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A Palinomenon: John McCain waves and the crowd chants "Sa-rah! Sa-rah!"

Here's something to maybe watch for.

Sarah Palin is no William Miller. Nor is she a Spiro T. Agnew. Both those guys were Republican political nobodies picked by prominent presidential candidates (Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon) to go along and fill out the No. 2 spot on the GOP ticket becAlaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palinause somebody had to do it.

Judging by the news coverage in recent days -- and by measurable reader response to items about the Alaska governor, including this widely-viewed Palin fashion photo gallery -- Palin is No. 1 on the Republican ticket, even though she's really No. 2.

With Sen. John McCain, the presidential nominee standing there grinning, their joint crowds spontaneously break out in chants of "Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" Her upswept hairstyle is reportedly being widely copied, according to people who notice such things.

Her eyeglass frames are flying off the shelves. Stories on her routinely rank among the most-read on this website and others. In nine months we should check the Social Security Administration's listing of most popular baby girl names.

How long do you think that will go down well with the far better-known top of the ticket, who hardly has enough hair to sweep over the top, let alone up?

He snatched the 44-year-old female reformer from the....

...political oblivion of the largest state, where her approval rating had slipped to 80%, about 10 times better than Congress' approval rating. And McCain threw her onto the national stage.

Where she didn't stumble. Yet.

This surprise really angered many, including some in the national media, whose members are generally so well connected to Democrats that they knew Barack Obama's VP pick was Joe Biden almost as quickly as Joe Biden did.

But the Republicans are something else. They had the nerve to make a surprise pick and keep it a surprise that hardly anyone knew until the last moment. OK, The Ticket did have an advance inkling.

So the McCain campaign paid a price in not always the best coverage for a few days until Palin's convention speech gave some 37 million TV viewers their very own first impression.

From the McCain camp's point of view, the priceless beauty of the initially dubious news coverage, with its often catty, gotcha tone, was that it dramatically lowered the bar of expectations. If Sarah Palin walked onto that St. Paul stage in anything other than a halter top and fishnet stockings with a slit skirt, she would be a huge hit, guaranteed. 

Palin's pronounced if practiced normalcy -- talking about "my guy," snowmobiles and hockey moms -- actually energized what was previously scheduled to be another somnolent, soporific session for the GOP, naming two more white guys in well-pressed suits and new haircuts tearing themselves away from their investments and the golf course long enough to give this White House business a go.

Alaska's first female governor even won over Rush Limbaugh, the conservative broadcast grump who's all for the Palin-McCain ticket now.

Before the first janitor swept the first speck of confetti off the floor of the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul last Thursday night, McCain and Palin were off together on their political honeymoon -- to Milwaukee, of all places.

Alaska Governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin helps her husband on their commercial fishing boat

And they have campaigned together ever since.

According to campaign notes passed on by The Times' Maeve Reston, McCain's closest aide, Mark Salter, today said, "They're having a good time together. They're riding a lot of momentum coming out of the convention."

Reston notes in her own story that McCain is a noticeably feistier, more energetic candidate with Palin around. Funny how that works. Gov. George W. Bush's campaign handlers had Laura travel with him all fall of 2000 for precisely the same reason.

Never mind the media complaints, it's a smart strategy for the McCain camp to give Palin a few days to gain her campaign legs and voice, get comfortable with her new staff and the talking points before sending her out solo, probably later this week.

Palin wasn't on any of the Sunday morning talk shows this weekend, which gave the Democrats a momentary talking point. "If she's afraid to talk with Tom Brokaw, how's she gonna handle Vladimir Putin?"

Putin, of course, has no vote on Nov. 4. And the trouble is, all the yada-yada programs ended up talking about Palin anyway in absentia. Even the top of the Democratic ticket had to talk about the Republicans' No. 2, a real no-no in the traditional rules of political engagement.

It's one thing to enter a knife fight against Sen. Hillary Clinton in the pantsuit primaries. (And, by the way, did you notice how she took a pass at taking a swipe at Palin this weekend?)

It's another thing to take on a hockey mom of five who gets everyone breakfast before driving herself off to run a state, hunts on the weekends, helps her husband with their joint commercial fishing business (see photo) and still manages to look great for the 5 p.m. news, when she vows to veto a bill that would bar health benefits to same-sex partners.

