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Sarah Palin will be missing from action Sunday a.m.

As is The Ticket's custom, a post listing the entire roster of appearances on this Sunday's interview programs will pop up Saturday at noon PDT (3 p.m. EDT).

But here's an advance heads up, in part because of who WON'T be found on any of the chat shows.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigning with the top of the Republican ticket, John McCain Three of the four now-official candidates on the major-party presidential tickets are scheduled to sit down for questions: Democrat Barack Obama on ABC's "This Week," his running mate, Joe Biden, on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Republican John McCain on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Absent from this list, of course, is the GOP's star of the moment, the not-so-long-ago obscure governor of Alaska who is McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin.

Since she was thrust onto the national stage a week ago, her appearances on it have been tightly regulated by the McCain campaign: a few side-by-side campaign stops with him and, of course, her big speech to the GOP's convention Wednesday night.

Today, top McCain aide Rick Davis indicated the campaign isn't in any hurry to slot Palin for a Sunday show appearance -- and will do so only if he and other strategists determine it serves the ticket's purposes, not because some may view it as a required initiation for a major political player.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, Davis said, "I'd never commit to anything in the future. ... Our strategy is in our hands, not the media's. We're going to do what's in our best interests to try to win the election. If we think going on TV news shows are [sic] in our best interests, we'll do it. If we don't, we won't."

Palin still will be busy this weekend. She'll campaign Saturday with McCain in two key states -- Colorado and New Mexico -- and she'll deliver his campaign's weekly radio address. That's one of those trappings of the presidency McCain has borrowed (notwithstanding the barbs his forces like to sling at Obama along these lines).

-- Don Frederick

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What do you bet the Republican spin machine will tell us that Sarah can't be on the Sunday morning talk shows because she didn't want to miss going to church!

Re: TO Greg in Iowa. You should know a person's view before, not after you accept a position with them.

Remember VP Dan Quaye, ready dump n stupid, she even worst that that, SO SAD!

Maybe the reason Sarah Palin won't be on the Sunday morning talk shows is because the pit bull is too busy her lipstick on!

Why are the Obama campaign not hitting her on this?

She will rather sort to appear on entertainment shows such as Oprah as if she's running to be the next Mrs America than appear on serous news show to defend her claims.

If she doesn't have the guts to face news bureaus how in the world can she run this country? She and McCain even declined to appear jointly on 60 Minutes and just turn down C-Span!

And this is a person who maybe heartbeat away from the Presidency?

If you Don't go on Meet The Press, You Don't get elected. I think the longer she avoids answering tough questions, the better for Obama to Win. So, Rick Davis , keep hiding her.... Please.

It seems America want to vote in TWO DUNCE this time instead of ONE.

Her grades were so poor at the colleges she could not get her degree, she had to go to 6 colleges in 6 years.

Anyone check out if she purhased her degree.

They will say the reason she is not there is her family or that she is ill. The baby will be sick or the daughter will have some sort of crisis. What other excuse could they possibly have for her NOT being there? They have to go with the "sympathy excuse" because it's the last resort. What a mess this country would be in if this crazy ticket should (God forbid it) win. "Country First " slogan is just a bunch of empty words.

Ms. Palin is not ready... she has to cram information to at least sound knowlegable. The most pompous thing though is they don't realize that, the American people have 100% right to know who the hell this woman is...

not the illusion not the facade... bring her on... it is our RIGHT to question her and see who in God's name this woman is.

Stop playing these stupid games with the public

Ms. Palin is not ready... she has to cram information to at least sound knowlegable. The most pompous thing though is they don't realize that, the American people have 100% right to know who the hell this woman is...

not the illusion not the facade... bring her on... it is our RIGHT to question her and see who in God's name this woman is.

Stop playing these stupid games with the public

She is not ready for unscripted appearances. Perhaps she will be in a few weeks if and when she learns the right things to say from McCain, Lieberman, Fiorina, Graham and Giuliani. They say she is a fast learner. She will have to be, won't she?

We know that the pit bull with lipstick, the eight-day-wonderwoman celebrity, would blow away every show. She is being kind to lame McCain and enemies Biden and Obama.
Besides, she is busy heading back to Alaska with a brace of McCain lawyers to try to stop the multiple despositions for all the abuses of power charges filed against her. The latest is from the Policemen's Union--sexist rats.
And a judge wouldn't let Scott Rickter suppress his divorce record. National Enquirer is on the case along with reporters from all over the world.
According to McCain handlers, the lawyers and Secret Service won't allow her to answer questions on anything.
But she is allowed to keep ATTACKING and lying.

