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Suddenly, McCain/Obama battle over lipstick -- Porky's or Palin's

Oh, boy! Or girl! For a presidential race where three of the four major candidates are of the male persuasion, they're spending an awful lot of time talking about lipstick.

Another measure perhaps of how the addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the political mix in the Republican's No. 2 spot has shaken things up on both sides in just 12 days.

Democratic presidential nominee illinois Senator Barack Obama making a speaking point recently--without lipstick

New polls out Monday revealed a 20-point swing in support of white women away from the Barack Obama-Joe Biden Democratic ticket over toward the John McCain-Palin package, attributed largely to the blast of fresh air and down-to-earthness brought by the surprise presence of the 44-year-old reform governor and mother of five.

Today, Obama walked into some Republican machine-gun fire when he appeared to echo Palin's lipstick line from her widely viewed and quoted convention speech last week.

The self-described hockey mom ad libbed a joke in response to audience cheers from Alaska women: "You know what the difference is between a hockey mom and a pit bull?" she asked, pausing perfectly. "Lipstick!"

It was one of the best-received lines of the night and widely quoted and replayed for days afterward.

Today, campaigning in Lebanon, Va., and complaining about the GOP ticket portraying itself as agents of change, Obama (see video below) said ...

... "You can put lipstick on a pig. But it's still a pig."

Web browsers could almost hear a gasp of disbelief online.

Could Obama be so stupid as to imply that his newest opponent is like a barnyard animal, this candidate they've tried to portray as an inexperienced lightweight from a rural area who seems to increasingly preoccupy Obama's monologues instead of the GOP's top candidate?

Is that smart for the No. 1 on the Democratic ticket to be so distracted by the No. 2 on the GOP side? And where is Biden in this debate?

To be sure, other candidates including McCain himself have used that pig line or similar pig references about their opponent's programs, implying you can't hide what a hog is merely by applying some makeup.

But, to be honest, pig among men is another word for an ugly woman. And none of those past references came so close on the heels of such a widely read, widely viewed and widely heard lipstick line as Palin's and with the two party's national tickets set, one of them with the first female in its party's history.

Coming in a context where everything in public dialogue is perceived as political and the lawyerly Obama always appears to measure his words so carefully, it hardly seemed an accident.

Although it might plausibly be brushed off as a willful misinterpretation by opponents, as the Obama camp attempted to do during the primary season when its candidate appeared to Lipstick like the stuff Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said you can't put on a pig and fool someone withuse his middle finger to scratch his cheek while mentioning another female opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The GOP immediately activated its so-called truth squad Tuesday, a rapid-response unit similar to one Obama uses to counter perceived smears on him.

"Barack Obama's comments today are offensive and disgraceful," said Maria Comella, a McCain-Palin spokeswoman. "He owes Gov. Palin an apology."

On a campaign conference call recorded by The Times' Maeve Reston, former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift, who also served while raising small children, said: "“It’s both a gendered comment and there’s only one woman in the race … and it’s directly analogous to the comment she had made."

Swift added: "“You would think that having gone through a hard-fought primary with Sen. Clinton that the Obama team would have figured out how to respectfully engage in a debate that represents the things they want to do, which is the politics of hope. This is just the same old low road, flinging accusations.”

Those traveling with the Obama campaign in recent days, like The Times' Peter Nicholas, have noted a new, more emotional tone creeping into his comments. His public persona is often described as cool. But since last week, hitting the battleground states of Ohio, Michigan and Virginia as poll numbers dipped, Obama has seemed increasingly combative.

On Monday in Michigan, Obama became exercised when talking about the need to give even suspected terrorists legal rights.

“We may think this is Mohammed the terrorist,’’ he said at a campaign rally, but “it might be Mohammed the cab driver. You might think it’s Barack the bomb-thrower. But it might be Barack the guy running for president.’’

Continuing, he got more heated, his voice booming. Referring to the Constitution, he said: “Don’t mock the Constitution! Don’t make fun of it! Don’t suggest that it’s un-American to abide by what the founding fathers set up! It’s worked pretty well for 200 years!’’

He finished with a sigh: “These people."

If you're one of "these people" or not, what do you think?

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press (top); Getty Images (bottom).

