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Karl Rove on Joe Biden: "Big blowhard doofus"

Rove Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden made a comment about Sarah Palin -- his soon-to-be-counterpart on the Republican ticket -- that our colleague Andrew Malcolm found out of bounds.

Perhaps legendary GOP political guru Karl Rove agreed. Or perhaps Rove, as he appeared before the Maine delegation to the Republican National Convention in Minnesota's Twin Cities, simply was in a dismissive mood.

Whatever, Rove offered this characterization of Biden: He's a "big blowhard doofus."

A blog that tracks the political ebb and flow in Maine,, has more on Biden's appearance.

-- Don Frederick

In this July 14, 2005 file photo,former White House advisor Karl Rove is shown in Washington. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, file)

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Well,my goodness,Karl Rove has a lot of nerve to call Joe Biden names,Roveis an arogant blowhard that should have his fowl mouth sewn shut.

Does this mean that Andrew Malcolm is going to take Rove to the woodshed? Or is a Rovian smart-mouth comment OK, while Biden's self-deprecating joke isn't?

I'm also looking forward to Malcolm scolding Rush Limbaugh for calling Palin a "babe". Real soon now, I'm sure.

Karl Rove has done PLENTY to drive this once amazing country head first into the ground. Why would ANYONE listen to this idiot!?!?!

I hope Rove is as witty from behind the bars of a Federal Prison. I am sure that is where he is headed.

Karl Rove: Big fascist blowhard doofus.

Will some investigative journalist please research the unblemished voting record of Sen. Biden that earned him the moniker of "the Senator from MBNA"? This guy has received millions from the miss-one-payment-and-pay-30%-for-years credit card industry. The millions in contributions have bought that industry Biden- sponsored immunity from federal legislation to protect the consumer from this usury. Joe Biden is owned by them. Meanwhile Sarah Palin prosecutes the oil companies which mean so much to her state's economy as well as wayward Republicans. Corrupt business-as-usual meet the Reformers, McCain/Pahlin. Unspecified "change" is trumped by real REFORM!

it looks like a lot like doofus karl-roveian audacity to spot a little storm, and summon up a hurricane, in the media-warped imagination of the people, to divert attention from the (unequal) twin convention in minneapolis/st. paul. to prevent the people from noticing the besiegement of the neocon-hijacked gop convention in st. paul, by the legitimate candidate RON PAUL's 'rally for the republic' in minneapolis, the parallel republican convention that represents the traditional, constitutional and core republican majority of the party, the liberties and rights of the people, and the sovereignty of the nation; and the way mccain casually and carelessly presented his wishes to the people in the south allegedly in harm's way, clearly shows that he knew this to be fake, and no real concern; the punch-and-judy-show attraction of his vp choice points to the same. to call a 'truce' at this time is the effective instrumentalization of a minor meteorological phenomenon, in the desperate attempt to incapacitate and muzzle, hogtie and rape once more, the will of the people, and reason and liberty.

What's the differnce betwen Karl Rove and the Hindenberg?

One is a flaming Nazi gasbag, and the other is a Zeppelin.

Karl Rove has a blowhole.

Who does Karl Rove think he is? Tony Soprano? Re: to his childish remarks about Joe Biden, who is well respected on both sides of the aisle for his years of service. Rove is no where near Biden's league. Republicans are in a state of panic, my friends, and don't know how to play their defense. Like pitbulls on steroids. Since the disastrous choice of Palin for V.P. because crazy grandpa McCain forgot to vett, now the GOP is backpedaling. They are used to their bullying offense, and can't handle defense. They'd better get used to it, because they dropped the ball on their V.P. choice. Look fwd. to the day when Karl Rove is in jail where he belongs.

This is a typical Rovian test. Mock someone as accomplished as Sen. Biden, see if it sticks. This is classic Karl Rove/ McCain, Rove is opposed to democracy and civil debate. Rove/Bush/McCain will do anything to cause us to not focus on issues. Think about this- What democrat do you know who would mock a young girl who became pregnant. No. Those bastards are Rovian McCain operatives posing as Democrats hoping to infuriate the Republican base and independents. That's what they do. Turn us against each other. Despicable.

In a perfect world, Rove would be facing a firing squad for his involvement in the treasonous activities he's perpetuated against the people of the United States.

Karl Rove is a jerkoff who should be in jail. WHo cares what he says

Does this mean that that lying Barack Obama who don't want his daughter punished by having a baby will now be scrutinized. Obama is an affirmative action beneficiary who is not experienced, but Sarah Palin is exsperienced. WOMEN, we are being insulted by Obama and the media. They choose to scrutinize Sarah Palin but not Barack Hussien Obama. Palin's daughter is not running for VP, this is total disrespect for Palin and her family and a slap in the face of all women. Vote McCain/Palin.

I think the first thing we should ask ourselves about this story is whether Joe Biden, in point of actual fact, IS a big blowhard doofus. I would be very interested in seeing a news analysis that interviews ten people who take each side of the question, "Is Joe Biden, or is he not, a big blowhard doofus?" Find out what are the arguments on each side, and do some research to find out all the facts that are relevant to the possibility that Joe Biden is a big blowhard doofus. Surely everyone should be able to agree that any information we can gather that is pertinent Joe Biden's being, or not being, a big blowhard doofus, should inform our opinion of Mr. Rove's statement that Joe Biden is a big blowhard doofus.


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