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Barack Obama 'infomercial' expertly done, little impact likely

Chances are, tonight's 30-minute Barack Obama infomercial will have minimal effect on the final outcome of the 2008 presidential election. Obama_2

Those leaning against the freshman Illinois senator were unlikely to be swayed by it (or even watch it).

The ranks of the truly undecided, meanwhile, have shrunk in most polls. And how many of those bothered to tune in to the first program-length ad by a presidential candidate since Ross Perot flipped budget charts in 1992?

That said, the Democrat and his message makers certainly gave it their best shot to appeal to those open to conversion but lacking a comfort level with the prospect of a President Obama. (A complete text of the infomercial's script and the full 27-minute video is available by clicking here.)

Wondering about his patriotism and his commitment to defending the nation?

The extended commercial opened with an image of amber waves of grain. And, as its recorded portion neared an end, retired Army Brig. Gen. John Adams testified to the "courage and the judgment" he believes Obama would bring to the job of commander in chief.

The ad ended with a perfectly timed cut to Obama appearing live before an audience in Florida for a final few sound bites.

"America, the time for change has come," he declared, sounding a theme that has driven his candidacy from its start in early 2007. And in urging voters to "choose hope over fear, unity over division," he summarized what, for many of his supporters, has been his most powerful appeal.

In between, the expertly photographed, poignantly told stories of "average" Americans that gave the ad its pace and served to set up Obama's domestic policy prescriptions touched key demographic bases.

The first, for instance, spotlighted a white, middle-class woman in the swing state of Missouri whose family is struggling to make ends meet. Not coincidentally, Obama strategists ...

... long have viewed strong support from white women voters as essential to their victory scenario.

As befits a front-runner's status, Obama saw no reason to spend any time during the half-hour directly attacking John McCain. Indeed, the Republican's name was never uttered.

We were struck by another omission. Several prominent Democrats had cameos in the ad -- Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, among them. Conspicuously absent (at least to us) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

Obama also can expect some zingers for speaking frequently during the ad from a setting evocative of the Oval Office (except for the wood paneling).

Backdrops have been problematic for his campaign -- the columns that framed his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention were subjected to ridicule; the Oval Office motif will fuel McCain charges that Obama is taking for granted the outcome of Tuesday's election. And there was the Great Seal of Obama he used on the lectern one time.

Then again, if he was taking victory for granted, why pay for 30 minutes of prime-time television?

-- Don Frederick

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Ever watch other charismatic leaders speak, it sounds about the same. The point being it’s not how they say it that counts, it what’s they going to do that counts. We have only what they have done to best guess what they will do in the future. Using this common sense strategy it becomes a lot easer to decide who is best for America.

The history is full of bad leaders who were charismatic speakers. Beware the pied piper.

My how we love people who tell us what we want to hear, closing our eyes all the while to what “lies” beyond the suit.

I just watched Obama's info commercial. Man, what a breath of fresh air. As an independent voter in Florida, this is the type of candidate I want or need.

It seems every time I see a McCain rally on TV, they spend 5 minutes on what they will do for the country and the rest of the time criticizing Obama. It does not give me much confidence that McCain is trying to unite the country and makes his motto "Country First" seem more like "Divide and Conquer".

Scare tactics reminds me of Bush...isn't that how he got us in the Iraq war by scaring the public about WMD that was not there? These half-truths to scare or sway the public's opinion was how Bush was elected, but the public has caught on to these tactics and to use them again seems a little desperate.

Mr McCain, as a genuine hero, I wanted to vote for you, but you took your campaign to lows that wasn't what Americans needed in a time we needed strength, leadership and someone who talked to us about what he was going to do for America, not what was wrong with the other candidate. We had enough of hearing what is wrong, we needed to hear more from you what you were going to do right. It didn't happen and for that reason, I can't vote for you fearing the same campaign strategy will become your presidential policy for America. That, to me, is the real terror.

p.s. Please at least put honor above low ball politics for the rest of the campaign. I want to still respect the man whose book sits on my shelf by the ribbons I earn from 23 years of service. Please, don't make me remove that book from my shelf of honor.

These tactics seems to have become part of the Republican platform. For the first time in my voting life, I'm voting all Democrat -- I'm tired of scare tactics. We need hope, not fear.

