strategy. We all care and admire Palin, but not for VP.

The Democrats said George Bush is an idiot, if he's an idiot why did he beat Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004.Get ovet it Democrats

A few things: Sarah's comments about Sen. Obama were, as always, laced with mean-spirited sarcasm. (Sarah alternately sounds like a second grade teacher talking down to children and some oddball version of Joan Rivers.) There were competent, very experienced Republicans seeking the nomination that Sen. McCain won. They are all in line ahead of Sara regarding 2012. Beyond this, there are many other very experienced, talented Republicans who will be looking to challenge President Obama in 2012. Then, add to this that Sarah most likely won't be able to shake her image as the 'new Dan Quayle.' Sarah is fairly amusing as offbeat entertainment, and the McCain campaign plucked her from the backwoods as a publicity stunt. It backfired.

Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber 2012!!!

The new face of the Republican Party. May God Bless the flat earth and all the stupid people on top of it.

Sarah Palin now gets it that a good speech does not mean someone is gifted, experienced and ready to make the decisions to lead the country. Does she see the irony in this as she goes about the country making her speeches with her limited experience. Sadly, I think not. While it's nice to believe that she learned from watching his infomercial the truth seems something else - my impression is that she parroted a clever speech to set uip the punch line - that only McBush or is it McPain can meet the security challenge of America. Wait! That was Bush's message in 04 not even close to the focus of concern now (since it was a straw man even then). The economy is the current threat. But then the speech is designed to distract to that and get the folks thinking they need to choose John McPain. But back to her. She should have this insight that rousing speeches don't equate to quality leadership at what, about 19 or 20? Hitler had rousing speeches as does Palin. What counts is character and Obama has shown it in spades over she and John. By the way I will be voting for neither major party nominee. I will write in Ron Paul a man of much more character and the place we need to turn our energy. Sadly, the posters on blogs leave me convinced we will never get to that character.

The troubling part of both McCain and Palin rallies are the faces of the crowds. Look at an Obama rally: thousands of diverse races. Now look at the McCain/Palin rallies: all white. No black, brown, red or yellow faces. Homogenous white. All expounding hate. Yelling out loud to "Kill Obama". "He's a traitor!" This is the kind of people McCain/Palin attract. Joe the Plumber or Joe the idiot. A guy who is by fact a financial failure and not a plumber now all of a sudden a political expert for the GOP. This is the world of McCain.

Excellent point Gina! (if americans think they practise tolerance by voting for a black candidate and at the same time discriminating people over 70 -mccain and women -palin- they only changed the focus of their intolerance)


This youtube video is a reminder that Barack Obama's camp has cheated often and hard, early and late, spent 200 million dollars of unaccounted money while donating none of it to charities or the homeless.

Palin is now looking toward 2012. She believes that she will be the GOP front runner for President. Her gigantic ego has gone beyond her role as possible VP but rather stumping for herself. Yet, this woman knows absolutely nothing about the economy. She knows nothing about Constitutional law. (She barely finished college, going to 4 puny unknown schools). She knows nothing about foreign policy (she claims to understand Russia by geographic proximity). She is now being called a "rogue" by her own campaign. Maybe that's a good thing. Time to abandon ship from the Forked Tongue Express.

Why would America REWARD complete Republican failure ?

We wont.

What has not been remarked on enough is the fact that in spite of all the slander that Sarah has slung at Barack, he has not responded in kind. The press has given her a hard time but not Obama. Maybe she is toning down her rhetoric because "turn thy other check" works?

if americans think they practise tolerance by voting for a black candidate and at the same time discriminating people over 70 -mccain and women -palin- they only changed the focus of their intolerance
Posted by: gina | October 30, 2008 at 06:44 PM ========Gina, you are delusional if you think that the only reason I, a white female Christian small business owner, would cast my vote would be based on race, age OR gender! I, like so many others (but not nearly enough) have spent hours studying the candidates and their positions. I will admit I wanted Palin to be a good candidate because I love the idea of a woman in the White House, however I think her ideas and opinions set women's rights back decades. The only think I WILL say about John McCain's age is that statistics put him at greater risk for not being able to make it through a full four year term, which would put a grossly unprepared Vice President in charge of this country. Service as veteran was admirable and years spent in Congress is admirable, however I do not agree with the idea of trickle down economics and I don't like bullying brutish behavior. I believe it is truly time for a change and that Barack Obama and the amazing list of advisors they've put together are the best equipped to get this country out of the quagmire we're currently in.

Don't forget this exchange America.

COURIC: You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience. What did you mean by that?

PALIN: Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and, on our other side, the land-boundary that we have with Canada. It’s funny that a comment like that was kinda made to…I don’t know, you know…reporters.

COURIC: Mocked?

PALIN: Mocked, yeah I guess that’s the word, mocked.

