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Sarah Palin will be missing from action Sunday a.m.

As is The Ticket's custom, a post listing the entire roster of appearances on this Sunday's interview programs will pop up Saturday at noon PDT (3 p.m. EDT).

But here's an advance heads up, in part because of who WON'T be found on any of the chat shows.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigning with the top of the Republican ticket, John McCain Three of the four now-official candidates on the major-party presidential tickets are scheduled to sit down for questions: Democrat Barack Obama on ABC's "This Week," his running mate, Joe Biden, on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Republican John McCain on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Absent from this list, of course, is the GOP's star of the moment, the not-so-long-ago obscure governor of Alaska who is McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin.

Since she was thrust onto the national stage a week ago, her appearances on it have been tightly regulated by the McCain campaign: a few side-by-side campaign stops with him and, of course, her big speech to the GOP's convention Wednesday night.

Today, top McCain aide Rick Davis indicated the campaign isn't in any hurry to slot Palin for a Sunday show appearance -- and will do so only if he and other strategists determine it serves the ticket's purposes, not because some may view it as a required initiation for a major political player.

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, Davis said, "I'd never commit to anything in the future. ... Our strategy is in our hands, not the media's. We're going to do what's in our best interests to try to win the election. If we think going on TV news shows are [sic] in our best interests, we'll do it. If we don't, we won't."

Palin still will be busy this weekend. She'll campaign Saturday with McCain in two key states -- Colorado and New Mexico -- and she'll deliver his campaign's weekly radio address. That's one of those trappings of the presidency McCain has borrowed (notwithstanding the barbs his forces like to sling at Obama along these lines).

-- Don Frederick

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Ithink this is not only insulting to the American voters, it's insulting to the people around the world. This election will not only affect the U.S., it'll be felt globally. Think about for a moment. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and N. Korea are all powderkegs right now. Also, all these countries are patriarchal societies, meaning whether we like it are not, women are not considered equals. So now, not only are we about to elect a woman V.P., but a woman V.P. with absolutely no foreign policy experience. Remember, Cheney-OUR VICE PRESIDENT- is in Georgia now trying to diffuse the tension there. How do you think the Russian leaders would feel not only dealing with a woman, but also a woman who- until getting a cliff notes run up on foreign policy this week- knew nothing about the complexities of the situation. We are the laughing stock of the world right now.

Kinda reminds me a a 7 year old standing behind daddy's legs and sticking out her tongue at strangers.

How you gonna hurl insults at your opponent in public, & then cut & run when the media demands you explain yourself.

Countdown day 9...
I'd Love to see Joe Biden hold a press conference every day from now until Sara Palin appears in unscripted fashion to answer questions from the "free press".
Meanwhile righties continue to gush at their new found star in unquestionable fashion.
When will the MSM call the McCain camp out for this shameful nomination??? The National Enquirer has to vet her for Christ's sake...

"I doubt they're really worried that she can't handle herself. They want to maintain her currency and keep her interesting by restricting access, as well as to lower expectations and keep her answers a surprise so she is rated well at the debate. If she talks in interviews, Biden (and people generally) would have a better sense of what to expect. This way, she's a complete wildcard."

Exactly, she is like a a rookie phenom pitcher, that the league has not figured out yet. The more tape of her there is, the easier it is to figure out. If this were baseball, I could see it, but this the presidential election. And last I checked politicians running for the 2 highest offices in the land need to come out and make their case. My question, is how is McSame going to make his case if the media is constantly asking him about the whereabouts of his VP? Not to mention, I'm a little tired of the POW stories, especially since this is the same guy who has a history of voting against policies that helps out the warriors/US Soldiers he says he loves so much. Is that country first? I don't think so. McCain = Bush Palin = Cheney squared.

Sarah Palin cannot face the media yet because they first have to develop a strategy to the following questions:

Mrs. Plain you are being investigated for misuse/abuse of your position as governor; for allegedly firing your police commander because he would not bow to pressure from you to fire your ex brother-in-law when he divorced your sister? If this is true how can we trust you to guard the trust of the people when you so viciously attacked these two men and their careers for personal reasons? Are you really that vindictive?

Mrs. Palin, you have allowed the oil companies to destroy the Alaskan coast, allowed them to increase dumping of toxic waste into an area where whales and other fish life habitats and allowed hunters to run down defenseless bears and wolves from low flying planes and shoot them for sport. Is this what you think of the environment and animals we have been given a sacred trust to protect?

