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You know that argument the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign has been relentlessly making that Barack Obama "pals" around with terrorists such as '60s ex-radical William Ayers?

And they say this reflects on his poor judgment becausDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama Halloween mask advertised on the terrorist costume page of amazondotcome of other associates such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright and newly-convicted Tony Rezko?

And worried Obama PR folks jump right on the e-mail whenever Obama and Ayers and the word "friend" appear together anywhere, even though Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Obama chief strategist David Axelrod have called them friends or friendly.

Anyway, a listing on, one of the largest and most successful online merchandisers in the world, seemed to come down even beyond the Republicans' side -- for a while anyway. With Halloween just days away, they're making a bundle off a $49.95 Barack Obama mask.

Which was displayed on the "terrorist costume" page.

You read that right!

(UPDATE: Amazon's listing seems to have caught itself and deleted the Obama mask from the terrorist page. However, before that happened, The Ticket captured a photo. See below.)

Click on the Read more line below and see the online display....

...picture for yourself. There's the Democrats' presidential candidate smiling right under the headline "Terrorist Costume."

For comparison purposes, a Hillary Clinton mask is going for only $6.95 (down from $12.99). Even with her 18 million votes. The Sarah Palin mask, however, is going for $25 (Deluxe versions cost 98 cents more, but it's eligible for free shipping).

The Joe Biden T-shirts and life-size cutouts (sorry, no mask) have been marked down. The John McCain page offers paper masks for 99 cents and a rubber one for $12.90 (marked down from $16.99).

While the "Sexy McCain Trophy Perfect Wife Halloween Costume" goes for only $14.94 (no doubt because there's really not that much to it).

The Obama terrorist page listed related searches as "arab costume, terrorist."

--Andrew Malcolm

To ensure that you never miss a Ticket item, go here and register for free, instant updates sent straight to your cellphone. page formerly advertising a Barack Obama Halloween mask under "terrorist costume":

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama terrorist mask on Amazoncom

Image Credit: Top of the Ticket blog

Here's the Deluxe version of the Barack Obama mask available on ($19.99). Pretty scary, allright:

Deluxe Barack Obama mask from Amazondotcom

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I hope things are going so well for Amazon that they can aford to lose a customer (like me) with this polarizing and distructive meat-head attitude. I'd like an apology from Amazon and the techie retard fired.

And so marks the day where I decided never to shop again. Beyond shameful, lying about a presidential candidate with evil garbage like "terrorist."

This was no accident ... just like it won't be an accident when others offended by this give the finger to Amazon and shop other online retailers.

This is so funny.

As a Brit I'd like to know where do American conservatives go from here?

Well,I knew it would come to is also promoting fear and lying with this shameful appeal to peddle the right wing agenda.You have lost another customer.You get the gold finger

Amazon should apologise for this gaf. If they do not then you can simple may your purchases from some other online books. This will surely effect their xmas sales.

No more for me!

I'm proud of Amazon for displaying the this.
We all know now H Obama's friends like Jeremiah Wright who curses our Nation and world-renowned Akmanjad.
WAKE UP AMERICA.........Imagine, it's 7 years after 9/11 and look at us. its frightening. H Obama speaks great but can he be trusted???

The mask still comes up as a result if you search for "terrorist costume"

I suppose amazon will claim the usual explanation of "WE ARE ONLY HUMAN", thereby taking no responsibility for the act. It is time for change across the board, including the likes of you AMAZON, we shall not forget!!!!!

I will NEVER shop with Amazon again. SICK!!!!!!

Looks like the McCain people have been busy. Wonder how they got into Amazon? :D

This is great! It is sad to see that only the Brits have a funny bone. I guess all us Americans had to sell our funny bones in the presocialism yard sales. Turns out, the guy has a last name that is similar to a terrorist and a middle name that is the same as the former Iraqi dictator. If his name was Joe Blow I would be more upset. On the other hand, Obama's yearly ad budget is roughly the same as McDonalds! "MMM I'm lovin it"

Trust me....there's plenty of room downwards for the Conservatives to go.

I would like to know how much money paid to McCains campaign for this display of bad conduct towards all Americans and 911 survivors.

I thinks its GREAT! way to go AMAZON!
Obamas keeps going pulling one despicable, vile, and even evil “America hating rabbit ” after another out of his hat. The list of Obama’s radical associations is long and it keeps getting longer and a serious threat to U.S. Some are now well-known, but many are not.

Terrorist William Ayers who held a campaign event for Barack Obama in his home.
Communist Frank Marshall Davis, obama mentor; Saul Alinsky and Gerald Kellman (Kellman’s Woods Fund is how Obama hooked up and began his long relationship with Ayers.

