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Bill Clinton speaks out for Barack Obama. Well, sort of

When we last saw the last Democratic ex-president of the United States, he was really, really getting ready to go out and campaign for this very ambitious young fellow from Illinois who with his Windy City crowd beat the ex-president's wife out of her rightfully inherited White House.

No hard feelings though, not among fellow Democrats. Not even when the winner didn't pick the near-winner as his female runDemocratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama and former Democratic president Bill Clinton in happier daysning mate, leaving an opening the size of Alaska for the Republican presidential nominee to pick a female running mate and shake the whole race up real good.

The Democratic ex-president made the wannabe Democratic president come up to his Harlem office last week to have lunch, all friendly like.

The ex-president made a prediction about Nov. 4 on-camera: "I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win handily."

That sound bite got wide play, as it was meant to because it was short and to the point. Also, the ex-president and the ex-president's wife don't want anyone to be able to say they caused the wannabe president's defeat come November, which is exactly four years from when they intend to win the White House themselves for good.

And although no one actually saw the two men shake hands at that friendly luncheon last week, their aides assured the media that everything went really well. So it must be true.

Now, it's one week later. And the ex-president tore himself away from still preparing to go out and campaign for the kid long enough to go on CNBC because ...

... several hundred people a day watch that channel and it's a good opportunity to not yet be out on the road campaigning.

Maria Bartiromo, who's one of the best broadcast financial reporters going, asked the ex-president about the neck-and-neck presidential race. We're going to do something a little unusual now. We're going to print the ex-president's entire reply for a reason.

These guys are professional talkers. They know precisely what they are doing and saying with every word. Last week the ex-president was clear and concise on purpose. This week not so, on purpose. See if you can find an endorsement in here from the ex-president, a sound bite or relevant point that would actually help Obama, or is it merely a verbal wandering and pro forma party prediction that no one can criticize:

"Well, the latest polls had Senator Obama up a little bit. And I think every -- I -- I think partly that's a function of the current distress, economic distress because I think the more people worry about the current set of circumstances, the more likely they are to change parties. I have always said that I thought Senator Obama would win this election because two thirds of the American people are having trouble paying their bills.

"And because of Democratic registration is up and Republican registration is flat. And because he has  offered some very specific and sensible economic reforms and health care reforms. And as I said, I've never concealed my admiration and affection for Senator McCain. I think he's a great man. But, I think on the issues that matter to our future, the Obama/Biden team is, is more right. That's what I believe. And I believe they're gonna win.

"But, I think that -- it will be competitive until the end. And our side has to work hard. But, I think what -- what typically happens in these elections if you look throughout American history when the country's in a fix and you know where we're going is not sustainable, then there is typically a breakthrough. The biggest example of that was in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected. The Republican party had only been in existence for four [sic] years.

Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois as they competed for their party's presidential nomination

"But, both the old-Whig party and the Democratic party had proved unable to resolve the dilemma of how to hold the Union together and stop the spread of slavery. So, they both had different approaches. Neither one were workin'.  So, the public said, 'OK, if we can't sustain this, we'll make a change.' That's what I think. Now, I think that the -- the people said, 'Well, they had the Congress and the White House for six of the last eight years. We're in trouble. We liked Senator McCain. We recognize he's a little bit of a different kind of Republican. But, we're gonna make a change.' And I think that's where they'll be and I think that you'll see a victory for Obama and Biden.

"But, I don't think you'll see it clearly. Barring some unforeseen development like in -- something happens in the debates we don't know about. I -- I -- I -- it may not be apparent in the polls until last week or two of the election. But, I believe that it will be apparent on election day. I think that -- I think Senator Obama will win this election."

This week no "win handily." This week no crisp sound bite. This week the election is seven days closer. This week still no ex-president on the trail for the wannabe.

And that, folks, is no accident.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Associated Press (top); CNN (bottom).

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Yes!thank U becuse we need to discover this! That we woe respect to the femenin, and we must show it ,and this is where man no matter how well meaning,his true colors come out!The unconsious according to the wise ones is nine times stronger than the conscious mind...!you can talk until the cows come home but ones actuality surfaces as soon as it find room to ...that´s where we are, and Sent. Obama is no different!He would have had his chance had the femenin been included in this ticket `mind!´Woemen don´t need this places anymore to show they are equal to man!We are not equals never been and perhaps as evolution has it, will never be...some,small ,some large,some different altogether ...Right now´Over me´!!