Mrs. Palin you and republicans seem to think people who work with and for the disadvantaged, sick, poor and elderly are pathetic. Is this what you think of your fellow country men and women that are not part of the republican elite?

OK, so now go word smith some answers you pathetic writers of the republicans that sell your country out through deceit and trickery.

Mrs. Plain practice because we will know who you are for real and thoroughly vet you and your husband the oil executive.

It feels like we've just stepped into "My Fair Lady," with the McCain campaign as Professor Higgins working feverishly to make his protogee presentable in time for the annual ball.

How is it going to play on Monday morning when three of the candidates on the two tickets have appeared on the Sunday shows and one very obviously has not?

Hey, former Hillary Clinton supporters, can you imagine the Senator from NY ducking interviews and a chance to make her knowledge and positions clear to everyone? How insulting is it to her and to you that the GOP considers this empty vessel her equal?

Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11.14

Kind of reminds me of the old days. You know, when the little woman wasn't allowed an opinion, just agreed with her "man", nodding ever so gratefully that she was provided for. Good to see the Republicans still hold these old traditions dear.

How can a tough, feisty pit bull be afraid of the press? I guess that she is not really tough at all.

Of course they are worried that she can't handle herself. They are even more worried that she will say something damaging.

The hypocrisy here is over the top. Campaign against Obama as a celeb, even though he has engaged the Media for 19 months in the presidential contest, and then manufacture a celeb in part by keeping her "mysterious" and "untouched" and above questioning.

Hopefully, you can fool some of the people some of time but not not all of the people all of the time.

“Watch out: Palin may be a Bush Twin”

How stupid does McCain camp think we are. Bush camp giving her lessons to be vp possible pres in 60 day crash course...Wake up America...we cannot let this happen...or we are all going to go over a cliff....

McCain must have been using the classics for his choice. It worked in "My Fair Lady"

McCain = Bush, Palin = she ready for the top job (McCain will likely die in office if elected) Not so much - not really ready for Prime time. If she was, she would confidently appear before us to take our questions. I really want to know:
1. Why do you want Alaska to secede from the union?
2. What books did you want banned from the library?
3. What do you think of science, and why should creationism be taught in public schools?
4. Can you tell us about the taxes you raised in Alaska?
5. Can you tell us about the earmarks that you requested for your town as mayor and for Alaska as Governor?

for starters.

So let's see if we can summarize the GOP platform based on policies and statements put forth by McCain and Palin.

1) Provide disproportionate tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans (cuz you can never have too much freekin' money)

2) Eliminate all porkbelly spending and federal earmarks (unless you're the governor of Alaska)

3) Show our military might wherever needed overseas (cuz the military has SO many underutilized soldiers with nothing to do. Can you say DRAFT?)

4) Continue to deregulate the energy and financial industries (cuz they are so capable of self-regulation, as can be seen in the oil futures market and the mortgage industry)

5) Keep government small and respect state's right. Do not intrude in the policies and decisions of states (unless you happen to be gay, need an abortion, or use medical marijuana during cancer treatments)

6) Continue to push for abstinence-only sex education in the public schools (cuz you can see how well that worked for Palin's family)

7) Strive to improve public education to make us more competitive in the global economy (except that we'll replace evolution with creationism)

8) Ignore the melting ice caps resulting from global warming (cuz who gives a damn if polar bears go extinct. There are plenty of other animals to hunt anyway)

9) Use up the planet's natural resources as rapidly as we can--drill, baby, drill (cuz that's what God intended)

10) and as McCain was recently quoted, "The economy is basically sound". (cuz, holy crap--he has more houses than he can count, so the economy must be sound FOR HIM).

The GOP is simply continuing it's policy of restricting access to candidates and office holders in order to control the message.( Cheney is still invisible...and remember his refusal to even acknowledge the birdhshot incident...a clear indication of his nefarious, underhanded and secret agendas.) It's up to journalists to push for access and interviews; otherwise, we're not an open society. This policy is shameful : if Sarah Palin can't answer questions, she shouldn't have been nominated. She needs to show up.

Frank, we know what "her"/ their opinion is of global warming, by the "Al Gore" wise cracks. Their mention of the word "solar" was total greenwashing/brainwashing baloney. It is very clear that RNC/ Rove/ big brother liars do not support solar in anything other than a "token" way, the same way they chose their "token" VP nominee.

