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Obama-backer Oprah says no Sarah Palin on her TV show

Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire TV talk-show diva who is supporting the Democratic presidential nominee, says she will Oprah Winfrey supports Barack Obama for the presidency and campaigned for him but now prohibits the Republican female vice president Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska from being on her widely-watched TV shownot allow the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on her daily show, which is widely viewed by women.

The 44-year-old Palin is the first female nominee on a Republican presidential ticket in the party's 164-year history, though she is little-known outside Alaska, where she was elected a reform governor in 2006.

Palin, a former high school basketball star and beauty pageant contestant, is the mother of five, an outdoorswoman and part owner in her husband Todd's commercial fishing business.

This past year Oprah endorsed Barack Obama for president. It was the first time she bAlaska Governor Sarah Palin the first female on a national Republican Party ticket in historyecame publicly involved in politics.

Oprah emceed numerous rallies for the freshman Democrat senator in key caucus and primary states, drawing large crowds, donations, media coverage and many new volunteers. She also hosted a lucrative fundraiser at one of her homes, near Santa Barbara. But she has so many we can't count 'em.

Oprah's political involvement, as noted previously by...

...The Ticket, hurt her in TV ratings, though she remains clearly the most-watched such show.

Many commentors on Ticket items expressed resentment that Winfrey, who made her fortune off appealing to women, would desert the first serious female candidate to vie for her party's nomination, Hillary Clinton, another Democrat, in favor of a male candidate, Obama. She also did not have Clinton on her program during the campaign.

TMZ, the widely-read celebrity website, asked Winfrey about having Palin on her program to describe her life and views to other American women.

In a post earlier today, TMZ said Winfrey replied, "There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show."

According to TMZ, Winfrey also said: "At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates."

Winfrey also said she would "love" to have the Republican candidate on her show, but only after the Nov. 4 election, which pits the Illinois Democrat Obama against Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain.

Winfrey has had Obama on her program two previous times, in January 2005 and again in the fall of 2006 shortly before he announced his presidential candidacy.

What do Ticket readers think? Is this fair? Would you watch an Oprah show with Palin and/or Obama? Do you still watch Oprah's program in the first place?

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Associated Press

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I should be surprised but I'm not. This open rooting for Obama is beyond sickening. Liberals can deny it all they want and label it as conservative whining. But in the end it'll probably backfire and we'll all be saying "President McCain." The conservatives could very well get the last laugh.

Its amazing, Oprah does not claim to be the end all - be all, she is a woman with strong opinions that gets listned to. She doesnt hypnotize, or force, so if you dont agree, then dont agree. But to be upset because her views differ from yours? Hello, the last time I checked this was America, its her show and she can do what she wants with it, she said she wasnt using the show itself as a platform and has not had Obama on since he entered the race, so why would she have any other canidates? As for those calling her a racist, so now if you back someone of the same race your automaticlly racist? How about the fact that she completely agrees with his views? How about the fact that she disagrees with MCain/Palin. Grrr, mainly just wanted to say i think its ridiculous that so many ppl seem to dislike her for the simple fact that so many ppl like her. She doesnt claim to be some all-powerful hollier than thou bieng, the ones claiming it are the ones dissing her.

To all americans women,men that are supporters of Mrs.Palin going on Opraha's T.V. show while running for (VICE PRESIDENT NOT PRESIDENT) please stop blaming Opraha for this election. Opraha is a generous and caring woman who has proven over and over again how we should show love and compassion to others; she hasn't bashed anyone woman or man on her show not even when Liz Claibone came on her show with pure hatred for black people or the Owner of the Timberland company who totally let the world know that he was a racist and many others. Opraha continued to show respect to all her guest and the world. There has been much talk of "Opraha Ology" Now she is no God however she is a women of great character Opraha has built homes for others in need as well as give food and clothing to the homeless, white and black alike. Sent countless people to college, paid for drug treatment for families in desparate need and just because she has exercised her right of choice and backs Barack Obama for President, she has become a racist. you all should be ashamed of yourselves, How many people in your own community have you helped? How many women or men have you sponsed to get off drugs ? How many of your own family members can count on you for help? How many children have you sponsed to go college? You know a mind is a terrible thing to waste. So the next time you think your so perfect lets see you walk on water all of you Haters!!!!!!!!. where is your since of decentcy. Opraha didn't say that Mrs. Palin couldn't come on her show but that she wouldn't have her or Joe Biden the Other V.P nomonee on her show until the election is over and that to me states fair play and respect to the world and your right to choose and back any candidate without bias. check your facts and weigh carefully your own motives before bashing Opraha Winfrey's motives

Why are you all making a big deal out of this? She isn't having any of the politicians on after they have declared their run for office. I'm not an Oprah fan, but it's her show, she can ask on who she wants. Her viewers aren't or shouldn't be taking their political views from Oprah, they are hopefully manking up their own minds. I would rather have Sarah Palin on a show that would ask some tough questions, like Hardball or Meet the Press.