She has too many questions to Answer by the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR in Alaska for the Firing of her POLICE COMMISSIONER with the Vengeance thing about the ex brother in law going on.

Even though she is a Gov. She is the focus of a n Investigation. I realize that is why she isn't talking to the press at this time. Her lawyer probably told her no contacts with the Press. Not until you have passed this inquiry of your "ethics". Now I do have one question.. why was your husband calling the police commissioner? Your Husband isn't elected, tell him to STFU.


Sarah, Sarah.... come out...come out.... wherever yuou are !!!

I want to know more about the reported "sambo beat the bitch" comment that's been attributed to Palin. She can run but she can't hide. She's has MUCH to answer for.

Why would Palin not do standard interviews after she wraps up her pre-election political and personal business in Alaska? If she has such extraordinary executive experience within Alaska as the Republicans claim and is indeed ready to step into the shoes of being President if necessary, what are they all so afraid of? If she's not on the interview shows within one week, the Democrats would be wise to hammer away at the GOP all the way until the election on that issue.

Palin's in the shadows being trained to talk. When she does come out of hiding, the Republicans hope she'll feel empowered. This is the their strategy, I'm sure. Don't be too confident that she'll melt down. ... But, that is certainly my hope.

Oh God. I have great fears for this country. I'm from the south and I know that my neighbors don't research. They are "emotional" voters - God and Country without realizing that that is just a slogan. Republicans know this and that's why education reforms don't exist on their platform. Keeping the voters simple-minded keeps Conservatives in power. The last 8 years is proof enough.

again the smell of Fascism from the Nush-Chaney-McCain-Palen junta....

McCain should control how they want to run their campaign, not the media.

Go McCain-Palin '08

She's merely a puppet on a string.

Wow. some of the Palin supporters are delusional. Of course Palin needs to be vetted by the press. She is supposed to be ready on day one. Is she? Obviously not.
McCain is 72 years old. If he is elected, there is a high likelihood that he will not make it all 4 years. Do you REALLY think Caribou Barbie is ready to be leader of the free world? How can she be ready, if she can't Meet The Press?

Wow. some of the Palin supporters are delusional. Of course Palin needs to be vetted by the press. She is supposed to be ready on day one. Is she? Obviously not.
McCain is 72 years old. If he is elected, there is a high likelihood that he will not make it all 4 years. Do you REALLY think Caribou Barbie is ready to be leader of the free world? How can she be ready, if she can't Meet The Press?

Classic move by the Palin camp. Palin can go on tv as soon as Hussein starts showing up for townhall debates. I'm sure the left-wing, in-the-tank-for-Obama, cult of personality MSM would love a chance to eviscerate Palin. But she told them to piss off, so now they can just go back to playing with themselves.

The very act of keeping her on such a tight leash belies their claim she is ready to lead. who do they think they're fooling? Unfortunately many Republicans are very dumb, and probably won't even notice.

The Republicans are running plays from a tattered and torn playbook. This playbook exploits the gullibility of voters and the MSM. We have stopped demanding the truth or challenging obvious distortions of the truth. Lies rule; what a sad day for America.

we've already tried to make lemonade out of lemons with Bush and the can't shoot straight gang, What was it Bush tried to say "fool me once"?

It is not about her,
It is not even about Prisoner of War

It is about the "Prisoner of Dubya"

America is to wonderful a country to subject it to four more years.

This women is hiding because she does not have a clue about anything happening in the us or the world. All she has been concerned about is alaska,and mccain can stand there with a straight face,just shows he is bush all over again.

But what if McCain were elected and became unable to serve? It's important to know who would replace him. Or are there puppet masters behind the scene? Serving the campaign is not as important as serving the country.

If the American people fall for this smoke & mirrors show and once again vote against their own interests, they deserve another republican administration.
Anyone who voted for Bush has absolutely NO right to complain about losing his/her job or house, because the drowning economy is a direct result of GOP deregulation and corporate greed run amok.

Send a message to the GOP this November.. Let them know their empty promises and lame tactics don't & won't work anymore.. Vote for Obama / Biden Nov 4th..

Sarah Palin is acting like part of the Bush administration before she's even in office. Restricting access, refusing media info, persuading investigators of the scandals in her administration. Wake up, America. I know Bush/Cheney have lowered the bar for accountability, but this behavior is no better than theirs. You'd have to be crazy to vote for this ticket.