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This is going to get scary. When narcissists don't get their way they throw mega tantrums. Looks like Obama's emotional tornado is building and spinning out of control as he slips away into oblivion. This public meltdown should be a spectacle to remember for generations. America was ready for a black president - just not one who is openly sexist, racist, and unpatriotic.

OH this is classic Republicans spend a whole convention roasting Obama but as soon as he uses a very common expression thats taken out of context they cry. Palin even describes herself as a "pitbull"; apparently the pitbull is ready to bite but not ready to get bitten. If you can;t take it don't put it out there.
I cannot believe this is an issue at all.RIDICULOUS!!!!!! Not only is this stupid its embarassing that Republicans are trying to claim sexism at every attack against Palin. I guess Obama should claim race everytime Mccain attacks Obama. I mean his calling Obama unqualified to lead, lacks judgement & leadership skills. Isnt that what black people have always been profiled as? See how ridiculous that sounds.

The moment this loser starts to lag in polls, his supporters and mouth pieces (all of them), bring out the RACE card. Im watching CNN as i type and feel like puking.
Some time back i caught this freak show called Larry King Live where this old geezer chats up POLS now (what happened to the celebs, Larry??) and this shrill blonde person says - if Obama doesnt win, it means america is a racist nation. This guy for Mitt Romney said slightly incredulously - and the fact that he has no experience doesnt bother you? and the creature just smiled in a very very superior fashion.

Well Obama turned Bill Clinton’s comments that Obama’s record of voting against the Iraq war was a ‘fairy tail’ into a smear that he said a black man becoming president was a fairy tail. Obama can’t then go around talking about lipstick and pigs and not expect it to be seen as calling Gov. Palin a pig.

What goes around comes around.

For those that wonder how Bush perhaps the worst president in history managed to get two terms?
This is it. STUPIDITY. The Stupidity of people like Laura( who blogged extensively about how this is so sexist) and blind followers ready to cling to the next big article without expending one iota of reason in discerning the claims for themselves. Forget the fact that "lipstick on a pig" is a common expression, forget that Mccain used it in his campaign and forget that Obama is too smart to falll for you bogus claims.
My advice to all you that feel betrayed, victimized, appalled or whatever you feel like today, start thinking for yourselves

european Bystander you are confused and should stick to your own country's politics. Thats a common expression in our country and Obama doesn't need any help delivering a speech; even Mccain will concede there is no one better at that

It's unfortunate that Obama used the "lipstick on a pig" phrase. The informed realize that it's a common expression and it's one McCain has even used, but the low-information voters won't see it in that context and will use it to even further denigrate Obama. Point to McCain.

However, let's talk about the despicable ad that McCain put out yesterday accusing Obama of promoting sex ed for kindergartners. The implication is that Obama wanted to teach them the birds and the bees at that tender age, when the truth is that they would be taught about inappropriate touching. McCain had integrity as little as 4 years ago. However, in the last two years, he has sold his soul to the devil (otherwise known as Karl Rove) for his chance at the White House, and his integrity and honor have disappeared.

I fear for our country if McCain and Paliin are elected.

ITS JUST AN OLD SAYING, used by many politicians. Mccain and the Republican m achine love distracting people with non-issues. He is elitist, he doesnt wear a pin, he said pig in a blanket. Next its going to be, Mommy he touched me.

SOmetimes I have hope that the american people are smarter than this pandering foolish politics. We dont elect Hockey Moms who have never been outside the USA, and doesnt believe in global warming or evolution to run the COUNTRY!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THIS IS A SCAM!

"Could Obama be so stupid as to imply that his newest opponent is like a barnyard animal"

No, but apparently much of the public is stupid enough to infer it.

He was talking about McCain's policies (the pig) and McCain calling those change (the lipstick). There's nothing offensive about that. He didn't even mention Palin, and it would make his use of the expression nonsensical to assume the 'pig' comment referred to Palin.

The GOP -- and specifically, the McCain/Palin team -- has one set of rules for themselves and another for the rest of the world.

During the primary process, the Republicans couldn't stop making comments about Hillary Clinton and/or say she was whining (Palin specifically said it) if Clinton claimed "sexism" -- now the Republicans are crying "You're being sexist" if you sneeze wrong.