Hatem El-Hady, the head of a Toledo, OH based Islamic Charity that was closed down two years ago by the Federal Government because of its ties to terrorism, has his own page on Barack Obama's Campaign website, in which he discusses his fundraising for Obama.Kindhearts was closed two years ago and its assets seized because of its ties to Hamas. The charity was closed two days before three Toledo men were arrested for their roles in a plot to kill American soldiers overseas. Two of the three have been convicted.

Michael Pfleger and his hateful and race-hating ramblings, Obama met while carrying out his own radical social activism as community organizer at ACORN, (radical organization) now under Federal investigation for Voter fraud in helping Obama. No one believed he won the caucuses, now we know why. WASHINGTON: RNC filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against the Obama for an America campaign acceptance of foreign national and excessive contributions. The Obama campaign has failed to comply with federal campaign finance law in its fundraising.

23 years at TUCC with Jeremiah Wright and James Meeks. Racist sermons on You tube.
He chose the most radical church in the country; Obama chooses to immerse himself and his daughters in hard-core ideological radicalism. Never before has this country considered such a radical leftist for its chief executive.

Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson, Obama camp advisor and headed Obamas vice presidential selection committee, discovered he benefited from sweetheart loans from subprime king Countrywide and was fired.
Tony Rezko certainly and his federal indictments and financial dealing with Obamas of course and William Ayers, US terrorist bomber, Obama-co-lecturer, fellow board member, neighbor, and friend.

(Bloomberg) -- Nigerian Stock Exchange Chief Exec Ofc Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke being investigated holding a fund-raising event for U.S. presidential candidate Obama, Agence France-Press reported U.S. electoral laws forbid donations from foreigners to electoral campaigns.

(World News)
Penny Pritzker, heads Obama National Finance Committee was president of Superior Bank - massively failed, she literally bought her way out of jail paying $460 MILLION fine; was the very epicenter of subprime loan scandal” that has come to eat this nation’s financial system alive.

Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, Obama camp national coord for Muslim affairs also stepped down after news about his stint on the fund’s board - which includes fundamentalist imam - prompting The Wall Street Journal inquiries about relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and his long personal relationship with Hamas Jamal.

Disgusting. And to think, I just placed MY LAST ORDER EVER to Amazon only yesterday.

There is no excuse for such slander.
I hope there are legal repercussions.

After reading this I was quite curious to know if it was still true. I mean, anything can be photoshopped these days. The thing is, the exact page pictured above that was supposedly taken care of is still there. Also if you type in such things as "terrorist halloween mask", "terrorist mask" and related words, the Barack Obama mask will appear on the page. I'm appalled that Amazon has done this. This is entirely intentional. You don't mess up on something like this that badly.

I am a big shopper at AMAZON, make that was, and at 5:10 AM Pacific, it certainly still comes up so AMAZON has more than lost a customer, they are going to loose many more today. Dump you Amazon stock quick???

MY GOD, ALL OF YOU!! This entire article is a LOAD OF CRAP. There IS NO "terrorist costume page" at Amazon. They haven't "found their mistake" and "taken it down."

This has NOTHING to do with Amazon's politics, IT IS SIMPLY HOW THEIIR SEARCH ENGINE WORKS, you bunch of morons. At Amazon, customers, manufactturers and re-sellers alike can "TAG" a product to help ensure its visibility when a customer is searching the site for a product. Someone has tagged this mask for whatever reason, with "terrorist." Maybe he feels that way about Obama, or maybe he thinks this mask looks like a terrorist. Who knows?


This whole article is merely another cheap shot TYPICAL of the LA Times.

I see a lawsuit in this, and it leads to S Palin, and J McCain.

I have just email requested of Amazon customer service that they close my account. I was quite an Amazon fan. I couldn't find a place to do it on the site. I told them I could not do business with a company that would describe presidential candidate Barack Obama as a terrorist.

I won't be shopping at Amazon any longer. Have a nice life...


You people are silly. Why won't you shop at anymore? Because of a stupid mask???? Get over it.

I'll be shopping MORE on Amazon, 'cause they got pretty low prices on a lot of stuff.

These comments are more hilarious than what Amazon did...

For the last eight years the left has done much worse references about Bush...

Good for amazon. At least someone wants to get the word out that all of America is being played a fool.

If the mask fits, label it. It should be a sheep to cover the face of the wolf.