I think the candidates should go on General Hospital, and then I'll know who to vote for.









Some of you didn't read the article very closely. She refused to have any candidates on her show after they announced they would be running for office. This is clearly stated. If you had read it, you would also see that she would love to have Palin on the show -- after the elections. I swear, I am going to have to stop reading these. The idiocy is so ridiculous.

Most of us making comment here seem to be making a grave assumption: that Sarah would WANT to make an appearance at Oprah's church (a.k.a. "show"). Believe it or not, there are a few of us out here that haven't tasted a drop of the Oprah kool aid - and have no plans to do so. We need more Sarah's in the world who are unashamedly Christian and who will call abortion by its right name. The situational ethics that is so purvasive in this country will be its demise. There IS right and wrong and its about time someone stands up and says so. Sarah Palin understands that the unborn have NONE of the rights we have. Simply because a child is in someone's womb takes nothing away from their rights; yet we descriminate based on their address. Why can't women realize they not only kill the rapist's half of that child, they kill their half as well? In the very act of so-called revenge or "cleansing" they kill what is essentially their own child. You can't separate your half from their half. "Protecting women's rights" at what cost? Pride and ignorance are a dangerous combination!!! Don' t talk to me about "rights" when all you are really interested in is your own well being and comfort at the expense of everyone else's rights. The definition of abortion is simply when the rights of the stronger person overpower the rights of the weaker person. I am quite comfortable with supporting a candidate who stands up for the rights of the unborn and who could care less whether she ever makes a visit to O church.

All this talk about racism. Seems to me the people commenting on this blog are thinking more about race than Oprah. If she stated she didn't want her show to be used as a political platform, then take her word for it. Thought this was a free country? Oh! I get it. It's free when you do what people want. Anyway, there are so many options for Palin as far as interviews and so forth. Why is everyone jumping on Oprah? Is it because she's a black woman? How many other talk shows has Palin made a guest appearance? I'm sure there are plenty of them where she hasn't. So why is everyone so stuck on O not having her on?

Guess what? Blacks do not have the political power to be racist, even if they don't like other races, they don't have enough power to control the plight of other races in the first place. People need to really look into the true definition of "racist" and use it in the correct context.

I honestly can't stand Oprah. She is over rated. Just like most people. I am a proud republican. Yes I am voting for McCain. No I am not racist.I would love to have a black man, or a women in the white house. Do I feel as though Obama is the right man? Hell no. Oh the fact that someone DARE to compare him to my Lord and Savior most be stupid. Obama was on a live interview when he started talking about his Mulism faith. Then he says he isn't mulism. But then why in the hell are you on national TV talking about your mulism faith. Then when he got corrected and stumbled. Do you really want a MUSLIM in the white house? So am I voting for Obama? No! As far as Oprah goes, hell she isn't all that. I mean she claims to be the most powerful women then why! WHY not let Palin be on your show, because you have a little competition? Ha. Palin is a strong women, and I really believe she can handle being the V.P. So everyone may the best man win. And if so HELP US GOD Obama win, let us all pray that the world doesn't come to an end sooner than what it has too. So everyone GET OUT A VOTE! I know people say well my vote won't matter, as you can see EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS! So.. GO VOTE! GO MCCAIN 08!!!! (Just had to add that in)

WOW I cant belive some ppl all Oprah has done for ppl, she is kind, genorous, and has done so many things to help so many ppl dont evan knw. I do not watch her show but I knw enough about her to knw she is not a racist, just because she supports a black man dose not mean she is racist, if that is the case then ther is alot of racist ppl in this country right now whats wrong with u ppl. Its you thats showing your true colors right now. Oprah has not said one bad word about Palin, yet u ppl slander and run her name thrugh the mud. What have u done that is so great that to help someone else besides your self maybe u should look in the mirror and see who's the racist......How dare some ppl compare the struggle of women to the one of Black Americans History speaks for its self maybe they should pick up a book and do some research. This is America and my ancestors fought for the right to vote for whoever I want BLACK OR WHITE. Oprah has the same right.

