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California's Democratic delegation is ready with its roll call count (finally)

So what was the final, official vote, anyway, in that race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? And how about the breakdown in the mammoth California delegation?

As of earlier today, almost a week after the much-publicized roll call vote that officially anointed Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee, party officials still had not released the convention-wide numbers. (It's an academic exercise, we know, but we're still curious about it).

The state-by-state roll call was memorably cut off by Clinton herself, when she moved to make Obama the nominee by acclamation. At the time, 32 delegations had weighed in and Obama was leading 1,549 to 341.

California had passed when its turn came up early in the roll call because, state party advisor Bob Mulholland later related, votes within the delegation were still being counted.

Today, Mulholland said the count finally had been completed and the final numbers were: Obama, 273; Clinton, 166 (remember, Clinton won the Feb. 5 California primary).

Two superdelegates missed the convention and did not vote: U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and state Sen. Carole Migden.

As for the total vote, well, Democratic officials were still working on it as of late this afternoon.

A spokeswoman for the Democratic National Convention Committee, Natalie Wyeth, said paperwork had been shipped back from the convention site in Denver, but that the Labor Day holiday delayed the tally.

Wyeth said she expected the official count to be released soon, perhaps by day’s end.

-- Peter Nicholas

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Please remember that Joe B Is the Dummest Senator in the senate. Looks to me as Dummer and Dummer movie

The Democratic Party has lost my vote this November, maybe forever. Delegates that went to the convention were representing the voters, and those delegates who changed from Hillary to Obama should be ashamed. The Democratic Party did not respect my vote, and has lost my trust. Do those who decided to fix the vote during the convention have a plan to also fix the vote this November?

I just can't believe this happened before our very eyes and our elected officials did nothing to stop this miscarriage of justice. All democratic voters should examine the entire election process from the primaries to the convention and then decide which candidate actually should be the democratic nominee. The caucus fraud was rampant and several complaints have been issued. Here is a link to the actual popular vote count and delegate count. It is my thought also Dhyana as to what fix might be planned for the November election. Has Obama ever won a race on his own merits? If one would look into his Illinois election wins, you would be surprised as to how he became the winner in each of his races. I suspect that November will be no different.

I can see why the PUMAs are angry about the process. On election day we heard a lot of "EVERY VOTE COUNTS" during the problems with the butterfly ballots and ballot shortages in Los Angeles County.

Hillary beat Obama by 500,000 votes during the primary, yet Obama has the most for CA at the convention? So, in effect, every vote counts until party leaders decide different. How is that fair?

Once Senator Hillary Clinton released her delegates, some of her delegates felt it was a message to vote for Barack Obama. That has been the tradition at our Conventions. The final vote was to make the selection of Obama unanimous and that was done by voice vote. Bob Mulholland, Ca Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has lost me as well. I am so saddened by the Californian convention delegation "pass" vote. But at least now I understand how the Democratic Party conducts its business and its not by the people's voice. Its done in a smoke filled room.

I am a Californian who has voted for Democrats my whole life (last four presidential elections), but this will be the first time that I vote Republican and depending on how McCain does as President, perhaps I will continue to do so.

At least I'll get to see Palin as Vice President!

I have changed my registration from Democrat to Independent -- after 53 years! The Democratic leadership, mainly Pelosi, Reid, Dean, etc., have betrayed us and should be replaced immediately.


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