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Hank Williams Jr. sets to song John McCain/Sarah Palin talking points

His father, dead before age 30, left a musical legacy that will live on as long as American songs are sung -- a lengthy list of classics that includes "Your Cheatin’ Heart," "I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, "Hey, Good Lookin’" and "Honky Tonkin’."

Hank Williams Jr. can't match that. But then, few can. And at 59, he can claim a solidly successful career as an entertainer that includes a niche in popular culture as the kickoff act for "Monday Night Football."

Now he's made a foray into politics, penning new lyrics to a song he wrote called "Family Tradition" In the original tune, he linked himself to his dad's drinking and drug-abuse demons. The new version -- a paean to John McCain and Sarah Palin -- takes a decidedly different tack, as evident from its opening lines:


The left-wing liberal media have

Always been a real close knit family.

But most of the American People

Don’t believe 'em anyway, ya see.


An ABC News report on a Palin rally in Richmond, Va., today includes video of Williams performing the reworked song. And a more polished, studio version of it can be listened to below:

-- Don Frederick

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I had trouble getting through that but I'm sure all the redneck racists bigots will just love it.

At last a song McCain can use without the artist who made attacking his use of it.

Way to go Hank Williams Jr

VJ Machiavelli

To KayT - Nah you're wrong. Americans in fly over country will like it. Now all those elitist liberal bigot racist on the left and right coasts won't.

I'd like to hear what Hank's son HankIII would come up with

Most of these political songs just aren't that appealing

I like the Hank Williams song better than Ludacris song about Obama! The Ludacris lyrics are

" I hope McCain gets paralyzed,

Bush is an idiot,

let's paint the White House black!"

Hanks' song is just a little better!

Hey KayT..Don't associate Rednecks to Racists! I'm Redneck and far from Racists. You can see the hate you have by your comment. You should go seek help and maybe check to see if you are racists against Rednecks. Hank has every right to write that song and no where in his song is he preaching racism or hatred. So we can see your hatred and racism towards Rednecks. Look at the song Ludacris wrote. That is the same hatred that you have.

Way to go Hank.....That's how we roll in the Good Ole USA

Thanks Hank You got it right

white people are racist if we dont vote for obama?but he can insult every caucasion calling us "typical white people"fricken hypicrits!

hank did it his way and it was very tasteful, unlike ludacis' song for obama. mccain and palin are the best choice for the white house!! at least willliams knows that, hopefully enough americans will too.

Great song that may open some blind eyes. Some of John F Kennedy's most famous words were: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Would President Kennedy be a Republican today?? I do not understand how the very intelligent liberals or progressives can be so ignorant. All they want to do is grow government. Obama and Hillary continue to preach; "We will take care of you". Their policies are obvious to me. Their "give me' programs teach us to be more dependent upon the government. Under the Obama and the majority democratic congress, we are heading to a socialistic nation at supersonic speed that will take us to economic collapse.

All these Hack/McCain fans are not used to an alternative point of view where they come from. If you punch in a search box "Hank Williams, Jr. and John McCain", and go to most of the websites that cover Hack's lame-ass "new" song, you will find that your opinion is not only not appreciated, but NOT ALLOWED if you don't have something good to say about Hack.

You see, where these people come from, there is no democracy, or freedom of speech, or respect for different opinions. It's like they're still living in a slave economy, which is basically a dictatorship of the rich white "property" owner. It's like Fox News, baby--"FAIR AND BALANCED".

As every day goes by, the right gets a little more wronger, while in total denial along the way to the point where they accuse the left of everything that THEY'RE DOING. One just has to wonder, how long can a large slice of the country LIVE with their heads up their aszes?

HACK Williams, Jr. is a legend in his own mind, and in the delusional minds of his uneducated, ignorant, racist fans. And, he is not a part of county music's roots, HIS FATHER IS. Hack is an example of when talent skips a generation. He relies on his relation to his father (his real name is NOT Hank Williams, Jr., it's Randall Hank Williams), the fact that he almost died in an avalanche, and DEMAGOGUERY to distract people from the fact that he sings like a dying cow.

Example: "If the South Woulda Won", off of his 1989 "Wild Streak" album. I am a former fan of his, and I can tell you, he sings this totally racist, pro-slavery song with more gusto, more rowdiness, more sheer heartfelt VOLUME than any song before it or after it. THIS guy is the best John McCain and Sarah Palin could do in the way of "celebrity crooners" to represent their REAL AMERICAN VALUES. "That's not change we can believe in!"

The scariest part about this guy is that he sucked me in for YEARS, during my young life when I was uncertain about politics, and too naive to realize this guy was dangerous. I think, if he can suck me in, he can suck a lot of other people in just as easily.

These knee-jerk fascists ignore the irrefutable FACTS about their hero, Hack. Hack is lying to his fans, and McCain's supporters, AND THE COUNTRY exhibiting the kind of treachery that only a remorseless racist is capable of.

The quintessential ignorant white southern Republican ignores the FACTS, and goes straight to IDEOLOGY. That's what we need: MORE TRUTHINESS!

Way to go Hank. Finally a song that has no hatred or racist in it. Hank does his songs his way, and this was one of them. Hope more follow Hank's way. Keep it up. Not all redneck's are racists or bigots, i'm not one, but I have a few friends who are rednecks and they are not racists. They are pretty cool people. Maybe Kay T, if you understand county or Hank Jr, you might understand his song here.

Way go to JJ. You said it right. Most of the citizens voting for Obama are racists. They can say things about the white folks but when you say something about the black folks they start yelling bigot and racists.

now kayT, why do people who like hank williams jr and that genre have to be redneck racist bigots? i happen to love that type of music and am by no means a racist bigot. you're being just as closed-minded as those who subscribe to the racist viewpoint.


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