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Obama-backer Oprah says no Sarah Palin on her TV show

Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire TV talk-show diva who is supporting the Democratic presidential nominee, says she will Oprah Winfrey supports Barack Obama for the presidency and campaigned for him but now prohibits the Republican female vice president Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska from being on her widely-watched TV shownot allow the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on her daily show, which is widely viewed by women.

The 44-year-old Palin is the first female nominee on a Republican presidential ticket in the party's 164-year history, though she is little-known outside Alaska, where she was elected a reform governor in 2006.

Palin, a former high school basketball star and beauty pageant contestant, is the mother of five, an outdoorswoman and part owner in her husband Todd's commercial fishing business.

This past year Oprah endorsed Barack Obama for president. It was the first time she bAlaska Governor Sarah Palin the first female on a national Republican Party ticket in historyecame publicly involved in politics.

Oprah emceed numerous rallies for the freshman Democrat senator in key caucus and primary states, drawing large crowds, donations, media coverage and many new volunteers. She also hosted a lucrative fundraiser at one of her homes, near Santa Barbara. But she has so many we can't count 'em.

Oprah's political involvement, as noted previously by...

...The Ticket, hurt her in TV ratings, though she remains clearly the most-watched such show.

Many commentors on Ticket items expressed resentment that Winfrey, who made her fortune off appealing to women, would desert the first serious female candidate to vie for her party's nomination, Hillary Clinton, another Democrat, in favor of a male candidate, Obama. She also did not have Clinton on her program during the campaign.

TMZ, the widely-read celebrity website, asked Winfrey about having Palin on her program to describe her life and views to other American women.

In a post earlier today, TMZ said Winfrey replied, "There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show."

According to TMZ, Winfrey also said: "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates."

Winfrey also said she would "love" to have the Republican candidate on her show, but only after the Nov. 4 election, which pits the Illinois Democrat Obama against Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

Winfrey has had Obama on her program two previous times, in January 2005 and again in the fall of 2006 shortly before he announced his presidential candidacy.

What do Ticket readers think? Is this fair? Would you watch an Oprah show with Palin and/or Obama? Do you still watch Oprah's program in the first place?

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Associated Press

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This woman can have anyone that she wants on her show and she decided not to have Sarah Palin. Maybe Sarah Palin should get her own show. She needs to sit down and talk to the people who actually are in tune to politics and stop trying to duck and dodge and use Oprah. She knows full well that Oprah is probably not going to ask her anything about foreign policy in depth. I don't care about her personal life. I have kids and a job, also. The only thing that I care about is what she is planning to do in office. I do not care ANYTHING about her personally. To me, I was not impressed with her behavior and it has nothing to do with Obama. She was acting like an elementary school child on one of the playgrounds. It was not professional and she appears to need to grow up. I try to teach my kids how to behave and this "grown" woman is standing on the National stage degrading someone. GROW UP!!! I was not impressed. I have not seen anything impressive in and about her. She is no different than any other woman that is out here working. I had a lady in my office who had children and one of them had special needs. I never remember people being mad about her not being on Oprah. There are many woman out here working and taking care of their kids. There are millions of special women out here and she is just one in the bunch. I want to see something really special. For one, she can start by acting her age.

Its a great time for viewers to boycott Oprah. I am sick of meida moguls trying to influence how people should vote.

Hello! It is a conflict of interest to have Palin on the show when she openly supports Obama.I just don't understand how race is an issue.Oprah is a rich woman, I very rich woman and I am sure she did not get that way be making wrong choices.So, I'm sure she is not backing the man because he is black.Let's give her a little credit.

Why do it have to always be about race? Why just can't it be a man or a woman? Why we have to make it about color? I'm color blind I wish you all were too but I guess "ignorance" comes from everywhere. Stop teaching racism within your home. Grow up!

Over the years Ophra gained so much money and fame. But she did not become a good wife and never experienced understood the motherhood. She is like a glass half filled.

CNN/NBC/MSNBC wants Obama to win, thats it no one will get a fair shot with the so called interviewers. Even Hillary did not get fair shot. People are the really judges.

