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Sarah Palin will be missing from action Sunday a.m.

As is The Ticket's custom, a post listing the entire roster of appearances on this Sunday's interview programs will pop up Saturday at noon PDT (3 p.m. EDT).

But here's an advance heads up, in part because of who WON'T be found on any of the chat shows.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigning with the top of the Republican ticket, John McCain Three of the four now-official candidates on the major-party presidential tickets are scheduled to sit down for questions: Democrat Barack Obama on ABC's "This Week," his running mate, Joe Biden, on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Republican John McCain on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Absent from this list, of course, is the GOP's star of the moment, the not-so-long-ago obscure governor of Alaska who is McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin.

Since she was thrust onto the national stage a week ago, her appearances on it have been tightly regulated by the McCain campaign: a few side-by-side campaign stops with him and, of course, her big speech to the GOP's convention Wednesday night.

Today, top McCain aide Rick Davis indicated the campaign isn't in any hurry to slot Palin for a Sunday show appearance -- and will do so only if he and other strategists determine it serves the ticket's purposes, not because some may view it as a required initiation for a major political player.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, Davis said, "I'd never commit to anything in the future. ... Our strategy is in our hands, not the media's. We're going to do what's in our best interests to try to win the election. If we think going on TV news shows are [sic] in our best interests, we'll do it. If we don't, we won't."

Palin still will be busy this weekend. She'll campaign Saturday with McCain in two key states -- Colorado and New Mexico -- and she'll deliver his campaign's weekly radio address. That's one of those trappings of the presidency McCain has borrowed (notwithstanding the barbs his forces like to sling at Obama along these lines).

-- Don Frederick

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Please, please, please!!!!! She is ready to be PRESIDENT of the Unites states of America TODAY and she is not ready to be part on the sit down TV program where only one person will be asking her questions? What a contradiction....This is INSANE. Please help!!!!

When this Pentacostal Vixen rises again into the public eye, it will be spun that she was just being a mother to her five children, rightfully out of the spotlight. It wasn't out of fear, but silent noble duty as a mother, Fox News will report.

You see, privately, Republicans are ashamed of the actions of their standard bearers of late. They are so eager for good news they will believe that Sarah Palin can do no wrong.

She's so lousy that they're afraid to put her in front of the public. They're probably trying to see if they can prep her well enough so that she sounds like she knows what she's talking about before they commit to anything. This is such a sham.

If the press were doing their job, they'd be all over this story, and relentlessly ask what the McCain camp is afraid of. It's like McCain is trying to sneak a criminal into the White House or something.

The republicsham party is now the party of ( working people, union's, feminist,sex education,teen pregnancy,anti big business/air mark's). Thats what i took from that convenction.

Cathy you make a good point.... "If this woman, Sarah Palin, cannot handle a few questions from the press how can she handle the Vice Presidency or possibly the Presidency if 72 year old McCain becomes incapacitated? ".....This should be the democratic narrative until she actually is forced into talking to real journalists.

The bottom line is that Palin is not qualified for the office of VP .. espescially when McCain is the oldest first term president in history, and has battled cancer 4 times. If McCain gets elected I will pray everyday for his health because we dont need a newbie dittohead in the whitehouse, she could be more disastrous than GWB.

sally, i totally agree with you. this is a game they are playing-just like how she went mia before her big convention speech. it's definitely a way of lowering expectations so she looks great in comparison. please, democrats, stop taking the bait. focus on mccain and his platform and stop getting distracted by the red herring that is sarah...

Maybe should start a ticker like Fox News did for Obama. Start the counting NOW.

It's very obvious that Sarah Palin took the position not because of COUNTRY FIRST but the prestige and power that comes with it. She blatantly accused Sen. Obama of almost being "no brainer" politician and did not have the common sense to study or research further what this man is all about. She indeed succeeded in parroting the same lame tactics of the republicans but now that the conventions are over she opted to put herself in a bubble and hoping the people of this great nation will somehow buy this staged strategy. I for one don’t have to worry about financial strain caused by the economy but I can’t as a citizen of this country to go on with my daily life and ignore the economic collapse of many families in my neighborhood and other parts of the country. My question is, does McCain/Palin seriously think that people are naïve and stupid after years of unresolved economic , school system, healthcare, veterans affairs and unpopular war will suddenly change our mind and change party because of Palin unprecedented popularity? I don’t think so.

