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John McCain and Barack Obama each stumbled in commenting on Iran

As debate gaffes go, the minor stumble by both John McCain and Barack Obama during a brief discussion of Iran hardly qualifies with President Ford's famed proclamation in 1976 that Eastern Europe was not then under the domination of the Soviet Union (see the video below).

Indeed, the slip-up in Friday night's McCain/Obama face-off in Mississippi went virtually unnoticed. We missed it, but a colleague pointed it out, so we pass it along.

The moment occurred as McCain pressed his case that Obama hasn't got the chops to handle foreign policy as president. McCain said:

There is the Republican Guard in Iran, which Sen. (Jon) Kyl (a Republican from Arizona) had an amendment in order to declare them a sponsor of terror. Sen. Obama said that would be provocative. ...

Countered Obama:

Well, let me just correct something very quickly. I believe the Republican Guard of Iran is a terrorist organization.

The group they were referring to is commonly known as the Revolutionary Guard (full name: Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution).

We'll call this one a draw.

-- Don Frederick

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Has anyone noticed that Obama said "no remarks about wife and family," that, of course, was if they were critical. So because the "King" spoke
no one can say that Michelle is wrong or anything else. Now we're hearing that in Missouri they are putting a ban on what you can say about the candidate himself. They will tell you what is right and wrong in any ads. Is this the end of free speech. I rather think so. The lies and horrible things that have been said against Gov. Palin has been so despicable and hateful, yet these very same people who want to censorship for anything against Obama. I find this very frightening.

Not to draw too many implications, but it seems Romania and Yugoslavia turned out the worst of any of the Soviet bloc, even though they were relatively anti-Russian mavericks. Ceaucescu flirted with western contracts, and was even a guest on Malcom Forbes' yacht in the 70s.,

" Ahmadinejad Feted at Obama Fundraiser’s Hotel
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was feted on Thursday night by left-wing U.S. religious leaders and self-styled pacifists at a gala reception at New York’s Hyatt hotel — which is owned by the family of the Obama campaign’s national finance chairperson, Penny Pritzker."

I'm not sure what Obama's plans for the country are but he sure runs with a strange crowd.

As an Iranian expatriate, I immediately noticed it. In fact, my wife and I exchanged our sense of wonder about it: since when Sepaah-e Pasdaran-e enghelab (The Revolution Guardians) have become pro-republican?

Well, as a McCain/Palin supporter, I'm grateful that Obama repeated the gaffe -- otherwise Obama's campaign would be replaying the moment in an ad, hinting that McCain was senile (which he is not).

Obama's special programs and big government emphasis, will bankrupt America! Just say no to Obama!

we are already bankrupt :-)

Listen carefully to what Reagan says, and think about it. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Do you want McCain to continue the disastrous path that Bush and co. led us down?

Iran, USA and Nuclear Dilemma: McCain and Obama
What can be done to diffuse the problem?

There are solutions to the dilemma of nuclear fuel for Iran unless we are just playing politics. The solutions demand the International cooperation mostly from the USA.

Israel has nuclear bomb, Iran does not. Should Iran acquire nuclear bomb to balance the threat from Israel?
No. It would be insanity to acquire it. Then we must demand that Israel should eliminate her nuclear bomb.
Solution: make the Middle East free of nuclear bomb.

Should Iran continue to develop her nuclear fuel cycle for generation of electricity? Yes. The alternative options will increase the Iranian dependence on other nations. The recent problems of Iran to acquire fuel from Russia for the Bushehr nuclear power station prove my argument.

If we don't want Iran to have any nuclear fuel cycle, then nuclear fuel enrichment facility in Iran under the control of only IAEA for production and distribution, and waste disposal, or accept the Iranian concept of nuclear fuel consortium.


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