I have to say that I LOVE OPRAH! I watch almost every day. I also have to say that I really dont care who she votes for but I do mind that she and many celebraties use their shows or concerts to promote a political candidate. I dont tune in to the show or go to the concert to have the star of the show talk politics. I'm there to be entertained not to feel bad because I dont share the same political views. Why cant you all just keep your political opionion to yourself. when I want to know what your politcal views are I'll ask! I know that this is her show and can have on whoever she wants but ...isnt the main purpose of the show to entertain people and inform us ? Arent we the ones who make her show possable? I can watch the news or any number of other shows to get the political info I need. I dont think Oprah is where i want to hear it UNLESS.. she as BOTH candidates on her show. I am disappointed in oprah I though she was more fair that this.. I but still love you!

Its obvious that Oprah will not have a white woman on her show that upstages her. This is not only the epitome of conceit but of racism also. Get off your black wagon Oprahy and join the rest of America.

I used to watch Oprah all the time.But this just makes me mad i will not watch Oprah ever again , because she will not allow Sarah Palin on her show. That is just bias.

I will no longer watch your show, I use to think you was a very fair person but, by not allowing Sarah Palin on your show you have shown me you are very bias and I also wonder if it is because she is white!!!!! If she was black would you let her on your show??????????????

I thought we had come further than this in over 2000 years. Unfortunately . . .
Seems to me there are a few quotes from the bible that could be applicable to many of the postings.
"Judge not lest ye be judged."
and "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

Peace and blessings

Who cares if you boycott. Blessings comes not from the east or west, it comes from God Almighty.

Freedom of Choice, its her show, she was the one who made her money and fame therefore she has the right to decided who she wants to support and who she wants on her show. News anchors, writers, politicians and so on all express their choice publicly.. what, Oprah can't do the same? So stop calling her a racist and a sexist, its such an ignorant comment. Go produce your own show if you want to see someone you like.. Don't hate on her just because she managed to make her life better then yours.

Stop following others, and make your own choice.. See the truth! Ignorant and unrealistic people like to twist things around and always turn it into a race issue.. COME ONE its 2008 GET OVER IT..

When Oprah changes her mind due to pressure...Sarah should say no.
Also, when she wins, she should tell Oprah No.

Oprah is done...people are finally waking up to her manipulative ways.

Haven't watched Oprah in a long time and will not watch her in the future either.

Simply stated, Oprah did not have the democratic vice presidential nominee, Joe Biden, on her show. Therefore, why should she have the Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin on or show???????
Some people are fogetting that Palin is NOT running for President!!!!!!!!!!

Although I never really watched Oprah, I always thought pretty highly of her for all the good she has done for many people. However, I have lost all respect for her as a result of her support of Barack Hussein Obama. If he wins the presidency we'll be having high tea with the Al-Queda. Perhaps Oprah could have Osama Bin Laden on as a guest.

O you of little faith, don't you know you're
Better off dead then red (red state that is).
All good Democrats deserve a turn on
My show, but if you're a Republican ... well that's
Another way to prevent neoconservative takeovers.

OPRAH (not really ... hehe)

Oprah has consistently NOT interviewed ANY candidate (regardless of gender, melanin, or affiliation) since the 2008 election started -- including Barack Obama. This was her stated position LONG before anyone cared who Palin was and Oprah is CORRECT to uphold that promise.

Anyone who thinks she is biased or racist needs to pay more attention and maybe check their own bias or closet racism.

Until you have done as much to help women and others around the world as Oprah has, consider properly directing your negativity towards people like Bush and his fraternal twin, McCain who pride themselves on GREED, MURDER, and LIES disguised as Patriotism. God Bless America.

Oprah hasn't had Obama on either, since it was announced that he would indeed be running for office.
She has stated that she refuses to use her show as a presidential platform--and I can understand that.

Oprah is a smart woman and does not need to cater to angry white women who want to boycott her show, because she will not invite Sarah Palin to speak. And, I for one, am so happy that she can tell any controlling racist that OWS is her show--she created, she owns it and she decides who, when and where is going to be on HER show.