How could the Clintons support Barack when we all know that:

OBAMA FRACTURED AND DIVIDED THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WHEN HE REJECTED THE CHOICE OF 18 MILLION DEMOCRATS and instead of choosing Hillary Clinton for VP, he chose an old Washington politician Joe Biden, and by this grave mistake in choice, negated the flag of "change" Obama had been waiving and replaced it with the flag of "more of the same".
On the other side, THE MAVERICK STOLE THE MANTRA OF CHANGE FROM BARACK WHEN HE SELECTED A WOMAN REFORMER FOR VP, who has gained the respect of the State she governs as well as of the nation governors.
THE MCCAIN/PALIN TICKET HAS GIVEN HOPE FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA TO ALL THE 18 MILLION FORMER HILLARY SUPPORTERS who now have a very compelling reason to vote for the republican ticket, as a way to put their country first by electing a president that has the qualifications, experience and love for our country and at the same time elect a woman to the White House as equal partners in governance and leadership of our country.
Country First!


Meanwhile, some PUMA types (or pretend PUMA= actually Repubs) are posting all over, reminding voters that Hillary can't run in 2012 if Obama wins and presumably goes for a second term in office. As if the Democrats will forgive Hillary and Bill for letting Team Obama down in 2008 and Hillary automatically coronated in 2012? Unbelievable.

There is a serious lack of true patriotism among these so-called Hillary 2012 people. And if Bill's secretly in their corner, shame on him. If they cared about the direction of this country AT ALL, they wouldn't be so complacent about putting somebody like McCain (and then, Palin) in the White House. The situation in this country is dire. No time for petty politics.

When will the media give the Clintons a break? Bill and Hillary are supporting Obama as much as they can, of course Bill rigorously campaigned on the road for Hillary because she is his WIFE. He is transitioning back into his old life before the primary started, he has his organization and his own agenda. Obama is the nominee, Obama can only be blamed for his own loss, but God help us that won't happen.

PN, as evidenced by your post, people that use all caps are IDIOTS.

The Clinton's are still bitter and hoping Obama loses so Hillary can have her shot against Palin in 2012. They're only interested in themselves, not in what's best for our country. Bill optimizes narcissism and Hillary is his protege. They're democrats in name only.

Sucks to be on the losing side for the first time in eight years doesn't it?

Love the moronic Obama-bots who are mental 3-year-olds who think Obama is some magical fairytale creature who would get in office and make everything rosy.

Obama screwed this country and destroyed the Dem party when he couldn't get past his own ego by making Clinton VP.

Instead he appoints Biden who couldn't get elected because Obama doesn't know what he's doing and needs someone else to run things

His penis is too small to have chosen the real winner and leader - Clinton.

Yawn, just another misogynist and empty suit.
No way should Obama be Prez

Hillary Supporters need to realize that he is the nominee because he earned the nomination and won it fairly. Bitterness will cost the Democrats the election just like complacency cost Gore the 2000 race. Remember, all those Democrats who said there was no difference between Gore and Bush and either stayed home or voted for Nader.
Hillary should have won the nomination. She was the favorite. She had the background and ties . But Obama ran a strong campaign and organized and gathered small donations, which totaled millions. Had obama picked her for the VP it would have been political suicided. First, it would have motivated the Republican base more than Palin has. I have never come across a group that the Republicans despise more, albeit undeservedly so. Also, the media and Republicans would have had a field day asking Obama and Clinton about all the statements Clinton made about Obama.

Obama is the Democratic nominee. We cannot afford to have four or eight more years of a Repbulican president. The well-being of too many depend on it.

What BHO and WJC have in common: They are both over-rated.

It's Hillary's not not Bill's continued endorsal that would possibly hold sway. Check out (non-partisan) to see it all in a table in front of you and make your decision.

Why would Bill gush over Obama after the Obama campaign suggested he was a racist during the primary fight with Hillary.
That racist accusation was cruel. And the Chicago thug is at it again calling McCain a racist against Hispanics.
Both racist accusations of these two men is entirely unfair and Obama knows it.

I think you're right on the money. Clinton has yet to make any kind of strong endorsement or show of support for the Obama campaign. I think he's still upset over being portrayed as a racist over the "South Carolina" comment, as well as the fact that he and Hillary felt they were 'entitled'. I think he's playing a dangerous game but Bill Clinton likes to live dangerously. Unfortunately, the whole Democratic party potentially suffers as a result.

