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Obama-backer Oprah says no Sarah Palin on her TV show

Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire TV talk-show diva who is supporting the Democratic presidential nominee, says she will Oprah Winfrey supports Barack Obama for the presidency and campaigned for him but now prohibits the Republican female vice president Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska from being on her widely-watched TV shownot allow the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on her daily show, which is widely viewed by women.

The 44-year-old Palin is the first female nominee on a Republican presidential ticket in the party's 164-year history, though she is little-known outside Alaska, where she was elected a reform governor in 2006.

Palin, a former high school basketball star and beauty pageant contestant, is the mother of five, an outdoorswoman and part owner in her husband Todd's commercial fishing business.

This past year Oprah endorsed Barack Obama for president. It was the first time she bAlaska Governor Sarah Palin the first female on a national Republican Party ticket in historyecame publicly involved in politics.

Oprah emceed numerous rallies for the freshman Democrat senator in key caucus and primary states, drawing large crowds, donations, media coverage and many new volunteers. She also hosted a lucrative fundraiser at one of her homes, near Santa Barbara. But she has so many we can't count 'em.

Oprah's political involvement, as noted previously by...

...The Ticket, hurt her in TV ratings, though she remains clearly the most-watched such show.

Many commentors on Ticket items expressed resentment that Winfrey, who made her fortune off appealing to women, would desert the first serious female candidate to vie for her party's nomination, Hillary Clinton, another Democrat, in favor of a male candidate, Obama. She also did not have Clinton on her program during the campaign.

TMZ, the widely-read celebrity website, asked Winfrey about having Palin on her program to describe her life and views to other American women.

In a post earlier today, TMZ said Winfrey replied, "There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show."

According to TMZ, Winfrey also said: "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates."

Winfrey also said she would "love" to have the Republican candidate on her show, but only after the Nov. 4 election, which pits the Illinois Democrat Obama against Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

Winfrey has had Obama on her program two previous times, in January 2005 and again in the fall of 2006 shortly before he announced his presidential candidacy.

What do Ticket readers think? Is this fair? Would you watch an Oprah show with Palin and/or Obama? Do you still watch Oprah's program in the first place?

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Associated Press

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I think people who are assuming race and sex play into this are projecting just a wee bit.

How convenient to make a policy not to allow any politicians on her show "AFTER" she choices a candidate. That way nobody else can use her show after Obama has already used it 2 times. you can't tell me she didn't at least think Obama would maybe run for president. why else have him on her show. It wasn't just for his book. We aren't stupid

Oprah, is trying to use all of us, and make out like she will not let any politician use her show. She has already done that, by having Obama on twice, and his wife just recently. Is this fair to US the viewers or just discrimination on her part. She has played the race factor so much, she now can not see maybe that she is doing worse by not being fair, and is being so open about supporting Obama, and using her star power to support him and bring in money for his campaign. Now she will not even allow a great milestone and newsmaker in Sarah Palin, to come on and just talk about her accomplishments and not necessarily politics.This totally stinks and I hope everyone recongizes her for what it means to them.

I think that Oprah should have kept her nose out of politics.


She is an idiot and I hope this hurts her business bottom line $$$$$

Palin (and her husband) failed as parents to daughter Bristol by throwing her unwed pregnancy situation before the entire world. When we have children, our family comes first not the political aspirations of one or both of the parents. SHAME ON BOTH PALINS !!

Further, it says something about the Palin supporters when they are all upset she can't be on Oprah. How about getting Palin before some News Reporters to answer real questions. That's what I want to see. Oprah is daytime fluff!!

I think the Republicans are afraid to put Palin before the legitimate press. Knowing Oprah said "no" gives them a safe way to cry foul.

It's Oprah Not CNN she determines who she has on. If she has on Palin she has to have on Hillary, McCain, Obama again since she hasn't had him on since his official candacy announcement. Then why not Condelizza Rice and so on. Oprah being racist has been a topic of discussion b4, but usually it has to do with her not allowing rappers on her show. She said Palin can come on her show after it's all over with. She'll still be the same strong women in Nov. It's said how nothing just turned into this whole big deal, it's a media ploy and ppl are falling right into it. The daily show w/ John Stewart is more of a political show than Oprah and he hasn't had Palin on, neither has Tyrah. Our economy is down the drain and this is such a hot topic... WTF.

