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Geez, this Barack Obama guy is everywhere tonight--"Daily Show" too

Pretty hard to avoid you-know-who from Illinois tonight.

He was everywhere on the tube tonight. If the White Sox hadn't collapsed, he'd have probably been out in left field, so to speak.

Why doesn't he just buy his own channel with all that money people donated?

Barack Obama didn't just buy a half-hour of time on four national television networks tonight -- he also got a free ride on "The Daily Show." (Complete text of the campaign infomercial is available here.)

Illinois senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on almost all TVs all the time tonight

Here's a preview of the "comedy" show, from the campaign pool report, so you don't have to stay up (because, frankly, it doesn't sound very comedic):

How is he holding up? host Jon Stewart asked Obama in the taping.

"We are now counting down every single vote," the Democratic presidential nominee replied. "And the crowds are terrific. And I think we've got a good shot at this thing."

Asking about former President Bill Clinton campaigning for Obama today in Florida, Stewart said: "I know Florida. ... Many of my people go there to retire. ... You might want to hold the rally early. They don't like to miss their shows at night or the early bird special at the diner."

"No comment on that Jon," Obama said, with an explanation for his reticence: "I'm trying to win Florida."

Asked about his "infomercial" airing on four television networks tonight, Obama called it a "story about what's happening to families all across America. We've got four families that we feature. All of them have great hopes, but all of them are struggling too, and we want to talk about what the next four years would mean to them...

"These four families that have been featured remind me either of myself or people that I know, and I think they'll have a better sense of exactly what I want to do as president."

Stewart asked: "If you do win, is that a mandate for socialism?"

"I think that there's a certain segment of hardcore Sean Hannity fans that probably wouldn't want to go have a beer with me," Obama conceded. "There's no doubt about that."

For a review of the rest of the program, check out the account here by our pal Mark Silva over at the Swamp.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press

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Yes, it's a shame that comedians aren't adhering to strict journalistic standards.

This is how a political leader should act.
Not by hiding but by showing up and letting the people he serves know what he plans and why.
He will not point fingers but he will conduct a true town meeting to give his story , his side and his reasoning.
Listen with an open mind and learn and be hopefull again.

"Here's a preview of the "comedy" show, from the campaign pool report, so you don't have to stay up (because, frankly, it doesn't sound very comedic):"

Have you actually ever watched the show? Sounds like you haven't.

Stewart has serious guests and mixes serious discussions of topics across the political spectrum with a dash a humor and wit.

It 's no wonder print media is taking such a beating. Out-of-touch and no longer actually doing reporting of any quality.

But don't forget to sign up for the Twitter feed of this dreck.

Funny you should say "Why doesn't he just buy his own channel..." He did. Check out the OBAMA station on Dish Network - channel 73. All OBAMA all day. :o)

Obama put on a great infomercial! What a bargain!

I bought a set of Ginsu knives for only three payments of $29.99 and Obama tossed in a free CD, "Wealth Through Buying Foreclosed Properties".

But wait! There is more! Obama is not charging me for shipping! What a guy! He really cares about America and our fine peoples.

Now I can use my Ginsu knives to slice through all this mule manure coming out of America's mainstream media and I will become wealthy buying foreclosed properties which I will not be able to sell because nobody has any money these days!

Do you think this might have been a bit arrogant of Obama to present himself in a mock Oval Office? I would think a "Cargo Cult" shrine as a background would work better, I mean, he does have quite the Welfare Cargo Cult following.

Andrew Malcolm, are you boys at the Los Angeles Times planning to release that information about Obama our America is demanding you release or are you boys planning to continue genuflecting before the Great Black Messiah?

Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation

Yes, Big Brother Obama is everywhere 24/7 TV, and he wants you to know that Change = Big Brother Obama

VJ Machiavelli

Isn't there an Obama-dedicated channel on DISH Network?

Everyone who donated should be thrilled that their hard-earned money was used to invest in an infomercial. It's like ordering Obama on pay-per-view.
Along that line, have you guys heard the quote from a Scottish history professor at U. of Edinburgh, Alexander Tyler, who in 1787 said:
'A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.'

Sorry to get all philosophical in this blog, bit it is kinda freaky, don't you think?

The case for Barack Obama

By Peggy Noonan,
A republican former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and author of eight books on American politics and culture.

Senator Barack Obama has within him the possibility to change the direction and tone of American foreign policy, which need changing; his rise will serve as a practical rebuke to the past five years, which need rebuking; his victory would provide a fresh start in a nation in which a fresh start would come as a national relief. He climbed steep stairs, born off the continent with no father to guide, a dreamy, abandoning mother, mixed race, no connections. He rose with guts and gifts. He is steady, calm, and, in terms of the execution of his political ascent, still the primary and almost only area in which his executive abilities can be discerned, he shows good judgment in terms of whom to hire and consult, what steps to take and moves to make. We witnessed from him this year something unique in American politics: He took down a political machine without raising his voice. Eras end, and begin. "God is in charge of history." And so my beautiful election ends.


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