Rick Davis made it obvious they are out to win they could care less about what the American people want, sound familiar (Bush).

Peg Bundy usually spent Saturdays trying to trick AL into having sex. I am sure nothing has changed since she moved to Alaska.

If you want to play with the big boys, You got to get in the ring....Get in the ring, Sarah!

Rick Davis made it obvious they want to win they could care less what the American people want sound familiar (Bush)

If the GOP is so chicken to have her interviewed because it might embarrass her and the GOP for her lack of knowledge this proves how dangerous electing John McCain is. In fact a vote for John McCain is a vote for evil, hate, fear, and the rich.

Palin was only chosen to be a "distraction" and to provide them an "excuse" for why on earth they would vote republican. The shame is that the distraction is working -people are focusing less on their lies and rhetoric., but more on the "stunts" from Palin.

In reality, no other kids have ever been off limits until now and no ones personal life and experience has ever been "not for discussion" until now. but that is what the republican's do best, throw stones from behind their backs and cry "what?" when they're called on it. and our problem is that we don't call them on it w/as much force as they used to throw the stone.

I am most amazed by how their nominee could throw their party under the bus and say that he only became serious about his military role while in captivity -not before (considering his family's level of involvement) and they support him. It's just a shame and an example of their ignorance and desperation.

Barely getting through college, lying about putting planes on eBay, Jerry Springer-type home life, combative and crass, never generating her own thoughts, demeaning community activism, Troopergate, allegations of sexual impropriety with co-worker of her husband, and on and on and on ... if this woman gets anywhere near the White House, the country will definitely become third world, replete with trashy values.

Palin was only chosen to be a "distraction" and to provide them an "excuse" for why on earth they would vote republican. The shame is that the distraction is working -people are focusing less on their lies and rhetoric., but more on the "stunts" from Palin.

In reality, no other kids have ever been off limits until now and no ones personal life and experience has ever been "not for discussion" until now. but that is what the republican's do best, throw stones from behind their backs and cry "what?" when they're called on it. and our problem is that we don't call them on it w/as much force as they used to throw the stone.

I am most amazed by how their nominee could throw their party under the bus and say that he only became serious about his military role while in captivity -not before (considering his family's level of involvement) and they support him. It's just a shame and an example of their ignorance and desperation.

Need there be any more proof that this candidate is


Should be every major newspaper's Monday morning headline.....


I find it amazing that all of the comments posted here can be placed in one of 2 categories

category 1:
Intelligent thoughtful answers from people who see through this vice presidential choice and recognize the right of the people to see who Mrs. Palin really is before all the coaching necessary due to of her LACK of EXPERIENCE. Posts that look at the actual issues and break them down critically.

-The above category consists of true Americans who care about their country, who are not racist or at least can look passed there own prejudice, are non-sexist and obviously actually know how to read and write and thus can spell (come on you could use spell check). And FYI these are Democrats, Independents and Republicans who are savvy enough to realize the presidency is about more than one issue (I also am against abortion but I am not so self-righteous that I am ready to cast the first stone and tell an incest victim that she MUST carry a child to term for 8 months because it makes me feel better, while hypocritically supporting capital punishment when that was neither Christ’s teaching nor are all the condemned guilty given the dozen’s of men who have been taken off of death row with the emergence of DNA testing recently) and fortunately one of the two teams running actually cares about the mountain of obstacles facing this country (the economy, environment, energy, education, healthcare, poverty, fat tax cuts for the wealthy while middle class white, black, latinos, etc. can not afford adequate health insurance and are losing their homes) after 8 years of mismanagement by Bush.

Category 2: (of the Palin supporters there was one exception to the below statement)
Answers that are ignorant, baseless, rude, name-calling, unsubstantiated tirades that just completely ignore all of the issues, and play to emotions and give accolades that just are not true.

Are you telling me that I should just give up on a better country because mccain is a good man when he was not even the topic of the article or majority of the posts? Ok, so if we are going off subject you are telling me that a man who has been happily married to one woman and has children only with her, is a Christian who found his faith as an adult and has lived a truly Christian life working for the people as a community leader, then state and US senator who continues to state a real plan to better this country is not a GOOD MAN.

