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Sarah Palin second-guesses Barack Obama on his VP pick

They may be competing for the same job, but Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have found something to agree on: Barack Obama would have been wise to settle on Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential choice.

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin wraps up her interviews with ABC newsmanCharlie Gibson Palin offered her view as part of the Q & A sessions she did with ABC's Charlie Gibson that the network strung out over the last two days (for her previous comments, see here and here). In the concluding clip played this evening on the "World News" program, Gibson (a slight smile at play on his face) asked Palin whether she thought Obama should have tapped Clinton as his running mate.

"I think he's regretting not picking her now, I do," she eagerly replied.

Then, referring to Clinton, she said: "What, what determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way. She handled those well."

Biden, the fellow who ended up on Obama's ticket, gained attention earlier this week when he termed Clinton "as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president."

The Obama camp quickly fired off an e-mail with a response to Palin's comments after they were aired in the Eastern time zone. The missive contained the following tough-worded statement from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida (a vocal Clinton supporter turned high-profile Obama backer):

Sarah Palin should spare us the phony sentiment and respect. Governor Palin accused Senator Clinton of whining and John McCain laughed when a questioner referred to her by using a demeaning expletive. John McCain and Sarah Palin represent no meaningful change, just the same failed policies and same divisive, demeaning politics that has devastated the middle class.

The "whining" reference by Wasserman Schultz is in dispute; as detailed here, Palin's remark was not as direct as the congresswoman asserts.

The incident involving McCain, meanwhile, refers to a gathering several months ago at which an audience member used the B-word to characterize Clinton. For those who don't mind hearing the profanity, the moment can be watched here.

-- Don Frederick

Photo: Charlie Gibson with Sarah Palin. Credit: Associated Press

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who cares what palin thinks? once the hoopla dies out, people will realize what a ridiculous choice for a running mate mccain has made. palin is the Geraldine Ferraro of the new century. in a year she will be a distant memory.

The claws are coming out again on the liberal media. They sure don't learn easy, do they.

I should think that had Senator Obama chosen Senator Clinton as his VP, the Republicans would be on them like a dog on a June bug for having negligible foreign policy experience between them.

What do you think?

will you media people stop' the country is going to hell and you keep bring up trash news.

Seems to this old coot, that an Obama/Clinton ticket would be an UPSIDE DOWN one!!!! The REAL "Dream" ticket would have been a Clinton/Obama one!!!!

It appears Palin is fully qualified to sink her own ship.
Her comments are obviously only made for direct political effect, and have no intrinsic value/quality per se.
If the campaign is about school yard rule... McCain and Palin win hands down!
If it's about the future of the United States of America?
Obama has a big edge!

that's interesting ... she equates herself with Hillary Clinton?

You know Obama needs to stop it right now. He is acting so bizarre. He needs to step back and relax. Take deep breaths. I am an independent and have decided on the Palin ticket. Obama better just slow down and readjust his campaign. It is getting embarrassing. No one likes a loser especially when they act out.

Sarah Palin has real class. She does have more 'command' experience than Obama and Biden combined, even if only to call the roll.

Biden is too old be vice President, he's been in presidential campaigns before, losing it in 1988.

Oh, I forgot the Obama campain is trouncing us older folk. Now that he's lost the woman vote, he's about to lose the elderly vote by constanting making fun of John McCains age. I thought 'age discrimination' was a 'hate crime'?

God bless America, President George W. Bush and the US Marines

I agree that Obama should have picked Clinton, but for Palin to make this comment is quite ignorant; had Hillary been nominated as VP, McCain would not have chosen a female as well; most likely an African-American. So Palin should be quite greatful that she's the only woman in the race. It's all strategic.

boy was gibson so bias and with his dumbass glasses on looking down at SARAH PALIN like a "ICHOBOB CRANE"!!!!

Obama is a Marxist socialist loser that wants to run this country into the ground. Socialism doesn't work. Never has, never will.

You are an airhead, Sally!

I was really disappointed when Obama went with his ego rather than the good of the nation. Hillary was the obvious choice. Maybe she said something bad about one of his autobiographies.