I honestly believe if Sara Palin were the First Black Women VP Nominee for Either party, Opra would jump
at the opportunity to interviewed Palin without any reservations.

I can't help believe that it is a racial decision on Oprah's part....because Palin is a white candidate who happens to be very popular.

The decision only hurts Oprah...Palin will continue to gain power as Oprah's white female audience turn off the tube. Hopefuly, Palin will not have time for Oprah now or in the future.

If everyone will remember, Obama brought race into the campaign. I don't think race would have been an issue if Colin Powell or Condelessa Rice would have been running for President or VP. Obama is dividing the nation according to race. Is Oprah following his lead?

Oprah attended the church of Reverend Wright, one-sidedly supports Obama, and may not use her television show, but sure uses her celebrity status to blatently support Obama over Sarah Palin. The people of this Country have made Oprah wealthy because in her, we each found a little of ourselves. But not any more. Instead, she has become a mere political liberal wrangler just like any other celebrity. My family has not watched the Oprah show since she decided to choose sides in what is presently a divisive America. So I too have chosen sides by rejecting all things Oprah. That's just the way she set things up to be. It's time for a fresh face on TV as well.

Apparently some of these people who are upset that Mrs. Palin isn't going on Oprah before the election aren't listening or can't understand. Oprah has never had Obama or McCain or any of those running for the presidency on her show once they announced their candidacy for president. Obama was on her show before he announced his canidacy. What don't you get?
Or you want to live with a lie?


Winfrey talks about how Obama should run on Larry King tonight She gave the interview to tout the launch of her radio enterprise on XM. Obama tapes a show with Oprah on or about Oct. 3 to launch his new book. The show will run closer-or possibly on--the Oct. 17 launch date of his new book.

CNN’s Larry King Live
Interview with Oprah Winfrey & Friends
Monday, September 25, 2006



Maria says" "I agree with the viewers who say she is just voting for Obama because he is black. I thing that is the stupidest reason for voting for anyone: because of color."

I serously doubt that any of the haters on this board are "viewers" of Oprah. If they were, they wouldn't be making the ridiculous statements that they are about Oprah's decision--announced BEFORE the conventions--not to have candidates on her show until after the elections. Many of you people really should consider watching Oprah--you might learn something about compassion and competence.

Let's see... Oprah has had BHO and Michelle on the show. She did not have Hillary on the show. She will not have Palin on the show. Oh, that's right. She will not use her show as a political platform "for any of the candidates". Last I heard, BHO was running for POTUS and is married to Michelle. Are we supposed to believe her show was not being used by the Obamas as a "platform" early in their campaign? Get real!! Oprah is entitled to her opinion. But, she made her fortune appealing to the very women she has so blantantly dissed. Time to tune in elsewhere.

This might be Oprah's fall from grace...
does anyone remember what happened to Phil Donahue...

Racism is wrong and the color of the offender doesn't matter. Oprah's overwhelming support for Obama and her very public rejection of any other viewpoint will have the opposite effect to what she really wants. No-one likes to be told how to think, especially when there is the perception that the advice is race based.

I say let's see Palin on a few serious political programs first, like Face the Nation and Meet the Press. I'd like to know her stand on important issues. Going on Oprah before this happens would just reinforce the empty dress celebrity image of her that has been developing in the minds of many of us.

I'm disappointed in Oprah but can't say I'm surprised. Isn't this a typical response of the liberal media? They just do their best to keep the people in the dark about the truth when it comes to politics. Why anybody would even consider Obama for President is baffling since he hasn't done one thing to qualify him for the job. Why aren't they afraid to put so much responsibility into the hands of someone who has questionable intentions for the country? It's clear that she's afraid that if the people saw any more of the dynamic Governor Palin, her precious Obama wouldn't have a chance. Too bad she is incapable of being fair. White women have been the majority of her support all these years, it's too bad she just isn't kind enough to put Palin on her show too.

Palin should be seeking to speak with reporters on the issues rather than a talk show host. Its just another way Sarah can slip past meaningful questions. If I didn't agree with someones issues, I wouldn't let them on my talk show to discuss their opinions unless they addressed the issues first.