Hillary needs to face the fact that she likely will never be President. If Obama loses this election I don't see Hillary doing better in 2012. I think she does worse. And if Obama wins then he will an incumbent nominee in four years. That means Hillary wouldn't have another shot until she was at least 68 - and I just don't see her running for President at that age (McCain's age notwithstanding, of course).

The only doubt for Obama that I read in this piece is that of the author.

Clinton stated several times that he believes Obama will win, and his cautions offer no evidence that he believes, or wishes, anything contrary to that.

It is a very close race, and the very worst thing that could happen to Obama would be for his supporters to think his win was "in the bag".

It happens to NOT be in the bag, and if we remain cognizant of that and continue to work for his victory, the chances increase.

Keep up with the negativity, neo-cons. You're only helping.

What they did NOT even mention from that CNBC interview was Bill's very flattering remarks about VP Sarah Palin. He softly acknowledged her personal views were right of the country's center, but commended her restrain that she does not force her personal views into public policy. He complimented her as articulate and praised her instincts, and intellect as well. Frankly, I felt he gave her an even handed, well considered appraisal if not a qualified endorsement. To me, this was an even bigger story than his luke warm embrace of Obama.

I've concluded that McCain and Palin really do have the chops to deliver in DC. Biden's record over a longer period than McCain's has produced less bi-partisan solutions. And Obama really has avoided taking tough stands via votes and/or bills/amendments.

Say what you want about some of the inflated claims about Palin's reforms, even her opponents have praised her in the past. It is sad that so many of them now feel compelled to retract or delete their past positive comments about her bi-partisan solutions simply because the national scope of her candidacy is bringing pressure from DNC to throw her under the bus and disavow their past praise.

In the end, I sleep a lot better knowing it will be McCain/Pailin in 08.

The Clintons do not want Obama to win. Hillary will try to run agian in 4 years, but if Obama is elected that would stand in her way. She and Bill will vote for McCain to preseve their own personal interest. They, as mentioned in the article are only trying to preseve themselves for the Democratic voter that will vote again in four years, for them it's hopefully for Hillary! A couple of real fakes dupping the Democratic party!
Vote republican and preserve our freedom!

I'm a Democrat. Independent, free thinking, believing in the best is still to come. I'm not a Republican. Republicans are like the Borg on Star Trek TNG. One size fits all and we must all think alike, and if not, you're just weird. Republicans like to tell themselves what a great President Reagan was. Well, he wasn't so great, but did great things. Reagan destroyed the backbone of average workers ability to unionize. As a result, we have CEO's pocketing the wages of their workers when they move operations to China. Under Reagan many industrial companies were dismembered sold in pieces and jobs sent to third world countries. If you had AIDS it was God's punishment. Not so great. Bush had experience, Bush is an oilman, Bush was painted as the great uniter. The economy is having its Katrina this week. The response, stick tax payers with the bill. That is tax and steal. Once again, as much as people talk about Bush tax cuts, it has being really a tax shift. Shielding the mighty and wealthy from contributing to our country. The result tax at the pump, because the dollar today is more like the Mexican peso in value; so every time the dollar tumbles we have to pay more for crude oil. Someone pays for the rich not paying capital gains tax, the kids working at McDonald's. They will pay it today and for many years to come. Laisez faire in Wall Street has been a free for all, at the expense of every one else. The crisis could have been avoided if the SEC wouldn't have been asleep at the wheel. The SEC in this case acted the same way that Fema acted during Katrina, totally worthless. So, sure talk trash about Obama. The economy is in such bad shape and the problems facing our country so deep that whoever is going to be the next President is going to be a one termer. There is plenty of blame to go around. However, it was the Republicans who see no value in true service that have let to the melt downs on 9-11, Katrina, and now the collapse of the mortgage sector. Most of us would like to think that slavery never happened and that it shouldn't affect how blacks should see our country, that lying to go to war and have someone's kid die is not a big deal, and that big business and big religion always do what is right for our families. So, like the Borg the collective mind doesn't have much imagination and doesn't know where to draw the line. For all the negativity and fear mongering, I'm voting for Obama. He has been through what the average Jack and Diane have been through and understands them. No sound bites, not everything you want to hear. Experience, and awakenings are great, but they don't compensate for vision and judgment.

