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Joe Biden can spell, but counting is another matter

Dan Quayle's image -- justified or not -- as an in-over-his-head vice president was well-established by 1992. But as he and his president, George H.W. Bush, sought reelection that year, any chance he had of changing that perception was wiped out by a spelling mistake during a seemingly innocuous stop at a school in Trenton, N.J. (For the detailed story on the miscue -- and how it took off as a story -- check out this piece: "Gaffe with an 'e' at the end).

Joe Biden -- justified or not -- long ago passed a credibility threshold with the public that Quayle never could. Indeed, the new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll found that 76% judged this year's Democratic vice presidential nominee capable of filling the top job, with only 13% demurring from the view.

So chances are that Biden's stature will be unaffected by a stumble earlier this week on the campaign trail. Besides, it wasn't a spelling error, it was a counting one.

Still, we thought we'd pass it along:

-- Don Frederick

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what a double standard. Jake Tapper, from ABC Blog, has been collecting Biden's gaffes for two months now and no one calls him the STUPID. Can you imagine if Bush has had as much gaffes in 2 months as Biden???

or Palin has said all these stupid things that Biden has been saying. Dems VP ticket is an embarrassment , and he is suppose to have the "experience".

Pretty silly, since he obviously was thinking of job, not jobs.

But this is all peanuts. Obama and Biden have got it in the bag not only because they are a winning ticket. They have an October surprise in store. The Federation is going to throw its support to them.

"Obama, Spock, and the New Star Trek Nation"

One of the main features of this election is the blatant bias of the main stream media. If Sarah Palin had done this gaffe--or any other done by Biden--, we would be hearing about it NON-STOP. The one-party media is out to elect Barack Hussein Obama and his silly VP--one hasn't accomplished much in life, the other is a nut job.


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