When you get your show, you can have Sarah Palin and whoever else you want on your show. And, by the way, why would Oprah have a woman on her show who called Obama Sambo and Hillary Clinton a bitch? Sure, Palin is the first woman to be nominated for VP; however, she is a member of the NRA, belongs to a all-white church that has videos on the internet that shows them running around in the woods doing really scarey stuff. Her behavior and her friends are a throw back to the KKK. At the RNC the people were just gleaning with excitment, shen she came on the scene. I see why, now. she is a racist redneck and many, many, many white people love her because of that. And, those people who keep saying that blacks are voting for Obama because he is black. Well listen up, Whites are not voting for Obama for the same reason. Lets get real here. You have people who would rather have a trashy racist gun toting white extremist person running this country anyday, than have a qualified, competent, constitutional attorney with a harvard law degree graduate who has international experience from childhood and raised by a woman who struggled to get her own education---A PhD. Please///mwansaM

Come on John Galt!!! Are you insane. Oh, no, you actually do want to see a total blackout in NYC. Well, that's what will happen with Mccain/Palin, as you well know. Hope you have your little mecca in the mountains ready with the worlds most brilliant/talented at your disposal. Idiot!

I will no longer watch her show or support her book club. I am very disappointed in her decision. Just because she is Democrat does not mean all her audience is. Not everyone shares her same believe and she should except that and be open minded. She has lost many viewers because of this.

This is just a part of the overall media prejudice. In 2000 Oprah had Gore and Bush on her show and recently she has had Senator Obama, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton on her show. Her claim that she does not want her show to be a political forum is ridiculous after this record. She has decided now to put her political agenda over the desires of her viewers, the women who should not be ashamed to be excited about the prospect of a female VP.

Sarah Palin is not even worthy of being invited onto the Oprah Winfrey show. Sarah Plain has no class and anything she has to say is pathetic and not worth listening to.

I'm not a fan of Oprah AT ALL; however, let's be real people. As many have already stated, her show is not a political one. Besides, it's her show! She can do what she wants in regards to inviting guest on.

As far as the hype behind the story, why does everyone care so much. Better yet, why does Palin care about Oprah's show so much. Oprah supports Obama--yes. Palin/McCain are running against Obama--yes. Palin/McCain are pulling out all of the stops to put a wrench in Obama winning.

[after thought]...why are we focusing on our potential Vice President appearing on a talk show? Now, more than ever, we "all" should have a discerning ear on issues Palin and all of the candidates (Obama, Biden, and McCain) in this years election are addressing!?

Think about it. --TW

Oprah has never had candidates on whiie they are running for office, but has had them on before and after the election. You want to say that she racist for refusing to have the republican Sara on when she has never had Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obama etc. or any other Chg. politician on when they were running for office. If she changes her policy she would have to Have Obama as well as other's who would complain. It seems to me you want her policy changed to benefit the "white woman" is not that racist..

That last comment is inaccurate. IN 2000 Oprah had Gore and Bush on, during the general election. Recently she has had Michelle Obama, HillaryClinton and Barack Obama on her show. I do not think Governor Palin cares. I agree with you that the show is Oprah's and she is free to have whomever she wants on her show. Similarly, viewers are free to stop watching her show. Let's see what the ratings do (FoxNews consistely had more viewers than all the oher cable news networks combined this week).

Come on Oprah, you are appearing very bias, why not have Sarah Palin on your show??

I don't think Oprah is a racist. I think she is THREATENED by these strong women. Remember, there"s a reason there is only one QUEEN bee. She can't afford to look inferior to Hillary and Palin on her own show! That's why the show is called OPRAH with capital letters.

All I can say is WOW! The level of ignorance here is amazing. I think people are missing the facts OBAMA has not been on her show since he announced, because they want to. Stop spreading lies by omission and misrepresentation. We can disagree with one another's politics but let's not make things up. I watched Sarha Palin's speech and she delivered it well, But the prompter was not broken. At least a dozen reporters have said they could see it from where they sat and that was a lie, like many other LIES Ms Palin told that evening. She seems to tell lies about things that don't even really matter. What's wrong with this woman? I'm starting to think she has serious problems.

Yeah Oprah is SUCH a raciest, because you know the guest stars on her show such as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Tom Cruze they were obviously not white; a TOTAL raciest right there.

Okay honestly, do people really think Oprah’s a raciest? It makes me shiver at night to think some people with this ‘intelligence’ can vote. I don't think she would care if Sarah Palin was purple. If anything I find it racist to believe just because she’s black she doesn’t like white people.

And if Oprah doesn't like her, doesn’t make her a raciest, jealous, or sexist, it makes her a HUMAN with an OPPINION. She can’t just like some one for their ideas or what they stand for; she likes Obama JUST because he’s black?

Hypothetically, if it did have some thing to do with race, people seem to forget she's not just a woman, she has a strong black heritage and she's proud, would it be better for us to say that was wrong? If she was going around just showing strong woman and only a woman’s beliefs, that wouldn’t be wrong? Kind of sounds like a double standard, if you ask me.