I have no problem with this. I very much dislike Mccain and Palin. Although I do think she should've allowed Hillary Clinton in her show when she was running for the democratic candidate. Even if Opera was not for Hillary, Hillary is still the first serious women to run for president and I think that's very significant. I respect Obama too but, I believe Opera wanted him in her show because he is the first serious black candidate.

Anyway, I don't think it really matters. She can choose who she wishes.

I'm glad that Sarah Palin won't be a guest on Oprah's show. It would be a step down for Sara as far as I'm concerned. It would be beneath her 'paygrade'. After all, in the end, who is more important? Oprah Winfrey, or the first woman vice president of the United States? I think the answer is obvious.

Mark my words! After Oprah sees the new polls out, she WiILL invite Sarah Palin to be on her her show. I hope that Palin refuses and tells her 'maybe' she'll be a guest AFTER the election.

Good for Oprah. Palin's face is the pretty face of a cold-blooded political animal. McCain looks like a re-animated corpse who's controlled remotely. Sometimes the sound feed gets delayed and that's why he smiles at inappropriate times.

Oprah shows her true colors (no pun intended). Viewers opposed to her decision should speak with their mouths and their wallets. Cancel subscriptions to her magazine. Don't support advertisers of her show. Oprah should realize that taking such a stance has risks and repercussions, if she chooses to accept those risks - fine. I for one will never watch her show again, and certainly earnestly true to not and support advertisers of her show.

It seems naive to think that Oprah didn't know about Obama's political aspirations to go for the democratic presidential nomination when she had him on the show. Sure, it may not have been announced yet, but come on. And it seems obvious she is endorsing Obama because he's black. That's racist. Her claim to not have on any candidates during the campaign is a THIN disguise for her racist agenda.I grew up on Oprah and I will no longer watch/read her.


Why would America REWARD complete Republican failure ?



imagine for a minute if either oprah or obama were white instead of black .....or if palin were black instead of white ....would this blog be filled with so much hateful nonsense ?

If you want to see how she is tell that coward Mc cain to put her on Meet the Press .... there is one reason they are hiding her away from shows like MtP .. they know she will show up for the full she is. so Palin go on meet the press then ill back you for other shows

CNN and Campbell Brown needs to research Gov. Palin's experience regarding Alaska's foreign policy or other qualifications she has to be commander in chief. Gov. Palin commands Ak. National Guard, the list goes on.
Get facts on her. See her Ak budget. Look up Ak. Senate & house. Look up what countries regularly do business with Gov. Palin. A lil effort on the Ak. state site, no different than a lower 48 state Gov. site. You can do it.
Come visit us online.

As for Oprah Winfrey.....
Sarah will say no now......
Women will say no to Oprah....
Oprah you lost a chance for all women. Gov. Palin is a role model seperate of Obama. Talk of women, Alaska, special needs. Say no to McCain for Obama that I understand.

Oprah is right, everyone knows who she supports, so having Palin on her show will just be hypocritical. Palin should find another show and not bring pressure on Oprah, Palin knows who Oprah supports.

But by bringing pressue on Oprah, Palin also brings some of the spotlight on her. Palin doesn't care at all about Oprah, it's all about the spotlight.

Maybe Oprah is just like most of us and can't stomach the idea of being in the same room with Sarah Palin.
Palin has shown that the GOP is even more eager than the Democrats to play the victim (look how fast they claimed the media was being sexist), so I'm not surprised that so many of her supporters are also eager to claim she is the victim of racism.
Additionally, considering that by a number of accounts, it's Palin who is racist, as well as sexist, it's no wonder that Oprah doesn't want her on the show.

its over!! move on... goddest oprah has spoken.....

I hunt. I fish. I work 70 hours per week driving a tractor trailer and I'm a working mom of a 7-year old son. I am also a white Christian who opposes abortion because I had one at the age of 16 and it messed up my life for the next twenty years. I can identify with Sarah Palin. She is poliltically-qualified and an individual of integrity. Oprah's motives seems suspect. Is she afraid Sarah Barracuda will outshine Obama? Then again, appearing on such a specious venue might tarnish Sarah's rep.

