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Once again, Sarah Palin is booed by Pennsylvania sports fans

A throwaway line about sports snared another candidate today when Sarah Palin mentioned the World Series victory of the Philadelphia Phillies to thousands of supporters at a rally in Erie, Pa.

“I am thrilled to be here in the home state of the world champion Philadelphia Phillies,” Palin said, drawing boos from the crowd.

Philadelphia is a good seven-hour drive from Erie, which is on the western edge of the state, and the city’s baseball devotions are split between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cleveland Indians. (Pittsburgh and Cleveland are about two hours away from Erie.)

Palin, as you may recall, has been booed in Pennsylvania before. Earlier this month, she was heckled at a Philadelphia Flyers game.

-- Seema Mehta

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Top of the Ticket, I really like this blog.

But I don't get it. She said she was happy to be in "home state" of the Philadelphia Phillies. That is right.

Why did people boo? Cuz they dont like her? I don't like her, but I don't get it.

What is the point of all this booing? Seriously, even the Phillies crowd after the won the WS booed the Tampa Bay team after their owner said thanks to them. Huh? What is this mentality creeping in here.

West PA is not huge fans of anything East PA like No Cal and So Cal... now in other news, give is the TAPE LA times!

Sarah Palin booed without Katie Couric's help? Really now, maybe the good people of PA remember her walking the streets of Philly wearing a Rangers shirt.

Does it surprise anyone that she might get booed at any event? I don't recall any VP candidate being so unpopular going into an election, but this one is a real lulu.Now they are demanding the Times to hand over confidential sources. I just wonder where they would go with that kind of behavior in the Whitehouse. News companies..fear these people. Fear them even more so than Bush because free speech and confidential sources would be out the door on day one. Bank on it.

I don't know who is more clueless, Palin or her speech writers. Either way it shows a total lack of research and/or knowledge of regional differences, affinities or sports team allegiances. Anyone with a tacit or barely superficial familiarity with an area knows when someone is blowing smoke and acting fake for something in return, kind of like a lame sales pitch that never gets off the ground. And somehow we're supposed to believe that Palin has the background, abilities and talent to take the reigns of power should she be thrust into the role of president when she can't even pull off a simple gratuitous sports reference without being booed? Good grief!

Carla- In these parts, folks take their sports VERY seriously. So to praise the Phllies in the home of the P:irates, or GOD FORBID, vice versa, is no small boo boo (pardon the pun). Just the way things are in the Keystone State (which has a good 6 hour drive between the Pirates and Phillies home stadiums).

I'm originally from Erie and I can tell you two things. First, most likely they were not booing because they didn't like her. The 7500 people there probably like her and will vote for McCain. That doesn't mean that Erie will go to McCain, most likely it will go to Obama, but the people in that crowd like her.

The second point is that people in Western PA don't like to be grouped in with people from the East. Imagine a candidate coming to San Diego and starting off saying, "I'm glad to be in the home state of the world champion Oakland A's!" And then imagine the people in San Diego hating her for saying that. There you have Erie sports fans. I guarantee that the 7500 people in the crowd care more about their sports teams than politics.

Sarah Palin would do a lot better not pandering to sports fans anymore. It doesn't seem to be working too well for her.

Obama/Biden '08
Cleveland Indians '09

What Palin says is a reflection of who she is and what she’s about? She runs her mouth without knowing what she is talking about. She does not have the knowledge or the skill to research what she is saying. THIS IS WHAT MAKES HER SO DANGEROUS.

If she does not know what is going on at a state level on a minor thing...she sure does not know what is going on at the country and world levels....

Palin is DANGEROUS...and thinks she can abuse power without punishment...God for bid if this woman gets power over our lives and futures...

McCain and Palin will finish destroying this country...we are doomed if they are elected...

May God have mercy on our souls...


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