Sunday, off doing her homework, Palin didn't -- couldn't -- make any mistakes. Later this week, ABC News' Charles Gibson will interview Palin several times back on her home Alaska turf, as she sends her 19-year-old Army son off to Iraq.

Gibson's a pro. He'll ask some hard questions. And they won't be about Fairbanks traffic. The governor had better be ready. If the emerging pattern fits, ABC will get a ratings bonanza as the nation pursues its raging Sarah curiosity.

And one thing about the media that's just like life back in high school: the harder those dates with Sarah are to get, the more desirable they become. Watch for them to be strung out all autumn.

Oh, and another good thing about Palin's brief return home: The top of the GOP ticket can get back to hearing the crowds cheer him for a change.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Getty Images (top); Office of the Governor, Alaska (bottom).

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Hmmmmm.....let me see if I've got this straight.....

Mr. Obama graduated from Columbia University, earned a juris cum laude degree from Harvard University, was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, served in the Illinois State Legislature, and is the junior U.S. Senator from the great state of Illinois. Mr. Obama also was instrumental in passing crucial bi-partisan legislation on the issues of nuclear proliferation and ethics reform concerning lobbyists in congress, has conceived and managed the most dynamic and financially successful presidential campaign in our nation's history, has been a true advocate of changing things, for the better, in Washington D.C., was the first candidate in recent history to call for a more civilized tone in this campaign, and is a loving husband and father of two beautiful daughters.

Mrs. Palin is a former beauty queen and Miss Congeniality, and is a mom of five children (one of which is a five month old child with down's syndrome, bless his beautiful little heart and a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant, out of wedlock, with an 18 year school chum as the father). She served on the Wasilla city council, and was the mayor of the same town of 6,000 plus citizens, is the governor of Alaska, and was chosen out of the blue to be a heartbeat away from the most intense job in the world.

Of course, Mr. Obama is not running against Mrs. Palin, but she would be the automatic replacement. if, God forbid something should happen to 72 year old John McCain while he is office.

Wow, I am amazed and stunned this is an issue. If we elect John McCain, just like now, we will deserve everything that follows.

Putin, and his people running Russia will shred her, the deficits will swallow her, the Middle East could become another Crusade, her family will need her.

She, her family, and our nation, will be victimized by the fact that we will have not elected the best person for this very, very tough task. Good Lord, what on earth makes anyone think the governor of Alaska can be the commander in chief?

I'll just say it right here, she is not up to the job of leading this nation.

we are dreading the proposition of mccain - palin winning here in london.. rather have bush again !

a uncultured redneck, homophobic, anti right to chose, pro-private health member of the NRA winning would be a disaster

she comes from a small village and has possibly never been outside the USA before !! even a trip to Minnesota was probably an adventure for her

i doubt she has even experienced big city life .. i mean anchorage is not exactly a big conurbation and Juneau is smaller than Santa Monica !! And has never heard anyone speak a language other than English !

Keep her out ..please we beg you !!

'ra-ra-ra...' there are always those who will mindlessly or in blind deference, servile obedience and support of slavery, acclaim the power of some new acolyte of some 'prince of evil.' this however is not representative of the spirit of the constitution, and the majority of the american people.
RON PAUL, the legitimate constitutional republican candidate for president, along with countless others, works to support and represent the interests of the people, the constitution and their liberty.

As a woman and a feminist, I have problems with McCain's pick on so many levels that it makes my head spin! However, I think there are a few obvious points that the democrats should be taking notice of:

1. Discussions of how "formidable" Palin is are akin to how "articulate" Obama is. She was picked BECAUSE she is a woman- don't forget that- and Democrats should not wuss out and back off from her for that reason. Go for the jugulars. She asked for it.

2. It's great that she has "rock star" status! McCain was so jealous before he had her on his ticket. Now we can be the party that sticks to the issues and she can do her 'plain talk' which basically consists of exaggerations about her accomplishments in office. I honestly think that this woman has no clue what she's gotten herself into. She is so out of her league.

She was mayor of a town of 5,000 Joe Biden! She ain't THAT formidable!