COURIC: Well, explain to me why that enhances your foreign-policy credentials.

PALIN: Well, it certainly does, because our, our next-door neighbors are foreign countries, there in the state that I am the executive of. And there…

COURIC: Have you ever been involved in any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?

PALIN: We have trade missions back and forth, we do.

Palin never took the opportunity to visit Russia on any of her so call trade missions with Russia.

Sarah Palin said that Americans don't apologize in one of her speeches recently. But in an interview with CNN this is what she had to say: CNN: You've talked about America. And certain parts of America, that are maybe more American than other parts of American, Are there?

Palin: Ehhh, I don't want that misunderstood. No, I do not want that misunderstood. You know, when I go to these rallies and we see the patriotism just shining through these people's faces and the Vietnam veterans wearing their hats so proudly and they have tears in their eyes as we sing our national anthem and it is so inspiring and I say that this is true America, you get it, you understand how important it is that in the next four years we have a leader who will fight for you. I certainly don't want that interpreted as one area being more patriotic or more American than another. If that's the way it's come across, I APOLOGIZE.

It's not so much her lack of experience on the big stage, it's her total lack of knowledge. Even in Energy where she claims expertise she has been found to know nothing. Sorry Sarah, it's nothing to do with your sex, if anything your sex is the only reason that you were chosen. Palin is just not capable of doing the job. If at 44yrs old she doesn't even know what the VP's job is then there is too much that she'll never know. A person to qualify for these positions has to have years of knowledge, thinking,reading,studying the world and it's problems. In short,they have to be a different type of person than her. Palin is just not deep enough or smart enough for that matter. Even her claims to being a reformer are laughable, she's embroiled in several new ethics cases as well as having the audacity to lie repeatedly to the American people about being found guilty. Her gross disregard of competence in favor of campaign donors and school friends in filling Alaskas top jobs is irresponsible to the point of criminality. If any of you consider this person a qualified leader then you need help. Sarah Palin in the White House ? Not now,not ever.

Do you really want Sarah Pain in the White House? Or her handling an international crisis? If you do, you're more stupid than I thought. Gimme a break, send that SHRILL SHREW back to Wasilla, Alaska and have her get ready for hockey season.

"Gov. Palin has shown the country why she has been so successful in her young political career. Passionate, charismatic and indefatigable, she draws huge crowds and sows excitement in her wake.
Yet despite her formidable gifts, few who have worked closely with the governor would argue she is truly ready to assume command of the most important, powerful nation on earth. To step in and juggle the demands of an economic meltdown, two deadly wars and a deteriorating climate crisis would stretch the governor beyond her range. "
The Anchorage Daily News

Sarah Palin's own Alaskan newspaper endorsed Senator Obama for the Presidency, and NOT the McCain-Palin ticket.....say no more...wink wink

The bad news is that there will be no way to avoid people wearing Palin costumes tonight.

The good news is that we won't have to see or hear her after Tuesday.

Juan, I have been trying to get over it, but with my country in a depression, two wars and a crises of confidence in its government. So let say we Democrats don't get over it, but rather win next Tuesday and take over it (the government that is)!

Obama's message of bringing American's together is what Americans have been longing for. He has articulated what the majority has wanted to do: reject the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter/Karl Rove brand of pitting us against one another. Maybe Palin has suddenly picked up on what "real" Americans want.

The reason behind Sarah Palin's constant ridicule is her being constantly ridiculous. There hasn't been a walking mass of hypocrisy like her running for office since, well, four years ago.

I'm so glad that Palin has changed her hateful ways. She's come to realiza that desperation did not win her the election. Maybe 2012?

Palin wasn't chosen for her foreign policy experience. Just as Clinton wasn't. Or Reagan. Governors seldom are asked to participate in foreign relations, but somehow, she was painted as inferior. Seems to me she was chosen because she is a public servant with a record. She doesn't back down after a hit. She didn't get a high approval rating because she can play the flute. She got it because people saw her deliver on the job. Yes, she did a horrible job with Couric. Biden has had many, many more missteps, many of them way more damaging, but he gets a pass. She's been hated ever since people found out she made a decision to have a baby that 90% of other women have not. Since when does that reverse women's rights?? Whatever happens in the election, Americans should be ashamed at how quick they are to attack.

The bad news is that there will be no way to avoid people wearing Palin costumes tonight.

The good news is that we won't have to see or hear her after Tuesday.

Sarah Palin is a serious threat to the Left and the official response has been to hate her with a passion. The left are like dogs and are just as easy to train. Most of them are so intellectually lazy that they don't think politically at all but merely mimic the behavior of their peers as a shortcut. The underlying cause of their hate is fear of her political power an nothing else. She may end up Vice President for 2 terms under McCain and then become president for 2 terms herself. This prospect is so scary to the Left that the mainstream media (which is mostly Left leaning) volunteered to cut down her image as much and as quickly as possible. This is why ALL criticisms of her so far are nothing more than distortions peddled by a buch a scared Lefties.

