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Obama tells NY Times he'd do better without Fox News around

The New York Times, of all places, has a long interview coming out Sunday with the freshman senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

In it, the Democratic presidential nominee, who's leading in most recent political polls, still bemoans the existence of Fox News because he feels he'd be doing even better in voter polls without it.

Logo of Fox News Channel that Democrat Senator Barack Obama thinks he'd do better without

That's actually a feeling shared by many in public life, not just politicians. The McCain-Palin campaign might feel the world would be a better place without, say, MSNBC's Keith-meister, for example. Or the New York Times.

Although you don't often see/hear public figures turning down opportunities to use the media pages/airwaves for free exposure when invited, as Obama was, in fact, doing.

Here's Obama's complaint, with a Hat Tip to all-knowing MediaBistro:

"I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls. If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn't vote for me, right?

"Because the way I'm portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?"

Last we heard, the New York Times subscription department isn't turning folks away.

A Fox News spokesman replied:

Senator Obama's comments about Fox News are misdirected. If he is uncomfortable with tough questions, it may be because he has faced so few from the news media.

The McCain campaign also complains when we make them squirm. We will continue to do hard, honest reporting and let American viewers decide if we're being fair.

Next chance to see the squirming: Fox News Sunday, when Chris Wallace will interview Sen. John McCain.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Rupert Murdoch, the Australian billionaire who owns Fox is focused on selling ad time and if Fox can do that by pushing a right wing agenda that is okay with him. Sensationalizing the news has certainly been a successful model for him. He's got the right wing niche and he plans on holding on to it. Fox established its bona fides when during the days of the initial occupation of Iraq they must have announced at least twice a day for two weeks that, breaking news, WMD had been found!
So Barrack Obama welcome to Fox's world where the "Facts" are fleeting, in headline form and then gone.

I am not a supporter of whining but, in this case, I have come to feel that there is a strangeness about Fox News. Not all of it negative, for there are some folks who work for Fox that are very fair and honest. I'm not talking about Bill O'Reilly when I say that, however, he does try at times.
I guess, my gut feeling when I change the channel after watching some of their commentary, is that, I can hardly wait to push the button on the remote. Maybe it's the shouting, snideness, or arm-twisting nature of it. Steam-rolling. Straw-grasping. Whatever it is, it's akin to being bashed over the head and sucker punched.

From what I read and see from my position in Europe is nothing but positive support from the MSM (TV stations, newspapers and magazines) for Senator Obama. None have really called him on the issues or his former friends. Oh the NYT and WashPost printed an article on Ayers, but, they did not really disclose anything except what the Obama campaign has stated. No wonder Senator Obama would love to see Fox News shut down. Considering the fact that the Democrats want to bring back the Fairness Doctrine to shut up opposition TV or newspaper articles it only fits the pattern of keeping Americans dumb on the issues, just vote Democrat.

this country would be better off without the lies perpetuated by rupert murdoch's news corp outlets. it's a matter of record that fox viewers are less informed and reliably ignorant of facts re policy. but they are well-versed in the rnc spin.

"If he is uncomfortable with tough questions, it may be because he has faced so few from the news media."

Aren't these the people who came up with, "Terrorist Fist Bump?"

News media. Right.

Well Fox news (and talk radio) will no longer be a problem after the democrats fully takes over our government. High on their agenda will be taking action to shut them both down. It is about time, why should they be allowed to say what they they think this is still a free country.

I find Obama's comments on Fox ridiculous and callow. MSNBC and most of the media are behind Obama, Why does'nt Obama go on Fox and face his adversaries and actually answer tough questions that he has avoided from most of the media. His obsession with Fox looks sophomoric,

If you think Mr.Obama is whining,just wait until we get closer to elections.Let's hope and pray every vote is counted in all 50 states in America!

