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Palin may have left Alaska, but she's not giving up her moose roots

John McCain and Sarah Palin began their post-convention tour of battleground states today in the small Wisconsin town of Cedarburg. But although Palin's biggest task in the coming months will be trying win over the lower 48, she's not about to abandon her Alaska roots.


How can we tell?

Follow the tracks. Moosetracks, that is.

That's the ice cream flavor she chose when she, McCain, and Cindy McCain made a stop at a Cedarburg sweets shop before their campaign appearance. The new vice presidential candidate ordered a large scoop of moosetracks -- vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge -- served in a waffle cone.

Palin's affinity for all things moose is well documented. Indeed, the Republicans seem to be touting her moose-hunting skills as one of her qualifications for vice president.

During his GOP convention speech, Fred Thompson called her, "the only nominee in the history of either party who knows how to properly field dress a moose ... with the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt."

And Cindy McCain, in her speech, said, “John has picked a reform-minded, hockey-mommin', basketball-shooting, moose-hunting, salmon-fishing, pistol-packing mother of five for vice president."

Palin, it seems, likes moose best when they're on her plate.  She has said in the past that her favorite meal is moose stew. (We found a recipe here).

Her propensity for hunting has alarmed some environmental activists. "Her philosophy from our perspective is cut, kill, dig and drill," John Rosenberg, the director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, told the Associated Press.

Some Republicans would take that as a compliment.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Palin wasn't the only politician cooling off with ice cream in Cedarburg today. Sen. McCain also had a scoop. His order? Watermelon sorbet. We're not quite sure what that reveals, but we welcome interpretations.

-- Kate Linthicum

Photo: Toby Talbot / Associated Press

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Is this a news article or a Press Release from the "Elect John McCain in 2008" Campaign?

What a horribly one-sided article! It's not even written well. With it's cliche lines and fake upbeat tone, I was falling asleep by the end of the second paragraph (yawn).

What the hell is happening to the L.A. Times? It's really fallen by the wayside.

I FAIL to see why the media is so in love/lust with this woman. She is pathetic.

[email protected]..

C'mon, Obama isn't the only that gets to be interesting.

I'm tired of hearing about old friends of Obama anyway.

I liked this article. I thought it was fun and not-mean spirited. Not everything has to be vitriolic with "end of the world" density when discussing election cantidates. Thanks for a refreshing read.

Palin is provided the great luxury of deriding the "elites" down here in the lower 48 because we are paying the bills of the oil rich state of Alaska. Though Alaska enjoys the lowest state and local tax rates of any state in the union by 15% from the nearest state ( Nevada) and about half of the highest ( New Jersey). They receive the biggest bang for their federal remittances $1.84 for every dollar sent to Washington, 25% more than next state and nearly three times what those eastern liberal elites in New Jersey receive. We sure could use some of that reform, how do you propose we pay for i?. So while her heroic refusal of "The Bridge to Nowhere" makes good copy it is a load of hockey puck.

There is a bigger issue here.

I worry about Senator McCains ability to make decisions becuase he was a POW

People who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress syndrome and have lots of fractures that were not treated properly will suffer from severe chronic pain and also have a tendency to have emotional out bursts. Later they will feel bad about these out bursts and will come and apologize.

Does any one know how Senator McCain is dealing with these issues ?

Here is a utube video from a decorated POW that illustrates this further

She is not pathetic. And is going to be the next vice president of the United States


Funny, that moose picture kind of looks like Putin....err....I mean Palin!

Good Luck McShame & Putin - You'll be needing it regardless of the beastiality love for moose!

Sarah, the bambi killer.

What's wrong with kill, cut, drag and drill? These are things we need to do to survive in this life. There are some people who don't like to work, but like to have everthing handed to them on a silver platter. Real Americans can care for the earth and provide for themselves at the same time. Get a life if you think we'll ruin the planet by hunting our meat, drilling for our own resources..
McClain/Palin--2008 !!@@@!!!

Regarding Sarah Palin: Where's the beef?

If none of our Presidents--good and bad--have been able to field dress a moose, it probably is not relevent to her potential for doing that job, Though as a threat to keep the Senate in line when she is in the chair as VP, it might have its advantages. All we really know about Palin, is the Republicans think she is so smart she can cram for being President in two to three weeks. Proving once again that the Republicans are bears of very little brain.

There's no problem with this piece. It's just trying to find other stuff to write about instead of all politics. It did sneak a few political jargen in there though. It was written perfect, but it is a little refreshing to hear about positive stuff.

Thanks for the recipe. Glad to see it wolrs with Venison too. I usually bag one of these pests (deer) every year when they come into my back yard to munch on the trees and flowers. Can't wait to try it.

Wow, finally a real woman.. the anti-Hillary!

We love Sarah, and hope she gets to be president. She is after all much more qualified than Obama!