However, another man who after returning from 5 years as a POW: abandoned his recently crippled wife and children after running around with a rich blond bombshell and marring her and all her money which helped him make waves in the political scene is the real good man because he watched a Vietnamese soldier etch a cross in the ground, a guy who chooses a less qualified running mate just because she is a woman and anti-abortion who herself is in the middle of a scandal of using her power to oust her ex-brother- in-law from his job. Not to mention she pulled social programs identical to ones in her own town from other parts of Alaska while leaving those in her own area. And lets not forget that she is so busy rising without qualifications that mothering takes a back seat her teenager is pregnant OUT OF WEDLOCK and (obviously her abstinence policy DOESN"T WORK, even in her OWN HOUSEHOLD.

These are really quality people I am definitely going to run out and vote for them now. When you look at the issues and even when you play on emotions the Obama ticket is the way to go. I really wish people would dig further, the very individuals who will so emphatically support mccain and palin are the same ones who will suffer the most, unless they are the lucky 5% of the countries most wealthy, all the rest will get screwed. So I take this all back to you who are posting if you make 5 million dollars or more because yes you would somewhat benefit from a mccain administration even though your gas will cost more, your child may die in a needless never-ending war, and you can’t find any educated workers because the schools are so bad.

I think McCain under estimate the intellect of the American people. He just shows up with Bush's failed policies and expects us to elect him. That is not going to happen.

Here's the sad truth -- and it really makes me feel hopeless for this country. Much of the heartland (read: anything between the two coasts and/or those whose main concern is pro-life) is eating her up. Did you see the poll this morning -- something like 42% believe she's qualified to be PRES. Remember how confident we all were that "they" would see through W? Eight years later, look where we sit. Somehow the Dems are going to blow it. What looked like the stupidest decision McCain ever made, is starting to look brilliant. P.S. Biden won't be able to tear her up -- he'll look either mean or rambling.

This is Insane. First they don't want America to ask quesions or pry into her personal life. Now they don't want her interviewed. Once she accepted he nomination her life was no longer private. McCain doesn't even know her and he wants us to vote for her. GMAB!

Put her on Oprah and put her there now !

I would love to see SArah Palin subjected to the kind of tough interview given by Bill O'Reilly of Barak Obama.

Good for Sarah. Why would anyone with a modicum of pride or dignity appear on these silly geek shows?

They think we're that stupid, and that just galls me!!!


A 72 year old man, with 4 bout with serious skin cancer, and you want us to believe and just take for granted that, McCain, should be trusted to have made a great choice? Someone on the McCain strategy team, I don't know if is Rick, must being saying to themselves,..."they (us) are just as apathetic as they were in 2000 and 2004 - they aren't even paying attention!" "All we have to do, it what Bush/Chenney and Co. have been doing for the last 8 years.

In the words of Chenney, "So.....???"

In a nutshell, Palin is Ann Coulter in disguise. The GOP convention showed us how utterly shameless the entire GOP is. Now, she wants special treatment because she is a woman, apparently. Why else wouldn't she agree to appear in public without handlers? Also, reading about her, I conclude that she is the ultimate "mean girl". God protect us from the GOP and the top of their ticket.

Hey: Don't give her such a rough time. I voted for a professional wressler for gov. and he won. Why not a woman with nice boobs. Hillary's weren't bad either. I could tell they were starting to sag. Now take McCain, his are at his belt line. Palin for President. If you people smoked more like gw and me, you wouldn't get so upset. Legalize "wacky backy". George didn't want to legalize. He said it would drive the price down and his profit will go puff. He told me to hang in there. He would be "born again" just during his current job expires. Party Time in Texas then.

Wow, i can't beileve the news orgs are going to let them get away with this. You should be screaming bloody murder.

Hey leave Sarah alone!

Here is the real reason why Sarah should be allowed to stay in Alaska.

Just like a trophy wife, you don't want your token VP screwing things up. Am I right John, nudge nudge? Just be quiet sweetie when we get there, I'll do all the talking.

My prediction: except for perhaps Fox News, she will never be allowed to utter a single word to a news agency. She will give speeches for the next 59 days.

She's not going on any uncontrolled settings because she doesn't know anything about important issues and because she won't answer anything about her past life and career. There must be a lot of skeletons to hide...

She's the worst possible choice that McCain could have made for VP, and show a lot about this man's judgement, or lack thereof.