The Fox response highlights the very thing Obama is talking about. Stating that Fox is only asking "tough questions" that Obama hasn't had to answer from any other media source. Absolute baloney.
Fox has consistently carried the GOPs water as far as what the current smear is supposed to be, (elitism, flag pins, terrorist fist bumps, Wright, Ayers, etc ad nauseum).
There is a big difference between asking legitimate tough questions and portraying the candidate in the worst possible light. Anyone who is even slightly objective knows Fox has never given Obama a fair hearing.
They are too busy sneering at him at every opportunity.

only in american can a major new organization with undeniable right wing agenda vigorously wave a flag of impartiality and keep offering "cool_aid" to its republican base citizens ever more eager to drink it like the sheeps that they are

It may be missed by others, but Obama's comment that he "would be better off without FOX News" is ominous on its face. To have the leader of a political party, a potential President, say that a media outlet, however disagreeable its content may be to him,should be eliminated is dangerous talk.
I thought Bill O'Reilly was tough, but even-handed in the Obama interview; O'Reilly didn't make things easy for McCain, either. Does Senator Obama prefer to be interviewed by Chris Matthews, he of tingling leg, or only that socialist prima donna keith Olbermann? I haven't heard McCain say he'd "be better off not having MSNBC around".
I recognize that, if there is a Democratic congressional majority and if Obama is elected, a big issue will be the reimposition of the "Fairness Doctrine", with the express intent of forcing conservative talk radio off the airwaves,and an attempt to silence FOX News on cable. Fairness, indeed. What's next? Forcing people who blog or respond in the online comment sections to be licensed, and forced, by law, to provide "equal" and "tolerant" comments in their spaces? There's already one Ivy League type recommending that as a requirement for conservative websites to be "allowed" on the internet. Where is this going? Who will be silenced in the name of "tolerance"?

My prediction is Fox News will disappear if Obama wins. Rupert is a businessman and he doesn't tolerate underperformance.

Gee - he's whining because the news network with the biggest ratings is not in the tank for him. Anyone who votes for this inexperienced empty suite is a fool.

No one takes Fox News seriously, not after the soft lobs they tossed at Sarah Palin.

And Fox got it wrong in the first place.

It's not about getting tough questions from conservatives; it's about the lousy commentary and rah-rah for the wrong party.

So the one and only comment displayed is the one calling Obama a crybaby?

Fox news has no journalistic integrity. It's run by a buffoon. It's the television equivalent to Rush. That dittoheads believe that propaganda is cause to develop deep doubt in the intelligence of the masses. They're millions of "Plumber Joes" out there, confused by rhetoric, voting against their own self-interest. No wonder the rich are able to gorge themselves on bigger and bigger pieces of the eoonomic pie, proclaiming prosperity, as wages, jobs, and benefits vanish, languish, or finish.

The McCain campaign also complains when we make them squirm. We will continue to do hard, honest reporting and let American viewers decide if we're being fair.
____ did the spokesperson keep a straight face writing that last sentence??? I guess the Hannity interview with Palin was a hard hitting example of Fox News? Or O'Reilly's attacks on everyone who doesn't see the world in his narrow and outdated view?

Yeah....however I'm not sure Obama would be any higher, as the Fox News base audience are mindless sheep who think Jerry Springer is the male Oprah.

fox news should be renamed the fox comedy channel.sean hannity is that the same guy who worked under the name sean mooney and worked as a professional wrestling announcer for vince mcmahon in the late 80's.obama should not be paying them any attenion.

Obama is right! Without FoxNews he should be 15 or 20 points up. The other news(?) outlets are news outlets but propaganda outlets spewing the Obama line. In the nearly 2 years that Obama has been running for presidential nomination I have seen almost no news on the other outlets that questions Obama or that is negetive. When they ask Obama questions they are not the hard questions that are ask of the other candidates. So without FoxNews Obama would be treated more like the MESSIAH than he is at this time.

Faux News is simply a farce of a "news" station. They have been a mouthpiece for the GOP for years without any shame. The greatest irony is their smartly worded slogan "Fair and Balanced." The network has had a Rovian twist on it since its inception, and the research shows how most Faux News viewers vote -- it's no accident. They provide a skewed view of the world and have continually provided fear-based reporting with everything from the "terrorist fist bump"to "Obama's a Muslim!". The world would be a much better place without Fox's vitriol.

