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Barack Obama's upcoming TV "special" provides fodder for John McCain

A week from tonight, Barack Obama tries to seal the deal with voters who still may be up for grabs by appealing to them through a nationally televised, prime-time, 30-minute infomercial.

It will be the latest manifestation of how his campaign's phenomenal fundraising has meant that money is no object for it as election day nears. But it also has presented John McCain with something new to taunt.

Speaking in New Hampshire this morning, McCain told his audience that Obama was "looking pretty confident these days." He added: "He'll be addressing the nation soon. He's got another of those big stadium spectacles in the works."

Then came his payoff line: "But acting like the election is over won't let him take away your chance to have the final say in this election."

Expect to hear variations of this theme over the next few days, as McCain increasingly depicts himself as the feisty underdog taking on a cocky frontrunner.

Also expect that as the Obama campaign grapples with how to program and produce its half-hour extravaganza, a setting with Greek columns won't figure in their plans.

-- Don Frederick

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Obama voted FOR Partial-Birth Abortion (the most barbaric "medical" procedure allowed under the law, and AGAINST the Federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which prevents babies that survive an abortion attempt from being killed or left to die. He has also stated that he thinks women should have a period of time after a baby is born to decide if they want it killed! How much MORE do you need to know about Obama?

Obama has phenomenal amounts of money because people are voting with their dollars. Dollars first, ballots next.

Expect the typical right wing rants and conspiracy theories on this thread. It's all scare tactics.

The reality is that the Republicans blew it. Twelve years of Congress, eight in the White House, six of those overlapping. They owned the whole show, and they've rammed the ship of state into the iceberg.

John McCain has tried to run as if he's not part, and hasn't been part, of Republican rule. But it hangs around his neck like an albatross.

The American people have had plenty of experience with Republican rule. It's bankrupting us. That's why people are donating to the Obama campaign in record amounts, and why his lead is growing as election day approaches.

The Republicans had their chance. They blew it. Throw them out.

It's not like Obama is the first president to address the nation before an election. Before elections became about a small number of key battleground states, this was extremely common. You'd think John McCain, who is 700 years old and counting, could recall that.

So John McCain is now casting Barack Obama, not as a terrorist or a socialist? No, Barack Obama is now the Big Money candidate. Us little guys like John McCain need to stand together and vote against Big Money!

More likely the true Big Money supporters of John McCain are starting to question the value of any further investment in him at this point.

OMG John McCain....Please SHUT UP!!!

I honestly think you would have been better off, had you not said a single word since the beginning of your campaign.

If, as McCain says, Obama thinks the election is over, why would Obama think he needs a 30 minute television show a week before the election?

Is anyone stupid enough to believe that Mc Cain would not have an "EXTRAGIGANZA" if he had the money.
People like Obama, and send in money mostly small contributions by working people.
It's sad the oil companys haven't come forth for Mc Same.

John McCain how can I get my donation money back that I contributed to you. I did not contribute money for Sarah Palin and her families wardrobe. I would like a refund.

Does anyone honestly think John McCain has Barack Obama right where he wants him, as he has said? Try reversing the candidates. Do you think McCain doesn't wish he had over 3 million donors at $86 an average pop, so HE could put on a 1/2 hour of TV to the entire country? Or that HE could draw 100,000 people in St. Louis? That's an awful lot of people who sound awfully fired up about their country, enthusiastic about their candidate, and positive about our chance to be We the People. Our confidence is in the country, and that is not false confidence. Sounds like patriotism to me. What remains is for the people to express that patriotism at the ballot box.

150,000 DOLLAR SHOPPING SPREE?!!! That's maverick. Looks like politicians robbing the taxpayer to me. And the GOP thinks that's OK? Wow, talk about out of touch.

Why isn't Obama spending some of his campaign money to pay off a few mortgages for people in foreclosure? It seems that would be a tangible way to help Americans.