It is not true that Biden thinks Hillary should have been picked. If you listened fully to what he said, he was being positive and compelmentary to Hillary. He was also saying this to underline a distinction that is important - Hillary is qualified to be VP and President. We know Hillary, and Palin is no Hillary. Even lipstick does not help here. Palin should not expect to step in and pick up in the shattering of the glass ceiling where Hillary left off. She is not qualified to do that either. In fact, she has a lot of 'splainin to do before she is credible as a national politician, never mind a VP candidate and possible President next January if McCain kicks the bucket.

What is with Biden? First he says McCain is more qualified, Now he says Hillary is more qualified. Joe, go work it out at

Both VP nominees, say that Hilliary should have been chosen.
Rejecting Hilliary nullifies his words of "equal opportunity & equal pay for women."

Also , according to Pelosi (highest ranked DEM in USA), he (Obama) will never choose Clinton as his running mate because Hilliary already said that He (Obama) has less experience han McCain.
This nullifies Obama's empty claims that he is a "good negotiator" & "peacemaker". And he will meet IRAN's President without conditions?

Obama's actions never live up to he's own words.

McCain-Palin 08

This is the end. Where we now put our mothers encouragng oor troops to die,

you gotta be pretty republican if you can't see what palin is trying to do with regards to Obama not picking Hillary. If you don't know then know that she is trying to anger the Hillary faithful and open up old primary wounds in order to steer them (especially the woman base) away from Obama. Like I said, u gotta be pretty republican to not get this one.

PS= republican here is used as an alternative for Stupid. They mean the same thing these days.

Thank you, thank you liberal media for winning this election for us! Zogby's people , who know their business, say its all over for O'bama.

as a female lawyer--I AM APPALLED the women continue to back stab women--
Who thought a republican women with 5 kids working, DOING IT ALL (sound familiar feminist?) is now in line to break the glass ceiling and WOMEN ARE TRYING TO TEAR HER APART!! SO SO SO HORMONAL!!!!!

hillary voter for PALIN

Even Joe Biden is now questioning the pick.

If the McCain does not already have a commercial featuring Joe Biden's stream of conciousness in the can right now, I would be surprised.

Fifteen Minutes is all she has. Perhaps more of an empty suit than Dumbya (Bush). Been nowhere done nothing, disingenuous hockey mom from Wasilla Alaska. Had to look up the spelling.

This is f**king ridiculous. It won’t last, but please.

When Doubtfire (McCain) first announced her, I was confused. Dumbfounded. I gathered my thoughts and faculties and arrived at the judgment that it was the most cynical and profoundly ridiculous move in contemporary politics I’d ever seen.

I was right. It is. I admit I’m mouth breathing over the interest, sensation and spectacle surrounding the entire debacle, but I’m here to tell you, it won’t last. She brings nothing. She has nothing. It may look like a brilliant move this week, within two weeks, it will be over save for the shouting.

I’m hoping sooner.

Our Man played his bishop on the chessboard with Biden. McCain took a pawn out of his pocket, painted with sparkly nail polish and placed it on the board with a reluctant palsy. He realized it was plastic and it’s weight confused his geriatric hand. He briefly forgot what he was doing when he noticed the rest of the pieces were made of marble. He took a drink of his diet soda and struggled to remember.

Despite it all, the great unwashed did a standing O and then executed a near flawless wave. Tens of them.

As I write this, a private jet lands on some tarmac in Alaska accompanied by the theme music from Top Gun. Top Gun? Sheezus. Seriously, it’s live on CNN.

By the way, She’ll be relying on a teleprompter to address her home crowd. So far, they’re not willing to let her work without a full body condom. What does that tell you?

Empty boilerplate rhetoric, POW regurgitation and talk of a tough “maverick” delivered in a breathless rush from a cheerleader running for student body vice president with the crutch of a teleprompter. F me.

A heartbeat from the Presidency. You have got to be kidding me. Seriously America, work with me here. It’s about the top of the ticket until the top of one of the tickets could die at any moment.


Sarah was great tonight...this woman is natural communicator and it's hard not to like her. I dont agree with her in some issues. But her authenticity and integrity is inspiring for women.