This is a fluff piece designed solely to get page views for the LA Times. I think both the left and the right can agree that with just a few months remaining in this election season that media would better serve the American people by presenting the policy views of all of the candidates. Is knowing a candidate's favorite ice cream flavor going to help us decide how to vote in the election? No.

Palin is a wonderful example of a pitbull, except with lipstick. Fiercly loyal to the hand that feeds her, and willing to fight to defend her owners.

She was a perfect choice to have stand up and toss red meat at the RNC. She is a successful woman that isn't to proud to praise the greatness of the good, and old, boys like John McCain that are working for change in Washington.

If they can keep her out of the press and only expose her to softball questions, she could carry the ticket to victory.

I do have to question the values of a woman that chooses to have a special needs child while persuing a career as intense as POTUS She is either super woman, or incredibly selfish and America will have to decide for themselves what family values truly mean to them.

Pistol Packin' Mama is an insult to real women. Real women fight for their own bodies, abhor their sons and daughters going to die in bogus wars, love their country and hate vapid patriotism.

But then, the christian conservative mass consuming Wal-Farting bible thumping sheeple haven't yet figured any of this out.

Lose your jobs and wave your bibles, idiots!

Is this a girlie magazine? The text of this article reads like the text--that nobody reads--from one of those photo feature articles. Where's the full page photo?

Seriously folks, if Sarah did not have a vagina and the name
was Sam, John McCain would not have selected this person. Great move on the Republican party to go after the disappointed Hillary supporters, but, it's just a ploy. If you are buying into this because his V.P. is a woman, shame on you. I"m voting for McCain for what he stands for, not the gender of the V.P., who by the way, scares the hell out of me if dear old John dies in office.

Yahoo! We goin' to have a moose burger cook out at the White House come January!! I'd much rather have a "pistol packin" Mama running things than that elitist with a law degree anyday!!

Good Luck America!

I've hear the "Alaska gets more Fed$$ per capita" argument before. What you conveniently fail to recognize is that Alaska has hard to reach, but important natural resources that our country needs... and a low population. The combination of these two points is the reason for the per capita stat the dems are throwing out.

Silly little dems.

Uhh, that is moose 'harvesting'. If you want to be a member of the right, you have to start speaking like one.

I'm no hunter, but I do love moose meat. I wish there was a good way to get it down here in the lower 48. It's my favorite meat.

Hear the latest? Some lawyer in Pennsylvania claiming to 'care about the democratic party' has filed a suite against the DNC and FEC. Why you ask? Well, it seems that Obama isn't a U.S. citizen. It was noted that this was instigated by the GOP. They claim he has dual citizenship and never 'swore allegiance to the United States. Right!!! They claim he lied on his Senatorial documents and forged his 'Certificate of Live Birth'.

Now I hope everyone understands how the GOP operates. This has always been the case in every election I have ever followed (and that's been a lot). The Rovian tactics are so bad, the other countries must look at americans as complete fools. My brother-in-law in Germany said that no matter how bad they see their government, they wouldn't want to live in America. They see us as a country that is led by the rich, who care nothing for their people.

I am not amused.

WOW!! This means Palin is GREAT! This article is should not even have appeared. It is thinly disguised publicity for the McCain Campaign. LA Times your Obama hatred is showing agian.

You are looking at the 45th president of the United States. Get used to her.

Hello Sheeple!

We are the Puppet Masters .. the shadowy group that controls every aspect of your life without you even knowing it.

We are glad to see that you are falling for our “change choices” of “Obama” and “Sarah”. These are our stooges who like Clinton & Bush, will not offer any thing different but will wear different party labels while continuing to enrich our coffers thru big government programs / contracts. If you pick “Obama”, the money will come from alternative energy, education, children’s programs, healthcare etc. If you pick “Sarah” (McCain is not the leader in the ticket anymore … another diversionary tactic by us!) , it will be from war, contracts, privatization of congressional toilet cleaning etc.
Meanwhile, do a good job of arguing about pastors, mooses, back alley abortions, vietnam war, flag pin, teenage daughter and other worthless diversions that our media & talk radio propaganda masters have filled your mind with, while we keep filling our swiss bank accounts with your hard earned money. Say baa … baa… baaaa….

Ha … Ha … Ha …

(Note : The names and issues in quotes can be replaced with any other major candidates you voted in the primaries, and there will still be one winner - us, The Puppet Masters)

Sara Palin = moose murder!!
or is it her answer to the fact that families can't feed themselves - so go kill your dinner?

Anyone ask Rocky how he feels about it? I heard the sqluirrel was getting a little tired of the moosehead.

What a sad commentary on the level of political dialog. The rest of the world laughs (and scoffs) at what has become of the nature of American "democracy".

Sarah Palin is PERFECT for people missing any kind of intelligence, to me she's a downright scary freak ! give me a candidate with an education instead of a gun any day.

I'm a former Special Forces soldier and I hate idiots. This woman is a prime example of the worst the U.S. has to offer.....creationism,bible thumping,USA chanting,book banning, education hating,fake patriotism BS.