And, automatically if I don't like this Sarah Palin character, then I guess I'm raciest and sexist too? In fact who said Sarah Palin was so great, what did she do other then build a bridge that went no where. But its okay it just coast us, the tax payers a few hundreds of dollars, she has ‘great’ potential to lead our country, a ‘TRUE’ Inspiration if you ask me, we should build million dollar bridges everywhere, the more they merrier.

Besides its Oprah’s show, she can do whatever she wants. It’s not like the Oprah show determines the President. And if you’re really just that sore about whole thing make your own talk show.


I am saddened, and truthfully...... scared, what do you ppl do? scan the article for highlights and then post the first thing that comes to your feeble minds? How about actually READING the entire thing, then sitting down and actually THINKING about what it's saying.
I can only hope that this does not accurately mirror the intelligence of the American ppl at large. If it does, this country is in a lot more trouble than I thought, and I'm not talking about who you support or whether you dislike or like Oprah. I'm referring to the rampant rushes to judgment, the intolerance for different views, the building of beliefs media spin and non-fact, the tearing down of ppl for no apparent reason other than you don't happen to like them. I don't agree with Palins' views, but I have no desire to drag her through the mud, or to downplay or discredit any of the good she has done in her career.
Oh, and whether or not you agree with Oprahs' political view, should have nothing to do with whether you like her show or her. Are you going to start screening all the movies you watch to make sure that the director, screenwriter and actors are all on the correct side of the political color scheme (blue/red)? All your TV shows? This is just absurd....
Missed out on the high school diploma? Do your country a favor, at least go back and get a GED, your idiocy is showing.....

I think that it is great that you did not have Sarah Palin on your show and admire you for your stand! She does not exemplfy high standards for women with her beliefs for pro-life and lack of awareness for environmental issues.

As someone else stated Senator Obama appeared on her show prior to him announcing his candidacy. Had the world known of Governor Palin it's possible she would have been invited also. Again, Oprah's show is a talk show which doesn't focus on politics. See has never allowed any presidential candidate to appear on her show until after the election. I don't always agree with Oprah but let's be fair is her show. Why isn't Governor Palin agreeing to appear on Meet The Press or other politically formatted shows so we can get to know her instead of meeting with world leaders? They can't vote for her.

You decide, here are the facts. Be careful little mind what you believe !!!

SARAH exhibits faith in God, believing that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

OPRAH mocks Christian faith, insisting that "God is a feeling experience, not a believing experience. If God for you is still about a belief, then it's not truly God."

SARAH believes that the Scriptures (Genesis to Revelation), in the original Hebrew and Greek, are the inspired, infallible words of the Creator and that these words speak the truth to our minds, and to the eyes of our heart.

OPRAH believes that divine revelation comes through the words of her pathologically narcissistic New Age guru, Eckhart Tolle, whose exclusive, esoteric, "infallible" interpretation of all spiritual traditions she avidly embraces. Oprah sees herself as an "awakened" and "evolved" human being who partakes fully in the supreme "it" behind all things, "universal intelligence." Being plugged in to this "universal intelligence" generates for Oprah "awareness," "presence," and "flowering consciousness," all disguised terms for self-adoration.

SARAH believes that she was created in the image of God, and that she is descended from Adam and Eve through Noah and his wife.

OPRAH believes she evolved by chance out of some kind of primordial ooze over hundreds of millions of years through worms, reptiles, and monkeys.

SARAH relies on the word of God and the Holy Spirit to guide her into truth.

OPRAH relies on a spirit or a force Tolle calls the "Source" which he claims resides within him and Oprah. That "Source" has told him that the word of the God of the Bible is not reliable, that there is no death, and that he and Oprah both are as God, able to say of themselves "I Am That I Am." These things that the "Source" has told Oprah and Tolle are the same things the serpent told Eve in the ancient garden.

Contact: Robert Bowie Johnson, 410-757-4630

Johnson goes on to show that Oprah's own words reveal it was her spiritual beliefs that drew her to Barack Obama. Johnson points to the very obvious and troubling fact that Oprah would not have endorsed a man who did not share her spiritual values.

not having that woman on her show does not make Oprah anti woman or anti white it's very stupid for anyone to make that judgement on her. This shows you how quickly people turn on you. As long as you do and say what others want they pretend to just love you to death. Do something they disagree with and they are ready to burn you at the steak. As much as she has done for others and given to others you would think people would be more supportive of her. Oprah continue to do all the great things you do and dont let these hipocrits bring you down. God will continue to bless you and all you do because you are one of the few good people left in this world.