I love this blog on her:

I find it amazin that the news seems to be afraid of real reporting. In another article it was all about Charles Gibsons performance rather that the interviewee. Is everybody, networks included afraid of the GOP. To actually offer the tiniest critical reporting might influece ratings. Ithink you might find people simply wanting something honest.

Obama surrogates need to be very careful commenting about this. Hillary's supporters are still very touchy about the conduct of the Obama campaign during the primaries. And just because they have a former Clinton supporter speaking doesn't mean that the majority have been as forgiving.

More and more Hillary supporters are surging towards Palin, and the fact that Hillary herself has not slammed Palin speaks volumes.

More and more, Obama is starting to look very desperate. He can dish out the lies and smears, but he sure can't take them!

OMG its over mccain is gonna steal this one right under the chosen ones nose, AHHHHHH

Sarah should be ecstatic Barack didn't choose Hillary--otherwise Palin never would have been chosen as McCain's running mate. This quote is classic: "What, what determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way. She handled those well."
Way to grovel at the feet of Hillary's supporters, Sarah.

Seriously, though, why would any woman who supported Hillary suddenly switch her vote to McCain simply because a woman is on the ticket?? Their policies are drastically different. Anyone who votes Republican because of the feminist element should go die in a fire and save the world from a wee bit of hypocrisy.

Bottom line; there are too man American who will not elect a black man for president. We can talk about Palin on we want, it won't matter. Bigotry trumps reason.

Having watched the Palin commentary, she made it very clear that she thought Hillary was whining too much about press bias during the primaries. If that's "in dispute," it's only because you're too eager to accept the Republicans' talking points as facts, or at least as valid arguments, of which they tend to be neither.

Charlie Gibson's written questions is at odds with a person who has been in this business for quite a while. He no doubt as conservative republican is not only biased, but part of the all white ABC establishment. Just following the sequence of the questions and there importance, it is obvious that this whole scheme is a set up. ABC is the better evil the ultra conservative FOX New. As an independent observer, the questions Charlie Gibson posed were all a set up to aid and abet Ms. Palin, who realistically is even further out of touch then good old boy John Sidney McCain the third, Mr preferential treatment all his life. He is not only a fake war hero, but according to the people that went to the Naval Academy with, were Naval aviators, attended the same training, contend, that McCain was a substandard pilot and received favored and preferential treatment on account of his elite privileged, Washington DC connected life, the influence of his grand father, father and other Navy Hacks like Senator John Tower, to who McCain was a special aid and provider of women and booze in places like Saudi Arabia.

The worst is McCain was directly responsible for the incidence aboard the carrier USS Forrestal. When he disobeyed direct orders to remove the 1000 Lb over size and over weight bombs, that his plane was not out fitted to carry. McCain with his conservative republican bend, earlier having destroyed three aircraft on account of his screw ups, he was hot and bothered to bomb the hell out of Hanoi and N. Vietnam, with his personal hot headed style. It was the time when the Pentagon and the Navy boys cooked up a false and fabricated attack on a US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. The parallels follow the same kind of thinking Bush/Cheney/McCain and the rest of these warmongers followed in the mess wqe have in Iraq.

McCain for his part set off with firing his engines with a "wet start" in order to harass and intimidate the pilot behind him. The heat from his exhaust let loose what is referred to as that stray rocket. Which hit McCain's aircraft dislodging the over size and over weight bombs, which McCain the hot shot disobeyed to remove. The ensuing explosion and fire killed 139 Naval Personnel, maimed, crippled, severally injured others, destroyed 20 jet fighters and caused damage in billions to the flight deck of the Forrestal. The Navy shoved the whole mess under the rug and the son of the admiral once again walked away with minor injuries. In fact, he with a few minor injuries was the first to be air lifted to safety and medical treatment, when others with third degree burns were left behind.

The latest video aon the BBC News by a Swedish author shows a stoic McCain in a much better health then he claimed, he was at the time of the POWs release. McCain and others pictured in motion appear to be regular military men as if coming off a work gang. He gets out of the bush unaided ( No crutches) but walking with a limp. He saluted twice like a military man, shook hand and moved to board the waiting US Air Force transporter.