She should join the Taliban ,they are recruiting religious zealots daily.

We have a Annie Oakley narrative therefore issues have not relevance. So what if she was an earmark queen that praised the bridge to nowhere. No she denounces it and eats moose. The GOP is brilliant at knowing how stupid the masses are. God save us.

Doesn't that moose look a lot like the guy Cheney shot?

Jesus was a community organizer.

Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Speaking of those 'moose roots', I wonder how many people know what they're really like? If you want some idea, I suggest reading this letter that was sent out by one of the residents of Palin's hometown to get a better handle on what kind of person she is:

Otherwise, you'll only know her as Mrs. Mooseburger.

From TimesOnLine UK Gerald Baker...

“What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?”

“One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let's be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

“The other kills her own food.”

Is Palin a better shot than Cheney? More people with little brains just like Bush, Cheney! Just what we need....

America is in trouble. Democracy is in trouble. We are over-extended in an endless war in Iraq.. We are hooked on oil and mired in debt. Our jobs are going overseas. Our dollar is in the toilet. We are sickening and dying due to lack of affordable health care. We are ceeding the next century by degrading our education systems. This administration has shredded our Constitution. We are kidnapping and torturing. And what are we talking about? "Who da daddy of Ms. Palin's baby?" The campaign has devolved into a combination Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, and American Idol. This is how the end of the democratic experiment that is America - ends?

once again, the election will be decided on the candidate, "i could sit and have a beer with." I love america, but some americans (apparently the majority) are really really dumb. I could have a beer with the bum on the street, but that doesnt mean he should be my president. I can kill a moose with a big gun, but that doesn't make me qualified. Just another popularity contest. Sad, really, that our education system is so bad that people can't even make basic rational decisions.

Gee, while some of us are working at animal rescue shelters, Palin's out killing animals.
While some of us are counseling victims of rape/incest, some pregnant by the assault, Palin's defending the fetus to the detriment of the victim.
While some of us our helping young women make sane choices about birth control, Palin's insisting on "abstinence only" education that didn't work in her own family.
While some of us are tutoring young people to improve their education, Palin wants to throw us back to the stone age with "creationism" education instead of science.
While some of us are trying to figure out how to pay for gas for our cars and our utilities, Palin is in bed with an oilman.
While some of us are juggling families, jobs, and helping others, Palin is throwing her daughter under the bus for her own personal ambitions.

Palin is NOT my choice for vice president and McCain can forget this woman's vote. As a ordinary Christian who does all she can to help others, I refuse to vote for an aged, out of touch, out of date McCain and refuse to vote for such an extremist as Palin.

Ahh... We're all going to miss Sarah Palin once the election is over. I will admit, she has made for some good TV.... but back to governing the 47th largest state she will go. Enjoy the rest of the campaign Sarah!

As an Alaskan who has actually met and had dealings with Sarah Palin, I can say that you people have no idea who you're dealing with.
She's smart, well informed, fiercely loyal, feminine, unafraid and would have no problems dealing with foreign policy since Alaska deals with it every day.
Never underestimate her. Frank Murkowski and Tony Knowles did and they're history.

I wonder if "all things moose" was the topic of the books Gov. Palin tried to ban from her local library.

Yes, because this is clearly supposed to be a very serious informative article on her qualifications as a Vice President. It's clearly a lighthearted look at an interesting person in the spotlight. As for "pathetic", this coming from someone who's handle is Ih8uall? Yeah, that carries a lot of weight. And to my dear Tina, while PTSD has affected many prisoners of war and veterans alike, I think Sen. McCain's many years of experience in politics lend themself to proof of his decision making skills and psychoemotional stability. However, I agree that it is a valid concern. I'm sure it was probably covered in the vetting process by the party.


Are you talking about the moose? 'Cause that's the only photo I'm looking at currently.

If you're talking about Palin, then you're still also wrong.

Holy Cow there's some very funny comments on such a silly little article. My question to commenters who respond so negatively Why did you click to read the article? What were you hoping for? I've seen many feel good articles on Obama but since I think he's an idiot I have never had the desire to click on one. Must be because I too am a pistol packin Momma. Granted I've never shot a moose before, BUT I have slept in a Holiday Inn so credit is due. :)

I moved back to Minnesota after 40 years. I grew up here, but spent my adult life in Southern California.
When I got here, there were so many men (and women!) wearing camoflage that I was sure I had made a major mistake!! Where did all the right-wing born-agains come from????
What I finally figured out, is that the people of this state have a high value on hunting and fishing. As a group, they like to pass out the extras from their hunting, gardening and canning. They're good people. They eat what they hunt and they eat what they grow. They share the rest.
People in Alaska have similar values to Minnesota -- but very different from California and New York and Florida.
No one's right or wrong on this -- it's just that it's hard to remember that history, different climates, and ecological balances dictate differences in values.
In Love and Light --
Chris Em

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