It looks like Karl Rove will win one more election and the U.S. is on it's path to becoming a theocracy, just like Iran...and the rich will just milk the country until it's dry....if this ticket wins, we are finished. Many people think four more years of Bush will destroy this country, and it seems very possible. Republicans know how to win...by cheating and lying.

Gibson a Pro ???

come on. or did you forget all those oh so hypothetical questions he and George S. asked Obama at the last debate

he may indeed ask a tough question or two to keep up appearances - but there will be zero follow up when she fails to directly answer any of them

that the McCain Campaign settled on Gibson is the biggest 'tell' of all

It is amazing!!

The LA TImes is going after Palin Big time. Two days, two negative stories about Palin. Another trying to be a positive article on Palin, but talks about how artificial mc cain and Palin interact. Wow, pro-obama forces are really running scared. Hey, LA TIMES you are clueless how Palin will be accepted in Small Town USA. Pretty funny, how a week after her selection, the LA Times is already an expert on Small Town USA. You guys and the NY Times have become so clueless on what America Thinks. I guess if your home ground is the Peoples Republic of California, you have no tolerance for real America. Check the polls, you freaking idots!

Viva McCain/Palin 08

What happened to the shining city upon the hill?

As a European with a long standing admiration of the American society, political tradition and electoral process, the past eight years has been a political and moral tragedy. It has become increasingly difficult to explain and motivate the U.S. neoconservative policy both domestic and abroad.

In Europe many people feels that the U.S. has gone morally bankrupt and those classic American virtues like tolerance, human rights, free press and strong diplomacy is no longer an American trade mark. In the wake of the 2000 election and 9/11, America has transformed into a society that painfully reminds many Europeans on now dissolved totalitarian regimes of the past. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo reminds us all of the frailty of democracy and the importance of strong moral leadership in the free world.

“America is no longer a shining city upon the hill”

'I've spoken of the Shining City all my political life. …In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here.
Ronald Reagan.

I don’t think many believe this is still true about America today!

Moral standards are very important in American society/politics and something that the republicans have always used to define themselves as a party. President Reagan, whom I admire, opened the doors for the evangelicals during the 1980 presidential election where he made an alliance with Moral Majority. They gave him two-thirds of the white evangelical votes and they in turn demanded government legislation against pornography and abortion.

Since then the religious right has gained more and more influence within the GOP, twice securing the presidency for Mr. Bush. They have successfully swayed the party line from classic conservatism ideology towards moral principles founded on conservative Christian convictions.

I have had the great privilege to work and live in Washington in the mid 90-ties and I was there when the conservative crusader Mr. Starr went through every garbage can in the country with the ambition to impeach President Clinton. The untamed hatred towards President Clinton overshadowed the interest of the nation and the extremist right wing republicans almost succeeded with their plans to overthrow the President for having a pour set of moral values. America spent more tax money conducting Ken Starr's investigation of President Bill Clinton's affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, than they did in the investigation of Watergate and the Iran-Contra scandal combined.

It is however somewhat entertaining, if it wasn’t so tragic, to see how deep some of these men of high values and moral standard fall. I think most of us remember horror cabinet of Jim Bakker, Bob Barr, John Bolton, Louis Beres, Parker J. Bena and Mark Foley.

Now the republicans have chosen unknown and inexperienced white evangelical women, mother of five, from Alaska to run for VP. Why? Because McCaine desperately needs the support of the Evangelicals, who is more than a little skeptical toward his traditional conservative views. The fact that 18% of all votes cast for Bush in 2004 were white Evangelical votes makes essential for McCaine to forge an alliance if he wants to win the election in November.

Palin is welcomed with great enthusiasm by fellow Republicans who see her as a personification of the new Republican. She is a church going conservative Christian, against abortion and sex before marriage hence cannot support contraception. She believes in family values and prides herself on being a hokey mom with the qualities of a Pitt Bull. Now Palin is being accused of misusage of power, having an affair while married and on top her daughter accidently had sex before marriage and got pregnant. This however is alright as she is keeping the baby and is getting married at age 17. Ups! But this only ad to her popularity because it shows that she is from a “normal” family with “normal” problems.

