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Out with Olbermann and Matthews; in with Gregory at MSNBC

Well, this'll make a bunch of people real happy.

And a bunch of others may start screaming censorship.

But MSNBC, the cable channel boasting the most letters of any of them, is yanking two of its opinionated stars from their ongoing election anchor duties.

David Gregory will replace both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as political anchors for the duration of the current election season on the cable channel MSNBC

Both Keith "The Mouth" Olbermann and Chris "I Can Interrupt Anyone I Want Cause It's My Show" Matthews are being removed from their political anchor chairs.

They'll be replaced by David "Does This Gray Hair Make Me Look Wiser?" Gregory, who's fast become the channel's utility player of choice. But isn't exactly Mr. Rogers either.

It seems that the NBC News division just got fed up with all the opinion and the volume and the complaints about the overwhelming opinion of the pair of ousted talkers, who were among the first to force viewers to turn down the volume after the commercials.

Our blogging buddy Matea "Of Course I Have The Story" Gold has the rest of the network's shakeup news over there on the must-read Show Tracker blog.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: NBC News

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I'm happy to see those pair of bozos gone. Matthews the self inflated airbag and Olberman the lecturing hectoring reincarnation of Dr. G.

Well this will just be the start. Liberal bias is running unchecked and the backlash by the public is going to reign in this by turning them off, canceling subscription, and or just telling it like it is. We do not like what has happened to our main stream media and it's one sided reporting and trashing. As I started out, this will become a domino effect with many others feeling the blade of the ax.

I am so sorry you felt the need to get rid of Oberman, I will not watch msnbc, as much or if at all now.

I used to watch Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews and MSNBC, however, after all the "Hillary" comments, I stopped. It seems these announcers made it look that NBC/MSNBC are"Obama" channels. I did not use to watch Fox news. Now I watch it because it seems to be more fair than MSNBC.

I love it...glad these jerks are offff!!!!!!!!!

Why does everyone want bland commentary? If you want your liberal opinion validated, turn on MSNBC...your conservative opinion, turn on O'Riley and Hannity on Fox News. I think that it is funny that CNN (once the poster child of "the liberal elite") is probably has the most even coverage...

I will not watch NBC if this truly happen.

It's about time that Olberman was dumped. His liberal ranting made the conservatives O'Reilly and Limbaugh look anemic in comparison. The only place Olberman belongs is in the sports world where he can do no damage. The general public is getting fed up with the political commentary - these guys are supposed to report - not regurgitate their personal bias.

Can't stand Olbermann...on the news or doing football...what a jerk! Matthews is not as bad. Bring back Imus in the morning!


Olbermann is a dork.

I liked watching MSNBC, but not anymore!!

These two anchors were great in what they were doing. They reached out to find the truth and dissect shells that were created by other one sided news channels.

Now, there is no reason why I should watch FOX oops I mean MSNBC

You guys are idiots. Olbermann and Matthews are the ONLY reason to watch politics on MSNBC. Good luck with Gregory as you see your VIEWERSHIP decline, decline, decline. He's got no personality and tows the line. You are making a huge mistake, and I hope it shows in the numbers every single day. Way to cow-tow to the right-wing neon-cons who are whining about any negative thing said about them by the media. Why don't you have some kahunas and stand up for your anchors. Or, maybe Olbermann and Matthews can go to another network and you guys can merge with FIX NEWS! You should be ashamed of yourselves for demoting the best political team on TV.

Couldn't have happened to more deserving people - there IS a God in heaven! Now I MAY go back to watching MSNBC once again. The only better thing that could happen, would be that the network would drop their shows !

I liked watching MSNBC, but not anymore!!

These two anchors were great in what they were doing. They reached out to find the truth and dissect shells that were created by other one sided news channels.

Now, there is no reason why I should watch FOX oops I mean MSNBC

Good riddens!!!!!!

Maybe Olbermann and Matthews can move over to Comedy Central, now the only reasonable news source on basic cable.

I agree with Gloria. At the 2004 election coverage,I was proud to say I was a Matthews fan and watched MSNBC all the time after that. Matthews and Olbermann were so biased and prejudiced against Hillary and did nothing as journalist to be at least fair about it, I stopped watching MSNBC and started watching FOX. I am now a FOX watcher, thanks to Matthews and Olbermann.

