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Just in time for November, 2009 Sarah Palin calendars

Cover of the new 13 month 2009 Sarah Palin calendar with photos by Judy Patrick

Judy Patrick is a professional photographer. From Alaska. Wasilla, to be exact. Where she once served as deputy mayor. To the actual mayor. Sarah Palin.

Over the years Patrick's accumulated quite a collection of photographs of her friend, including a nice assortment from Palin's successful 2006 insurgent campaign for governor.

Patrick has noticed how eager the public is to follow the 44-year-old mother of five with the lifetime NRA membership and the blue-collar union member husband who races snow machines and fishes and the Army son in Iraq and the baby with the unusual name.

As The Ticket noted yesterday with videos, even Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey came away impressed.

So at her own expense Patrick has printed up a sizeable batch of 13-month 2009 Sarah Palin calendars, using her own Palin photo archives, minus some good shots she gave to Palin's '06 gubernatorial campaign.

The calendars are just now becoming available here for $15.95 and will soon be in Barnes & Noble as well. Judy has her own commercial website here.

To see two more monthly photos from the 2009 Sarah Palin calendar, click on the Read more line below.

For political fans, regardless of Tuesday's outcome, the calendar they'll really be eager to see is for 2012.

(UPDATE: At year's end Patrick reports Palin calendar sales are brisk, supplies are dwindling and the calendar is the top-selling item among office supplies on  You can order one here.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Judy Patrick

December page of the new 13 month 2009 Sarah Palin calendar with photos by Judy Patrick

August page from the 2009 Sarah Palin calendar by Judy Patrick Photography

Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Judy Patrick Photography

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If Sarah's brains were dynamite she couldn't blow her nose.

Wonder if one of the months has a Mushroom Cloud and perhaps concentration camps for the "Bad Americans"?
Gag me with a spoon.

OMG... What's next? Sarah Palins face on a box of Wheaties? Give me a break.

I have recently been given one of these calendars and they are amazing. they make a really good gift for those die hard republican supporters. also perfect for gift exchanges. Props to Judy Patrick she did a great job.

Shes a Christian Warrior..who will get us all back on track to god fearing, no more abortions, cleaning up television and making prayer big again and sending the Americans who like sodomy and drugs and alcohol and socialism and adultery and other crimes back to some place like Las Vegas or Miami.

How bout a month with her Mugshot and sitting in a cell after her next corruption and abuse of power conviction...with a big smile too. You betcha.

I notieced the terrorist Todd is in some of the photos.

When will he and Sarah renounce their desire to secede from the USA?

When will they renounce their socialist agenda of "spreading the wealth" from oil companies to the people?

When will they begin the book burning they so loved in their home town?

Which month is the Mushroom Cloud month?

So, you're marketing a calendar. No comments permitted eh? Palin is an evil force for the worst. She should be in jail.

oh good grief! maybe she can use he proceeds to pay back GOP for the durn clothes!

a waste of paper, unless for kindling

The only thing I want to see of Palin is her back as she exits the stage after McCain's concession speech.

What's next, Playboy Centerfold?

If I saw Palin's picture on a box of Wheaties, I'd chunder.

If the Dems win the White House, gain a supermajority in the Senate and the congress, we'll have a calendar with one month showing all the American bodies from the terrorist attack which will occur on U.S. sil after they withdraw our troops from Iraq. Another month will have photos of aborted babies. Yet another month will show the border fence being torn down. And yet another month will show the food lines at government offices populated by people out of work due to the Dems tax increases.

Touche' lefties!

The cattle debate which rancher eats steak.

It doesn't matter who wins, you stupid cows.

Tom: have you been hiding under a rock the last 8 years?
We've already had the a terrorist attack on US soil with many Americans killed. And people are already lined up for food due to the all the people who are ALREADY out of work. You can thank your Uncle GW Bush for that. Why are you so foolish?

Rats. This is ahead of my Obama and Friends calendar -- William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, Franklin Raines... but why bother asking questions?

RC, you're the foolish one, or at the VERY least, the illiterate one. Read my post again and you'll see "...from the terrorist attack which will occur on U.S. soil after they withdraw our troops from Iraq."That is not a statement from someone who has been under a rock the last eight years. RC, read carefully and think, not just emote.

I love this calendar!!! I'm ordering tons for my family!!!

Tom above, People like you belong in Alaska. Perhaps northernmost Alaska. The FOX and Limbaugh garbage is ooozing from all of your orifices. It stinks Tom. Stinks bad. Another option, since you're such a drill baby drill fanatic, why don't u go over to the Middle East and you can help pump that Iraqi oil the Bush and Cheney told us would pay for the "I'm a War President" idiot-mission. We'll send you on the short bus with the Palin Klan.

Now, now, be respectful to wannabe president Sarah Palin. Have gun will travel.

The so called "core supporters" are there for her. They like, nay love her winks, crinkly nose, and her unblinking position against evil doers. They love her in boots and high-priced designer wear; they love her for her support of unwed pregnancy; they love her readiness to fight against Russian invaders when Putin will send them to Alaska. They love her for going through a blessing to ward off witches. The prospects for 2012 cannot get any better, can it ? Onward Christian soldiers for Palin.

The Libs not only hate her, but fear her!
Sarah is God fearing, country loving and pro-life!

Palin 2008 & 2012!!!!!!

I love this calendar! Also love how Sarah drives the libs insane. Maybe they were already! Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Sarah Palin makes a pretty decent model but is she fit enough to help run our country? There have been many statements made by Palin before she was nominated for the VP role that she later flip-flopped on. There is plenty of video footage out there to show this. Go to and you can see some of them. They have a lot of video footage of interviews and speeches.

I ordered my calendar the day I saw it. I know win or lose, the Governor was someone who wasn't going to go away.

These calendars are great and the photographs by Judy Patrick are outstanding. What an excellent holiday gift for the avid Republican.


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