If the liberals get Obama and their supermajority they will push for the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to silence their critics. This isn't Nazi Germany or Communist China... yet. There is still a chance. Vote McCain/Palin on November 4th, and as many independents and Republicans as you can to the House and Senate. They are the only ones who will stand in the way of the liberal steam rolling machine that wants to stamp out dissent and other points of view. Tolerance? I don't think so.

i just neutered the cat now he's a liberal just like obama!!

FOX and FOX news is a powerful corporation that is made up of mainly republicans. They are so disrespectful to the public with all that indicent programming that they put out there. Of course they are going to do whatever it takes to get republicans elected. This way the republicans remove all regulations for the use of our airways, and FOX may be allowed to put profanity, sex, violence, and the worst things you could think of in programming, that our kids and our society are somewhat enticed to watch, and is aired when kids are watching. This means tremendous profit for FOX. What I don't understand is that what FOX puts out there is exactly what the republicans are SUPPOSEDLY against--INDECENCY IN OUR SOCIETY. Yet FOX is promoting pure indecency and LIES about Obama! So it is ludicrous for FOX to claim that the only reason Obama is upset is because he can't answer hard questions.

Obama isn't satisfied with having Because having...

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In his corner.

Dissent isn't treason?

Of course Obama would say that! EVERYONE ELSE IS IN BED WITH OBAMA!

So much for the "Great Uniter" and "Healing our souls", huh obama-bots.

Iranian mullahs..Ok Obama loves ya.
Castro\Chavez...Ok Obama loves ya
Hamas\Hezbollah...Ok Obama loves ya.
Al Queda...Ok Obama loves ya.
Illegals...Ok Obama loves ya.
Fox Viewers, NOT SO MUCH.

Obama is such a waste. Who seriousily would embarrass themselves and their family but voting for this imbecile?

Fox News, like them or not, are merely a representation of a growing American population that can't or won't hear opposing viewpoints.

I agree that Fox News channel is akin to a National Inquirer Channel, but the sad fact is that both outlets are vastly commercially successful and that is just the reality of today's America.

To be fair it is not like MSNBC is much better. I try to get my news directly from Reuters or AP, combined with NPR and even Al Jazeera you can get a good balanced perspective on world issues. That and bloggers such as this thread.


" A Fox News spokesman replied" Don't want to reveal your sources? Maybe that could be because there was no Fox News Spokesman.

(Or maybe on the other hand it could be because you're too lazy to click on the link and go see the other domain. Your choice.)

We should be grateful for Fox News. The other major media outlets are unabashed in their support for Obama. In fast, he's on of the least investigated candidate in history. Has the NY Times or NBC ever looked into his background. Maybe, but they never report on it.

In the New York Times you will find a story that does a hatchet job on McCain almost every day. AP is even worst. Every story on McCain is negative, every story on Obama is highly supportive.

Now that voter fraud is likely to be massive this election, I expect Obama will win. I'm warning people, be aware of what you are getting into. Obama, radical left control of the House, 60 vote control of the Senate - any money you make and save is likely to be confiscated and given to those unwilling to work and contribute. Time for all working people to look at Australia and other countries for refuge. Obama reminds of Chevez, and will likely rule in a simular fashion. I know, I'm scared about what lies ahead.

The only strange thing about foxnews is that they have a different view of politics THAN EVERY OTHER NEWS OUTLET! Alot of people are sick and tired of taking care of the FAKE sick and tired.
I am tired of the Congress pinning on the blame on Bush, the economy situation, when Congress makes the laws, and has a lower rating than Bush. These economic policies evolved from Clinton.
When will America stop drinking the Democrats Kool-Aid? When will they stop being FANS of HOLLYWOOD< and start distrusting stars with agendas, and realize what is right for this country?
When will America stop electing who the media wants us to choose, when will we get some balls?