It doesn’t matter that she is political novice and that there is a chance that she would have to step up as President in light of McCaines advanced age! 72.
I’m not saying that the Democrats are saints or better people than the Republicans; in my view the best American presidents were Republicans. But I really believe it’s time for something different In America …. Hope you all have a good election in November.

M. Andersen

gov. palin is a reformer? t

The left panics over Palin’s speech. La Prensa Sept. 7, 2008.
If the post-Speech reaction of the talking heads at CNN, PBS and MSBNC, or the oped ravings of Gloria Steinem, Maureen Dowd, Eleanor Clift or Sally Quinn are any indication, the Secret Service better enlist the Alaskan National Guard for help ensuring the Alaskan Governor’s safety.

A beautiful, confident, articulate, independent, accomplished– and conservative– woman apparently has enraged Team Obama, the mainstream media, and the entire American intelligentsia, as if they got collectively hit by a cruise missile aimed from Middle America. When Palin talks about her present life it sounds as authentic as Biden’s showy populism came off as false. Enraged feminists are apparently the gatekeepers for less well-educated American women, who are supposed to have 0-1.5 children not 5! Their husbands must be professors, lawyers, CEOs, editors–not snowmobile champions, union members, oil workers, and fishermen– or, worse, all in one!

And unlike a Pelosi, Quinn, or Clinton, Palin, God forbid, did not rely on a powerful, wealthy husband or father to energize her career. Worse still, she took no women’s studies class, never attended the Ivy League, and shoots moose. The danger is not just that Sarah Palin could win McCain the election, but she could expose the entire flimsy structure of doctrinaire liberalism as the hypocrisy–and chauvinism–it has become.

Some American women are beginning to recognize that the Democrats talk a good game about shattering glass ceilings - provided the beneficiary is a liberal feminist who has b!tched her way to the top; but if an average American wife and mother presumes to come out from behind the white picket fence she will be put down with ruthless calculation.

But some analysts, noting that critics ask whether Palin can handle a special-needs baby and the vice presidency, saw the question as holding her to a double standard. The Kansas City Star Prime Buzz blog noted: Palin defenders pointed out that Biden didn’t face similar questions in 1972 when a car crash took the life of his wife and daughter and seriously injured his sons soon after he was elected to the Senate. “Not a single colleague, friend or competitor advised him to quit his newly won Senate seat to raise his two little surviving sons,” wrote New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser.

Are we headed for another train wreck in this country again? We better forget that Sarah Palin may have a silver tongue and knows how to play to a camera. Is she qualified to be VP and probably President. McCain has MELANOMA! Twice. It is the most serious form of skin cancer and he is 72. Is Palin really qualified? Stop analyzing her glasses and I don't care if she hunts. Good for her, but it doesn't answer the question of her knowledge to lead this country. We have already give her celeb status and strayed from the issues. Americans are all for her and they don't even know what her views are. Think before voting this ticket!

Well, if the Londoners don't like her, then, oh, my Gosh, we better rethink the whole thing! Get real. When will Europeans realize that their opinion became interesting but not relevant when we had to save them all from speaking German for the rest of their lives - the 2nd time. Obviously Barack Obama didn't understand that when the 2nd coming went to German to promote himself to people that have no vote or say.

Obama has no experience running anything, except promoting himself as the messiah. He has written no bills of any consequence, and championed nothing to promote change or hope for anyone in any legislature or congress. Yet he is all about hope and change. If he were the Messiah, he would make a really lousy one, having done nothing for anyone buy himself his entire life.

But, alas.... News flash -- B.O. isn't the messiah. He is the most left wing member of the Senate by all objective messures. He would change nothing except to give the Presidency to the policies of the Pelosi Congress which has an 8% approval rating (yes - 8%). No one wants that and anyone who knows what B.O. really stands for knows that him as presidency would stink.

Cyrus Clark - love the constant spin - do you go through such ritual rationalization every morning?

First, Obama is running for President, so if you're "resume' matching" - you should do so with Sen. McCain.

Second, he was a co-author, which means he signed a piece of paper to list his name on the bill.. to measure legislative impact, how many "major" issues are "the Obama (fill in the issue) Act" or the times he barnstormed the country to get a tough bill passed.