This Sarah Palin B.S. is sick, sick , sick. This is the type of thing that hapens in the most crooked third world countries with "puppet leaders". This is not DEMOCRACY, this is Putin style communism, third world crooked leadership.

People in RNC know this too, but are agreeing to it as poorly cloaked RACISM. I am white and grew up in a household of racist parents and older siblings. I see what is happening and this makes me sick. My twin sister and I support Obama, however. Even my 84 year old mother seems angry by the stupidity of the Republicans picking a puppet candidate and not a qualified candidate.

So we are to believe she is strong enough to be the next Commander in Chief, if need be, but not strong enough to take questions from reporters?

Look, she gave a short speech, with 3 days preparation, and we still have yet to hear her off the stump talk about the real difficult issues of today.


Has she turned down even Fox news? Is'nt that strange. I was sure that they would start her off at fox, after all that is their network.

So much for transparency and accountability. This is outrageous. Americans need to demand that we hear her speak off the script given to her and give us some insight into her ability to lead the free world. Our only way to evaluate her competence is to hear her directly answer hard questions --just like every other candidate. McCain didn't vet her, but we must.

1. She must attend church on Sunday and; 2) she's a grandmother, someone must babysit her 4 month old grandson.

I think this is called "On the Job Training"

Has she turned down even Fox news? Is'nt that strange. I was sure that they would start her off at fox, after all that is their network.

Here is how I see it. I had a piece of burnt toast the other day and I am almost certain the face of Barack Obama was on it. I felt the presence of Obama shroud me with great comfort. But to be fair, I kept burning more toast to see if Palin’s face would appear. It never happened, nor did McCains face appear come to think of it. I guess I will have to put my faith in Obama to lead Amercia out of its darkness, thank God for burning toast.

Why isn't the MSM demanding McSame to release his VP to a Q&A with the press...This whole notion that the McSame camp can think that they can only have Palin read speeches on the campaign trail which by the way NONE of it are her words and not have her answer questions from the national press is NOT RIGHT!!!! We all know why they don't want her answering any questions..SHE KNOWS NOTHING!!!!! but that does not give them the right to isolate her!!!! The MSM would have slaughtered Obama if he did the same thing!! You can't put some unknown on the VP ticket and a hearbeat away from the presidency and think she can go through this process without being interviewed of any kind!!! We need to press this issue!!!! I'm so sick of the deceitfulness of the McSame camp and the whole republican party!!!! They get away with murder and I'm sick of it!!! She DOES not get a free pass because she KNOWS NOTHING!!!!

When will the Democrats come out strong with ads exposing Palin for what she is.... blatant liar, power abuser, lobbyist user, pork spender, empty headed, hears the voices (God and war), sarcastic, opposes women/children issues ...etc. By her own admission she does not know what the VP does. These topics and others are easy for the average person to grasp. Burst the bubble headed Palin now!! She is getting too much positive attention and it sickens me that the Republican spin machine takes ahold of an abnormal amount of minds. She is not qualified to be near the
White House, let alone a heartbeat away from the Presidency!!!
....extremely concerned ...from Wisconsin....stop the madness

if they keep her underwraps and performs okay, it's a winner for many. expectations will be low. how hard is it to cram for something three weeks away. 90 minutes. she's very motivated.

I cannot believe the GOP would put the future of this great nation in the hands of a woman who cannot answer media questions. She thought she was all big and bad, pointing that finger at Obama and Biden on Wed, but she's not big and bad enough to answer a few questions from the media? I guarantee you, most bloggers probably know more about major domestic and foreign policy issues than she does, that's why they have to shield her. I hate this. Pathetic.

Just wonderin' ... How is an Alaskan native involved in a separatist movement, who doubts global warming and evolution, eats mooseburgers and is a "hockey" mom, not a "soccer" mom, just like the majority or Americans?? Just sayin' that as a PA small-town native, seems more "exotic" to me than an African-American whose mom raised him and is from Kansas ...

As a voter, how am I supposed to make an informed decision if a candidate refuses to speak in a UNSCRIPTED forum and answer direct questions? I'm an Independent and I'm still undecided. John McCain has many qualities and ideas that I respect, but how his campaign is handling Ms. Palin has me greatly concerned and that is a direct reflection on John McCain. I feel they're trying to control and dupe the American people! This has angered me enough that I made a donation to the Obama campaign.