His appearance was 100% better then when he was ushered before Nixon, wearing a three sizes larger Uniform and and crutches and supposedly unable to mover his arm above his shoulders to salute.

There after the son of the admiral was decked out with 28 medals for flying 25 hours of bombing missions and cherry picking civilian targets with intend to bomb the hell out of N. Vietnam. He was declared 100% disabled, and like all others should have been discharged. But the son of the admiral was promoted to a full commander and allowed to admission to the war College. Which is normally reserved for high ranking military officers with merits and distinction. McCain's were #496 out of 499 in his class at the academy, destruction of five aircraft and five years POW. After 9 months of R and R at the War College the son of the admiral was promoted again to the rank of Captain and assigned as a Naval Liaison to the US Senate, the same job his father had before his was promoted to the flag rank. McCain in fact was special aid to Senator John Tower, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and later McCain's mentor responsible for greasing McCain's Congressional career.

As far as Ms Plain she was never as privileged as McCain, but took six years and four different college to earn a BA in journalism and TV communications. Her background being able to read a prepared script.

Her stars and stripes bikini clad picture and brandishing a scope mounted rifle referred as a smear; is real and the man in the background smoking and holding two beers is being identified and the young child holding a 22 Rifle is one of her three daughters.

The pentecostal evangelical, is the usual sharp tongued conservative republican control freak opportunists with one too many secrets and skeletons in the closet.

Charlie Gibson avoided all the relative and pertinent question about the federal deficit, the national debt, the over $18 billion a month cost of the fraud Iraq War and the untenable war in Afghanistan. The fact that 100% of the Alaska revenues come form the oil, which at present the lower 48 are paying through the nose at over $110 a barrel, while Alaska coffers are over flowing with surplus., and Ms. Palin had the audacity to take the over $200 million money for the bridge too far and add to the surplus.

By the way, the pit bull she mentioned was supposed to be McCain, and the Madam Governor as being the pit-bitc* with a lipstick.

What a debate that would have been Sarah the"New Republican Terminator" and Hillary Soprano.

Two women with different values and up bringing.

I wonder why they are using this congresswomen as the attack person. MAybe the press should look a little deeper into her back round. Just like they are digging into everything about Sarah why not about the number one attack person. Look what they are finding out about Charlie Rangel from NY.

VJ Machiavelli

RE :Barack Hussein Obama
1/- He did'nt have any experiences for U.S President, he look like a new student of politice class.
2/- He said"I don't care some people talk about me". If he
become a president ,he beome a dictature,who care about
3/- He is not ready for president ,he need learn for ten year more.
4/- He may be a statue of Democrate or a parocket

I was hoping through this interview to learn something about Palin beyond the "Aw shucks, I'm just an average suburban housewife who done good". I thought I'd discover some wit and intelligence in the woman, something special which makes her outstanding. Instead she comes across as, well, extremely average - average intelligence, below-average wit, average personality.

I prefer above-average when choosing the President and Vice President of the USA. Sarah, thanks for helping me make my decision...for Obama and Biden.

Stop your whinning Schultz your just mad Clinton not in the heat of this. Palin will out shine and out class Clinton and Pelosi. Clinton and Pelosi are just power hungry.

Whinning all the time.

Joe Biden is a much better overall choice than Sen. Clinton. While I will admit that Sen. Clinton may have an easier time debating with Mrs. Palin, In my opinion that would be the extent of her contribution. I believe the Clintons are far more corrupt than the Hillary supporters will ever admit, Sarah Palin is proving to be nothing more than a fear mongering evangelist who not only makes bad decisions concerning her own politics, she is deluded enough to think she knows the answers to others politic political beliefs as well. More of the same, more of the same.

So now Republicans are so smart, they can read people's minds. Perhaps they should read mine. And 250 millions other people's. 'Cut the crap.' 'Talk to us about something important'.

Joe Biden is now saying Hillary is more qualified than himself to be VP. He is realizing Barack Obama is too inexperienced and unqualified to be president. During the primary he said this is not the time for Obama because he would be an on the job trainee. Now the democrats are seeing this too and it appears Biden wants out as VP..