Obamas slogan should be "hey Im from Harvard, here to change the world" .... remember people if it sounds too good to be usually is. Is obama running a campaign or should he perhaps go on the road as a traveling saleman? Oh thats right - he is -. In the beginning of all this I used to be excited about the guy and the possibility of him becoming president. But when it comes down to it ....he has an awful lot of people convinced (in my opinion) that voting in the first african american president is the first step on the "longest" road to change this country has ever seen. Am I really supposed to believe if this man wasn't african american he wouldve even made it half this far on his policies and fancy speeches alone? I guess so...... America has been for sale long enough . How much more does it take before we're the country in foreclosure? Maybe obama could some celebrity moola for that.

I'm pretty sure that "I think on the issues that matter to our future, the Obama/Biden team is, is more right" is an endorsement.

The GOP is all about deregulation of financial firms (hating gays is a sneaky diversion--it's really about greed). They've been deregulating for decades. That is precisely the reason we're now so close to another Great Depression. If we manage to work our way out of this fix, the GOP will soon begin pushing deregulation again, and within a decade or so we'll be facing another looming financial catastrophe. Because greed is the underbelly of capitalism. If you don't manage it aggressively through smart, sensible regulation, it will bite you every time. The GOP does not look at this issue rationally but ideologically ("the glory of unfettered capitalism"). Because they're ideologues, they ignore the evidence. So they can't change.

John McCain has always pushed the self-defeating philosophy of Unfettered Capitalism. He helped get us into this mess, directly. He can't change, because he's an ideologue like his colleagues. If you're wondering where your retirement fund went, this is as far as you need to look.

I think Obama is smart not to send Bill out campaigning. After all, Bill didn't exactly help Hillary with her campaign. Open mouth, insert foot...

"The Democratic ex-president made the wannabe Democratic president.."

WANNABE? Is that the technical term for a presidential candidate? I think the only wannabe here is the author.

Bill Clinton is probably one of the most brilliant politician the democratic party had in a long time, he can see the writing on the wall and knows how close the party was to the White house and they messed it up by nominating a weaker candidate, only time will tell how the democrats lost this election by their own stupidity and poor judgment

What a stupid, pointless column. Surely you have SOMETHING worthwhile to fabricate. *rollseyes*

PN's comments look like those viagra adds you get in your spam mail... sounds like one too.

There is no chance McCain/Palin will win. McCain is too old and will die in office and Palin will run this country into the ground (in search of oil).

the only reason hiilary isnt on the ticket is because michelle obama would have no part of it ! to the demise of her husbands presidential run for the white house. if barak would have picked hillary this race wouldnt even be close! and by the way im a republican and thought if the two (obama & hillary) were on the ticket together we republicans would have no chance in november! thanks michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I echo the sentiments of an earlier poster: If Obama needs the Clintons so badly to win, then maybe he's just not offering enough to the American people himself.

I don't blame Pres. Clinton for not fully endorsing the man who insuinated he was racist and forced him to apologize. Obama ran a mud-slinging campaign -- still does -- and sits back and says he's "different" and better than other politicians.

The only change Obama inspired in me was to switch from being a lifelong Democrat to an Independent.





he is the right candidate for this country, and he will win go obama.

Bill Clinton is like teen ager in more ways thin one

Articles like this just make people smarter and more understanding of where and who writes them. Its like learning how to pick the ripe fruit from the rotten.. Press sec. for Laura Bush..? Does that even go on your resume?

obama is the greatest presidential candidate since i've been alive and we should all be thankful for it..... and we should all be trying to get him elected.... with enthusiasm.

if he looses, nobody will like it and we can all blame ourselves. not the clinton's or palin or rich people.

it's our job and our future. go get this man elected already!

Can we please get past the Hillary did-Obama-wrong-song please? Bill Clinton has a tremendous following and as long as we let the Republican machine tag the Clinton with this baggage his usefulness to Obama is limited. They are obviously trying to move past this and to the idea the White House should have qualified people running it. The prime time idea has always been that we need a qualified person running the White House. Sex is optional (unless you get caught). By potentially putting a woman in the White House by any means without vetting her qualifications simply makes you another hypocrite--only with a vagina. Hillary was qualified but didn't get the nod. Don't let the Republican's confuse that issue with Palin or any other agenda. Sarah Palin isn't qualified for the White House. Sarah is no substitute for Hillary. You don't watch your fuzzy little bunny rabbit die in front of your eyes and then go running out and get a genetic clone of it so you can feel better. Time to let go and look at the real substance.