Kathleen Thompson September 06, 2008
"She (Palin) condones the aerial slaughter of wolves, which in itself should show any intelligent person that she is totally off the mark in terms of being in touch with life". so you think that the slaughter of wolves is off the mark, but the slaughter of innocent babies via third term abortion (which, the Great Obama will sign back into being as President) is in touch with life? that shows real intelligence!!
Oprah missed her opportunity to interview a very real, down to earth person that (believe it or not) most women can relate to.

Oprah didn't have a problem having Obama on her show before he became a candidate, but you know she knew what his intentions were at the time.

I will never watch her show again, she should keep out of politics. She is so racial anymore.

How the modern day pharisees, the republicans, try to flex their bias muscle. . . .you are trying to force Ophra to 'publicize' the gov. of Alaska during this presidential time. Please give me a break, do you actually think you can out-smart Ophra. The pharisees are once again, trying to strong arm a public figure into doing what they want. I would not give the Alaskan governor the opportunity to continue the propaganda, to repeat the speech over and over and over and over and over again. Why can't her speech writers come up with new material? Liar, liar, your red lipstick's on fire. Here's a thought, if Ophra decides to have the Alaskan gov. on her show, why not have Senator Biden on the same program? This way she will have to speak on her own behalf--no handlers or speech writers allowed. Oh yes, we can't do that, because people will finally see the fraud that the Alaskan gov. really is . . . .sarcastic fluff without any substance.

What is so sad about this, is that Senator McCain's vp nominee, can exaggerate a lie into a truth and her 'followers' believe it (not because it is true, but because, they want to).

Why do you pharisees, seem to want to compare a Harvard Law graduate (not to mention he graduated at the top of his class) to the Alaskan gov. Senator Obama is running for President (not vice president), she is running for vp. Actually, she can't by a long shot, be compared to Senator Biden. Maybe the pharisees, probably thinks that Senator Obama is over qualified for the presidency of the United States.

YES YOU MIGHT HAVE CAUGHT ON, I refuse to say the name of the pharisees' vp nominee. She doesn't deserve it and she doesn't deserve the vp position. I challenge Americans to not focus on Senator Obama's color, but focus on his plan for the nation.

Sorry, I digress, this was blog was about Ophra, not about the pharisees (the republicans).

Opra,I,m so glad your true colors showed up when they
did. This will help you and your Boy not to get the election.I met him two years ago Xmas at the Hyatt Honolulu. Obama is a real weak, milktoast loser in person.
Can't believe you. I'd rather vote for Steadmen.

Hmmm. It's interesting that everyone wants to cry "racist", but when people are REALLY being racist, your behinds have been quiet as mice. Give me a break! How fair is it to Hillary or Obama that Oprah have Palin on, when she did not have Hillary or Obama during their candidacies?

Not only that, but Palin is the one who would be scared of Oprah, because Oprah can end a career in an hour! She went to school to be a journalist, like Palin, but unlike Palin, she was able to make serious money, act as a philanthropist, and open a school in a third world country. If you think that Oprah is afraid of Palin, you're on drugs, and Palin should be grateful that she was not approached by the Oprah show!

It would serve Oprah better, to have Barack or Michelle Obama on, but if she isn't going to break her rule for her candidate, then why in the world should she break her rule for Palin? Why won't Palin answer the call of the public? Why wont she show up for real interviews by real news organizations? It's because she's either she is not ready, or she is trying to use this time to let the pubic speculate so that she can look better than she really is.

Lastly, Republicans gave Palin and automatic free pass, while Obama had to work hard to earn supporters. Black people did not follow Obama immediately the way that Republicans are following Palin. Most of those who follow Palin(many men) do so because they have the hots for her.

This is par for the course for Oprah who is so self deceived she can't see straight. Someone needs to tell her the empress has no clothes.