Excuse me, since when it is amoral to go to work after having a baby??!!?? She is stepping up for us, NOT for herself.

Also, for those who actually believe Oprah when she says that she will and has not used her show to support any one candidate is fooling themselves. She just did it today on her show. Read between the lines people. Oprah is a playing with words and I for one will no longer be putting my time and/or money to her show, magazine or anything else that she is involved in. She cannot be trusted.

Hmmm, wonder where Barack Huessein Obama got his donations from?????

In light of recent intervie, I would PAY MONEY to see her on Oprah's show. That might be the funniest show Oprah could ever do.

To reply on the comment I left on September 22, 2008 at 10:51 AM I must sincerely apologize for my untenable and embarrassing behavior. Though this may come across as a lame excuse, and by no means is to justify my actions, I 'am only 17 years old and I was just moved out of a state with high racial harmony and diversity and put in to a different one, in a county that is exceedingly white breed and unduly unpleasant to Asian, Hispanic and African American citizens and are not at all ashamed to voice it out loud while in their presence, where I had thought stuff like this was old history. This culture shock has made me incredibly responsive to such topics, and in a improvident and juvenile manner I had belittled and affronted an innocent woman of whom I have never met.
I was upset and did not even read what I had irately typed, and before I knew it I pressed the submit button. After I had the chance to calm down, I felt incredibly guilt stricken, it dawned on me that Sarah Palin or previous commenter’s had done nothing to me that would give me any reason to denounce and deride them as I had done,. As Tini pointed out, I have no right to ignorantly bash Sarah Palin for what she has done or her views as a Governor, it is unneeded and furthermore rude to others and I should be ashamed of myself. I should not let my anger cloud my judgment and say cruel things about others in attempt to make myself feel better, I should try to see the good in peoples opinions in stead of pointing out the negative. I’ am only a freshmen in college and I do not know Sarah Palin well enough as a person or potential vice president to make the hot headed claims I so carelessly made in attempt calm myself. It is not at all mature or expectable. I must also apologize that this is unrelated to the topic of discussion, but contrition for my inexcusable behavior. I can only ask in hopes of forgiveness for those I may have offended. Thank you Very much.
Though after reading the article with a more clear state of mind; it is my personal opinion that conjecture made on Oprah Winfrey such as racism or sexism should be left undeclared or assumed until it is proven that she is as speculated. However I have no authority to persuade you to think other wise, and it is your right to think as you may.

On Oprah not wanting to use her show as a political platform, lets face it, she already has with endorsing Barak Obama on her show..

Let's be fair, Oprah should have had Sarah Palin on her show. Could it be Oprah was afraid that Sarah would outshine her?

I have been a fan of Oprah"s and am disappointed in her. I always thought Oprah was fair, but I guess I read her wrong and am no longer interested in watching her show.

Well it looks like I made the right decision when I stopped watching Oprah when she switched from Christianity to Scientology. Now I know I did when she endorsed Obama.

Oprah...not political!?!?!?! Geez folks, wake up and smell that fresh boiling cup of angry estrogen!

Oprah has been cheering on the politics of socialism and anti-Americanism that seem to press all who have ever heard these commentaries to question their choices of sexual orientation, mate selection, career paths, bearing and rearing children, and whether or not to drop the kids at daycare and let an unknown entity do the job of raising these (in effect) orphaned children.

Decades of ads, TV programming, college classrooms tell women that they are NOT ENOUGH as they are right now. Women aren't really fulfilled unless they are evolving in to Oprah's version on the self-realized woman.

In spite of state run (ruined) college educational indoctrination, I DO remember that an incredible number of women (and men) have sacrificed many of those self-idealized dreams in order to raise families, chose jobs and careers that would support those families.

I am most thankful for the women and men whom have CHOSEN to create a family and raise children.

Family values are fostered in the family, and NOT by daycare, those touchy-feely self-help parenting groups, or state-run indoctrination camps found in today’s educational system.

Oprah, please get out of the way of women who wish to do the right thing by raising, nurturing and teaching their own children.

why is everyone complaining about Oprah? what about the other talk shows that dont want Palin on? If McCains running mate was a white man, black man, asian man, black woman and so on would anyone be making such a big deal out of this? I think not.

Palin actively undermines everything women have worked so hard to get... Oprah is right not to have her as a guest on the show... Oprah is a show for women, not against women.

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