It doesn't surprise me that Palin won't be on any of the Sunday interview shows as they likely won't allow her to read her answers to journalist's questions off a teleprompter.

If keeping Sarah Palin away from the press is because they are cowards, fearful that this Vice Presidential candidate will not fare well in legitimate questions from the press, then the media has the responsibility to put a HUGE DISCLAIMER ON THE VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. As a campaign tactic the media should REJECT this absurd notion. HOW ARROGANT!!!!! The media must push back against this UNDEMOCRATIC ploy and state FOR ALL TO HEAR, THAT THE MEDIA AS THE EYES, EARS, AND VOICE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST ASK IMPORTANT QUESTIONS OF A RELATIVE UNKONWN WHO MAY POTENTIALLY BE A HEARTBEAT AWAY FROM THE PRESIDENCY.


What would happen if Obama's VP selection had a pregnant teen daughter, a spouse who wanted separation from the union, and wouldn't give interviews. THE RACE WOULD BE OVER. Come on press, stay strong and do your job. She is a joke and it must be exploited.

She's been a joke from the get-go.

I'm outraged that she had the unmitigated gall to flat out lie to the American people about her opposition to the Bridge to Nowhere in her first national appearance. I find it disturbing that she appears to be able to continually lie without a hint of remorse.

It will be good for the Dems' sake if they keep her from the media. Her hard core right wing fans will still love her but then again they love anyone who squawks their canned talking points like a well-trained parrot. It will be the undecideds not so ready to be fond of her that will start to question her readiness for the job and wonder what she has to hide. The shine of her "performance" at the convention will fade and reasonable people will start to be uncomfortable with voting for someone they know so little about.

"Davis said, ' I'd never commit to anything in the future. ... Our strategy is in our hands, not the media's. We're going to do what's in our best interests to try to win the election.' ..."

To paraphrase Mr. Davis: We're gonna keep this feisty, pretty little cheerleader for McSame in public view but totally on-script and far away from any intelligent questioning. Come the October debate, we plan to borrow Dubya's little box and hide it under her pretty little suit, so that she can be coached with the answers.

McSame has proved again that he does not put country first when he hired a Cheerleader, GGW: girl gone wild to be his vp.

That wild card play, only works if the candidate performs well. Otherwise, you risk alienating the voters (as witnessed on this blog site) and showing your side to be weak when you don't provide access to your nominee.

This could backfire spectacularly!

Someone should please ASK her or ask Mr. Patriotic son Track exactly why it is he joined the Army. Don't lie to us, you lying liars.

Yeah, it's just a rumor so far, that he did some SERIOUS damage to school buses up in AK and joining the Army was his way to avoid jail. It would be so consistent with her utter shallowness and apparent drive for power if she were claiming patriotic fervor drove him to join up on 9/11 of 2007, instead of it being a big juvey coverup.

Her character is in question here........and if it's true she is nothing but power mad, and will do anything to keep or obtain power, then it's no wonder the rumor about her daughter actually being Trig's mother became so widespread. If she covers for her allegedly criminal son to make herself look good, what makes anyone think she wouldn't have done it in the case of her teenage pregnant daughter? Who, BTW, they are admiting now is, actually, you know, PREGNANT. And if she became pregnant now, we can't argue that she couldn't possibly have been pregnant before. And so now people aren't quite sure what is true. Lying liars must come to expect that people will no longer believe a word that they say, and the lies just keep coming. I for one do not accept the daughter's current alleged pregnancy as proof that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. The facts surrounding Sarah's pregnancy are just too strange not to think something is not right with the proffered official story.

ASK......if we can get her near a microphone and get all the handlers away.........if her son is so truly patriotic that he of his own accord joined up with the military.


the repugs are waiting for a new technology whereby cheney could think and talk for her while she's on these shows. if you remember, a prototype such technology was used with w. when he was debating John Kerry in 2004.

first of all, if McCain and Palin can't handle Larry King or Us Magazine they can't handle leading the free world. What's going to happen if Russia gets tough? Iran? They're just going to go into hiding? Jet off to Alaska and have Joe Lieberman brief them on what to do? He's like the nerd that does the hot girls homework in high school!

The only positive thing from the far Right on this posting "Ms. Palin is awesome, you know it, so face up to it." That's the best you got?