Obama has used the phrase "lipstick on a pig" before Palin was on the ticked, and McCain has used the phrase too during the primary -- so Republicans: QUIT WHINING!"

What Americans should be irate about isn't about a pathetic phrase -- they should be irate that our economy is in the tank, that our deficits and trade deficitis are the largest in history, that the value of our homes have dropped more dramatically than during the Great Depression, the our dependence on oil hasn't changed a bit since the Reagan years, that poverty for women and children is up along with crime, that our cost of living is increasing while our wages are decreasing; that we've decimated our enviornment, that our infrastructure is crumbling; that our property taxes are skyrocketing while the rich eat off the backs of the middle class; that we've put our soldiers in harms way based on a pack of lies and then sent them off to the dessert without the right equipment and leave them hanging when they get back (McCain veteoed the last 8 bills to give more to veterans); that individual and state's right have been decimated while the rights of corporations have grown; that we're being spied on by our own government; that we're now a country that tortures under the name of freedom -- should I go on?

Sure, McCain doesn't want to talk "issues" -- he wants to spin words -- and lie about his/GOP failed policies(McCain has voted in favor of Bush policies 90% of the time over the last 8 years) , and lie about the policies of Obama (Obama is going to bring back fairness to our tax structure so that that middle class won't be taxed 30% while the top richest are taxed 17%).

McCain is no more a "change agent" than a granite wall. He has one paradigm and only one paradigm -- a military perspective. His judgement has been weak throughout his 26 years in the Senate -- he was a huge advocate for this inane war and never once asked for Rumsfeld's resignation - all the way to voting 4 times against establishing a holiday for Martin Luther King.

And McCAin's "experience" will do NOTHING to help us solve the problems of the 21st Century. His pick of Palin was a knee jerk reaction to distract Americans and the pathetic media -- who are no more than lazy comics.

McCain and Palin are not about change -- and Americans -- and specificaslly, Republicans should think about what they're asking for.

I'm a 50-year old mother of three sons and I'm worried about their future. Obama is our only hope to solve these problems that we're facing due to the ineptness of Bush and the GOP. It's time -- our forefathers fought for our freedoms and Americans throughout our short history were wise enough to vote for true change during times of troubles. Think Lincoln, think Roosevelt, think Kennedy.

Ask yourself: would you have voted for Lincoln? Because I certainly know that I would have.

One other thing -- for ANY Republican to call a Democrat a "communist" after watching what they've done to our country over the last 8 years -- I'd say to them -- if I'm a communist, you're a fascist.

Obviously you're 'dumber than a box of rocks' is you can not see through the McCain campaign's 'crocodile tears'.
and besides...

Why would America reward complete Republican failure ?

When speaking to or about a female opponent. Any male who doesn't know instinclually not to use the words lipstick and pig in the same sentence is an idiot. Obama is an IDIOT who isn't ready to be POTUS.

What if McCain had said something like:

"A coon in a suit is still a coon, that's not change."

What would the reaction be on Obama's side? The crowd seen behind Obama when he made the pig comment sure knew what he was inferring - watch their faces.

Obama is just a typical, gutter dwelling politician. He said that he was different and he is sinking lower than the worst politicians we have ever seen. Guess he is desperate and desperation brings out a persons true colors.

Hello, I maybe to young(17) to remember some of the past elections, but I sure will never forget his one. There has been a lot of time and conversations about how awful each of these candidates are, and how now of them can help us out of our current world change. If you people haven't forgoten theres a war going on, the enviroment is falling apart, the cost of living is really high, the united states of america has the worst educational program, and the highest homeless rate in the world. Lipstick, pigs, pit bulls who cares, cry and worry about something more meaningful other then yourselves... seriously we have a country to help maintain

I will vote for McCain because the alternative, a socialist in sheep's clothing, is not the answer. I was never for this man. That being said- read the "lipstick" quote in its context. Did he mean to say what he did? Of course, it was paraphrasing Palin's speech- turning the words back on her words. But, were they directed at Palin the person. If they were, that would be another example of bad judgment on Obama's part. But, being a McCain supporter, and looking at the "evidence," I'll have to give this one to Obama. But, his side will have to stop intimating that expressions such as "trash talking" are racially motivated. It appears that BOTH sides are getting just a little too sensitive regarding word usage.