If he becomes president..he will shut down anyone who distrusts him or realizes he is the nasty person that has been known from the start.....this cry baby can't stand real news.....his geastopo ways are going to get the best of people.........freedom of speech is not in his book if it wasn't for his illegal ACORN...Hillary would be the one

It's not hte tough questions, it's the ooh!ooh! rumors stated as fact. Who could forget the 'madrassa school' report Fox News copied from Insight magazine who copied it from Andy Martin?

All those Fox News people still work there, so apparently 'journalism' like that is just fine with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. More! More! More!

uh, Fox News? It's a joke. Totally without credibility. Like the WSJ editorial page. Anything there is Republican lies and propaganda, pure and simple. Nobody believes it except the sick morons who vote Republican.

Joe the plumber is a perfect example of your typical Republican. Bald and blustery, he's a loudmouth who doesn't really know anything -- better he should stay quiet and listen. He breaks the rules for himself -- Joe doesn't bother to actually get certified in his vocation. And best (or worst) of all, he is too stupid to know what's good for him! He can't even look at his own economic situation correctly! He would be far better off with the Dems than the raping Republicans. Fools.

If Obama ever got Fox News in his corner, he'd be crying that Joe the plumber is saying negative things about him, unfairly!

"Joe the plumber is a perfect example of your typical Republican. Bald and blustery, he's a loudmouth who doesn't really know anything -- better he should stay quiet and listen"

And this is the problem with the Left. Joe is minding his own business when Obama came up to him and asked him a question. Joe, being confused in thinking that he lived in a free country, actually dared to disagree with Obama. What's the attitude of the Left? DESTROY HIM! WE ASK THE QUESTIONS AND WE PROVIDE THE ANSWERS!

Isn't the real attitude of the Left that this whole democracy business is an insult to his holiness? After all, even trolls like Joe are allowed to vote. It'd be so much better if we could just have ACORN stuff a whole bunch of ballots for The Messiah so he could get the 100% return we owe him.

PS: Joe is going through his plumber training and has spent the last several years fixing peoples plumbing. All perfectly legal. That makes him a plumber in my eyes.

If you watch fox news and believe they are fair and balanced I hope you get hit by a bus.

As an Australian visiting the US last week I gained a very strong impression that Fox News were spreading anti Obama messages at every opportunity to the point I guessed, rightly or wrongly that at some point they must have publicly endorsed McCain. Just an observation from an unbiased visitor to the US.


When will people get tired of TV??? I find it to be obnoxious and pathetic. Throw out your TV and find some real news.....there is plenty online. I am TV free for the last five years and loving it!

Mr Obama is the only solution for the present situation. It has been proved again & again. The latest is the backing of Mr Powell. So be it. Vote for Mr Obama. Support fo his victory. It is unavoidable. It is the BITTER TRUTH for MCCAIN, PALIN & THEIR SUPPORTES. MR OBAMA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

I have watched MSNBC, CNN and FoxNews for along time. I started years ago with MSNBC, then moved to CNN then ended up with FoxNews.

After watching all 3 extensively - MSNBC is completely tilted to the left. They could not deliver balanced reporting if there lives depended on it. CNN has there moments of balance, but overall tilts to the left. FoxNews does tilt to the right of centre, but, in most cases they do make an effort to cover both sides of the story. My experience has been that most people that proclaim there hate for FoxNews are just spouting talking points - and have never actually watched FoxNews with an open mind.

He should just stick with the LA TIMES. They are totally in the tank for him.

Fox news is the most unbiased reporting on television. The other networks should be ashamed to call themselves NEWS. The networks should be embarassed by their reporting in this election. The American people are not even trusted to form their own opinions about the debates, instead, having to listen to someone tell us what we heard. I, like so many others, are offended by the coverage of this election. It matters not who my favorite candidate is, my opinion is solely about the networks election coverage.