My entire family watched the infomercial. The ad was well done to say the least. The ad was effective and probably helped people feel better about voting and going out to vote.

The two authors of this article really need to get another job. Their bios show that they bounced around a lot. Now is a time to bounce and move on to another topic. Elections aren't your specialty. The articles have been some of the most shallow I have read from the many journals. I think that the two of you are just two old and set in your ways. Some new blood is needed and the end of this election should be a time to begin a new era both for the country and for you to pick up some new topics.

These articles of yours look way too tired.

Something about it bothered me. I'm not sure what. Was it the 'big brother' aspect of flipping through a number of channels and seeing him on? Actually, I think it was the idea that it was so scripted and polished. I'm starting to wonder if he can really continue to be the good guy he (hopefully--ideally) once was, now that he's gone through such an intense process. I mean, look what fame did to Michael Jackson. And while I'm not at all comparing the two, I just feel like Obama's been forced to go through such a crazy process over the past year or so that it could very well have changed him..who knows who the guy really is?

Except, it made me enormously proud of him.

I was so moved to see the prospect of a distinguished, respectable, intelligent President again.

My friend in North Carolina phoned me after the program to tell me that her elderly parents who are republicans and while they don't like Palin had planned on voting for McCain are now going to vote for Obama, so much for your prognostication, I just love you pinheaded pundits

There's something selfish about a candidate that will accept money that isn't legally his because the donor gave more than the federal limit of 2,300 via pre-paid credit cards, fake names and addresses, and non reporting of donations under 200 dollars, who will spend it as fast as it comes in, rather than show some humility and keep honest books and donate the excess to charity.

But if Barack Obama is elected, then he'll start helping all the people with, other peoples money. What about your own illegal donations, Barack? What about not spending al that illegal money and donating about 30% of it, the estimated untraceable amount, or 270 million and climbing, and donating it to charity?

Why pay for it? Because he has the money to pay for it.

We need lines at the polls all night of November 3rd-- Lines at the polls will bring awarness and make it popular to vote for Obama! --- LINE UP ALL NIGHT FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3rd TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR OBAMA.

I found the infomercial to be riveting, informative, and worth every minute of my time.

I don't think you can just think of it as a TV show that people either tuned into or did not. It will be hyped up and commented upon in the next few days, and with Internet, TiVo, etc. a lot more people will have watched it. Whether it affects someone positively or negatively toward Obama, it is nevertheless very effective.

When Ross Perot did his TV block, that's all there was -- TV. Now this clip will be everywhere.

It was a brilliant strategy because now it's out there, and it's a permanent part of our history and culture.

Go Obama!

Your continued cynicism about Obama continues to astound me. As I heard on TV, here is a guy who has done all that we can ask of an American politician - raised in a single parent family. worked hard to get educated and work his way up through the political process to run for president. He put together a political strategy that beat the Clintons - much as I wanted her to win, and I voted for her in the California Primary and contributed to her campaign. He has gained more money than any other politician. He has generated enthusiasm in classes of voters who haven't been heard from in decasdes. He has the enthusiastic support of people who helped him put together an impressively produced and synchronized half hour commercial.

And what do I read in the LA times - carping, whining complaints about the details and the color of the paneling in the office.? What the devil do you guys and gals in LA want from him? I wanted to read substansive commentary from one of the better papers - maybe the best on the west coast. You don't sound as good as CNN or MSNBC. It's as if you gave this evaluation over to the people who write the Calendar and IMage sections of your Sunday Edition. They're wonderful writers - but this election is not entertainment - it's serious - as elections always are.

Mr. McCain & Ms.Palin, you have lost my vote & respect. Sorry, got to go with Obama... to me it's "Country First".

If the McCain campaign had the money they would've been blowing it on the same large chunks of air time. I do not however believe that this thing was at all necessary.

I was one of those great unwashed "undeciced" voters. Why? I am a Republican, and I wanted to believe in McCain. But he increasingly frustrated me - he flip flopped on serious issues, and then he chose Palin. she was just too far right and too inexperienced.

I was concerned about voting for Obama -- until tonight.

This may have an impact on few people, maybey you're right. But I was one of them.