The repubs cannot expect that anyone, but themselves will take their ticket seriously without further scrutiny.
Governor Palin scares me with her attitude, sacarism and arrogance; sort of like Dubya in a dress.
I'm not impressed. I bet there aren't 18+ million votes in Alaska and that would include every citizen of any age, all the dogs, all the wolves, all the polar bears, all the seals and walrus and lets not forget the mouse and a few of the whales.
Governor Palin talked a lot about executive experience; right, like that matters. Ronald Reagen had 8 years as governor of California; what did his 8 year of executive experience get us? Bankruptcy level debt, war and a number of his people convicted of criminal activity. Dubya was governor of Texas for 3+ years and what has it gotten us? War based on lies, bankruptcy levels of debt, squandering of a hugh surplus, inflation and recession together, increased executions, assaut on the Bill of Rights and Constitution and misery. Oh, let's not forget Richard Nixon, he was a governor of California for 4 years and he had to resign due to criminal activity.
So much for executive experience!!!
Senators Obama and Biden are looking better and better everyday to this former Hillary Clinton supporter!

Okay, guys, a joke's a joke.
Now who are you putting up
for vice president?

not a surprise at all. this woman is a lightweight hick from the sticks, and mccain picked-up her and her baggage in order to distract us from the real issues facing our country. the fact that she's not appearing on the talk shows is not because she can't answer questions on foreign policy or national security (we all know she doesn't know anything about those subjects), but the mccain camp doesn't want anyone to have a real opportunity to question her about her extremist and hypocritical views: (1) for the bridge to nowhere, then against it, but still didn't return the money; (2) against earmarks but hired lobbyists from abramhoff's firm to get $27 million in pork barrel projects for a town of fewer than 10k people; (3) turned a surplus budget for a town of fewer than 10k into a $22 million debt; (4) used her line-item veto powers to cut funding for programs that provide aid to unwed mothers, but supports abstinence education, and has a pregnant 17 year-old; (5) is on video suggesting that the war in iraq is ordained by God himself; (6) has a husband who twice registered as a member of a separtist group, whom she has addressed at least twice in her capacity as a public official; (7) lobbied former governor frank murkowski for a position on the gas and oil commision, and despite having no background or qualifications was given the chairmanship of the committe; (8) later siezed an opportunity to "take on the republican machine" in ak politics by knifing the chair of the state party in the back, and then knifed murkowski in the back by challenging him for his position, and winning only because murkowski had the second lowest approval rating in ak state history; (9) claims to have cleaned-up government waste by auctioning off the state's private jet, but the stunt attracted no bids, and her staff had to broker a private sale that cost the state $2 million; (10) claims to be an environmentalist but has sued to stop the feds from adding the beluga whale and the polar bear to the endangered species list because that would interfere with drilling for oil reserves that would not meet a tenth of u.s. oil consumption needs; (11) wants to teach intelligent design in the public schools and tried to have the town librarian sacked for not removing books she viewed to be controversial from the shelves of the town library; and (12) caught on tape giggling like a school girl while two shock jocks disparage fellow republican, cancer survivor, and state senate leader lyda green by calling her a "bitch" and a "cancer" and by suggesting that she doesn't love her kids, and that she's fat. palin is also on video calling hrc a "whiner" for complaining about sexism in the primary coverage and suggests that clinton "toughen up," but has no problem having surrogates suggest that she herself is a vicitm of sexism.

no, face it, they don't want the american public to know the truth about palin. they want people to continue to think that she's just a "hockey mom" turned politician, instead of a ruthless, conniving, right-wing, bible-thumping nut job who's the chief executive of america's 48th most populous state.

Obviously, if the McCain campaign thought she could handle it, Palin would be on ALL the Sunday morning shows.

The corporate media is so loathe to offend conservatives, what is the McCain camp afraid of? Merely have Charles Gibson, Tom Brokaw or Brian Williams ask the questions and they will make her look fabulous! Does anyone seriously think ABC, CBS, or NBC would ask any in-depth policy questions? Who cares about lthe people's right to know these days?

Does anyone have the lyrics to the tune, "I'm Your Puppet?" I guess they don't trust what Palin might say. She is a loose cannon. The day after the Rep. Convention all that she could parrot at their first stop on the campaign trail together were bits and pieces of her speech from this past Wed. And she had to read them off her cheat sheet. She's to be locked away and brainwashed for two weeks before they release her before any media questions. What level of competency does that suggest?