It is very clear now that Obama, the great kid will win the jackpot on coming Tuesday and the old man, whose hands are tight, mind is tight, heart is tight and legs are tight will lose the election with at least 15% points. McCain will lose the election in many republican States and may be able to get less than 130 delegates. Sharah Palin is the biggest drag on his campaign, it shows that he is too old to take right decision. After the election McCain will retire in Arizona desert and enjoy her wife's million of dollars, Palin will back to Wasila, she will be removed from her Governorship and apply for welfare and food stamps untill she find wolf, moose or polar bear to hunt.

Up front, I am a Republican.
I am against abortion.
I am a Christian.
That said and put aside, I cannot see how anyone can support partial birth abortion. Obama wants to lift this ban.
I suggest before anyone votes, look up partial birth abortion on the internet and educate yourself on it. I know there are allot of other issues to consider when voting, but I have to admit, this is the only issue that can make you sick to you stomach and lose sleep over. I am not going to get radical and post a link here for you to see for yourself, I just encourage you to educate yourself on this topic, I feel it is important also. Happy voting!

I am a Christian too. I don't know any woman in her right mind who wants to have an abortion. My understanding is that since the legalization of abortion, rates have actually decreased. Public activism, education and support have probably paid a role in this, and I hope Americans continue to have an ongoing dialog as to how we can help women find other alternatives. I wish that many Christians who so vehemently oppose abortion, would also vehmently oppose "sacrificing" their sons and daughters in questionable wars. I am voting for Obama because I believe that before he takes the step to enter a war, that he will do everything he can in the way of negotiations, sanctions, etc. War, is an abortion; it is when people decide to kill instead of solving a problem in some other way. McCain is from an era that promoted physical violence as a way to prove their "manliness" and power. Many of the leaders in the world today are educated people, and for all of their puffing up, etc. they are smart enough to know that wars are very costly and will deplete their wealth. For many nations, their populations are not as educated as their leaders so the leaders are between a rock and a hard place in maintaining support from their people and not appearing weak when they negotiate with more affluent countries. They have to find ways where they can look strong to their own people, and at the same time, build up their countries and increase their wealth. People like Obama really understand how to negotiate across "party" lines. I believe that he has the skills to work with world leaders in ways that everyone will win, and that we will not be drawn into so many of these needless wars. McCain is not a terrible person, he is just from another era that equates winning wars with power. Obama wins by seeking win-win solutions--that is real power. Smart negotiations work in our family life and they also work on the world stage. It is not easy and sometimes it breaks down and someone gets a "spanking," but that should be the last resort, not the first options. My Christian ethics will not allow me to "abort" working towards smart and peaceful solutions in our very close and flat world. Obama has the skills and temperment to apply sound negotiations--McCain just doesn't have the skills we need in todays complex world. He needs to be an advisor, not The President.

Ushi, - you're right. It's orally reprehensible to abort adult lives.
The McCain/Palin campaign has been a verbally abusive one, filled with verbal abuse meant to destroy instead of enlightening.

It isn't just the media going after Palin. It is us, the majority of the American people? You got a bone to pick with us? Pick it.

Poor Sarah, she seems to have difficulty understanding what America is all about. Perhaps Todd's great hate for America as a member of the Alaskan Independent Party has influenced her greatly. He was a member of this America hating outfit for seven whole years!! She, herself, has supported this outfit and attended their meetings. In June of 2008, she attended their annual convention, stood at the podium and welcomed its members, showing congratulations and praise for the good work they are doing. That good work is in their efforts to SECEDE from America and become a country of their own. They hate and condemn America, our institutions, and our government; they refer to our flag as "that damned flag"!! Do we really want these people anywhere near the White House?? Why isn't the media covering this?? Their current leader has encouraged their members to claim themselves as republicans because it would make it easier for them to INFILTRATE ouir government. Looks like McCain is not only enabling the Palins in this feat, but he is willing to put Sarah a breath away from the presidency. With this in mind, McCain is NOT country first!! People, please think and make sure we DENY McCain and Palin access to the White House and to our presidency!!

I wonder if that $3,000.00 coat is something the republicans bought for her during that $250.000 wardrobe shopping spree??

Now that we know about Obama's illegal alien and fugitive-from-justice aunt, the one he lionized in the book he SUPPOSEDLY wrote, it makes perfect sense that he hasn't SPREAD THE WEALTH and used some of his millions to help her out.

He's been hiding her in taxpayer-funded housing.
And I bet there's a paper trail.

He'll claim he didn't know, like he claimed he didn't know Ayers, Davis, Klonsky, Khalid and the rest of his fascist, anti-Semitic mob, of course.

But we know he was lying then, so we know he's lying now.


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