Everyone's gotta love your commitment to the right of privacy - except when it concerns the children of conservative elected officials.

As for your "her children will need her" comment - do you really believe that? It sounds like you are a character in a GEICO insurance commercial. Or are you saying Obama's children don't need him?

As to how she will perform, the best measure is how has she done in the past (by all accounts very well) Or can she stand up to power (ask the oil executives)...

It is Obama everyone should fear! I cannot understand, how anyone with a strategic mind, would not see through what Obama is truly about. In the 2 years he has been campaigning, it is so obvious it was never about the country... it has ALWAYS been about OBAMA, and his ambition for the highest Office in the US. He has used people throughout his lifetime to attain this goal. From his "community organizer" days, to his joining the church of Rev. Wright's, his associations with people such as Rezko and Ayers, and into his 2 years in the US Senate. He has discarded people along the way, and once he achieves the presidency, Kennedy, Kerry, Dean, Pelosi et al will also be discarded. Policies will only be accomodated if it fits his agenda. He will say and do anything to get elected. What he WILL do after he does, is the scariest part of this man... because no one really knows.

What in the world is my country thinking in potentially electing this backward-thinking, backwoods Christianist? America needs to look to Europe for its model and its engagement with the rest of the world. America can not yield to these flag-waving, so-called "patriots" who use such as an excuse to "defend" their country by slaughtering millions of people and deposing supposed dictators.

Wake up! Don't you realize how unpopular McCain and this redneck bimbo are in Europe!!

the alteration of some of your cynical blog entries and many little jabs, subsequent to critical remarks won't keep everyone from noticing and keeping track. changing 'spelling mistakes' aimed at abating the efforts of a legitimate presidential candidate like RON PAUL, and those who share his freedom message (his delegates in one of your blog articles at first were referred to as 'delebates'), or geared towards more generally attuning the people to evil (mccain/palin supporters first described as chanting 'sar-rah! sar-rah!' - 'prince of evil' or 'lord ra'), cannot prevent some people from seeing where you're coming from; or where you're headed. (and it is not a coincidence when a 'media tycoon' representative of corrupt, cynical and perverted corporate media, declared enemy of the people, of freedom and integrity, spells out the promise to oppress his fellow man and represent the voice of evil, in his very name.)

"I guess if your home ground is the Peoples Republic of California, you have no tolerance for real America. Check the polls, you freaking idots!"

Polls? Sorry, we're too busy watching national unemployment skyrocket, the value of homes plummet, the cost of basic services go up, Russia invade and occupy our allies with impunity, reinforcements unavailable for our troops in Afghanistan, the federal deficit reach half a trillion dollars, the Justice Department sit in a shambles, national infrastructure crumble, the Bill of Rights get shredded, the polar ice caps melt, and the party in charge for the last eight years respond to it all by saying "ha, ha, the liberals are sad."

You'll forgive us if we're a bit preoccupied.

I am the perfect example of the modern moderate. For fiscal issues, I lean conservative. On personal issues, I lean liberal. In the seven Presidential elections that I have been eligible to vote in, I’ve voted Democrat three (Carter in ‘76, Clinton in ‘96, Gore in ‘00) , Republican three times (Reagan in ‘80 & ‘84 and Bush in ‘88), and Independent once (Ross Perot - 1992). I dislike party politics and just wish that I could get a candidate that would espouse the way I believe (and oh, I think that the majority feel this way as well).
I am voting for Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin. I think that the maverick really might be above party politics. I think that his selection of Palin was a masterstroke - it solidifies the conservative base and yet, is not part of the GOP good-ole-boys network. She is also a feminist worst nightmare - a wife, mom, working mom, and politician who made it - but is a conservative. (The feminist protesting that she is “not Hillary Clinton” makes it clear that feminists are really about power and their leftist agenda, not about the welfare of women). The thing I like the most about Gov. Palin is that she seems to be real and not a manufactured caricature.
I admire Sen. Obama but dislike the expansion of social welfare that he espouses. I think he has also evidenced that he is just another tired party politician, and worse, he’s done it while claiming that he is just the opposite.
I may not walk lock-step with all the things that McCain and Palin believe, but I really believe that, when all is said and done, they will do the best and most honorable thing for this country. Character matters, though not as evidenced by perfection, for no one is perfect. No, character matters because the way someone has already lived their life in the past will predict what they will do in the future. Give me someone who has sacrificed themselves in the Hanoi Hilton and give me someone who has worked outside the political system, overcoming sex-bias and children in tow and equipped with a “can do” attitude. Give me that and I’ll show you someone who will do the right thing.