This is becoming a typical Karl Rove campaign, in which the media is largely manipulated into covering and discussing everything but that which is important to voters. They don't want to have an honest, truthful, discussion about the economy, Iraq and other important issues. Rove has helped give us eight years of poor leadership and it might happen again. Republicans are betting that a majority of voters are uninformed and will make uninformed decisions when it comes to voting. Unfortunately, they may win their bet once again.

Folks, we have choices.

If we vote Obama, we're voting because of race -- we so want to be over the racial hatred in our country that we'll vote in an inexperienced man who the media adores and will not evaluate his stance on policies. Some (though few) will claim that we weren't ready for a female in the VP slot.

If we vote for Palin (aka McCain), we are voting for gender -- we so want to move past sexism in our country that we'll vote in an unknown quantity that the media trivializes and will not evaluate her stance on policies. Some (many, many will do this) will say we are racist and not ready for a black man as President.

But we actually have THREE pigs here -- in other words, ugly scenarios that are unflattering no matter how you dress them up -- a Democratic win, a Republican win, but the worst of all is the manipulative and useless media. Four to eight years from now, we'll elect another. But sadly, we're stuck with the media and its role in dumbing us down forever and a day. The media will lose in the long run, as it will erode any shred of credibility it had left, leaving Americans to drift in their search for information. And then, how much you wanna bet Americans will chose fluffy, escapist entertainment over reading Foreign Policy or Economist magazines? What kind of citizens -- or citizens of the world -- will we be then?

Either way, whoever wins, I'm going to tuck my money into investments to lower my tax bracket and weather the next decade of high taxes. The aging boomers will demand it, and I want to be able to retire someday and eat, too! They will unwittingly suck us dry. (The wealthy will not foot the bill -- they know how to hide their money -- overseas or otherwise. Get used to higher taxes no matter who you vote for.)

IMO, any campaign that allows their male candidate to even imply such about a female opponent is either incompetent or desperate. The Obama campaign has already lost 20 points with women - apparently they thought that wasn't bad enough?

Anybody who says this is just politics, let me ask you what would happen if in your work place you called somebody a pig with lipstick or an old fish? Would be well received would it. You may be sent to EEO wouldn't you. Why does your work place have a higher standard than the most important position in the country. Why do you accept this occuring in politics but your Boss sure wouldn't. Something major wrong with every person who accepts this kind of behavior. Shame on everybody who tries to smooth over this despicable situation.

I realize "lipstick on a pig" is a somewhat common phrase that is even the title of several books. However, the word lipstick following so closely after Palin's joke in her Republican Convention speech shows poor judgment by Obama. The timing makes him look like a taunting child on the playground.

take a look at this video on Obama Hillary and Palin ... I LOVE IT

He wasn't even talking about McCain OR Palin or any person. He was talking about an economic plan. I guess this is the debate the NEOCONs want. They don't want to talk about the issues. Rick Davis said that himself.

...seems like the beginnings of an Obama-meltdown....what happened to his soaring rhetoric?

Finally Obama has shown his true evil nature by calling Palin a pig. This rhetoric is the direct result of sitting in Pastor Wright's church for 20 yrs. What else can you expect from a politician who rose in the dirtiest politics of Chicago ? Bill Clinton calss a thug from Chicago.

You can put monkey ears on a pig, and he's still a pig.

The comments made on this message board revealed the classless arrogance of the liberals. The lipstick and the pig comment was over the top and inexcusable. However, since Obama decided to use that analogy, si will I. I must say that it is unfortunate that the lipstick washed off the liberal platform left it standing out in the open without makeup. I only call it as I see it.... and maybe the democrats should consider replacing their mascot with a pig.

Get real folks. This was a carefully planned attack by innuendo from Obama. Obviously Obama's judgement is lacking and his inexperience is showing. He needs to get the speech writers to work and stick to speaking only when he has a teleprompter.

It is trash like this from Obama and the media as well as Obama's politics of hate against anything Republican that has made this independent voter move to McCain.

Obama is offering four more years of Bush - divisive politics.

To paraphrase the Clinton war room slogan:


Not the lipstick.

Pretending that we're arguing about lipstick shows again how far out of touch Democrats are.