The Obama campaign is about change. It's 2008. What Clinton thinks about Obama is his opinion and need not be relevant to this campaign. Get over it.

For gosh sakes Bill, if you can't support Obama, stop faking.

Some of us will remember this when Sarah Palin beats Hillary Clinton in 2012.

We used to live in SoCal and loved taking the LA Times which at that time was right down the middle, then it drifted left, and am so happy to see that the Times is calling it like it is with facts once again coming back to the middle in this race. So many of the MSM are spinning today as they protect Senator Obama and don't try to hide the fact they are supporting him. Ethics in Journalism is missing from a lot of media types today.

When the MSM investigates the GOP VP candidate and throws all kinds of rumors out there as facts but won't investigate the Dem Presidential candidate, the MSM has lost their way. Give the same type of scrutiny to all candidates instead of pandering to Senator Obama. Are they afraid they are going to offend him? No matter the race, nationality of a candidate's background, male or female, conservative or liberal, each candidate that runs for President and Vice President needs to have a thorough vetting not a pass. The MSM has ignored Sen Obama's interference in Iraq asking them to delay until the new President takes offiice (meaning himself) which was against the law as the Legislative Branch cannot negotiate with foreign countries. Where is the MSM -- MIA as they give Sen Obama another pass!

Give us the facts and the voters will make their own decision.

I appreciate a journalist who will let the actual words speak for themselves. Too many pieces these days regarding the candidates take one phrase out of context and explode it over the media. If you give credence to what Bill Clinton has to say (and I personally don't), then you can see that he's not so sure it is "wrapped up" yet. However, I totally agree that Obama should win on his own merit and not the coattails of an "okay" ex-president and his first-lady senator wife. That's why I predict that Obama will not win in November and we will have a McCain/Palin Administration ... because Obama cannot win on his on merit.

The republicans, in 8 short years, have brought us to absolute Economic disaster. They have ruined our moral credibility, destroyed our tax system, and spent all our money.

Now, the very same people, including Mccain who beleives in Bushe's crazy tax cuts, who beleives in Bushes outrageously costly "Wars of Choice" , wants us to give them another 4 years.

Do you think the republicans will suddendly change their policies if given another 4 years. No! They will just try another corrupt path to try to reach their goal. NO MORE AMERICA! PLEASE! WE ARE SUFFERING! DO NOT REWARD A FAILED ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMIC PHILOSOPHY WITH 4 MORE YEARS OF POWER. WE WILL PAY THE PRICE, AND SO WILL OUR CHILDREN.

You do win or lose by your's or your opponent's mistakes, and there were plenty of us who tried to tell the campaign
of Obama's that if he chose Hillary as running mate he is unbeatable and a practical certain for 2 terms, and no one listened,
and it didn't take McCain more than a heartbeat to know how to capitalize on his grand mistake, and then for Obama
supporters to diss Hillary on radio and TV programs (after she threw her support to Obama) was a further kick to his
standing in the polls. I swear it's like watching the tigers play, blowing lead after lead.

i agree.. if the fools didn't see this coming woth obama,
then don't blame bill and hill..they didn't respect either one of them before , so whatever they say is o.k. with me.
as for sarah give her a multi-million dollar movie contract
and she'll dish out in a minute. i don't even think people are going to sort this out by nov, as for me i will for the first time in my life throw a vote away, and write in a vote for hillary, and i'm not a die hard anything. .

Anyone who buys this nonsense needs to learn how to distinguish a writer's arguments from the facts. This is the problem with politics in this country - people don't think for themselves and buy every argument their favorite commentators advance without questioning the spin.

This writer asks the reader to find an endorsement in what Pres Clinton said - how's this?