Okra has lost her mind. She is pro-Okra, period! Maybe she is lobbying for a cabinet position with Odumma. Since she has adopted some fake spiritualism her ability to see things clearly has vanished. I will not watch her show, buy her magazine nor support her sponsors.

For that matter-the VIEW is just as bad. It should be called the Skewed View. Go McCain/Palin! They have my vote after seeing how the media has treated them and infers that we the people aren't smart enough to hear the facts and make our own decisions.

I can't believe what you are arguing about here. Obama was at her show in 2005 and 2006. That is three and two years ago. Two years ago! At that time 99% of you didn't even know him! And because of that Oprah is now supposed to interview Palin?? What kind of logic is that? How can you get crazy about that? Think and talk about the issues, dear americans, don't swallow everything that's spread to distract you!

Just like a liberal to say one thing and do another. What else would you expect. I'll never watch her show again. Yes, it's her show but I certainly don't have to watch it, ever.

It's her show, she invites who she wants to when she wants to. It will probably even be a better show if she invites Palin after the race, which Oprah said she would love to do. Then we can get the full story on campaigning as a woman VP, regardless of a "win" or "loss," and be beyond any political grabs. An interview with any candidate after the election would be much more interesting, and this especially applies to Palin, whose complex family life and still successful career is inspiring to women everywhere. Let's wait until after the election and hear about all of that instead of McCain's platform.

It is sad really. I think Oprah is wrong for not having Sarah on her show...she says she won't have any politics...but if I am correct I am pretty sure Obama was on there twice.

If she really didn't maybe Obama should no have been on there and then maybe I would believe her and not have a problem with it.

I will never watch her show again.

have said that, people want to tear apart Sarah Palin...but why not Obama? Has everyone forgotten about his church and pastor and what they believe in?? That is SCARY. People are BLIND...and it is not all over the news because they are all Democrats.

People need to WAKE UP!! I am sorry but our national security is important.

Oprah's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

Since she has a well-known preference for Obama, if she gave an interview to Palin and it didn't go well for Palin, Oprah would be accused of bias, racism, sexism, etc. She's better off just keeping all political candidates off her show until after the election.

Anyway, Palin is running for a party whose platform is not good for families or women (you can check to see which candidates have supported equal pay for equal work, flexible work, after school programs, funding for teen mother shelters, education for special needs children, and job training programs... and which candidates have voted against these things or cut funding for them)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Palin camp did not ask to be on Oprah, right? I mean, they haven't said she wanted to go on the show. So, this is all based on a tenuous hypothetical that Palin--who has been sequestered from the press--would even do the show? I doubt she would think that Oprah would show her the proper "deference."

In this historical time in American History, each candidate is doing what he thinks will get him elected. Obama chose Biden, an McCain chose Palin. Each could have done better, but they chose what they thought would help them win. Lets look at this from all sides, first Black Americans feel that "it is finally our time to lead the country, and white Americans should not have fear of any retaliation or getting even. For as long as Black Americans could vote, they have been willing to support White Candidates. This fear is simply human nature focusing on the bad, it would be the same thing, if Black People thought John McCain was a racist because he did not vote for the MLK Holiday. While many Black Americans would draw that conclusion, anyone with any sense of business, would understand, that it was more about workers getting another paid Federal Holiday that effected McCains vote. White Amercans should not fear what would happen if Obama wins, while he may lead some things more to the left center, we are not going to become a nation run by the Hip Hop Generation. Obama like many Black Americans, loves this country, and would never do anything to damage the Freedom and Liberties it provieds us all. So we should focus on the Candidates, the Economy, the War and what America needs. Leave The Fears Out Of It.