My mother in law died of cancer two years ago. She worked her whole life to have a good retirement. All the money she saved went to pay the insurance company which -- despite having full benefits -- still nickeled and dimed her literally to death. We are still paying $340 a month for three years toward her health care. I read a few months ago that the CEO of the company that owns the hospital got $12 million last year.

This is not the America that I grew up with. Maybe Obama has less experience than I'd like, but at least I feel that he's in touch with what's important to this country's citizens.

"All is fair in love and war" and politics I add.
It is clear that Obama clearly has the resources to far surpass McCain in vying for the media. Even USA Today issue Tuesday October 28 stated that Obama money is over McCain's in a 3:1 ratio.
What really matters though is how the electronic ballots will function. Everyone will ask me "why so"? I believe after watching the documentary Stealing America that the voting can change dramatically under voting fraud with Diebolt's electonic touch screens which switched votes from Kerry to Bush in 2004 mostly in Ohio. It changed the 51-49 ratio of Kerry/Bush to 49-51 which has changed it overall by 6% as part of its computer programming. I wish that we have a fair election in the nation and there ought to not be any voting fraud.

Here come the in-the-Obama-tank media...holding up score cards.....9.6....8.9....9.7....YAY!!! OBAMA WON!!!!

Big Brother Obama speaking to you from Big Brothers office where he will make those "FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES".

VJ Machiavelli

I disagree - it "solidifies the base" (with hope rather than fear) and reassures those who might be tilting toward Obama but not sure that they have made the right choice. At this point that's all Barack needs - he's ahead - he just has to reassure and solidify those who are already tilting his way but not quite sure - not try to switch the truly undecided (are there really any of those?) and doesn't need to sway those who are latching onto the McCain/Palin fear tactics. (He'll get any of those who are persuadable in his re-election in 2012)

Gotta love a guy who can make a 30 minute case for his election without mentioning his opponent. Can anyone imaging McCain doing that? He can't even talk for 5 minutes about what his own "policies" - its all about "fear the other guy".

He kept both feet out of his mouth; he just needs to keep doing the same for a few more days....

Didn't watch it. Already voted. But the question still remains... Why the hard sell?

Ross Perot did a great job with his addressing the need to balance the budget. I wish Obama had done some on specific issues to educate voters because the media doesn't seem to inform these people, only pander to the horse race and he said, he said BS.

Great work,
The campaign focused on using people from the battleground states.

Hillary and Bill got much praise from Barack at the stadium in Florida later that night.

Off topic L.A. Times but when is someone going to ask McCain why he gave nearly a half million dollars to Rashidi.

don't think Obama takes anything for granted, but maybe it was a way to communicate the concern he feels for America and that he hears the fears of Americans. It wouldn't much matter how he did something, because a bully will always find a way to demean an action or intent-- it's the nature of bullies to do that.

but Obama's great-great-great grandaddy is a Civil War veteran, so how much more American can you get? McCain can disclaim that his campaign is not racist, but just think how dirty it would be if Obama were Chinese or Japanese or German. Why can't a Native American aspire to be an American political leader?

why must the choice be filthy rich, white, arrogant, big-business backed and oriented potty-mouthed brats?

America is Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, Protestant, Buddhist, atheist, German, Korean, Hungarian, Russian and everything in between-- and many ordinary, metro-riding Americans carry newspapers under their arms and know more on Foreign Policy tahn the governor of Alaska, and many of them have suffered through wars and fought overseas, but not made it a platform for political bullying. There's thousands of homeless vets on the streets and none of them married into rich families for cushy jobs as a lateral move into politics, yet many of them probably have greater insight into America's political muddling and problems of healthcare and survival in America.

5000 USD rebate for health insurance will not care for an American homeless vet

and it will not hlep the homeless on the street or their children

and it will bedrock a basic need and necessity to stabilize American economy and workplace. You must have a healthy working population that has healthcare, dental care and someplace called a home

not just the rich--but every single family in America

and if that's European socialism, then it works. Kids need families and families need homes and jobs, but above all they need medical care.

I think Fort Lewis released inforamtion to Seattle P-I or Times that nearly one-third of all recruits for overseas combat duty were released because they had faulty medical care and bad teeth. They were too high a risk to deploy.

