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Sarah Palin is thinkin' she'll hang around no matter what, politically speaking

October 29, 2008 |  4:33 pm

Looks like the country will have Sarah Palin to kick around after next Tuesday, no matter what.

In an excerpt of an ABC interview with Elizabeth Vargas for broadcast Thursday on "Good Morning America," the Alaska governor who burst on the national scene Aug. 29 as John McCain's surprise pick as his VP running mate, is asked about her political future.

Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin

Naturally, Palin, the first female on a GOP presidential ticket since the party's founding in 1854, says she expects the Republican ticket to win Nov. 4.

"I'm just thinking that it's gonna go our way on Tuesday," the 44-year-old mother of five replies.

"I truly believe that the wisdom of the people will be revealed on that day. As they enter that voting booth, they will understand the stark contrast between the two tickets."

Yes, but, says Vargas, if you don't win, might you just dump it all and say, "I've had it. I'm going back to Alaska?"

"Absolutely not!" asserts Palin. "I think that if I were to give up and wave a white flag of surrender against some of the political shots that we've taken, that ... that would ... bring this whole ... I'm not doing this for naught."

So, maybe 2012 has started already.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press