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Bill Clinton featured in new John McCain ad

September 30, 2008 | 11:25 am

This can hardly be coincidental.

On Wednesday, Bill Clinton makes his long-delayed -- and sure to be closely watched -- foray onto the campaign trail for Barack Obama, visiting the battleground state of Florida on his behalf.

Today, though, Clinton's visage appears in a television ad ... for John McCain.

The 60-second spot (a virtual discourse, by today's standards) depicts McCain as ahead of the curve in seeking regulation that might have avoided the current financial crisis and asserts that Democrats -- with Obama acquiescing through silence -- "blocked the reforms."

A recent sound bite from Clinton is used to back up the criticism of Democrats (though not Obama in particular.

As usual in a political ad, regardless of which candidate or party it comes from, some crucial context is missing. A broader take on Clinton's view of how the current mess evolved -- and his focus on deflecting blame from himself -- was provided late last week by The Hill newspaper.

The ex-president is the second member of his family to surface in a McCain ad. Wife Hillary Clinton was the star of a spot released in August.

--Don Frederick

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