About Fox News, a news station is responsible for reporting FACTS, not personal opinion, theirs or anyone elses. I have watched for sponsors of some of these programs and quit using their products. It hits them in their pocket books like the democrats intend to do mine, if elected.

Vote tuesday on what you believe in. There are ALOT of people who work that don't have OR take time for silly online polls. Those same people (like myself) WILL take time to go vote tuesday.

The only thing I do know is that, no where else in the world would someone with so little time at a made the boss. CHANGE!!!!! isn't that what Clinton screamed? Yeah, NAFTA REALLY changed everything.....THAT'S why we're where we are today. We buy everyone else's crap........they sell it to their own cheaper than they could buy ours so, who buys ours???? Not us, because theirs is cheaper and we're flooded with it. Let's not forget the huge natural disasters that we've had to deal with such as wild fires and hurricanes and the like. Everyone wants something for nothing.........that will be the downfall of the United States of America that some of us are so proud to be a part of. Education is still free if you are willing to pursue it.........ASK the tough questions and don't ever be afraid to answer one either.....all you have to do is tell the truth......unless your trying to hide something.

Obama has been very lucky for the lack of scrutiny in his associations, other than FOX. Shame on the lack of concern for honesty from CNN - MSNBC - CBS - etc. for not expecting a candidate running for President to actually pass "the smell test" for integrity. Obama pretends "he didn't hear" Rev. Wright scream anti white anti american scathing sentiments for the 20 years he sat in the pew in church; that his 20 year relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers "he's just an acquaintance in the neighborhood" (he served on 2 boards and made his 'political coming out party at Ayers home), Tony Resco (Chicago slum lord now in jail, who got Obama a sweetheard mortgage from Countrywide), Khalidi (anti Israel radical) and ACORN (he says his campaign has no association with ACORN) but he was a "Community Organizer" and Instructor for Acorn, plus a lawyer for Acorn) and taught them how to bully banks into granting loans to un qualified borrorers, then putting borrowers in the positon of loosing their homes, tanking the US economy, then BLAMING BUSH. Gee he's really a swell guy. Can't wait till he is the President and becomes Hitler! Be sure to click this link and see the book written by Ayers and what his agenda is for America. And Obama thinks he's really ok since he such a great professor & all.

What I would love to see is the list of donors that have been helping Mr. Obama buy this election. I hope some eager reporter gets his nose deep inside the pockets of Obama. I believe it will surprise most people.
The media can control the entire election process and it has been doing that. If you think the Fox news people don't understand the issues then you should try asking a few of the Obama supporters on my block I've been working on. They are many and not one you talk to knows what his platform is. There is only one thing they care about and I will leave you to guess why they are voting for the first time in their life.
It may not be this way in other areas of the country but it is here. So knock it off with the FOX News stuff at least we are paying for our own cable.