Having so much money has made her manipulative and ignorant. Such a shame to have so much power and just be so stupid about it.

She preaches enlightenment...but her light is dark.

Palin is scaring the Obama ticket, because she is real and a beautiful woman...and a woman that fears the Lord. A daughter of the Lion of that makes her a lioness!

Oprah has shown her true colors. I believe she is being unfair in not inviting Gov. Palin. She had Obama and the first PREGNANT MAN on her show but doesn't feel having a first female Replublican VP on her show is worthy. How pitiful is that. Oprah, to me is a CLOSET RACIST! Never again will that show be on my tv. Fair minded woman from all parties are outraged with her.

Oprah stinks of RACISM by not featuring a white person on her show - I would love to see Sarah Palin on her show. And to think that I had thought of Oprah as being a fair and balanced personaltiy - big mistake on my part.

I think it is great you are supporting Obama!!
Also, wonderful you will not give into to the pressure of everyone else. You made your decision and now you are sticking to it!!
CONGRATS! Good Job as always!!!!!

Obama 08'

I stopped watching Oprah years ago. She is clearly full of herself and this decision only solidifies my opinions. She and the other Democrats are clearly afraid to go one on one with Sarah Palin. Shame on you Oprah, and those who worship you as if you are God.

You Palin supporters can't be serious. Oprah supports Barack Obama, why would she have Palin on her show. It is her show period! She is a BILLIONAIRE and doesn't depend on gimmicks like Palin for ratings. Palin is NOT QUALIFIED to be VP. Anyone with any common sense would know that. Palin is an animal murderer and a liar with less than two years as governor, and worked part time mayor of a city with 5000 people. She couldn't even do that without hiring an administrator. Oprah is a true executive and has run her own show for more than 20 years. Oprah's personal staff budget is more than Palin could ever hope for. It would be an insult for Oprah to have Palin on her show claiming to have any type of executive experience. That's dumb to even push that issue.

This is her show...she chooses the lineup, not popular opinion or the government. For God's sakes this isn't Tehran! Some say she should have Palin on to reiterate her commitment to women empowerment. By not buckling to the masses and having Pain on her show, and by endorsing the canditate she truly believes in, IS the perfect example of women empowerment. Go O!

"It's disappointing that Oprah allows her bias to prevent her from applauding the first nomination of a woman without political or financial connections and based solely on her own merits for the second highest office in the country.

Has Orah forgotten that, not very long ago, women were considered to be property of their husbands and cruel beatings were acceptable? Or that American women of ANY color were denied the right to vote for 55 YEARS after American black males received that priviledge?

Has Oprah also forgotten that it is women who have been the real "community organizers" in most of America's cities and towns through the decades, improving the quality of life for all?

Obviously, she has."

It was written in the Constitution but black men still were not ALLOWED to vote. Once white women were able to vote there were no other barriers that prevented them to do otherwise. Also if white women had stood up against slavery it would have ended a lot sooner.

You DO NOT own Oprah. She can do whatever she wants on HER show. You people have "known" Oprah a whole lot longer than S. Palin and you stand behind her like a bunch of sheep. Get a grip and quit whining because you can't have your way on everything.

Sarah Palin is in hiding anyway, probably wouldn't go on Oprahs show


Its called the Oprah Winfrey show! It's sad that this country seems to jump on the band wagon about this non-issue. I think if this were 1955 the majority of this sites comments would be to keep blacks from voting. Whats the real problem?? Is it because Palin hasnt been on the number one talk show? Or is it just becasuse one the wealthiest people in the world happens to be a woman and black? hmmm

I wish Oprah would re-consider. I know people would respect her support of Obama even more, if she had both canidates (seperately) on the show. Sarah and Obama are changing the mold of politicians in American history. Oprah has such a valued presence in American homes as an interviewer, she is really doing her viewing audience an injustice by denying them the opportunity to see the canidates on her stage.