I'm surprised that anyone bought the "I'm so down-to-earth, I'm just like you" shtick of Sarah Palin's speech at the convention. She's a character, yes. She has a certain amount of spunk, yes, and she has a throwback hairstyle. She also has terrifying political positions on everything ranging from abortion to wildlife protection to free speech to...Need I go on? I wish the Republicans would stop insulting voters, and women especially, by thinking we'll vote McCain just because Palin is female and plays the Everywoman card.

I'm thoroughly convinced that this country has lost its mind. Whether due to the PTSD from 9-11, the turn of the millenium that has given rise to the fundie sect, or the gradual dumbing down trend finally bearing fruit -- I cannot believe McCain and his Flat Earth Sidekick han't been laughed out of the running.

To see that they were dead even -- and then to know that the McCain/Palin ticket are now ahead...well, God help us.

I invite people all over the world to read these comments, and decide which team is more deranged.

Red or Blue?

Which team has the most players that genuinely apply their independent thought, vs those who spew what their leaders tell them, no matter how implausible it may be?

Red or Blue?

Who do you really want in charge?

Good times, over here. Good times.

Judging by the comments here the Left is in an absolute panic and its just hilarious to watch.

Keep attacking Gov. Palin; the more you do, the more people will support her.

And who cares what Europeans think? They should read the Article II of the US Constitution which clearly states the duties of a President. First and foremost is to advance the interests of the United States, NOT Europe nor the rest of the world.

If those interest coincide with those of Europe, then fine. If not...that's just too bad.

How do you justify planting a bomb in a woman's room?

How do you justify associating with an unrepentant, admitted terrorist?

Bill Ayers said he was "Guilty as hell and free as a bird!"

Barack and Bill Ayers spent over a decade working together, spending $100 million plus as part of the Annenburg Challenge.

Maybe that is why Barack is so smart and I am not.

I do not voluntarily associate with murderers, but that's OK with Barack.

Anyone who votes for Barack votes for Bill Ayers. Its that simple.

Where is the real news?
There are reports of Palin refusing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, Reports that she is clueless about the role of Fannie May and Freddie Mac, spent money sent to Alaska for the bridge to nowhere on other Alaska projects, just to mention a few newsworthy topics.

What does the LA Times report? Hollywood type nonsense.

This is nothing less than an insult to readers intelligence!

"... served in the Illinois State Legislature, and is the junior U.S. Senator from the great state of Illinois. Mr. Obama also was instrumental in passing crucial bi-partisan legislation on the issues of nuclear proliferation and ethics reform concerning lobbyists in congress..."

And that's where you went off the rails. "Instrumental?" By what measure? Showing up? Did he AUTHOR that legislation? Um, no.

Truth be told, a strong academic record, but little to show after that in terms of experience -- community organizing notwithstanding -- very little time as a legislator, no time in any executive role, no foreign relations experience.

Sorry, but you can't play the "experience card" with Obama -- he has too little to show for it.

The European distaste for Republicans is amusing as we watch the Islamification of Britain. One day, and I pray it is not too late, Britons will find their Sarah Palin and start the long hard road back to self respect. You had Margaret Thatcher and we envied you. We finally found our own.

"Palin wasn't on any of the Sunday morning talk shows this weekend, which gave the Democrats a momentary talking point. "If she's afraid to talk with Tom Brokaw, how's she gonna handle Vladimir Putin?" "

I suspect Palin will get more respect from Putin than from Brokaw and the rest of the idiots in the press.

Oh No! The English and Europeans don't like Sarah Palin. Woe is me.

Maybe you limeys ought to look to your own country before you start slagging off our political candidates.

Last I heard it was suicide to walk through London talking on a cellphone.

I also hear the Paris gendarmerie have been unable to stop the immigrants in the banlieus from torching cars.

