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They're also running: Ralph Nader, Bob Barr are raising money and getting on ballots

Four years ago, Ralph Nader got a boost from an unlikely quarter, Republican contributors. Hoping to peel votes away from John Kerry, Republican donors from around the country gave tens of thousands into a Green Party committee that pushed to place Nader's name on the ballot in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Who knows if there will be a similar ploy this year. But Nader already is on the ballots in 45 states, plus the District of Columbia, according to Nader's campaign and Richard Winger, who tracks ballot access issues.

The Nader for President campaign called the development a "historic first for the lifelong consumer advocate."

Nader was on 34 state ballots 2004, and 44 state ballots plus the District of Columbia in 2000. Many Democrats believe he received votes that otherwise would have gone to Al Gore, thus helping George Bush to victory.

Money is always an issue with third-party candidates.

Nader has raised $1.9 million since he entered the race earlier this year, including $365,973 in August, leaving him with $390,118 in the bank at the end of the month, campaign finance reports filed this week with the Federal Election Commission show.

In any other person’s world, $1.9 million would be a lot of money. But it would be an off-day for Democrat Barack Obama. He raised money at a clip of $2.1 million per day last month, for a total of $66 million. John McCain’s $47 million August haul pencils out to $1.5 million a day.

Then there is a Libertarian Bob Barr, who disclosed in his filing that he has received $632,862 since entering the race, and had $62,969 in the bank at end of August. According to Winger, the Libertarian Party will be on 44 state ballots.

There is hope for candidates not named Obama and McCain. Trevor Lyman, one of Rep. Ron Paul’s big fans and fund-raisers, has sent a mass e-mail fund-raising appeal. Lyman’s latest suggestion: the winner takes all.

In Lyman's proposal, backers of all third-party candidates would send in money to an account he would establish. Whichever candidate receives the most in this on-line competition would receive the benefit of the entire bundle.

Paul, the Texas libertarian-Republican, has refused to endorse McCain and is urging people to back one of the other candidates. Paul raised almost $35 million in his presidential campaign, thanks in part to Lyman’s efforts.

-- Dan Morain

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You forgot to mention Al Gore has come out and said Nader DID NOT cost him the election.

And that in 2004 Democrats filed 24 lawsuits that got Nader's name removed off the ballot in many states and bled most of his resources.

A host of Democrats now stand indicted for illegally sabotging Nader's campaign.

And one other thing: McCain and Obama missed the deadline in Texas to be n the ballot. Only Barr has legally qualified. But will the Dems and Reps be a write-in candidate, like Ralph Nader? Or will they continue to skirt the rules and be above the law...?

What a smug and biased post, Mr. Morain.

I'm so over the two-party system. Millions of us are.

Every four years we get to choose between more damage, more war, more corruption, more war, more war, and less representation. They offer us nothing.

I support Nader 2008.

What too many democrats fail to realize is that 250,000 registered democrats in Florida didn't vote for Kerry in 2004.

Neither McCain or Obama will govern on behalf of the American people. They're the corporate candidates.

You want change? Here it is:

No surprise you are raising the old 2004 campaign lie about Republican
support for Nadrer now that the single vocal opponent of
corporate bailouts has a foothold in 45 states. These same Republicans gave much more to Kerry than Nader which
the Center for Responsiive Politics documented . Go back and look.
A vote for Nader is a vote against corporate welfare.
Look at financial industry support for both Obama and

You falsely report that "Republican donors from around the country gave tens of thousands into a Green Party committee that pushed to place Nader's name on the ballot in the swing state of Pennsylvania."

This is not true.

Nader did not even run as a Green in 2004. You are probably confusing Nader with the Pennsylvania Green Party senatorial candidate in 2006, who was accused of taking Republican money. Still, this kind of sloppiness - wrong candidate, wrong election cycle - is unacceptable.

wouldn't it be great if the Democrats and Republicans are forced to play by their own rules in Texas? They missed the deadline to be on the Texas ballot. Neither party had nominated their candidate prior to the deadline (70 days before the election). That leaves Barr and only Barr on the ballot. As a result, neither Obama or McCain would likely get the required amount of electoral votes.....the vote would go to congress. I hope Barr succeeds. This two party system is really a one party system. McCain = Obama

Follow the money

Hurry up and wait
Troops idle in the kill zone
Our USN as ducks in a bathtub


Ron Paul
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich

How convenient!
How did you not report that NObamas camp was pushing Republicans to come out to vote in the DEM primary to alter the vote.
What about the article of NObama asking the Iraqis to stall the withdrawl till he was elected?
Yes, that would put a damper on your prized pig, the nobama
We will be voting the only real CHANGE
Nader/Gonzalez 2008

Millions of Americans have realized that the leaders of this country are corrupted by 'money, money, money.'

I am one of them.
That's why I'm voting for a man with a backbone. Naderis a leader whose ideas come from his core belief in the Constitution, not corporate financiers.

Ralph Nader 2008.

Are you prepared to consume a fake "Debate" once again?
- paid for by your "Friends" on Wall Street

Nader & Paul

As you are certainly aware, the Republicans and the Democrats have created an organization called the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) for the purpose of excluding third party and independent candidates from the political process. Every four years, the two major parties negotiate a complex contract which excludes other presidential candidates from the national debates.

This year, the two negotiators for the secret contract were Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-IL). In order to protect the the Obama and McCain campaigns from public criticism, the Commission on Presidential Debates has refused to release this back-room contract for public inspection.

In order for all minority party voices to be heard in this important presidential election, it is critical that this contract is made available to the general public before the debates.

Call the Commission on Presidential Debates at 202-872-1020.
Please ask the CPD representative (or leave message) to "please make the debate contract between John McCain and Barack Obama available to the public."
Then ask the representative to please "include Bob Barr & Ralph Nader (and other 3rd party candidates you believe should be included) in the presidential debates."

Note, in 1992, Ross Perot was polling at 7% before the first presidential debate . Mr. Perot was included in all three debates not because of a ruling by the debate sponsor or host; Ross Perot was included in the presidential debates because George H.W. Bush demanded that he be included.

Today, if Bob Barr or any minority party candidate is going to be included in the debates, it will be because John McCain or Barack Obama demanded it. Of the two, Obama should most likely be the one to listen to minority groups hoping for representation.

Pick up the phone and call the Obama campaign at 866-675-2008.
Hit 6 to speak with a campaign volunteer.
Once connected, politely deliver the following message:

"Hi my name is __________ and I'm calling to request that Senator Obama invite minority party candidates Bob Barr and Ralph Nader (and any other 3rd parties you believe should be represented) participate in the upcoming presidential debates. Could you please leave this message with your campaign manager, David Plouffe?

Please make the debates better by petitioning for 3rd party inclusion.


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