Palin should go on the shows that are primarily for the candidates such as Meet the Press, etc. Everyone is screaming racisim and bias because Oprah won't have Palin on her show. I thought that this is America with freedom , and choices. People did not scream racism when she helped Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, and they are white. I believe that the racist feelings are coming out from the ones who are the racist. The people in the U.S. are still back in the slavery period, that is why other countries do not have respect for the U.S. we are critical of other countries civil rights, but New Orleans is still not completed. Everyone need to take a step back and think about why does Palin need to go on Oprahs show and why do people (that I have read in this blog) feel Oprah has to invite her. Our country is in more serious trouble than to bicker over who is on what show, and Palin if she is for all of the American people (white, black, asian, native americans, etc) would not want the country divided on such a petty issue of her being on the show. I like Oprah, but the sun does not rise or set for me because of who she has on her show. Come on people think for yourselves, and be for real with your feelings, don't let something as trivial as Palin on Oprah show take away from the real issues at hand.

I guess I'm confused. Are American white women this stupid that we are looking at Oprah's personal decision of Presidential candidate as a race-driven choice? As others have said before, what about the issues? I'm a white woman, and a woman who would love to see another woman in office, I don't EVER want someone like Sarah Palin in office and, guess what, it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the fact that she is a woman. It has to do with her record, her qualifications and, most importantly, her politics!

I'm voting for Obama, not because he's black, but because he stands for me and my beliefs. I was never going to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter if McCain chose a woman, person of color or any combination of the two. The fact remains that the McCain/Palin ticket does not represent my values as an American. Period.

If the rest of you want to vote based on race or gender alone, I think that is very telling as to how little we are reading behind the headlines and the soundbites. I think it's incredibly sad that we no longer care about what the issues are and what we value for us and our families.

Personally, I don't want my rights or my daughter's rights to go away if McCain/Palin attempt to reverse Roe V. Wade. I want my kids to be equipped with all the information about sex AND abstinence. I want strict gun laws. I don't want us to have to depend on foreign oil sources. And I think we need to protect our planet in any way possible!

I hope Americans get out there and register and I hope we all do the proper research to elect who we want to be in office b/c we genuinely believe that they represent us.

P.S. Most American white women (according to a recent poll) said their two biggest issues in this election are education reform and healthcare. I dare you to find information about where Sarah Palin stands on those issues. You'll likely find her stance on oil and gas though...

Then DON'T watch Oprah. It's OVER YOUR HEAD anyway. Don't you have a museum of creation to go to?

I feel that Oprah have a right to interview who she want to and when she want to, just like Mccain had the the right to pick his vp without the media opinion.

Oprah stinks of RACISM by not featuring a white person on her show - I would love to see Sarah Palin on her show. And to think that I had thought of Oprah as being a fair and balanced personaltiy - big mistake on my part.

Okay so Oprah doesn't have the white person YOU want on HER show and she's a racist. Never mind all the white guests on her show as well as her staff. "Sheeple" are soooooo stupid!

Why is this even a discussion? It's Oprah's show and she can basically do with it what she pleases. I mean for Christ's sake, she is NOT a political anaylst so stop trying to make her into one. If it hadn't been for the Jerry Springer/Jenny Jones Fallout of the mid 90's, I am sure Oprah would be more trailer park then GOP anyway. So, let us all take a collective deep breath and just let her keep plugging away with her little show in her normal self important way and turn to CNN or MSNBC if we want a political debate.

Palin is a traitor to women. I think Oprah is within her right to deny her.

Sarah Palin is a threat to Oprah Winfrey's boy toy Barack
Hussein Obama.Who does that fat Winfrey think
she is ? Women put her where she is, women can take her down ! !

Yea for O! Who needs diversity any way? Why try and knock down the walls of difference when you can just keep building new ones? It's not over till the fat lady sings. OOOOooooooOOOOOO!




















I repeat, 'NO OPRAH...........NEVER AGAIN WILL I WATCH HER SHOW OR BUY HER MAGAZINE OR ANYTHING ELSE SHE ENDORSES" I have attended her show a number of times, the most memorable being Colin Powell and Billy Graham.

I always thought Doprah was a supporter of strong women. Who better to profile as a role model.....forget the politics.....than a female governor who has family challenges, just like most of the women in the world have had to face.


