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Sound bites galore on today's presidential trail

It was a good day for good lines from the stump.

The Ticket already sent kudos Barack Obama's way for a well-turned variation of a famed Ronald Reagan quote, which the Democrat offered while trolling for votes in Indiana.

Not too long afterward, John McCain took umbrage to Obama "questioning my truthfulness." Speaking in Pennsylvania, he said:

I don't need lessons in telling the truth to the American people. And were I ever to need any improvement in that regard, I probably wouldn't seek advice from a Chicago politician.

His running mate Sarah Palin, warming up their crowd, scorned Obama for his belated and -- in her view -- not-to-be-trusted embrace of a key part of the Republican ticket's energy plan (in Tuesday's night debate, he said, "We're going to have to explore new ways to get more oil, and that includes offshore drilling.")

Scoffed Palin, in her deceptively pleasant way:

What that told me is he's not willing to drill for energy, but he's sure willing to drill for votes.

Joe Biden, returning to the trail after a short hiatus because of his mother-in-law's death, was not to be outdone. Speaking in Florida, he neatly encapsulated the Democratic effort to tie McCain as closely as possible to President Bush. Said Biden:

You can't call yourself a maverick when all you've ever been is a sidekick.

A fellow senator -- Bob Casey of Pennsylvania -- coined the barb, Biden said. But he gets credit for delivering it with his customary gusto.

-- Don Frederick

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while kicking back watching the rachael maddow show with a crony i was asked "brk dck i'm a little puzzled by the mccasanova mccoconuts use of sara the lipstick on a pig barracuda to do the campaigns dirty work when it relates to getting balls to the walls nasty against sen obama and how it was that someone as brain dead on issues as she was could be put as point on such a tactical & risky maneuver i mean being that hes this so called war hero and in every war,cowboy,monster or other action packed movie its the hero who takes it upon themselves to do the risky stuff and since its mccasanova mccoconut and his campaign that likes to remind us of his hero status wouldnt you expect him to say "look kid i know you want to tear into him {for that whole lipstick on a pig affair} but if this gambit fails it could cost you your political life and kid you got your whole political life ahead of you and me i've done alot of political living and my passing from the public arena wouldnt be a big deal look kid i'm not going to let you do it the political risk is great and the chance of success is slim to none. kid i know how badly disappointed you and your sidekick daffy {what oh his name is todd}because you wanted to blaze a trail thru michigan with smoking rhetoric &talking points blazing away but take from some one who has chased more than his fair share of lost causes that would have been a fools folly which is why as head of this ticket i'm ordering you to stand down,you might not see the wisdom in my decision today,tomorrow or for that mattter a hundred years but history just might look back on this moment and say THEIR FREAKING CAMPAIGN MAY HAVE BEEN DOOMED FROM THE START BUT THIS WAS THEIR FINEST HOUR ahh come on kid dont look so crestfallen WELL I GUESS ITS TIME FOR SLIME? TO which i said yeah you 're right one would expect that but you've got to understand that mccasanova mccoconut is not only a so called warhero hes also a so called maverick and while some might call his move erratic and not fully thought out{much like that whole suspending the campaign thing} i say that it was a bold pimp move because his campaign had already neutered sen biden during the vp debate by having their cronies in the media comeout with all of this nonsense about how sen biden didnt want to appear to be beating up on a woman{be it a woman who could be one heartbeat away from the presidency} no having her at point is a sleazy but effective strategy and with hillary {maybe because she and her campaign provided most of the fodder for most the mccasanova attack}unwilling to help out the obama campaign tactic is being allowed to run its course.and just as i was wrapping up my explanation ms maddow drops the CINDY my company will sure profit if i dont have to pay all that health care to my employees and i could use the money to buy even more expensive gowns,houses cars and birddropping facials MCCAIN WAS ATTACKING sen obama on voting against a bill to fund the troops {while failing to mention that mccasnova also voted against the bill}and that when she heard that it sent cold dead flesh shivers thru her body my crony laughed and added "i dont think it was the news about the vote but the thought of mccasanova mccoconut slipping under the covers with that look in his eyes and when cindy said that she just wish that sen.obama could spend just one nite in her body {she might have said shoes i dont remember} i laughed so hard i almost peed on myself when my crony said SEE I TOLD YOU{well i had to admit that the thought of a naked mccasanova mccoconut could send cold dead flesh shivers thru most peoples bodies

Did Palin think she was warming up the crowd for McCain, or Don Rickles?

There's a difference between McCain and Rickles?

I know it was a cheap jab, but I couldn't resist trying to inject some humor into the Presidential contest.

Wait, where have I heard that before?

I watched all day on news showing McCain’s interview on Fox News about wanting Obama to come out with the truth about Ayers so the public can decide. Why isn’t anyone calling out McCain on his hypocrisy on TROOPERGATE? He asks that Obama come clean, yet he sends his lawyers to Alaska to cover up TROOPERGATE. Why doesn’t McCain let Palin testify about her TROOPERATE connection so the American Public can decide – the same standard he wants to apply to Obama.

I don’t want to hear this crap that TROOPERGATE is politically motivated and that the AYERS connection isn’t. American people are not stupid. One thing we can’t stand is a hypocrite.

I’m upset that the media televises McCain's hypocrisy when applying the standard of truth for Obama yet ignores his effort in covering up his VP involvement in TROOPERGATE. If judgment is what McCain is questioning about Obama, shouldn’t the American pubic question McCain’s judgment for picking a VP that may be using her powers for personal reasons? Especially after 8 years of Dick Chaney. After all, Palin's character could be a heart beat away from the Presidency if McCain is elected. If McCain wants the American pubic to decide what is true, than let Palin testify. She seems to have some CHARACTER flaws so she is the last person who should be pointing fingers

The media keeps dropping the ball. Everything McCain seems to criticize about Obama seems to apply in his own campaign.

"Steeve" you are correct in your supposition that "TrooperGate" was not politically motivated, but Palin's abuse of power has been politically used by the McCain/Palin ticket to draw attention away from the fact that Palin is not the honest evangelical maverick she claims to be. The Alaskan legislative panel investigating Palin's abuse of power voted in July of this year to authorize an investigation, long before even John McCain knew Palin would be his running mate. The McCain campaign doesn't like to point out the fact that the panel is comprised of 8 Republicans and 4 Democrats, nor does the campaign like to mention that as governor, Palin actually attended to state business so infrequently that the Republican-majority legislature had buttons made that asked, "Where's Sarah?"

Sarah Palin is a sham. Her entire "shtick", the winks, the hokey speaking style and Joe Six pack stories are part of a carefully crafted act. She's used her beauty contestant smile often, while simultaneously stabbing people in the back. I'd never heard of her until she was named McCain's running mate, but I wanted to know the truth about her and not the media's "version" of who she is. If people care to know the real Sarah Palin, they should use the Internet to educate themselves. Alaskan newspaper and TV archives reveal the true Sarah Palin, and her record of failure as the governor of Alaska can be traced by visiting official government websites like the FBI report on violent crime, the Census Bureau, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. Believe me, she hasn't done the state of Alaska any favors, nor the city of Wasilla, which will need years to recover from the debt she brought when she was mayor.

With precious little time left until election day, people need to know the truth about Palin. It is not pretty.


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