And the vets coming home and landing on the streets--

Mr McCain does not answer for any of these things.

and Palin--

There's no excuse for her. Dolly Parton would be a better VP when it comes down to it. She's at least very successful business person.\

But consider the great American women and Palin has nothing to offer. Sandra Day O'Connor, Margaret Chisholm, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer-- and Feinstein is more than accredited. Fior these ladies, Palin is an insult to their intelligence, leadership and achievements.

Maybe being an elitist is exclusive, but getting somebody in the executive office who can brag that anybody with a C average and crappy grammar with incoherent English just doesn't bode well for America.

McCain-Palin campaign seems to be narcissistic with very little regard to America's future or the common American social welfare. Palin ethics no different than Cheney Haliburton contracts-- honesty? integrity?

The office had a desk and a flag.
Yeah, I guess we could say it looked just the Oval Office ... NOT!

I didn't watch Obama's infomercial. I already have drawers full of junk that haven't lived up to their promises.

i have never voted in my life... i would say that under a parties beliefs that i would be a republican. My problem? The candidates running republican do not believe in what they are supposed to stand for. Who with half a brain thinks that mccain wont raise taxes, for anyone? Thats an impossibility with whats going on in this country. I have learned in THIS campaign that you cant look at the party, but the man running. I wish i had registered, but since i hadnt, i will tell people to really look at each, and compare.. all of it. My 16 year old wants a better college opportunity, and a better life. We DO NEED THE CHANGE!!! people need to wake up and see this... for my kids and yours, for our retirement and our country, PLEASE VOTE OBAMMA

Ah the cruelest stroke of all. Obama doesn't even mention his opponent anymore.

Watching the negative ad that McCain put on TV not long after the Obama infomercial underscored what was wrong with McCain's campaign. A wrong message for a public thats hurting and wants solutions, not a grumpy old guy complaining about how bad his opponent is.

If you are a white guy, before you go pull the lever for Obama - remember the Democratic Party is the party of "Affirmative Action".

What that means in an employment situation is you're not getting the job.

Has the day come where you can buy the president of the united states? Get to the polls and vote in one party with total and complete control...that's what's best.

I didn't watch it. Every single time I have to look at him on TV, I just want to throw up. I can't stand him and what he stands for. I don't understand how people can trust him. He has tried to hide his questionable associations, and he hasn't been honest about them. The thought of him getting elected as president scares the crap out of me. The media has convinced the public that he's the right choice. Just goes to show how many people just can't think for themselves.

It was the most embarrassing display of narcissism that I have ever seen. I was just waiting for him to acknowledge that he also walks on water and can turn water into wine. He could be his own ondoing.

Jealous of Obama's consistent planned out strategy-. Obama had the guts to run his own financing campaign instead of using government money. This country is based on freedom and Obama exercised his. He was able to do this because enough people in this country exercised their freedom to donate their hard earned dollars to support who they believe is the best and most qualified man for the Presidency fo the United States.

Sounds like McCain is having sour grapes for breakfast this morning.

By the way, how much does McCain really know about average America, he was born into money (father and grandfather were admirals) and married a woman with a a current networth of over $400 million dollars!!! Her father lauched his campaign.

Obama's campaign goes back to the traditional belief that anyone no matter what their economic circumstances who works hard, gets a good education and has good ethical qualities can be the president of the United States. This is a man, who had a mother who made sure she provided for him even when she had to use food stamps to make sure he got adequate food. He knows what how hard life can be and look where he is now!!!

Expertly done! What else can we expect from this Hollywood, high dollar production? I will tell you; this makes me think I am watching an actor in a movie and we all know what kind of movies and TV shows Hollywood produces, FICTION.
This is my view of all Hollywood actors who are overpaid for "acting", They are always trying to push their views on people trying to escape reality by watching a movie. They always want to use their forum as a platform to push their ideologies down our TV and movie loving throats. I reject his message by Barack and think it shows his arrogance at best.
This is a message to all of you dope heads and degenerates (as seen on my network news everyday) about the way I feel. You and every other actor or actresses who think it is their God given responsibility to inform me. DON’T! I can think for myself………ARG>

Sarah Palin is it. She will bring to the White House a wave of change the entire world will relish. Frozen pizza will replace caviar, warm domestic beer will take the place of Chardonnay, and teenage sons and daughters of diplomats will romp around in the Lincoln bedroom (at their own risk, no abortion services provided or allowed.)

