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Al Gore will make a symbolic return to Florida to campaign for Barack Obama

If John McCain loses Florida, his chances of winning the presidency are very slim. Any political junkie with an electoral college map will tell you the same.

So the Republican nominee has made an extra push there. On Wednesday, he criss-crossed the state, making a special plea to Latino voters. And today, the campaign released a television commercial featuring Florida Gov. Charlie Christ's endorsement. (You can watch it at the end of the post.)

But the Obama campaign has been rallying just as hard.

Obama is campaigning in the towns of Sunrise and Kissimmee today. Last week, he held events in Tampa, Miami and Orlando (where he was joined by Sen. Hillary Rodam Clinton). And last night, Obama was joined by former President Bill Clinton at a late-night rally in Orlando. It was the first time the two have campaigned together.

Today the campaign announced that another veteran of the Clinton White House will do some heavy lifting for Obama in Florida Friday.

Former Vice President Al Gore will campaign at rallies in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale to encourage people to vote early, according to Obama's Florida campaign director Steve Schale.

It will be a symbolic trip for Gore, whose own quest for the presidency in 2000 ended in Florida.

Schale alluded to the 2000 recount debacle in his news release to the media.

"Nobody knows better that every single vote counts –- especially in Florida –- than Vice President Al Gore, who will be encouraging Florida voters to Early Vote in record numbers so no amount of chads, butterflies or undervotes can stand between Floridians and the change we need.”

-- Kate Linthicum

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If John McCain looses Florida......


Are the proof readers on strike? C'mon guys, for credibility's sake, check your copy before sending it out. In print and in blogs. Maintain your rep as one of the Top 5 best newspapers in the US.

“A man can be admirable in many ways and quite promising and still not be quite ready for the most important and demanding job in the world.”

Wow, that really is rich. She could have been talking about herself (almost). And Sarah, we have known you for how long? And what's that you say, you have governed a state for 22 months and you are already under investigation for ethical lapses? And the population of your state is reliably Republican and smaller in size than San Francisco's? My, but what an upstanding, seasoned executive you are! How could it be that 59 percent of Americans now doubt your qualifications for Vice President of the United States?


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