You suddenly don't call a lady a pig--or old fish--just because you suddenly want to be president.

You're supposed to use that high class Harvard education to find better diction if you must engage in ad hominem attacks.

Some people learn more things and better things in the wilderness than others learn from years of Ivy League "education."

Mr. Magic Rhetor has gaffed so many times already that when all of his blunders get strung together and put up on the internet, he absolutely will NOT appear ready to be president of anything.

Keep talking Barack, you are getting my Second Amendment Defenders elected!

The analogy may be older than dirt but Obama used really poor judgment when he made this comment.

The American people already associate the pitbull/lipstick joke with Palin. If Obama is such a wordsmith, why then couldn't he find some other analogy to use when making his point? If he had made this comment BEFORE Palin hit the scene and made the joke, no big deal, but his TIMING shows that he knew exactly what he was doing. Timing, as they say, is everything.

The pig/lipstick comment infers Palin. It's obvious.

Insulting American woman doesn't suit your cause Obama. STUPID MOVE DUDE! But hey, keep it coming - your campaign is unravelling and it's only a matter of time before Biden makes a stupid move too. Open mouth - insert foot!

Obama - go back to the Senate (or back to organizing something), try to do something useful (this will require you to make a decision - "present" vote is NOT a decision) and leave the Presidency to a man born to lead the USA, John McCain.

NoBama! NoBiden!


I took offense to Sarah Palin’s comment “the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is, lipstick.” She is calling all of you hockey moms dogs. She could call herself a dog all she wants, at the expense of the dog of course, but don’t you go calling women dogs or bitches. What the hell kind of woman’s right activist are you! If you are for women’s rights, George W Bush is the smartest man alive and Mccain second. You are a fake feminist when you laugh at your political rival and cancer survivor Lyda Green being called a “bitch” and “cancer” by male radio hosts. What is it with you and dogs? Is that why you enjoy killing wolves with a rifle for fun from a helicopter? The only bitch in your house is your househusband who puts up with the likes of you. And because you call yourself a “pit bull with lipstick” I bet you give it to your husband doggy style.

Oh, by the way the only thing John Mccain is going to change is his diapers and depends on is his Depends. And you make Warren Jeff’s wives jealous of your dumpy hairstyle. 1890’s called, they want your hairstyle back.

Win or lose. I just love how that the Obama campaign wheels have come off! haha
Obama has been damaged, and he's god-like reverence has taken a hit!
I love that!
This guy has been exposed for the empty suit he is.
He gets a little of stress and pressure, and he cracks!
Whatever happened to being above it all?
haha, I love it! Obama is in a panic. From doing a victor lap around Greek Columns to getting down in the gutter like every other politician. lol, fantastic!

It's fascinating how the media can distract Americans from what matters. McCain and Palin are just pandering to the female vote it's quite pathetic. Obama should not apologize and should not waste his time on the topic any further.

Yes, "Lipstick on a pig" is a common phrase. So is "Difference between ________ and a bulldog is." The difference between the usage here is that the Republican V.P. applied one to herself. Obama used his as an attack on some one else. I think it's pretty clear that Obama was going after Palin. He's a lawyer, he doesn't make gaffes like that lightly, if he does, he's not qualified to be either a lawyer or a President.

This is what the Republicans want- to distract from the real issues. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their money, and THIS is what we are talking about? The lipstick on a pig is a common phrase used in politics, including by McCain. The McCain camp is using tired, hateful tactics in this campaign. Whatever happened to the McCain of 2000?

Wow. A fair and reasonable discussion about the lipstick wars. It was definitely an Obama gaffe. He should know better to put pig and lipstick together in the same sentence . We have no idea if he did it on purpose or not, but his persona is to be measured. That is why people believe it was done on purpose.

Obama is letting the mask slip even further it appears. Palin must have rattled him that much. Why?

Because Palin represents the real America and we love her for it. Our Christianity (god given rights), our values, our earned achievements, define us as American.

Our founding fathers recognized that we "the people" are fallible. And so, in governing ourselves, they recognized the need to restrain us from ourselves (corruption). So, the used our way of government, and the Constitution, to apply those chains.

It led to the greatest Nation on earth.

And Obama holds those that love that America in contempt as he hold our Constitution in contempt.