That's great. We can call MSNBC the FOX2 channel now.

Olbermann,is a class act,I always look forward to viewing,his show.He has educated me on the issues of the day that are topical.It seems to me MSNBC is ungrateful,Sen,Obama,spent over $6 million dollars in ad with its organization.ABC and Fox get the bulk of the ad from the Republican Sen,McCain.Is that fair and balance?Olbermann and Matthew talk about the facts not spins like Fox,who don't like people to answer their questions.I hope MSNBC read this blog.

For a while I thought NBC had some brass by having Olbermann and Matthews as a counterpoint to Fox News and their right wing wacko approach. Alas, chicken-s*** management.

I'm just the opposite of Russel and Gloria. I NEVER watched PMSNBC. Too many ( reporters? ) over there get tingles up their legs when they should be REPORTING...Leg tingling is for after work hours.

Now, having said that, since I have never watched those two silly cruds or heard their stupidities except as excerpts to be laughed at on Limbaugh or some other right wing radio show, how did it hurt me for Russel and Gloria to be able to enjoy them?

This is America and we have room for all opinions.

Of course America IS capitolist ( Sorry NObama ) so the market tends to pressure companies to have some bottom line or disappear. Evidently, NBC was not getting a return on their investment See that's why Air America did not work as an answer to conservative radio .


Their shows are still on the air - they just cannot do debates and election coverage.

Gee, MSNBC is concerned about bias? I guess they just had to listen to the far right which, in our twisted time, can do no wrong. After all, we have to avoid any possible charges of liberal bias, especially by 'Fair and Balanced' networks like Fox, or kuckoos like Limbaugh.
The networks, like our nation, are still fighting the culture wars of the 1960's. Then, we had the far left loonies, now quasi-fascist wackos so blind in their greed that they won't recognize the error of their ways until they hear the shots of an enraged citizenry. Let's hope it doesn't come to that. In the meantime, the majority of us are left to twist in the wind.

These guys made me sick with their love affair of Obama. Apparently, other people got tired of listening to it as well.

No need to get overly excited, MSNBC still tilts toward the left. Today, they broadcast almost all of the Obama and Biden campaign speeches, over and over again. Then they briefly outlined McCain and Palin speeches while critiquing them. Then back to Obama.They did find one poll that had Obama one point ahead of McCain on the NBC nightly news, never mentioning the other ten that had it the other way. Guess we now know who the two Jeffs, Zucker and Immelt are backing.

Even though they are characters, they said a lot of things that were true. Especially about the inept retart President Bush, and his criminal cronies. I will truly miss them if indeed they are canned..

Sorry to hear it boys.

Olberman was an insult to the profession. I'm a Democrat and must say that he was way out of bounds inhis commentary. A Trotskyite would be an apt description of him.
Mathews was o.k...a bit loud...a bit disruptive...but he at least maintained the semblance of being a journalistic professional. But not Olberman. A sanctimonious P---k. Go to Beijing. I'm confident the national network has an anchor position for an English speaking newscaster.

Another viewer who will not be watching MSNBC.

Another viewer who will not be watchung MSNBC.

Na na na nah..Na na na nah...


Good Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not going to miss them. I am sorry Chris has fallen so low after all those good years. There goes his political career.

I find your article amusing. You are commenting on the removal of two "mouthy" and opinionated newscasters, and your article is 100% an echo of their sardonic and sarcastic news coverage. Are YOU the next to go/????


I watched them becuase it was funnier than SNL news.
There was no real news with them,just a couple of bigmouth bigots.But it was funny.

I will no longer watch msnbc. I hope keith and matthews go to another network. I will watch it. You did bad. I think it is the repulicans wanted them off the air. We loved them.

Olderman looks like a pervert. Did you notice?

Well first Air America fell

Now these guys fall.

Well maybe the media should pay attention,

Left bias does not make good business!!!

Balenced and fair is the successful method

Well I'm sure MSNBC is shaking in their boots over 20 people who say they won't watch MSNBC because they decided not to turn it into the Matthews/Olbermann network. You still have their regular useless shows you crybabies.

what is their problem .........Iam a liberal I like Olberman dont care about fox news so I watch Olberman If you are conservative you can go to the republican channel Fox news. Its America we choose from the buffett just as christians in America choose whats most important in their religion from buffett of beliefs. They can choose to make abortion and gay marriage more important than racism or war..its their choice why cant we liberals choose what we want. I guess we are just outnumbered then again when in history did smart people ever outnumber you know what well history this time aint on our side........

