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Bill Clinton featured in new John McCain ad

This can hardly be coincidental.

On Wednesday, Bill Clinton makes his long-delayed -- and sure to be closely watched -- foray onto the campaign trail for Barack Obama, visiting the battleground state of Florida on his behalf.

Today, though, Clinton's visage appears in a television ad ... for John McCain.

The 60-second spot (a virtual discourse, by today's standards) depicts McCain as ahead of the curve in seeking regulation that might have avoided the current financial crisis and asserts that Democrats -- with Obama acquiescing through silence -- "blocked the reforms."

A recent sound bite from Clinton is used to back up the criticism of Democrats (though not Obama in particular.

As usual in a political ad, regardless of which candidate or party it comes from, some crucial context is missing. A broader take on Clinton's view of how the current mess evolved -- and his focus on deflecting blame from himself -- was provided late last week by The Hill newspaper.

The ex-president is the second member of his family to surface in a McCain ad. Wife Hillary Clinton was the star of a spot released in August.

--Don Frederick

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Well, Clinton certainly set himself up for that.....of course, he might be happy with it. He has been seeking the media coverage for several weeks now, not to hellp Obama, but rather to help Bill.

This is the best news I've read all week: finally some hope the responsibility for the Fannie Mae Freddie Mac debacle will attach to the guilty parties: Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Hillary Clinton and, yes, Barack Obama. I cannot understand why McCain pulled his punches in the first part of the debate: maybe he didn't want to jeopardize the bailout bill. I don't know, but he missed a golden opportunity.
You can affix any numbers of sins on the WHite House and GOP leadership, but the blame for this mess rests with the those Democrats who steadfastly resisted reforming the aforementioned agencies -- and received the most donations. I don't know how those guys sleep at night. Normal -- and honest people -- would resign in shame.

Please, please, Senator McCain, come out swinging in the next debate with Obama. You are the best candidate, by far. I hope you have a really good "October Surprise" up your sleeve! Don't hold back - we all deserve to hear the truth about Obama - all his ties to unsavory characters, socialist ideas, etc. Bring it all out in the sunlight, please!

The jig is up! Bill Clinton does not want to see Senator Obama in the white house. And, Hillary would be 10x better than Biden. McCain just won my vote with his proactive stance on the rescue bill. Obama just said, "I'll phone it in and use the time on MYSELF to campaign."

I thought this was a time to NOT point the finger? McCain just can't be seems as if his only tactic is to affix blame on Obama for nearly everything, meanwhile injecting partisan politics into every issue...he just accuses and attacks relentlessly! unfortunately we don't need a pit bull for a president right now...we need someone who is intelligent, calm, and collected...and also someone who can offer up his own qualifications and plans rather than just someone who bases his entire campaign on portraying the other presidential candidate as incompetent and incapable.

Normal, honest people like Rove, Cheney, Bush, et al? Yeah right. Real paragons of virtue those Repubs.

Wow jeez, you are so uninformed! What nonsense! Another rightie who can't accept the truth and lives in denial with rubbish like that comment. Paul Begala said it right on CNN last week in regards to how Clinton feels about Obama. Yes, during the primaries he, like any of us guys would do, backed up his wife. He said some stupid things but those blew away and were worth less than a grain of sand in the Sahara. Begala said Clinton wants Obama to win because he has seen Bush pretty much undo most of the things he did when he was the president and it hurts him. Now, I know the Democrats share in the blame for this terrible situation we are all in but unlike the previous poster who lives in denial, Bush was the president when this happened and the Republicans were the majority party for 12 years in Congress. Most of the Republican base is still convinced that the Reagan Trickle Down Economics works eventually. Well they have now been proven wrong twice in the last 27 years. First, after Clinton was elected in 92 he had a massive mess to clean up after 12 years of Reagan and Bush Sr. Second, all of us share in part because we've got this attitude that no money down and I can have it for free! Also since McCain has one of the most deregulatory records in the senate I always laugh when the righties try to make him out to be a "maverick". Simple truth, Obama means moderate regulation, tax cuts for the middle class, a better standing in the world after 8 years of the village idiot, a clearer mind and someone who has the youth and progressive manner to get us into the 21st Century and not live in some pseudo 1950's acid nightmare with McSame and the mediocre whack job from Alaska. Come election night it's going to be Obama!

It's John McCain alright.

He had no words on the economy until Obama gave them to him in an effort of bipartisanship.