"he has offered some very specific and sensible economic reforms and health care reforms. And as I said, I've never concealed my admiration and affection for Senator McCain. I think he's a great man. But, I think on the issues that matter to our future, the Obama/Biden team is, is more right. That's what I believe. "

Bill Clinton is a genius. Trying to communicate with people of substantially lower IQ is a very difficult task to accomplish without someone taking your words out of context. Try talking to a 12 year old about complex political issues and you will understand what it is like for a man like Bill Clinton to deal with the press and the general public's perception of what he is talking about. Anybody who wants to badmouth Bill need only mention one thing he ever did that hurt our country anywhere near as much as even one of Bush's least destructive decisions. The only thing people have to say is that he got a little frisky in the office. Nobody is perfect, but to bad mouth the most productive president this country has ever had and who most likely has an IQ about 40 points higher than yourself is just dumb.

PN: Uh, your caps lock key is stuck, dude.

tiredofit: Actually, it would help if Bubba stayed out of the limelight, since every independent and cross-over Republican voted for Obama to keep the Clinton's out of the White House. Bubba stumping for Obama is NOT a good idea. It will only reinvigorate the GOP base, just like that Bush clone Palin has done.

I don’t know what world a lot of you guys live in, but it’s not the same one as Bill and Hillary Clinton live in. Bill may seem like he has become a little eccentric, but he is constantly assessing and weighing everything that is happening. Did you see, during the DNC, Bill mouth something like “Good move” to Hillary when Obama made a deferential comment to the former President? No matter your political leanings, you disrespect Bill Clinton’s political prowess at your own risk.

There are three reasons why Bill Clinton will never support Barack Obama in his heart. First, he knows that Obama is not ready to be President just as Hillary and the others said during the Democratic debates. Barack was called out as the least qualified and nothing has changed. Second, and related, Hillary is massively more qualified and would probably have been the nominee if the primaries has started 30-60 days later. Third, and related, is the way the Democratic nominee subtly trashed Hillary crowned by a pandering “Hillary would be on anyone’s short list” when he was not going to consider her at all. Obama was brave in moving against the Clintons when he thought he didn’t need them.

Now he does need them. But, why would Bill support him? There are just two reasons. First, neither Clinton can afford to look like they are not supporting Obama’s bid for the Presidency. Hillary would lose a lot of her constituency including liberal woman, blacks and far left wingers. Unless Obama both wins the Presidency and remains as popular as George Washington through his first term, she will most definitely will run in 2012. The Clintons do not want to screw that up. Second, Obama can still cover Hillary’s campaign deficits. While he has hinted at this before, to my knowledge, Obama has not done that yet.

So, don’t kid yourselves. Bill respects what Obama has done so far, but that respect does not go very deep. He doesn’t like him and has reason not to. The Democratic party bailed on Hillary as did many of her supposed backers. Other than for political expediency, Bill Clinton has no reason to help or even want the Democrats to win this election. On the contrary, he has quite a few reasons to want to see them fail.

I was a Democrat, Until sen obama won the Primary, Now I am a Republican for Life; Obama is just an Empty Suit.

Big Bill is channeling Casey Stengel. Remember Stengel's testimony in congress during the fight over applying the anti-trust laws to baseball?

As soon as Keith (Groucho's long-lost son) Olbermann, the CNN (Communist News Network) and all other lefties out there write something positive about McCain and Palin, then Malcomb can do the same for Obama, who desperately needs Freddie Mac (Bill Clinton) and Fannie Mae (Hillary) to help him get to the White House but who was dumb enough to leave her off the ticket. By the way, when McCain shot up in the polls after the Republican National Convention, we heard the Dems say that polls didn't matter. Now that Obama has a lead, they are all jolly and going gaga. Can't have it both ways, people.

Clinton gave a thoughtful answer. He is knowledgeable about history. And he was a good President. I fondly remember the 90s. Things were good back then.

"What an total pig that man is. "

What? Obama is the one that branded Clinton as a racist and lumped his Presidency in with the Bush's as do-nothing while praising Reagan for gosh sake. Michelle threatened to scratch Bill Clinton's eyes out and one of Obama's top aides called Hillary a monster. What exactly has Bill Clinton done to Obama? Hmm.

With the economy standing on the edge and the candidates fighting to gain an edge, this is what the Andrew Malcolm manufactures: ANOTHER in a long line of gossipy, Clinton vs. Obama non-stories. It's pretty sad he's still trying to play the "Democrats are divided" card. One wonders what psychological obsession lies behind Malcolm's fascination with this tired storyline which he can't let go. This week, Bill Clinton's statements weren't as unequivocal as they could have been, he MUST secretly wish for Obama to lose. Pathetic, Malcolm, absolutely pathetic.

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