So, let me see if Barack is helping me to choose who I will vote for as President ? I've been watching Oprah's Current Empire Growing. "Oprah's Future Young Black Women Leaders Of America" These Young Ladies have been Raised Up From The Purest of Black Africans on Non-Slavery African Soil.
Here in America, Oprah's own Personal Aide gaining plenty of face time with some publicists and influential media people, while working her way towards her goal of winning the Miss America Pagent. Also under Oprah's tutorage is a famous Black Male movie actor who has opened his own Dynasty in Atlanta Georgia. Oprah has all of her female LEGENDS attend ceremonial dinners at her residence with presentations of diamonds, roses, incredible chef prepared meals,and all of the glamour of Old Hollywood. Then the Male counterpart celebration was for Sidney Potier. Therefore, If you can evaluate this mini-document. We know that Oprah doesn't want to be Vice President or First Lady......Why????? Because....I think after the election, if she gets her boy Obama, her nominee Obama, Her Presidential choice Obama, that she Openly Endorced, to WIN the WHITE HOUSE AND BE HER "MISTER PRESIDENT"!!!!!!
SIMPLY BECAUSE Barack, who is an only spoild rotten child. Who has been given everything, from his grand parents, to strangers even paying for him to have the most priviledged education. Yet as Ungrateful as Barack was, he Refused to use his Law Degree that Others had Paid For to make him Successful. Barak could have helped to Pay Back Their Generosity even though it was FREE by simply helping other students less fortunate, or even devote his time by tutoring others. repayment doesn't always have to be monetary. But now since he has made so much in the Senate he could possibly pay for someone elses tuition with a Grant or a Scholarship. As Oprah looks to the right she can see all of her Movie Star Icons that she Reigh's over.
To the left Oprah can see her pure breed, highley educated, Liberated, African Woman Leaders of Oprahs new world for the Blacks in America.
Then directly in the center, smack down in front of Her Highness Oprah, Her President Barak Obama with his ethinically appropriate family. Oprah and Barak's all Democratic Senate made up of community organizers. Then the Democratic Congress is sitting on bleachers with the the entire newley elected Supreme Court Justices all under the age of 25. Then Holding down the ropes to secure the Hot Air Balloon are Peloisi and Reid as they are both sitting in their remote control wheel chairs. Hopefully they will be able to climb inside the basket before the baloon takes off and the fireworks explode with the message of the new messiah's arrival on the Potomic with a glittle star on top of the Lincoln Memorial Monument. Back to the original question about if Barak Obama, if he is helping me choose who to vote for? The Arab's Love Oprah, The Europeans Love Oprah, Russians Love Oprah, Oh my goodness I could Go On and On. Foreigners call her the "Media Queen" If Oprah doesn't get her way, I might ruin her plan to rule the world.... What could happen to me? My Children? My Poor Mother? Could they stop my meeger monthly $641.00 Social Security Disability. I can't wait until I get to give my share to the citizens with less income than me. Thank God John McCain survived in those dredful prison camps. I remember seeing some televised reports on the war when I was young. John was my person that I identified with when it came to Vietnam. I was fortunate not to have a blood relative in that war. The person that I identified with as evil was the soldier that was on TV, speaking to the senate sub committee about the soldiers. He was making life impossible for our remaining POW's and MIA's. I called him the TRATIOR or the RAT. I was active in college with a new baby and trying to build a low income home for my future family. a few years ago I heard that wretched man's voice over and over on TV again and again. It was KEAN and that monster wanted to be our PRESIDENT TOO... Sorry I didn't vote for him..and I can not vote for OBAMA either.
If Republicans would "MAN UP" and admit that.......
OLD GREY Soggy Knees Bill Clinton screwed up and did not kill Osama Bin Laden when he had him and knew where he was and he was visiting right near him. He was not so worried about his BALLS and he would have been a MAN and used his BALLS, Osama Bin Laden would be DEAD. and We wouldn't have had to go to this war that they blame on President Bush and hopefully President McCain. Plus, #2 if President Clinton DID NOT AGREE TO AND DID NOT SIGN, ALL OF THE MORTGAGE LOW INTEREST LOAN AND NO DOCUMENT LOANS INTO LAW AND GIVE THE BANKS AND MORTGAGE COMPANIES PERMISSION TO GIVE ALL OF THESE POOR LOW INCOME PEOPLE PEOPLE HOMES THAT EVERYONE KNEW THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN AND WOULD SHORTLEY LOOSE. IT WAS INEVITABLE WHEN HE SIGNED THE LAWS IN 1992. LONG BEFORE BUSH WAS EVEN CONSIDERED AN INK SPOT ON THE REPUBLICAN BALLOTT. GOOD old Bill Clinton was helping his Good Old Boys in Washington and his lobbistys in Washington wanting to make it rich on the backs of the poor as usual. And one more thing. I think that it is a Set Up by the good old boys on Wall Street and in California who needs the most money for the housing bail out. Then when Arnold asks for an additional $750,000.00 on top of what was spoken about in the initial bail out. I think the "Democrats" set up this "Economic Disaster" to coincide with the November 4th election date. Because there is time for a Christmas and New Year/ End of the Year/ Fiscal Come Back!

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