I am an independent voter and don't consider myself liberal by any long shop but rahter midle of the road guy who used to watch MSNBC because of the Olbermann and Matthew. Bye bye to the FoxMSNBC news. I will never watch MSNBC

I will no longer tune into MSNBC because of this inane decision.

Gregory is a puppet, and a good one. If you look closely you can see the strings from his mouth to the puppeteer.

Olberman and Matthews will be missed. They were the last truth tellers. That's why they've been "dismissed".

Time for a media revolution.

You screwed up when you took off Imus and replaced him with unbias Joe and Tart, Now you make blunder two. You should fire the President of MSNBC, your not fooling anyone with your GE corporate BS. What was the real reason? Tommy B( CFR board member) got mad at the boys. Long live corporate facism.

the conservatives first managed to make it difficult for some people to actually get MSNBC. Now because the Republicans are talking about anti-palin media which is untrue....blogs now they have to separate themselves from Mathews and Olberman. Olberman is so bright and knowledgable I rush home just to watch him. And Mathews is the common touch. I enjoy him. Why don't we have just Republican commentators....well obviously Republicans think ABC is corruptable and they will allow their lipstick pitbull to talk to him. Charlie Gibson is so weak.

What liberal news media? CNN did the same with McCafferty. Any time a journalist has the integrity to pull up the skirts on republican hooligans and exposes them for the criminals they are, the Rove, et al smear machine kicks into high gear and the stations give in. You know, it isn't like this in Europe. The governments there are used to criticism. Only Russia does what we do.

God help us if Americans thinks Fox news is real, objective news. The only place it seems where we have objective news calling out the hypocrisy is a comedian.

Want proof

liberal = anyone who criticizes Republicans
anyone who criticizes Republicans = biased, elitist, stupid, and unpatriotic
thus, if you criticize a Republican or Republican ideology, you are biased, elitist, stupid, and unpatriotic

it would save a lot of people a lot of time if all just agreed that anyone who disagrees with us is an idiot. maybe the Times can automatically insert "liberals are idiots" or "conservatives are idiots" every 20-30 seconds.

We're not watching MSNBC anymore in this house. Sounds like NBC is going the way of FOX - all government propaganda all the time.

Well, just like all the radio media, it will be ALL right wing now. Seems the right has pulled off another big score. The left could learn a lot from the so sly right. So sad. I liked the feistyness, and their brand of intellect. Limbaugh IS a hole. Don't know what station to watch now.

Where`s Walter Cronkite when America, needs him? The master at CBS, for all those years. Mr. Cronkite as a private citizen belonged to, the Democratic party, and was really quite liberal in his own thinking, and still is, too this day. However, you`d never would have known it, listening to his News show. When he spoke, you listened. Because, he gave you, (us) the real news, the facts, as he knew them to be true. He didn`t make faces, or wink, now and then. As if to say, there`s more too this story, but I`ll not telling ya. Hint-Hint. Like they do today, Right? No!, Part of being an American is being able to think on your own two feet, and feel what`s best for the whole country. Then go, and VOTE your thoughts on Election day. So many in the "News Industry", for years now, really seem to think, American`s need to be told, how to think, that the masses are stupid. And only need to be told the right path to take, too get there on. MSNBC is a joke anyway. Remember folks, these people are entertainer`s. Not real Newsmen, and women. That`s part of their problem right now. For awhile there, they forgot, and thought they were big time News people. Not just their shows sponsor`s, pimps. Bringing in the viewers, to keep the ratings up. It`s all about selling advertising, the higher the ratings, the higher the Network can charge for the minutes, or half minutes, other wise known as a "30 second slot" during the breaks. This is America, it`s about the DOLLARS Stupid, and these two clowns failed.

Now if ony Fox will dump smirking, snarling, ugly O'Reily, or however his name is spelled. Can't stand that jerk. I only watched Olberman for his worse, worser and worst and loved it when O'reily made it on one of them.

Olbermann is a complete moron! Matthews is a horses rear end! Good ridence you two jackasses!!!!

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