The minute she comes before a reporter the game will be over, like it was for Gen. Welsley Clark...

It will be interesting to see how long the Republicans can hide their female pit bull from the media..

Yup. really tough. She can kick ass in the echo chamber. Put her in front of a crowd of REAL people, though, and she dries right up.

She should take her hockey puck and just go home.

Tim Russert is laughing!!

What are the Republicans hiding? This is what we should ask. Do we want a government who hides when they don't want to communicate? The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves- they should move to Russia or China, where secrecy is the rule. Let transparency rule!

Are the American people really falling for this farce? John McCain is a hypocrite and a mouse, that capitulated to the right wing of his party. If your such a Maverick John why didn't you choose Lieberman, who you actually wanted? I think that women should feel insulted by this nonsense, that an attractive female Govenor is being used as a prop to garner votes and rally a base. Palin would NEVER appear on a news show solo, because she has ZERO grasp of the real issues facing this country. Meanwhile she is being coached and given a crash course by McCain's handlers for her to skim by. What a shame that the American people can't even have a chance to find out where a potenital VP stands on the issues. If Americans vote for McCain, we will deserve everything we get.

What are the Republicans hiding? This is what we should ask. Do we want a government who hides when they don't want to communicate? The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves- they should move to Russia or China, where secrecy is the rule. Let transparency rule!

Man I wish Tim Russert was still alive. Imagine how she would look in front of a real interlocuter?

He would never allow her to dodge the facts, scary as they are.

If the media was doing their job they would give her no coverage on the campaign stump until she is open to interviews. She goes out there every day to dish it out be she refuses to take the heat. I love mixed metaphors. But really it's a media sham that they give her the coverage McBush wants but she does not give interviews. Again if Obama had made this bad of a choice for his VP the race would be over. McBush blew the only real executive decision of his life.

McCain doesn't help vets and doesn't vet help.

My vote on who should b VP - or President - 4 that matter is: Meg Stappleton, Gov. Sarah Plain’s (smile) former aide! She is one smart woman.
See her being interviewed:
“The Situation Room's Wolf Blitzer speaks with Meg Stapleton, a former aide of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.”

If we are her future employer we deserve the opportunity to interview her on our terms. This just shows how machiavellian McCain and his campaign are.

Clearly all McCain had to say to the media was "back off" and they were all too willing to do so. (So much for the "liberal media..) Since the mainstream media isn't going to mention anything like, say, the Palin team trying their hardest now to thwart the Troopergate investigation, why doesn't somebody in the general public start a petition (there are many sites online to do this) that Palin actually go on a Sunday morning news show (NOT on Fox!) where she will have to answer questions, not read from a script?

Josey Wales just cracks me up. Thier post sounds like McCains' acceptance speech.
Short,simple sentences with no word more than two sylables.
But the REALLY funny part is "Sarah Palin is AWESOME"

The kind of issue oriented statement a Repug can wrap thier little brain around.

Do you actually thiink they will risk the cupcake getting her frosting taken off this early in the campaign? No, she has to be thoroughly trained before she is allowed out without minders. They sent her North to Alaska, ostensibly to see her son off to Iraq (eye-raq) and to do some governor stuff. Believe it that she took some intense handlers with her.

their campaign slogan should be changed from "country first" to "ticket first"

It seems they will have her do appearances in front of controlled and selected crowds like Bush did in 2004. This technique can be very effective, with fake question and answers, and the networks will be hungry for new material of her and will pump that across.

I doubt that we will see a real Q and A with her. I pray we don't see her elected. This is the transparent government she talks about? It is opposite land...if they say it is night time, look for the sun, and if they say it is day, well turn on your headlights.

Stop the drama, Vote Obama , want the same vote mccain

Stop the drama, Vote Obama , want the same vote mccain

Stop the drama, Vote Obama , want the same vote mccain

Stop the drama, Vote Obama , want the same vote mccain

How are Some Amercans so ignorant not to see her through?
She was just reading the script from Bushite and they are crazy for her?
I'm really dissappointed with these americans.

What's the difference between a pit bull and a grossly inexperienced, unvetted GOP veep candidate?

No muzzle on the pit bull.

Gad, after giving us 'the worst president ever', the largest deficit in 150 years, and totally trashing the us economy i am suprised that there is anyone left on the planet to vote GOP. Talk about delusional - what part of we need someone with brains to pull us out of this mess (and it ain't more GOP) don't they get???

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