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Campaign manager says McCain has Obama right where he wants him

Yes, Barack Obama raised a jaw-dropping $150 million, and the Democratic National Committee raised another $49 million-plus last month. Then there is a separate Obama committee that delivered millions more.

But it’s not as if John McCain is a pauper.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis admires Obama’s historic fundraising exploits from a professional standpoint. But In a phone call with reporters today, Davis said his candidate will have plenty of money to wage a winning campaign.Mccain_campaign_manager_rick_davis

Indeed, McCain entered October with access to $140 million--including almost $47 million in his account, $77 million in the Republican National Committee’s account, plus almost another $15 million in various state accounts.

Davis estimated that with McCain’s $84.1 million in federal funds, plus money being raised by the RNC and so-called joint fundraising committees, McCain will have had access to $400 million for the general election from the start of September to Nov. 4.

"I think I can win a race with close to $400 million in two months,” Davis said.

Davis explained why McCain continues to campaign in Pennsylvania by proclaiming: “We love Pennsylvania.” He noted that Obama lost the primary there even though some pundits had predicted he might win.

Davis said he believes McCain will win most states that President Bush won four years ago, putting him at 260 electoral votes, and then will need to win one of the larger states in play such as Pennsylvania, or two of the smaller states, such as Iowa and Nevada.

He acknowledged all the problems faced by McCain: the Wall Street crisis, an “immensely unpopular president,” “right track in single digits,” plus all of Obama’s money.

“We're holding our own,” Davis said, adding, “We think money is not going to decide this race.”

--Dan Morain

Photo credit: Henny Ray Abrams/Associated Press

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They have Obama right where they want him? hahahahahahahahahahaha .... What a joke of a GOP politician McCain is.

Funny comment coming from thief and liar Rick Davis, the scandal man whose firm was collecting $15,000 a month from Freddie Mac when the sh-- hit the fan. Another fascist troll who should be extradited. Now we the peoplel can see what we are up against. Self proclaimed parasites of our system who have been screwing the American people under every Republican administration for years. Let's get them out and flush the toilet.

Wow! Talk about self-delution. I bet he thinks Iraq has WMD.

McCain has Obama right where he wants him? What, beating him, his campaign, his candidacy, his legacy, and his party to an unrecognizable pulp with his bare hands?

Not only do I believe that Senator Obama is--and will become--a transformative figure, but the actuality of his capacities as a leader will far outstrip and outshine any president of the last century, if not the last two.

Consider WHY his campaign managed to raise $150 million dollars--in increments of just $87--in a single month: The People are fed up with empty suits spouting baseless promises. $150 million dollars is just the monetary reflection of their distaste for the corruption of government, the corruptors of Wall Street, and the corrupted spirit and practice of a Democratic Republic.

This has been a long time coming; America's chickens have indeed come home to roost.

Sounds like a car salesman trying to sell me a 3 wheeled pinto.

Note the quote: "I think I can win a race with close to $400 million in two months." Davis doesn't believe McCain can, but that he, Davis can. What a modest guy. As a former lifelong republican, i'm appalled at the morass of hatred and fear-mongering the GOP has degenerated into.

I think the key to electing mccain is nevada, and the key to winning nevada for mccain is washoe county...RENO

Whomever is routing McCain's campaign stops will be soundly ridiculed come Nov. 5th. PA??!! He's down by at least 8 points there. This election is about one state and one state only. It's called Virginia. If Obama wins VA, it's all over. He doesn't need Ohio, Florida, Missouri or even Nevada and Colorado if he wins VA.

The mass media is selling the public obama's bill of goods which will leave millions of people very disappointed when they discover if Obama is elected, that he can not deliver and Obama knew that all along and deceived his supporters.


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