"Sarah Palin hasn't been outside of the US!" The Brits cry.

"Sarah Palin doesn't have a passport!' wail the lefties.

So what. She's not running for Vice President of the EU.

You could drop all of the countries of old Europe into a corner of Alaska.

I'm voting for her exactly because she's NOT like the Oh-So cultivated Barack Hussein Obama, to whom all things are a shade of grey.

Sarah Palin doesn't associate with people who revile the United States.

Go Sarah

Wake up america. Barack Hussein Obama had another slip of the tongue on Bill O'Reilly Factor and said he was a muslim. How can anyone trust this man ? he lies and backtrack on too many things. If he's not a muslim why was that on his mind ? It's on tape, ask him if he said it he will lie and say no.

i was saddened to see that the rovian repubs would stoop so low as to choose palin. what does she have to bring to the table. in my estimation - zero.

her lack of world experience is the first no-no. then her lack of knowledge of her own country --the economy, achievement in education, health care and global warming issues. she does not care about green issues at all. she has been wasteful and selfish in the state of alaska.

as far as obama, he has about as much experience as jfk had as far as the legislature is concerned. his other experiences are very important, harvard law review, running his campaign, community organizer. he also is inspirational and a visionary. that is what the world needs. it is not just enough to have experience, we need a visionary with the right vision. i don't agree with all of his positions ( i am a republican), but i choose him over the other two. i also trust the experience of biden.

obama does not hang with people who revile the u.s. when injustice has occurred, it must be pointed out. even palin's pastor has sermons with the u.s. being the target of God's revenge. go find it on the internet.

Here's the botton line for me.

Either vote for the party whose glass is perpetually half empty and whining all the time or the party whose glass is always half full and is optimistic about the future. Frankly life is stuff enough, I don't want to spend the next four years with the perpetually depressed. It's depressing.

McCain/Palin 08

I'm sorry, but you wingnuts just don't get it.

We may act like we're independent, but deep down we are all secretly self-loathing and jealous of Europe and her culture.

Which of you doesn't secretly long for a president with the cultural sensitivity of Jacques Chirac? The sound fiscal policies of Gerhard Schroeder, Lafontaine and Eichel? The military restraint of Vladimir Putin? The dedicated and resolute opposition to terrorism of Jose Zapatero??

Well, except for the first two. And I think the Spanish are only focusing on ETA right now. But hey, they're still terrorists, right?

Change? From what to (specifically) what? Why can I "believe" in it? A new day--Not the same old DC politics--Country First. (This last popular with Benito Mussolini.)

Not even sound bytes; just noise; words without meaning--like the term "extremist." Saves one the time of actually debating one's position, though.

That's why it doesn't matter who gets elected--and I include Ron "national self-defense requires the other guy to nuke us first" Paul. Gov power will grow; freedom will wane; national defense will dwindle (and continue operating outside the purview of the Constitution with undeclared wars--and unending, unexpiring "security" measures); rights will be dilluted.

Hey, give the people what they want--bucks & bread (to buy 'em off) & tyranny (to keep us *all* on the plantation).

To all who say: "God help us"

He already has!!! By giving us a fresh new face...

Sarah Palin will uplift McCain's campaign, just in time, before the anointed one was able to complete his mission to gain the presidency.

Obama can fool all the people some of the time... and he fooled some of the people all of the time...BUT he cannot fool all the people, all the time.

Well, let's see: Sarah Palin is genuine. Barry Obama is a phony.

And Jeremy? I'll be in the UK next week, and I look forward to seeing you.

These anti-Palin comments are pathetic and elitist. Have any of you ever been to Alaska before? She has taken on entrenched interests from her own party in Alaska and stood up to Big Oil in a way that nobody in government anywhere in the U.S. has done other than the Russians who are expropriating all Western oil company interests.

Why is her experience any different than Bill Clinton who came from a small town in a similarly backwater state where he too was governor and had to deal with personnel and budgets and measurable results rather than policy papers, vague promises and votes.

The Bush you apparently despise graduated from a very fancy prep school and has undergraduate and graduate degrees from two of the finest Ivy League universities--this apparently is not a predictor of success, at least I trust that would be your view.