State dinners will close with Sarah dancing in trance and speaking in tongues. But nothing can replace the sight of Sarah gently squeezing her legs as she tries to remember who was the president of France (or was it a King?)

Fun times lie ahead.

It's interesting seeing these Republican posters who seem to honestly believe Obama will pull a "bait and switch", get elected, and suddently become a communist/arab/terrorist. From all I've ever seen of the guy, he seems to really care about average American families and wants to do something for them. "Beware the pied piper?" said one poster. You're a loon. Why is Colin Powell following him? Surely the man is a more informed, incisive thinker than you are. How can any grown adult could possibly take the McCain Palin ticket seriously. It's like a dog chasing a car... if they catch it, what exactly are they going to do with it?????

Larry King: "You don't really think Barack Obama is a socialist do you?"
John McCain: "No..."

Also remember this one? "I don't care about some washed up terrorist!"

Those are the main issues McCain is running on!!!! How can you take a guy seriously who doesn't believe his own campaign hype???

I watched the show last night, and the stories all reminded me of stories I'd heard many times from real people. Jobs are going away, replaced by "part-time" and "contract" employment with no benefits... this is what happens when big business is allowed to run free. Free trade with countries who don't observe human rights? Who wouldn't ship jobs overseas!!! Large companies are incredibly amoral by their very nature - they have to be to protect the operation.

I work for the kind of middle-class small business espoused by Obama in the ad last night... not only are those businesses an important economic engine, it feels good to work for that kind of company. You feel like you're doing something important. It's not like working at Wal-Mart for the same wage. A resurgence in these kinds of businesses under Obama would be good for the mental health of the country.

Why blame the media and the majority of Americans for being enamoured with someone who wants to turn the corner from a Republican government who destroyed the American standing in the world and brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy? This has been a horrifying Presidency and let the record show John McCain was pretty much okay with it. Trickle-down economics as espoused by McCain didn't work under Reagan OR W... why would it start working now? SURE McCain's upset Brack Obama wants to raise taxes: John and Cindy McCain's taxes!... Sarah Palin's taxes!... Not most people's.

Full disclosure: I'm a Conservative. I just think Obama is a better candidate and y'all are crazy who think otherwise!

Obama will win, and he has mountain expectations to live up to. He won't live up to them all, but chances are he will set the country back on the right track, one way or another. So remember, while you're bashing him in a few years for all those 'failed promises', remember what it could have been, and consider yourselves lucky.

I just don't understand why people dislike Obama so much. I have heard every excuse in the book about why people won't vote for him. Like, he's inexperienced, he's a socialist, they don't know enough about him, ect. I think the main reason is because alot of white people have a problem voting for a black president. If Obama was white we wouldn't have all of these issues and excuses. White people really need to get over themselves. Times have changed. It is really sad that people are thinking that blacks are beneath them. They think that blacks can't have a good job, or own their own home. When God looks at us he doesn't see color. In his eyes we are all the same. He loves us all the same. And that's how we should be. We are all brothers and sisters in christ. I watched him on TV last night and I must say, I was very proud of him. I think he is very calm, cool, and collected. I like the way he thinks before he speaks. But what really makes me proud is to see him with his family. Or hear him talk about his mother or grandmother. The love he has for them is astounding. Even his wife has a calmness about her. The way she supports her husband is just awesome. And I must say this informercial brought tears to my eyes. I could relate to every family shown on tv last night. These are things alot of American families are going through. From some of the comments read on here I am guessing most of the people on here can't relate. I did not feel like this was scripted or polished. I have read alot of reviews from different newspaper websites and I have yet to find a good review. They all are trashing it. What more do people want from Barack. He has told us what he is going to do as president, he has told us all about himself and his family. I just don't get it. Well, now that I think about it I do get it. It is because he is black. Get over it people and let's make a change. GO OBAMA!!! YES WE CAN!!!!