Oprah got Obama n her show before he announced his candidacy. Since the there has been no him on Oprah. I think she is just being fair. All those talking about Oprah and racism have their minds on what they are themselves.

Because Obama has been on Oprah's show twice, this makes her biased and she sounds like a liar when she says "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates."

She has already turned it into a platform which is NOT fair. I'm not going to vote for him because of her actions besides the fact that he is more inconsistent and indirect than McCain.

I think that Oprah can have whomever she wants on her show. If she choose not to have Palin on, then so be it. This is not a black or white thing, this is just her show selecting who and/or what topic they want to discuss. Why is it when white american can't get what they want they start crying and saying it's not fair? Because we all know that everything in white world is the gospel (but only to them). Also, Palin is boring, just like her counterpart. Who wants to hear about being a prisoner of war (a million times), and about selling an airplane and killing a moose. Also, Oprah's show has been successful before this administration and after the next one to come. And so far, she has been doing it right.

Can someone explain what is wrong with Sarah Palin?

She is married and faithful to her husband.
She has had 5 children and has not killed any children.
Obama's legislative career has been all for killing babies and he tried to
make Infanticide the Law in Illionois.
She is a good Christian woman, not forcing her beliefs on anyone.
Obama is a Muslim, pretending to be Christian.
Obama is also ridiculing Christian Morals and Values.
She served well as the Mayor of Wasilla, AK
She exposed and ended Corruption in Alaska.
She served as Governor of AK - everyone there is totally happy.
Obama has done (nothing) in Congress, not one Bill.
She arranged not only Tax Cuts in Alaska, but ongoing
money from the Oil Industry given to the people.
She has a pile of Executive experience, Obama has none.

Come on people, get it figured out!

UH...EXCUSE ME...for hundreds of years white people have supported other white people in this country at all platforms high and low in most cases! It has always been and still is (sad to say) that color is first and gender is second when it comes to most circumstances in this country! So lets not be the pot calling the kettle black!!!!! With that being said... we forget that OPRAH WINFREY IS BLACK and FOR ONCE...FOR ONCE, folks, when this country is getting ready to embark on a major historical change which involves a black man for the FIRST TIME after 300 some years, why can't she support her own..FOR ONCE? For 20 plus years Oprah has invited, welcomed and warmly embraced a majority of white women OF ALL BACKGROUNDS onto her show and her couch so you guy's can air out all your little "boo hoo" problems every single day. Therefore, If she has supported you all of these years, then why can't you, as a woman, support her in return by respecting her decision and her affiliations (you don't have to agree with it, but respect it)? I think that's fair and American. So let's leave out the racist remarks and the extreme decision not to support her show any longer. IT'S CRUEL, IT'S NOT RIGHT, AND IT'S TOTALLY UNFAIR. Cut the woman some slack!

I'm not for the female running for the V.P. position. She should not be given that much power. Especially over men. What I really feel is that those Men, I'm talking about the Joint Chief's of Staff are not going to take orders from a women. I myself can't see this America lead by a 44 year old female with five children. My christian feeling is that the woman should not usurp athority over the man more less the U.S.A. I am not even for Obama 100% because He just doesn't answer most questions he's asked. He's not all black nor is He all white. This country needs to put all that away and lets band together and be the number 1 in the world that we are.

This is why America/cans do not fair well with other nations; always trying to force your way into other folks lives and business! It is Oprah's show. Oprah worked hard for what she has. Regardless, Oprah can "invite" who Oprah wants to "invite" on OPRAHS show. Over emotional folk with no kind of boundaries or morals, most folk just run around on mere emotions, no logic, and no reasoning. Media and other troublemakers, who are those folk who are depressed and laden down with all kinds of wicked ways just get into the mind of simple folks. They are those folks who think the following way: let's stir up the people with something else crazy. And of course over emotional women (I'm a woman too but by Gods grace got my emotions in check), out of control women, jump on the band wagon. I don't however expect anything less from Palin/McCain sinners, ooops, supporters. This is the kind of behavior you can expect from folks who support Palin and McCain. People you cannot go around try'n to make "folks" do what "you" want them to do with their own stuff, in particular, Republican Convention folks who want to "boycott" her show (Laden down over emotional, out of control women, and men who act like women). In addition, remember we are not in the times of slavery. Oprah can go toe to toe with you, and she is not alone a whole lot of folk will back her, so you're barking up the wrong tree. The little boycott will not work, we bind that force of evil right now!!