I can tell she has the democratic base running SCARED. Just look at the number of post on this blog. I believe who needs to run and hide are the Democrats that thought they were going to run away with this election.

This is just proof to me, a woman, that they are pandering with Palin. They won't let her speak. How do I as a woman feel about this? Humiliated for her.
If the first woman to reach the VP spot in the US is muted in such a way, we will be turning back the clock on women's rights.
Shameful. Shameful. And transparent.

This is almost unbelievable--it is our RIGHT as voters to vet someone nominated to campaign for the VP position. A woman who could well be a heart-beat away from the presidency, yet the Republican ticket won't let her do anything other than parrot the usual attack points, because McSame is too weasely and weak to do so himself.

Wow. Words fail me. This is the U.S. in 2008, and we don't apparently have a right to vet our VP. Welcome to GOP democracy, people.

Wake Up America!!!

Don't you see how you're being duped by the Republican Convention?????

What a JOKE!
How Sad!!!!

We've already had 8 years of a president and VP refusing to answer questions they're not comfortable with, and only acquiescing to interviews with Faux News (shill) or Jeff Guckert (plant). In the UK, the prime minister is forced to answer tough questions from the media nearly every day. Why do we let our politicians hide like cowards and manipulate the media?

This is the ultimate affirmative action move by McCain.

I can't believe anyone can seriously say that it is not a problem the Sarah Palin doesn't know the names of players on the international scene. To say that her VP duties may be minimal MIGHT be accurate, but keep in mind that the chances of her becoming President are higher than any other VP candidate in modern times. McSame is a 72 year old cancer survivor whose body was put through hell for five years in Vietnam.

Palin could easily be face-to-face with Medvedev discussing Russian expanionism as our President. Anyone who votes for McCain needs to be able to feel secure about that possibility. And how can you feel secure about that possibility when she won't ever go off a script?

The Republicans claim that the media has treated Palin and her family harshly and unfairly, but when asked to provide a single example, they can't. It is our media's responsibility to question the politicians. It is a fundamental part of our democracy. If the Republicans were able to win by their philosophies and policies, there wouldn't be an issue. But all they have are the personalities and desperate distortions of reality.

My prayer (and yes, Democrats get to talk to God too) is that voters will take an objective look at the policies and research the claims of both parties before they vote. If they take a good look at Palin for example they will find that as a mayor she had to hire a city manager, left her city about $20 million in debt, took and asked for earmarks, built a hockey arena instead of a sewer treatment plant for Wasilla, only did ethics reform AFTER the FBI came on the scene, and is the kind of slash and burn politician that McCain has always raged against.

Was it Mark twain who said, "It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt."?

If the GOP is so afraid of the media framing her as something she is not and they feel that they can deliver the message better, perhaps the media should just stop showing up at GOP events. Let them spend their own (McCain’s wife’s) money on airtime to get their message out.

I am already tired of hearing the media is being sexist. It is the GOP playing the gender card and no one else. You will not see her alone on TV before they 1. Get her a hairstyle that is not from a decade or two ago, 2. Glasses that don’t make her look like Peggy Hill, 3. Coach her with long winded answers that will make you forget what the question was in the first place.

Washington is broken because of the amazing number of people who have been there 20+ years, like John McCain. Earmarks are bad? That’s not what Palin’s lobbyists told her when she a mayor. I’m waiting for her to pull the rubber mask from her face and reveal to the world she is really Dick Cheney in drag.

Come on, pit bull, put on your lipstick, get in front of a camera and answer some questions.

She is running for Vice President, first in line of succession to the President, and the presiding officer of the Senate, casting a tie breaking vote if necessary.

The Vice President of the United States is a Constitutional office, second highest in the Executive Branch. This is not someone who serves at the pleasure of the President. Of course her opinions and knowledge are important.

McCain's age and our nation's history demonstrate the very real possibility this person will become President. From William Henry Harrison to John F. Kennedy (with the possible exception of FDR,) no one ever presumed the Vice President would become President. Yet it has happened. Whoever is elected as Vice President better damn well be prepared to step up on a moment's notice.

If a candidate can't deal with Meet the Press or Face the Nation, how on earth could he or she deal with foreign leaders? She's supposed to be this formidable political star, so what is she afraid of? If she hasn't shown up in a week, all network personnel should start wearing buttons saying "Where's Sarah?" (Some Alaskan legislators did that when she wouldn't show up to defend her own pipeline proposal.) And then they could show her state press conferences (called by her on issues she was pushing) , unless the McCain campaign manages to destroy them first.

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