I will bet Obama ratings will be less than half of Sarah on SNL (Still No Laughs).


Arizona and Alaska are both nice places. Too bad McCain and Palin will soon be infesting them.

You know the conversation should begin about how the Republican Party threw it's candidate for President under the bus, and should those who participated be accountable for such an underhanded move.

When Mr. McCain suspended his campaign to return to Washington to deal with the economic crisis, the House Republicans did nothing short of telling the world that Mr. McCain was not a leader they would follow.

They publicly humiliated their candidate, and in doing so denigrated his leadership qualities.

If Mr. McCain loses this election, the renegade House Republican's should share a heaping helping of contribution to that loss.

"Then came his payoff line"

Ohhh, scary and insightful!! Given the polls, I'd say it didn't pay so well for him when he used it the first 12 or 15 times.

With McCain trailing in the polls, the only course of action for him is to react to the Obama campaign. Whilst Obama is in red states (Florida, Virginia), pushing his plans for job creation, taxes and economic issues, McCain has been forced to deal issues such as Sarah Palin wardrobe, his underdog status and defending red states. However, even though polls suggest that Obama is ahead, one can never predict the choice of the average American voter in the privacy of the polling booth.

I really hope we can get through these next two weeks and maintain some level of positive feeling about our electoral process and our candidates.

I read somewhere that all McCain does is either talk about himself (war hero etc.) or slam the other guy (Obama). He seems to be keeping pretty much to this, and does not seem to have much positive to say for himself.

I am proud of Obama, and shamed at the treatment he continually receives. He has had to put up with more than anyone can imagine, yet he remains hopeful and optimistic, and calm.

McCain seeks to gain our trust and our respect through negativity, andI really hope he doesn't succeed for once. If we can put aside the Atwater/Rove/Davs playbook and move onto a new chapter in American politics it would be just the boost we need.

What an amazing amout of hatred and vitriol.

Why do people get away with only telling half truths. Lightening says Obama believes in killing babies. Can you read????? Obama believes in a late term abortion if it is necessarytosave the mother. LEarn to read before writing such trash. Doctors would never approve of what youi are writing. You are a very bad person with an evil mind.

McCain's chances of winning this thing are somewhere between slim and none.

If you truly care about conservative values, send the Republican party a message by voting for Libertarian Candidate Bob Barr

In 1997, Obama voted against SB 230, which would have turned doctors into felons by banning so-called partial-birth abortion, & against a 2000 bill banning state funding. Although these bills included an exception to save the life of the mother, they didn't include anything about abortions necessary to protect the health of the mother. The legislation defined a fetus as a person, & could have criminalized virtually all abortion.

Posted By Randy: "Why isn't Obama spending some of his campaign money to pay off a few mortgages for people in foreclosure? It seems that would be a tangible way to help Americans."

Yeah, that would be nice, except it would violate several campaign finance laws, since people donated money to help HIS CAMPAIGN. If people want to donate money to help home foreclosures, the will do that. He was given that money with the understanding that it would be used towards getting him elected president. Once he's prez he'll do plenty to help those people.

Obama received all this money from people all over the country giving 10, 15, 25 dollars,. It was only after the primary with hilary that big money came rolling in. He fought the most impressive primary in the history of this country on small donations given by hundreds of thousands of people, like me.

we did it because we are tired of all the GOP smears that have destroyed this country. The hatred that sought to tear us apart instead of bring us together, so they could advance their own agendas, that are not in the best interest of this country. He ran a smart campaign, because he is a smart man, not a small minded one. I am so proud to volunteer on his campaign, I am so proud to make my small donations whenever I can, and I am so proud that this, the first election my daughter will vote in, is the most significant one in my lifetime.
So spew all the hatred you want, turn red in the face and call us unamerican, say we don't have the right values, say we are elitist, say whatever you want, your words have no power anymore, the people are rising up and taking back this country and we are not democrats or republicans, we are americans.


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