This is disgusting. I have bought a LOT of stuff from Amazon. They are now on my list with Walmart of places not to shop.I am waiting to see if they have the class to apologise. (There is a reason I divorced the Brit I was married to. Creeps)

Aren't those user-created search tags? I don't think it's Amazon's fault.

You can not make jokes about Obama, hi's the messiah.
I love amazon and I will shop more from now on.

Barack Obama and Ayers are friends?
Before he is even president Barack is trying to persecute a press person in Orlando.
Barack Obama wants to spread the wealth.
Oh you poor poor liberals who hate capitalism.
Are you so blind that you can't research that these are the same speeches that Hitler made in the 1930's to entice the poor German people that it was time for them to be something.
Only you can make yourself something.
Only you are the driving force that can get you off your ass and contribute to society.
"Oh save me Barack, oh save me. I am such a loser please save me."
"Here's my liberty and my property just save me from the boogey man."

Don't be naive, this will not effect sales at
"one of the largest and most successful online merchandisers in the world, "

This is sick and very twisted. The McCain campaign will stop at nothing to continue the negative attacks. And the only reason for the negative attacks is because he does not have any solutions for the real issues that America is facing right now!!!! He is out of touch with America. But I guess those who thought that this was funny from agrees with McCain and his twisted issues. I WILL NEVER SHOP AMAZON.COM AGAIN! KNOW THIS! And I will pass this along to my friends and I assure you that they will not shop here again. What a shame and the holiday season is here... Bad For Business.

I thought that a reputable company such as would be more careful about screening all politically themed items BEFORE advertising . With the present politically charged atmosphere, this will probably hurt Amazon's sales.
Either way, should publically appologize to all, especially to its customers.

is this really going to stop you from buying that hard-to-find cd or that wicked cheap book?

No, it has NOT been removed as if 8:35AM EDT. Go to Amazon and search for "terrorist costume". There is only one hit....Barack. I was an early adopter of Amazon shopping, but this is the end of my many years of doing business with them. Spread the word....I will.

Listen to all of the liberals! So offended, they are... Gonna stop shopping at Amazon, cause they are part of a "Right Wing Conspiracy"! These same liberals would be praising Amazon had it been Bush's or McCain's mask listed under the terrorist category.

Aren't there bigger issues?

I just went to Amazon (8:40 a.m. in Virginia) and searched for "mask terrorist" and the mask was the #4 item pictured! I called Amazon immediately and spoke to someone to lodge a complaint. I will check again in an hour to see if they fix this. INEXCUSABLE! I will also be sending an e-mail to the "seller," because the seller most likely tags the item to appear in searches.

Search for 'Terrorist Costume" at Amazon under "Apparel and Accessories" (not under "all departments") to get the one hit retrun of the Obama mask.

This bothered me at first, too. But it seems like it is the result of whatever technology they have crawling the text of the product pages on Amazon, and not the nefarious workings of a covert political operative. If you do a search in Apparel for terrorist shirt, you get a bunch of Obama 2008 t shirts, but you also get McCain Palin shirts, Hillary 2008 shirts, and Vote Republican shirts.

The listing under terrorist is still there! doesn't police its sellers and should be boycotted!!!

I am saddened by this. I will never shop on Amazon again. Everyone and any organisation has a right to support a candidate in an election but to go this far is just terrible. I guess corporate responsibility, ethics and decency are not practices akin to It is a sad day for me as a former amazon cutomer who had spent thousands of pounds with them and rely on them for much.

The mask is still there. Amazon has not corrected the problem.

So all of you people just simply associate anything Arab with terrorism?!

They will neve have to worry about me shopping there again even if they apologize.


Count me in as one of those who will never shop Amazon again!

The fact of the matter is that this mask is being sold by a third party vendor. Similar to Ebay, Amazon lets customers set up storefronts with their merchandise. The Obama Mask is in the lineup of such a third party vendor, newbury__comics. Their entire storefront (including the Obama mask) can be found here:

Therefore, the responsibility for this lies with the third party vendor who submitted product descriptions, titles and keywords and not with Amazon.

This is shabby reporting.

I was appalled at this information. So much for being fair and impartial! I live on the east coast and I went to at approximately 8:00 am and it was still listed under terrorist masks. Does that mean that the McCain mask is listed under old and desperate? I will not be doing any further business with that site. Ebay here I come...........


That was a very stupid move you guys did, like McCain wanted to stop his campain in order to rescue WallStreet !

Sadly, a company that sales BOOKS is SO LOW in culture, literature, civility, etc.

I normally spend about € 700 (yaeh, Euros ! ) per year, buying books from your company.


Shame on your intentionally "Mistake" ! On this TRICK you can't outsmart the clever ones.

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