We may be ready for a black president but this isn't "the one". Obama is a divider not a uniter.



Obama described the McCain-Palin ticket while mocking the McCain campaign's new "change" message. "You can put lipstick on a pig," he said to a laughing Ohio audience. "It's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still gonna stink"

Obama: "lipstick on a pig" & "it smells like a fish"

Isn't that mixing a porcine metaphor with an piscine one? What's the point of that kind of stretch?

I.e., What kind of lipstick-wearing pig smells like a fish, Obama?

MK: Funny if it wasn't a bunch of liberal garbage. How exactly would you have explained Bill Clinton to your daughter? (Compare you your earlier post):

Daughter: Mommy, what is oral sex?
You: Well that's complicated sweetie, but it involves private parts you shouldn't know about yet.
Daughter: But I thought oral meant mouth, not private parts.
You: That's right.
Daughter: So?
You: (Fill in your own graphic details here)
Daughter: Yuuuuck! And who is Monica Lewinski? Is that the president's wife?
You: No. She kind of worked for the president.
Daughter: So, what did he tell his wife?
You: Well, the president told her and the country he didn't do it.
Daughter: You mean he lied?
You: Yes
Daughter: But you told me I shouldn't lie mommy.
You: I know.
Daughter: But I always get in trouble when I lie. Why can the president lie and not get in trouble?
You: Because he's a liberal democrat and we're also liberals, so he can do anything he wants!

Thanks a lot DEMS!

Whether or not Obama intended for the pig remark to allude to Sarah Palin, it was taken that way by the supporters listening to his comments.As soon as I heard it, I instinctively shifted into my "fight mode" attitude..WHO YOU CALLIN A PIG!!!!. The important thing here is that Obama seems to suffer from the same "foot in mouth" disease that his partner Biden has suffered from for years. Mr. Obama is an articulate, eloquent speaker as long as he is delivering a prepared, rehearsed speech, but when speaking spontaneously his lips move faster than his brain. This isn't the first time he has used ill-chosen words or phrases that leave him open to criticism. And it isn't because he doesn't have time to think...all those "ums" and "ahs" he uses as he ponders questions are certainly evidence that he is making a concerted effort to give intelligent answers. I question his ability to speak to world leaders and smoke the peace pipe with them without mis-speaking and insulting one of them. If you call a member of the muslim world a pig you might lose your head.

McCain's spokesperson WROTE A BOOK called, "Lipstick on a Pig".

McCain used the line on HILLARY CLINTON months ago.

McCain called Chelsea Clinton ugly and Janet Reno a man.

McCain called his wife a C**t.

Who is on the side of women, and who's sexist?

Obama definitely intended that the Lipstick Line connected to Palin. If you watch the video, he Pauses before saying it, Pauses in the middle waiting for the applause and laughter, then quickly follows up with the fish comparison. There's no reason to wait for appaluse in the middle of the expression if he didn't know that everyone would connect it.

This is a phrase both Obama and McCain have used before. It is a time-honored phrase to hurl at a program or policy that just doesn't work. It used to be that Democrats were accused of being too politically correct. Obviously, the shoe is on the other foot. Other hoof?

It's just short of astonishing how many Democratic mindreaders there are out here who can explain exactly what Obama really intended with his lipstick and stink comments....Consider this...If McCain or Palin had used the "age-old" and "well-used" bromide about " calling a spade a spade" in refering to Barack Obama, the Democrats would be positively apopletic with cries of racism. Govenor Palin has clearly turned the Obama campaign into a slow-motion train wreck which will mercifully end in November.

Whether Obama meant this as an attack on Palin is irrelevant. It was a stupid choice of words and demonstrates that he is not ready for the big game.

....and liberals make fun of Bush's verbal flubbery!

This is the man who has ran his entire campaign on his "judgement." It does not matter whether he meant it as an insult to Palin or not, it was at best stupid, and at worst vulgar. Either way, Obama showed incredibly poor judgement.

IIt may have just been very poor judgement on his part.

God forbid he would use that kind of judgement with foreign leaders --- So much for his comment that judgement is better than experience.


Why can't Sen Obama talk about the issues?

Obama has a paper thin resume.

His snappy off the cuff remarks don't make up for that.

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