I thought it was great. I wasn't going to watch it because I already cast my vote so no matter what either candidate says, I can't change my vote. I am a republican and was very impressed. To see that he has raised that kind of money from or not, he has it. Now what is interesting is McCain said he is doing all of this with a broken promise...funny he didn't mention that broken promise until he was out financed, really he was out done. Never underestimate your opponent...he should know that being a military man. All the time he was waiting for the democrats to choose a nominee he should have better planned, strategized or something to beat either candidate. Everyone that was working the republican campaign should have watched the dems go at it, should have taken notice of how much money that man was aquiring. For the bonehead that says America is for sale, you are correct. That is why we are in the pathetic position we are in right now. We have sold ourselves to every nation with the money to make a purchase. example: the national debt. No lending institution would give an individual any money with same credit as our "great nation"!! I am upset with the republican party...we should have done better. Three years ago I told them to start reaching out the the minorities and they didn't. Now look at what we are about to witness, the dems taking over the government...THANKS

That informercial was an absolute clunker. I was waiting for Barack to whip out some cue cards like his boy Ross did.

As far as the content goes, Obama is taking a big hit today because he changed his tax plan yet again. Instead for giving tax breaks to everyone earning less than 250k a year, now people earning less than 200k a year will get a tax break. Opps! Maybe Barack and Axe should have worked out the details on that plan before they presented it to America.

This man has the potential to reignite democracy in America. He can really speak to people and get them to CARE. I haven't seem a politician do that in my lifetime.

Obama matters a lot, and the only criticism I have seen of him has been either plain dumb (he'll create a Socialist state) or very petty (he acts like he's already won).

If anyone can bring pride back to Americans and give them an honorable place in the world, it's him

Yes, talking to the country like we we're all in kindergarten plays well with the nanny-staters...just ask Al Gore.

Glad to know Obama will not raise taxes on those making under $250k, and will also CUT taxes for those of us making less than $200k/year.

Who was that old guy running against Obama again?

I watched Obamaʻs infomercial and McCainʻs Larry King Live interview one after the other. Obama has things under control and is positive. It is obvious that the man has compassion and really cares about the country. We been through 8 years of lying and hypocracy and have become accustomed to distrusting everyone and everything. Obama is from the heart. He is, by all accounts and from everything I have seen, a kind, intelligent and thoughtful man with some real solutions to the problems facing this country. The families that were portrayed, were real and reminded us of what this next president should be about and what has gone so horribly wrong these last 8 years. On the other hand, McCain spent most of his half hour negatively attacking Obama and trying to instill fear into the populace if Obama were to become president, socialism, Ayers, Rezco, and old, negative stuff already debunked back in the primary. his kind of crap gets us nowhere. There seems to be no vision or thoughtfulness in McCain, just palpable distain for his opponent. It was actually very sad.

Josh, First of all, I doubt you have ever been to a socialist country, or even know what a Marxist is. You are being sold propaganda from the top 2% of wealth in this country, who never cared about you, and never will.
Secondly, there is no such thing as a purely socialist or Marxist country in the world. It could be argued that indeed, at the present moment the United States of America is the most socialst country, given the Bush administration's buying into private firms. The only problem is, of course, that we're getting no controlling interest in any of these failed firms, as any sane 700 billion dollar investor would certainly insist upon. What we are doing now is just throwing money at the very same people who ripped you and I off, and all our children and their children, of a debt-free future. Even Obama will not do the right thing, because he is just as beholden to those powers. But McCain would sell us much farther down the river than Obama would; that's just the nature and the history of the Republican party, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to find that out.

Barack Obama, the Affirmative Action action President. The money didn't hurt either.

Obama can do one thing that no republican could ever do:
He can ease the minds of common people of foriegn nations.
By electing an African American; we tell the world that America is not a country of racist Xenophobes trying to turn everyone into us. We aren't a whites only club that wants to kill all arabs.
Obama represents more than his words says. He represents the ideals of America. The ideal that we are all equals and all have equal opportunity to attain greatness.

it mystifies me that, at a time when Congress gets lower approval ratings than the President and the actions majority party leaders are directly tied to the housing market meltdown, that America would even consider electing a Democratic President. Gee let's not only throw the keys to Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi, let's give em our credit card to boot!

I will be casting my vote for the older experienced man.

He is going lower the waters, heal the land, fill all our cupboards with our favorite junk food, pay our insurance for us, put our kids through school, get us a new house we can’t afford. LOL

not voting for this guy
no thank you

McCain Palin 2008

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