I don't get it. Is Oprah where we now want to get our news? She has not had Obama on since he made his announcement. So I understand. It is not a Black/White thing SHE ENDORSES OBAMA period.

If Sarah was any formidable candidate wouldn't she had been on Oprah before now at best for the best Alaska governor or something.

Palin has been on the scene for 2 weeks and all of a sudden the first place she wants to go his Oprah's show. Give me a break.

Sarah should be upset if Meet the Press or CNN won't allow her on their shows. But you are crying foul and the show is named after who--Oprah.
Oprah gives away cars, has a book club, shows woman how to shop for bras, drives across country with her best friend, shows woman how to train their dogs. During this time why would Palin want to go on Oprah show anyway (Oh I get to pander woman voters) now I get it.


What everyone seems to be overlooking in Oprah not wanting Sarah Palin on her show is 1)Oprah has denounced Jesus 2) Has her 'daily' greater consciousness program...Oprah does not want someone on her show that believes in true Christianity. Obama, like Oprah, believes Jesus is not the way into'there are many paths into Heaven, not just through Jesus'...Sarah Palin does not follow their false prophets agenda, and therefore she cannot afford to have Sarah (a true Christian) to let her light shine on the path that Oprah has chosen to take.

True, it is Oprah's show, and true, she has a lot of doe eyed followers that would follow her off the cliff..Sarah Palin does not fit that agenda, nor do I. Which is why I stopped watching Oprah the day she announced her 'A Course in Miracles'.........Lesson 29, 'God is in everything I see.' Lesson 186, 'The salvation of the world depends on me.' 253, 'My self is the ruler of the universe.' 337, 'My sinless-ness protects me from all harm,'"“the era of the Single Savior is over”.....Enough said....scary...all we can do is pray for Oprah, and pray that Sarah is our next V.P.

I am not going to say that Oprah is biased and hypocritical, I just believe that Oprah knows and realizes in Sarah Palin, she has someone that is smarter, sharper, and not a hypocrit, and she would be intimidated by this.

I also see where people state that they wouldn't vote for McCain/Palin because they don't represent their values. I think the real issue here is they are the only ones that are presenting any values. I have seen nothing moralisticallly, religiously or otherwise presented by Obama/Biden that is even remotely close to anything that represents values.

It is sad to see those trying and wanting to know God to see those that claim to know God act like this. I can not believe all the "Oprah is a racist" (ask Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray about that) and sexist emails, then bringing God into it. Doesn't the Bilble you read mention something about pulling the beam out of your own eye before... well maybe the christian values only count when you are judging others. (I think there is something in your Bilble about that too).

How I wish for the separation of Church and State.

First of all, it is Oprah, not Face the Nation or Meet the Press (those do still come on don't they) and has Sarah Palin (or her people) even asked to be on her show? She has not done any other interviews. I think the first is with ABC. I wonder why? And as it has been mentioned so many times, how about Ms. Palin doing CNN, or MSNBC or even FOX (well...thats a toss up).
Maybe I am wrong but the "right" seems to come up with a lot of meaningless controversies to keep us from the real issues. Sometimes that flat out lie. "I told them thanks, but no thanks to the bridge to nowhere" Well after you first said yes and took the money. It also seems like the "left" has a hard time keeping focused on the main issues. Its the economy stupid! Iraq too. Got a lot of friends there.
All the candidates have positives and negatives. Believe it or not, they are closer than we would like to believe on many issues. They are politicans! They shake hands when they finish BSing and take a day like today off.
If you believe that any candidate will not do everything in his/her power to keep us safe, that is really sad. Wake up! There is a lot more information out there than sound bites, Rush and Bill. (Also Christions , I think there is something in that New Testment about God not giving us a spirit of Fear but of Power, Love and of a sound Mind. Check out 1 Timothy. So what are you afraid of. And stop the Obama Muslim crap, that is a lie and racist as well as not very christian.(Remember Love your enemies and all)
I think it comes down to ability and judgment and giving us the hope that we can be a better nation.