He's John McCain, a crook, a gambler, a liar, a cheat, a dishonorable man with very poor judgement. A desperate, old, stubborn man.

It has all the "earmarks" of a John McCain campaign ad.

sal, you along with EVERY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICA, needs to realize that this "crisis" has been along time in the making. Ever since Carter was President and guess what...EVERY President and Senator since then is at fault. Yes. Even G.W. was promoting these two morgage giants not long ago. Don't blame Democrats or Republicans, blame Washington.

McCain is still trying to deflect the news that his campaign manager was a lobbyist for the failed Fannie and Freddie up until last month, and that McCain's only role in the banking industry has been to pressure regulators to lay off of his friends like Charles Keating. McCain has always been against regulation until a couple of days ago. Where did the straight talk go?

Sarah Palin stands for God, country and family! Everything most American's stand for! But why do the left hate her so? They hate Sarah Palin even more than they hate Bin Laden or Al Queda!!!

clintons attempt at pretending to support sen obama is very sad and very pathetic,its enough to make one shake their head in disgust at how far this once bright light of the democratic party has fallen and to what depth will the political train wreck have to travel before the democratic party realize that this lying,backstabbing egotistical sociopathtic,womanizing,buttwipe has been blinded by denial and that he is looking no farther than his failed primary bid..Iknow there are those who would remind me by saying brk dck|| bill was not running sen clinton was|| to which i say then why did they call it a two fer and whose political machine was it? NO BY REJECTING hillary in bills mind we rejected him and he's going to teach us ingrates a lesson I know there are some who would say..but brk dck what will that do to his political career is he willing to risk it all over feeling slighted''to which a say he has 100mil reason not to care.I KNOW THERE are still those who would ask but brk dck what about sen clintons career? couldnt this derail it? to which i say NOW HONESTLY PEOPLE DOES BILLS PAST BEHAVIOUR SHOW THAT HE CARES.NO with this very pathetic and very sad display is proof positive that its all about bill and his reminding the rest of us on how important he thinks he is "PLEEZ ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF I'M A MAN OF WEALTH BUT NO GRACE I WAS PRESIDENT FOR EIGHT GLORIOUS YEARS WITH THE GREATEST SURPLUS THE COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN .I WATCHED WITH GLEE AS MINE ENEMIES DEBATED FOR DAYS AND DAYS OVER A STAIN I MADE.SOME SHOUTED OUT HOW THEY MUST IMPEACH WHILE OTHERS SAID NO LET SLEEPING DOGS SLEEP,,,,PLEEZ TO MEET YOU HOPE YOU GUESS MY NAME..BUT WHATS TROUBLING YOU IS..JUST WHAT IN THE HELL IS MY GAME{ apologies to the stones}

Oh..Boy!! In 2006 we voted for CHANGE - AND WE GOT IT! REMEMBER…the President has NO control over any of these issues…ONLY the CONGRESS. And what did the Democratic CONGRESS do in the last 2 yrs - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Obama claims he’s REALLY going to give us change....along with a Democratic congress. How much more “change” can you stand?
Voting for him will be the most stupid thing one can do at this very critical time of this country.

Pretty powerful ad. The truth about the harms of big government are going to come to light just in time for November. Bash Bush all you want. He doesn't have a fiscally conservative bone in his body. Looks to me like Clinton might realize himself just how disastrous things can get when government pushes "fairness" on everyone. All borrowers were apparently not created equal. The government should stick to building fighter jets and roads, and let us allocate our rescources as we see fit. Our economy will be fine once it purges itself of these big government cancers in Washington. No to the bailout!!! Wake up people!!!!! Don't let the same people that got us into this mess try to clean it up. Let's relegate them back to what they are good at, which obviously does not include investing in mortgages.

Great ad.

This puts the truth back into the debate where Nancy Pelosi's lies left off.

It was the GOP, the Bush Administration and Republicans who sought to rein in and reform Fannie and Freddie while Democrats blocked every effort and ridiculed Republicans for even hold hearings on reforming the two Democrat pet projects. McCain warned, now the Fannie Mae/ Fannie Mac Democratic economy is suffering due to Democratic corruption and mismanagement of Freddie and Fannie.

Remember that it was Clinton who put the inexperienced Cuomo as HUD overseer to push Democrat socialism into our housing and financial markets. He ushered in new ways to own a home other than the wise 30-year fixed rate loan.


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