Listen, Palin will perform well enough on the debates, and we all know it because she's being coached by Joe L. right now. If Biden was smart he'd pull out something like "I don't expect the VP to understand all about, say, the trick politics of Israel, for example. But I expect our country's VP to at least know who the leader there is and what countries border that country." Zing. Then the reporter will follow up with Palin: "Do you know who the leader of Israel is? Do you know what countries border it?" and she'll fall on her face.

Thanks for reading.

Response to Steve, country first remember. Mccain's promise.

I am open minded. I am not criticizing Palin. BTW attacking her plays into the GOP's hands. I sense the major media were ordered from above to back off her because the public "liked her." But the fact she is not allowed or willing to come on these Sunday shows or do an interview with the press (Even FOX News) is sad. Short-term picking Palin for VP has worked for McCain. But even people who like her want to hear what she thinks and what her opinions are. IF McCain's campaign refuses to allow her to speak to media or public (Even a townhall meeting) other than herVP debate. ME thinks even some of her new fans will start to question why they won't let her out. I assume Palin is not a dumba__. Considering her family and being Govenor of Alaska. It's understandable why she would not know alot outside Alaska. MY HOLE POINT is if McCain keeps her under wraps the entire campaign. Her shine will dull very quickly. I'd wager Obama campaign is happy she is not being let out because it questions GOP's argument about her qualifications and reinforces the DEM's argument. Maybe Palin is a once in the life candidate like Obama. Or maybe she is just a cynical gimmick. Right now the jury is out and the longer McCain keeps her under wraps. The more likely it is the latter. BTW some people have criticized Obama for not punching back. We shall find out how astute his judgement is. Holding back and not attacking Palin I think is the right move right now. Election is still 2 months away. It's been obvious to me that the GOP has been trying to bait Obama over Palin. Meanwhile while the media been in a frenzy over her. Obama has been out talking to voters in swing states about issues. Unemployment at a 6 year high. Oh and Monday the market may tank over the announcement that tax payers will have to pay Billions to bail out Freddie Mac & Fannie May. Nice economy for ruling party to offer up to Americans.

Where's Sarah? Can you find her?

Not surprising. Every word out of her mouth so far has not been her own. If the media can't interview her, then I think its up to them to disect her views for the public. So far, we are finding out her speech was full half-truths and outright lies, like the plane she supposedly put on e-bay and sold for a profit. It was not sold on e-bay and was sold at a loss. She initially supported the bridge to no-where and the pipelines that was under construction is still just an idea. They haven't even dug a hole yet. Did you also know she was backed by oil company lobbyiest. Can just can't understand how people are so nieve as to buy her dribble hook line and sinker! Reformer my eye.

The GOP will decide whether she will do the interview circuit based on their idea of how it will impact the election. John McCain, whose father died at 71 and whose grandfather died at 61 hand picked this woman after two meetings. Now they have the audacity to tell the American people that we don't have a right or chance to ask a few questions of the woman who would very likely end up running OUR country. How outrageously arrogant. Fellow Americans, and the press, we cannot let them get away with this. Sound your unwillingness to let them install someone in power who we have no opportunity to review. This is craziness.


Is she strong enough to lobby for McCain to resign the presidency if he begins to show signs of dementia?

Personally, I am worried about McCain's age and I also think she would jump at the opportunity to have him removed from office.

If Bush is so wonderful, why wan't he mentioned at the republician convention by MsSame? Why didn't McSame give him props for the last 8 years? why didn't McSame and his lap dog Palin thank him for leading the nation into depair?? I tell you why, because McSame doesn't want to be tied in with Bush ! McSame doesm't want the reminder that he voted with Bush 90% of the time. He doesn't want the reminder that Bush has the lowest presidental rating EVER !! He doesn't want us to remember how they sent OUR KIDS TO A WAR WHICH SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN WAGED TO BEGIN WITH !!
He doesn't want us to be reminded that the rich only got richer off the middle class backs. And for Palin, she is only a cheap distraction. why is she hiding at this very moment. no questions to be asked of her but they want her in the VP chair to do what, HIDE ?? Maybe she doesn't want to answer about her affairs, or the fact that she called OBAMA "sambo" when he won the Democrated primary elections,or the fact she has people fired who make her mad. I can go on and on . What a waste of space this lady turned out to be. I'm glad it's all coming out before the elections.

Is this even real anymore?

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