Sen. Clinton will not be voting gender. Unlike Sen. McCain (the endorsed Republican), Sen. Obama didn't make gender an issue...he left that to Sen. McCain who seems talented at pitting one group against another. Females who aren't living in a remote cave should be entirely aware that Sen. Clinton will NOT be voting for Republican McCain or Republican Palin. Say what you will about Sen. Clinton, but she's not dumb. As Sen. Clinton herself has made abundantly clear, she won't be voting gender, she'll be voting policy.

Sen. Clinton will not be voting gender. Unlike Sen. McCain (the endorsed Republican), Sen. Obama didn't make gender an issue...he left that to Sen. McCain who seems talented at pitting one group against another. Females who aren't living in a remote cave should be entirely aware that Sen. Clinton will NOT be voting for Republican McCain or Republican Palin. Say what you will about Sen. Clinton, but she's not dumb. As Sen. Clinton herself has made abundantly clear, she won't be voting gender, she'll be voting policy.

Sarah Palin was asked by Gibson if she thought Obama should have tapped Clinton as his running mate. I think she gave her answer with grace and dignity. She doesn't have to try to win over Hillary's supporters, she already has won many because of her readiness for VP and her sincere love and respect for people and this country.

Bottom line; there are too man American who will not elect a black man for president. We can talk about Palin on we want, it won't matter. Bigotry trumps reason.

Posted by: troy | September 12, 2008 at 09:17 PM

Sure Troy, when all else fails pull out the race card.

Forget about experience - this woman is a nut case. Has there ever been a worse candidate chosen to be VP. I bet McCain wishes he hadn't picked her.

This is really a silly article. Sometimes these two writers are just making a living and it is embarassing.

Joe Biden's partial comment was taken out of context. And I assume these authors know that vs. just cribbing copy from other articles. If that sales your article well how depressing because you should write for our national tabloids.

The big issue is "where is John McCain?". This is like Where is Waldo? Recently, on The View and a cooking show we saw him. These aren't exactly real interviews but at least on The View he was asked questions. But his answers were so embarrassing for everyone that watched. OK he denied the lies there, but worse, it was like he was on some type of medication. Why is he only on the stump with Palin and why are his talks so out of sorts? Why are his handlers holding him in a box? What is going on? I want our democratic process to work.

Instead of writing about Mrs. Palin commenting on Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Can't we talk about the two top of the ticket candidates and the issues and their platforms. I'm tired of these shallow articles that are just paying these two writers salaries and are much ado about nothing! I used to read the LA TImes a lot and now it is just ho hum.

Whatever the topic, I enjoy reviewing reader comments, but it takes away from their opinion when time is not taken to use correct English; pay attention to punctuation; or consider that broken arguments make them look dumb. I have stopped reading comments which begin with excessive exclamation marks or other silliness. These are just substitutes for a lack of careful reasoning. Be you right or left, up or down, spend some time on your comment. You will certainly lose me if the first few words or the beginning sentence says "idiot." Have a nice day...

Why does everyone assume that Obama didn't make an offer to Hillary? How do we know that she didn't negotiate for a spot she was more interested in, like Secretary of State. We are seeing the disaster of the McCain campaign when the VP is getting more attention than the Presidential candidate. Obama chose someone he was comfortable with.

I would not be surprised to see Hillary get another top position. Secretary of state, or perhaps secretary of health and human services. That is where her interests are.

"The claws are coming out again on the liberal media. They sure don't learn easy, do they."

The Republicans have been wrong for eight years. They are in no position to talk about learning easy. When are you people going to get it? When we get into another war, or when the price of gas is $8 a gallon. How about when the deficit gets so big, it cripples the world economy. Or maybe when there is not a single job to be had in this country that pays more than minimum wage.

Gibson asked the question.
Sarah Palin answered gracefully.
The Obama's supporter & liberal press may have felt having salt rubbed into their wounds.

But they should simply stop supporting Obama because it was Obama poor decision caused them the pain even before any heard of Palin.

Democatic party is hopeless. Top women Pelosi (2 heart beats from Presidency) said "No Clinton" for VP of Obama. Clinton say "No Palin".
So DEM women only wants a woman to be no. 3 highest. If they can't get higher, no one else should be allowed. All selfishness.

McCain-Palin 08.


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