Any decision that Oprah makes about having Palin on her show would be a win-win situation for the Republicans. Oprah actively and vocally supports Obama. If Palin is on her show every Republican strategist (is that an oxymoron?) will be declaring how unfairly Palin was treated and if she doesn't have Palin on her show every Republican strategist (again, an oxymoron) will be declaring how unfairly Palin was treated. Grow up. I am not a fan of James Carvelle but I have to agree with him that the number is closer to 18 than 18000000. The idea that all the Hillary supporters will now turn to the Republican ticket because the vice-presidential pick has a uterus should be assigned to its proper place in history --before women were allowed to vote because it would be too much for their itty-bitty minds to deal with.

if palin wanted to be on the OPRAH show she should have called and asked to be on it priior to running for the vp seat!

why is Oprah so afraid to have Palin on? If Obama is the right choice than Palin wont be an issue. Is she afraid that Palin and McCain are the better ones and this would help them???? Come on Oprah, you had Obama and Michelle on, What about SARAH!!!!!!!!!

Way to go, Oprah, you passed up a golden opportunity to try to shoot down Mrs. Palin.

Proof again that the media has a HUGE liberal bias. It's good to see that Oprah's popularity at least took a significant hit since endorsing Obama. I've always felt "celebrities" think way too much of themselves to miss that just as many that care what they think, won't give a damn what they think. They do not belong in politics. I even read today where Kieth Obermann of MSNBC has been removed because he couldn't keep his personal (and liberal) opinions off of the show. When it comes to the news media (all media), the world slants left.

Oprah is obviously a racist and that is why she would not have Hillary and now Sarah on her show yet she had Obama on there several times. Oprah knew Obama was getting ready to announce his candidacy. Tsk, tsk, tsk Oprah, you've used the white community long enough to line your pockets!! No more Oprah for me.

If Palin could be trusted to discuss women's issues, that would be one thing. It wouldn't be about women at all. Palin would only use Oprah's show to bash Obama. That's what the Republicans have always been about--lies, mudslinging, dirty politics. Why should Oprah have that on her show?

Bad move Oprah, you are not being fair. And you are going to hurt your ratings. I understand if you never had Barack Obama on, but that is not the case. Your fan base is women. I was a devoted watcher, but since your endorsement of Obama, I have watched your show less and less and now I am pretty much done It is not because I support McCain or Obama, I am undecided, but you are helping me decide...............and it is pushing me away from Obama.

THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE SLAMMING OPRAH CAN GET YOURSELVES EDUCATED. AS I SKIM THROUGH THESE COMMENTS, YOURS ARE THE MOST IRRATIONAL AND HATEFUL. LISTEN TO YOURSELVES! Everything you say is hateful, but never about the facts. THE FACTS PEOPLE! Oprah's money? What about McCains 40 million and 9 houses? How is he a candidate of the people? Sara Palin a woman? Do not put her in this gender. She is a monster. She wants the death of polar bears, Arctic wolves and nature in place of oil and more killing. For goodness sake she can't even control her ridiculous children -- one pregnant, one with a DUI now going to Iraq. OPRAH IS A HUGE BLESSING AND A GREAT EXAMPLE and now that a hateful, evil group of white people (who don't represent good white people in America) wants to twist lies and project fear, big surprise, you turn on her. Shallow and self-absorbed and ready for 4 more years of hate, destruction and dehumanization with a monster like Palin and a puppet like McCain. Give me a break. USE YOUR COMPUTER TO TYPE OUT HOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE A BETTER PERSON. HOW ABOUT THAT! HOW ABOUT FINDING WAYS TO HEAL THE RACIAL DIVIDE IN THIS COUNTRY--THE ONLY COUNTRY STILL IN THE STONE AGES ABOUT RACE RELATIONS--INSTEAD OF FEEDING THE FIRES OF MORE HATE-MONGERING. If those of you haters and extremists would have done half the good that Oprah has done, we would not be in this social and economic mess to begin with!

I support Oprah. If she does not want to have a religious extremist, anti woman nut on her show that is up to her. And she has every right to support whatever candidate she wants to.
I read her magazine and watch her show and will continue to do so.

Forget Oprah. Get Palin on some news programs, both conservative and liberal, so we know where she stands on the issues. Instead of bickering over whether Palin should be smiling and sipping tea on some insepid talk show, we should be more concerned about how this next election will change the course of our nation's history, how it will impact our economy, how the world will view us, and if some hockey mom from a small Alaskan town is equipped to handle increasingly important global issues.

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