Personally, I think that's Obama.

Yep Oprah is a racist. Never once has their been a white person on her show. Never has she talked about her great friends John Travolta and Maria Shriver. Anderson Cooper, Lisa Ling, Dr. Oz, they're never on. Only Black people are. "White women made her powerful" they must boycott her. Maybe white women need to look in the mirror and see if they are judging a Black woman a little too toughly, perhaps they are the racists. The racists who won't let a Black man be elected. Shame on you Oprah, you are terrible look at all these white women and how they have been able to vote for white men their whole people their whole lives and now they want you to interview the first woman. A woman who is out of the loop with the modern woman. The modern woman whose body is not the government's property. The woman that wants to see her gay children be happy in their relationship. The woman whose son has been killed through gun violence. Oprah you should be sick that you aren't interviewing Palin she is so the person out country needs. NOT

Maybe Oprah doesn't want Palin on her show because Sarah Palin's personal and political philosophies take women's advancements back to the 60s. I ought to know because I was the streets...demonstrating for equal rights for women when Sarah Palin was still in diapers. So, to answer the question: would I watch an Oprah show with Palin on it? No -- what she has to say I heard 40 years ago, and many women have been working hard ever since to change that tune.

I can't believe that not having Palin on the Oprah Winfrey Show is really an issue. This just shows how the media lead people to focus on foolishness instead of the important issues. Palin has been asked to be on many shows, however, the Republican party won't allow her to unless the shows submit the questions first. Furthermore, McCain is afraid to debate Obama and only wants to do townhall meetings. That is enough for me not to support McCain and Palin. They are the wrong choice.

I'm tired of right-wing nut-cases demands! Now they don't like Oprah wanting to run her own show her own way and choose her own guests. Guess what? It's HER show!!

She's is a woman of integrity who's ALREADY said she won't have ANY candidate on the show during the campaign. Is that REALLY so hard to understand?!

Knowing the kind of positive, uplifting guests Oprah normally has, I'm wondering why she would even consider having a woman like this anyway. Her only demonstrable talent was to show how truly nasty she can be trashing the opposing candidate while simultaneously avoiding saying one SINGLE thing on the issues! Ck out Charles Gibson's interview for her really embarrassing display of ignorance on EVERY important issue. It's basically the "I-can't-answer-anything-about-anything-but-I'm-real-sure-I'm-right-about-everything-anyway" show! Sounds just like a female George Bush, doesn't it? Now wouldn't that be great? 4 more years of McSame!

Bottom line ... Oprah gets to decide who her guests will be. Those with ignorant, demanding, intolerant attitudes who see that as a problem won't be missed! The kind of people who HAVE to force their views on the rest of us are never a very desirable audience demographic anyway!


First, it was blacks not supporting her because WE said she did not do enough for us.

Now, it's the whites saying sahe is supporting Obama because he's black. So what!!!!!!!

Peep this...
A White man asked his Black friend, 'Are you
voting for Barack Obama just because he's Black?'
The Black man responded by saying, 'Why not? In
this country men are pulled over everyday just cause they're Black;passed over for promotions just cause they're Black; considered to be criminals just
because they're Black; and there are going to be
thousands of you who won't be voting for him just because he's Black!

However, you do not seem to have a problem with that!
This country was built with the sweat and whip off the Black slaves' back, and now a descendent of those same slaves has a chance to lead the same country,
where we weren't even considered to be people,
where we weren't allowed > to be educated, drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, or even vote.

So yes, I'm going to vote for him!
But it's not just because he's Black, but
because he is hope, he is change, and he now allows me to understand when my grandson says that
he wants to be president when he grows up, it is not a
fairy tale but a short term goal. He now sees, understands
and knows that he can achieve, withstand > and do
ANYTHING just because he is an American and although
he's Black!

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