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Gavin Newsom is about to become even more famous

Gavin Newsom, Democratic candidate for California governor, is about to get a lot of airtime — only there’s a twist.

The San Francisco mayor hopes to become governor in 2010. He famously began his tenure in 2004 by trying to legalize gay marriage when he officiated over same-sex marriages in San Francisco City Hall.

That move led to the California Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage — and spurred conservatives to place Proposition 8 on the Nov. 4 ballot that seeks to create a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Now, backers of the initiative have bought nearly $10 million worth of airtime for a commercial to be broadcast statewide. The spot prominently features Newsom declaring to a cheering audience: “It is going to happen now, whether you like it or not.”

The 30-second commercial bashes the four judges in the 4-3 California Supreme Court decision who opened the way for same-sex marriage. It warns that the high court ruling could lead to people being sued over personal beliefs, churches losing tax-exempt status and “gay marriage taught in public schools.”

Foes of Proposition 8 began airing their opening ad last week. It’s a much softer spot that features a gray-haired couple, Sam and Julia Theron. The heterosexual couple talks about how they raised their three children with equal amounts of love but that one, daughter Liz Theron, who is lesbian, would not have the right to marry if Proposition 8 were to be approved.

Backers, funded primarily by religious conservatives, have raised more than $18 million. They're seeking at least another $3.6 million to remain on the air through the Nov. 4 election.

Foes have raised upward of $13 million. Whether that gap continues remains to be seen. With Hollywood celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg involved, foes of the initiative are sure to raise millions more in the coming weeks.

— Dan Morain

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Good idea. Pro marriage forces should storm into the right wing lunatic churches, and record their disgusting satanic rants!

If us straight folks are supposed to accept those folks as something akin to normal, then why can't those folks accept the fact that we oppose what they believe? This is certainly in the whole reverse discrimination world and at some time it will come back to haunt everyone.

Where are the huge contributions from gay celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, who as we all recently saw is a direct beneficiary of gay marriage becoming the law of the land in California?

Gavin Newsome is a disaster on politcal wheels. He starts his Mayorship by trying to single-handedly legalize gay marriage and tells the country to get ready; it's coming' in a like-it-or-leave-it attitude.Like he dictates policy to the rest of the nation? We have a right to VOTE!
He promoted SF as a sanctuary City which has consequently neutered many crimes being prosecuted because of the culture of "nice". That is until the Feds had cause to come in and reprove the City leaders for falling down and then Gavin says that the Sanctuary status should be looked at?
He announces he's going to run for governor the day after the Folsom Street Fair which it is reported that he approves which has public nudity, gay sex, anti-church profanity, public kink, etc.etc.Stuff people say most would vomit seeing. What kind of Governor does he think he's going to be? San Francisco is the most biased place and debauched >it's former style of being a TRUE tolerant City--for all is now history. There's so much liberal hypocrasy.
if you are conservative in any fashion you might fear for any number or reprisals or hassles and moreso since it's become Newsome's SF. God Save California from such a Governor taking the helm of the State.

It's past the point. I wouldn't travel to California if you paid me, and I'm not alone. It is so anti American it's like a different country. Why don't they just declare themselves the land of stupid laws and insane politics, which should attract all those with these same beliefs, and call themselves Californians. Oh my God! They already have.

Why do most right-wing nutjobs sound like the types that screamed, ranted, and nashed teeth in October of 1967 when the Federal Courts found in favor of the Lovings in "Loving v. Virginai" (

Do they have any idea how idiotic they sound?

The usual comparison to interracial marriage is baloney.
"Race" is a phony term to explain genetic variability; sex is X vs. Y chromosome. An interracial marriage can reproduce; a same-sex "marriage" cannot.

This does not say that marriage requires reproduction, but that the the biological unit of sexual reproduction is the basis of marriage, and the only reason why marriage is limited to two people -- unlike those narrow-minded people who think that "loving, caring, committed" relationships are somehow limited to two people. (Why can't Daddy have two roommates, or Heather have three mommies?)

Tony Jackson sounds even more idiotic than those he accuses. Loving v. Virgina has ZERO comparison to HOMOSEXUAL marriages. Homosexuality is a choice of actions that allow one to be labeled a homosexual. You can't be a homosexual unless you choose to have sex with the same gender. Race is not a choice and is not changeable. You cannot logically, or sanely, compare a choice with an immutable characteristic. Once you learn this most basic of argument tenants you might be worth listening to. Your argument is specious because it is not supported.

I used to love going to CA, especially the bay area. Love the weather, the architecture, the arts...

Honestly, I now have no desire to even visit anymore. I may go if I have to for business or a family event, but so much of CA has become so extreme and intolerant of differing views that I don't feel welcome there. I'm far from being a far-right winger also. There are just many other places to go where people can disagree, or agree, or just hang out without being demonized. I see any possibility of this diminishing in CA, again, especially the bay area. It is very sad.

I wish Prop 8 was not about gay marriage. It should be about the high court overruling the people. This is the key issue here.

Gavin Newsom has some pros and serious cons:
1. He had a hot 19 year Girlfriend and was letting her drink illegally at political events.
2. He had an affair with his Campaign manager's wife!
3. He hosted Gay marriages in violation of an existing state law that were eventually overturned in court. This simply caused frustration for gays and he knew it would be overturned.
4. He is getting the blame for the San Francisco Sancturary program where Illegal Immigrant Adult criminals were hidden from ICE even though the program was only for minors.

1. Good Speaker
2. Good Looking
3. Nice Solar Program Support
4. Good Record controlling his crazy liberal city council reps. If you thought Newsome was liberal then you need to meet Chris Daily

Homosexuality is partly about population control; it use to be illegal to commit sodomy. We all will have to answer for our own bad choices in the end; none of us will get away with anything. I think we should give California back to Mexico; what do you think?

Apparently some folks from other states are painting California with a broad brush. We don't all believe in the gay political agenda, Marxism, anti-Americanism, pro-Illegal alien and Racial Identity Politics, (RIP).

Gavin Newsome's viability as a statewide candidate is dead in the water. He'll no doubt find enough stupid people with money to give him this ego trip ride. As to gay marriage, it's an absurd concept. First of all - most homosexuals are in this 'lifestyle' for the purposes of anonymous sex that is the furthest thing from relationships and monogamy. The whole thing is really to advance their political agenda which is to force society to accept their behavior. If two men whose sole purpose is to legitimize the exclusivity of their sexual activities and living arrangements gain access to this privilege, there will be no reasonable restrictions to any bizarre, alternative 'couplings'. I don't need to give any examples, I'm sure you can think of them easily enough.

Come on out to California, we're not all fruits, nuts and flakes.

This kook is wasting his time, he will NEVER be elected Governor of California...His nonsense may play in the bay area, but not the rest of the state.

He's exactly why I'm voting yes on 8. It's my way of giving him -and the 4 judges-the finger for giving us the finger and doing as they please.

Two dear friends of mine are getting married in CA this very weekend. They are two women from VA who've been together as a couple for more than 20 years. And I'm so happy for them!! My husband and I had the "luxury" of marrying in the DC metro area last year.

Marriage is a civil right for all adults. Religion, and therefore the often used argument that homosexuality is immoral, has no place in discussions about who should or should not marry.

Steven Spielberg can spend all the money he wants opposing Prop. 8 and promoting Gavin Newsome. I'll never give Newsome my vote for ANY office, local, state or federal, and I'll still vote for Prop. 8. Also, I don't knowingly buy, rent or watch any Steven Spielberg films as my small way of sending a message that such behavior is not acceptable in a civilized society.

To Tony Jackson:

Because they ARE the same types..


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