I find it much more likely that Sarah Palin would be able to go nose-to-nose with Vladimir Putin without blinking--based on her experience in Alaska--than would Barack Obama who has never had to meet a budget, deal with large numbers of employees or be held to measurable results other than his ability to garner votes. Do you actually think that Vladimir Putin, the former head of the most feared secret police organization in the world, cares one bit about the nuances of policy. The only thing he understands is force.

Given her own upbringing and her husband's experience as a member of the United Steel Workers and a part-time commercial fisherman, she certainly understands the working class in this country--she is a member of the working class. Time will tell, but Sarah Palin is representative of the large group of able and capable women who are coming up through politics and business. We need more people like her who are willing to subject themselves to the mean-spirited rush to condemn, embarrass and belittle them that has become the standard experience for anyone willing to enter politics. Time will tell of course.

John McCain made a very smart move in picking Sarah Palin. The kind of mean-spirited, religiously intolerant trash talk that appears so frequently in comments here and in other writings on Palin - read any recent Maureen Dowd column - demonstrates the stark threat to Democratic hopes that Palin poses.

Does she lack the necessary experience to hold the Presidency, if it should come to that? In recent American history, presidential candidates typically are either governors or sanators. Obama and Palin fit that mold, and on election day each will have two years experience in their respective positions. Palin's accomplishments are quite strong for a first term governor - she defeated an old boy network based on questionable favors and outright bribes to claim the office, she re-negotiated with oil companies to obtain more money for the state, she insisted on competitive bidding on a pipeline when the oil companies wanted a sole source deal they would control, and she came out against a major earmark project for Alaska. Did Obama ever vote against a major earmark for Illinois?

Obama would be pleased to put any one of her achievements on his resume. I doubt Palin would bother to put any of his achievements on her resume. All this attack on her lack of experience merely emphasizes Obama's own key weakness. Bottom line - would you rather have an inexperienced Vice President, or an inexperienced President?

The hostile, intolerant comments on her religious beliefs are also of great significance. Some years ago George Barna, the Harvard professor who has done extensive research on American religious beliefs, commented that America has an elite that is as secular as Sweden's, and a population that is as religious as India's.

For a large number of that population, a pro-life position is fundamental. The toughest questions any pro-life person could face are: What would you do if your child had a birth defect? What would you do if your teenage daughter came to you and said she was pregnant? Pro-life people now know about Palin that she doesn't just talk the talk; she has walked both of those walks in her own life.

Palin brings two major things to McCain. She has already consolidated his political base. The religious right were suspicious of McCain - with good reason - and deathly afraid he would pick a pro-choice running mate like Ridge or Lieberman. Since the religious right provides a key group of volunteer activists to the party, any disaffection would be fatal to his hopes. They are now on board working enthusiastically for Palin. The second thing that Palin brings to McCain is a sharp wedge aimed to split off a major part Obama's base that he has so far failed to consolidate - the working class social conservatives, historically Democratic, who are generally pro-life, and who regard the first day of hunting season as something that approaches a religious rite.

This working class group is especially important given the geographical realities of the electoral college. The three big industrial states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan are likely to decide this election. All three states are competitive for both candidates. McCain needs to win at least one of these states, and Obama needs at least two. It would be almost impossible for either to put together an electoral majority otherwise.

Hilliary Clinton has given most of these people the experience of voting for a woman for national office, so that is not likely to be an obstacle. Indeed, for the women, most of whom understand all too well the problems of balancing family life and making a living, snide elitist comments mocking Palin for her beliefs and her lifestyle are likely to lead them to suspect that they personally would be the target of similar comments, and to remind them of Palin's joke about the hockey mom and the pitbull. Tom Delay has commented that these attacks amount to prodding a sleeping giant in the form of women voters.

So I say to those elitist, intolerant, Euro-centric critics: Pile on the abuse! Keep that trash talk coming! We all know you'll be much more comfortable hanging around Davos lamenting the McCain - Palin victory than facing the unknowable future of Obama victorious.

i know ronald reagan consulted physics before making decisions.....is it true that sara palin consulted with witch doctors? if this is correct why are they revered by the republican religious group? like focus on the family?


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