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Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton's special limited-time offer: DVDs of her DNC speech

John McCain stopped by the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami the other day and picked up $5 million. Barack Obama dropped in on his Beverly Hills friends and left with an estimated $9 million.

But Hillary Clinton? With President Bill Clinton's help, she is hawking DVDs of her speech at the Democratic convention last month.

In the letter, sent via blast e-mail earlier this week, the former President says he and Sen. Clinton are doing absolutely everything they can to help elect Barack Obama.

But there is this little matter of her campaign debt, which topped $10 million last month.

“Her historic speech inspired me and millions of others, and it was a great reminder of how important it is that we also continue to support Hillary's efforts to speak out on behalf of ordinary Americans,” the letter says.Sen_clinton_and_president_clinton_b

For a $50 donation, you would receive a DVD with her “historic speech in Denver and the inspiring video that introduced her,” the former president writes of Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

But that's not all.

The package will include a message that “Hillary recorded just for you, where she shares some special moments from her week in Denver.”

But, wait, there's more: “We'll put my speech on there for you too,” the former President says.

But, wait, there's even more.

“For a limited-time only if you contribute $250 or more you will receive the special 'Signature' edition personally signed by Hillary,” the former president writes.

Now, if only she could sell 40,000 of those autographed DVDs, her debt could disappear.

-- Dan Morain

Photo: Justin Lane / EPA

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Catharsis my behind. $Cha $Ching!! It's the Bill and Hillary show live from the Lincoln bedroom.

I've donated to help clear Hillary's debt. I don't agree with supporting Obama because he did not help -- what a loser. Anyway, I will not vote for Obama even if they [Hillary and Bill] choose to support him. I believe we need checks and balances, and McCain is a better choice since Democrats are in control in Congress. NO OBAMA -- Democrats for McCain.

She wouldn't have to suffer so much if Obama just bowed down and let her take the reigns. She would've been competitive in Florida, closed Ohio and Pennsylvania, and would've sealed the deal.

Now Obama is defending Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, among just a few blue states that are slipping from his hand.

Well GOP I think America is done with your management of our finances. To think that Bush wanted Social Security tied into the stock markets makes me shudder.

There is no such thing as Democrats for McCain. You always were a ruddy little self absorbed Republican. You don't give a rat's patuti about universal health care or woman's rights. You know nothing of economics or environmental issues.

See, we turn the lights on you and viola we catch you mid deception.

The Democrats still think America is opessive
to Blacks and women. Now enter Sarah Palin!
Hey Dems!, you can't handle the truth!

I'll pay the $250 to the Clintons and vote McCain-Palin.
Obama should step up and help Hillary with her debt. I think Mr. Hotshot screwed up not picking her as a running mate. I'm sure he thought it was going to be a 'Slamdunk,' well
surprise , surprise. Palin wouldn't be my first choice but neither is Obama.

First off Obama did try to help Hillary with her debts. It's not Obama who came up short, it is her supporters. Further more would you want to put someone on the ticket who had mismanaged a campaign to the tune of 10 Million dollars and take on her debt before you even start the real campaign? Hillary should have stepped aside after she lost Texas (like Bill said she should) and her status and debt would have been more appealing on the ticket. Her actions back then hurt all of us because she would have been great as a supportive looking figure on the ticket and instead she spent her time making Obama look bad and jeopardizing the race for not only herself and Obama but all democrats.

Write in Hilary Clinton for president Claire Mccaskil for VP old Mel Carnahan woul look down from heaven with his son down at his side and tell Jean every thing will be ok signed old yellow dog


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