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After Sarah Palin does her thing, John McCain shares the stage with her

It looks like another tradition has been added to our convention rituals -- the "surprise" appearance by the top of the ticket to join the vice presidential candidate in the spotlight on the gathering's next-to-last night.

Barack Obama did it last week in Denver, after Joe Biden did his part to rouse fellow Democrats.

Tonight, John McCain did the same after Sarah Palin delivered her stem winder to an adoring Republican crowd in St. Paul.

Obama spoke just a few sentences, praising Biden, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McCain's comments were even briefer. "Don't you think we made the right choice for the next vice president of the United States?" he asked (for this audience, a rhetorical question if ever there was one).

"And what a beautiful family," he added of the Palin clan, which had preceded him on the stage.

Clutching a hand-held microphone, he appeared to want to say more. But while he and Palin basked in the sustained applause and cheers, the band struck up.

Eventually, McCain shrugged and exited, along with all the Palins.

The delegates stayed (well, at least most of them) for one last piece of business: officially nominating McCain as the party's presidential nominee.

[UPDATE:  And so the delegates did, at 11:05 p.m. local time (12:05 a.m. EDT, 9:05 p.m. PDT. The entire roll call of states was called, with a long list of them passing so McCain's home state, Arizona, had the honor of putting him over the top.]

-- Don Frederick

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It's game on!

Palin Power! She gave Obama what Hillary could not, because of the restraint put on her by the DNC good 'ol boys. Well, she got one in for you Hillary.

It really was a bad miscalculation by Obama not to put Hillary on his ticket. Palin will do for McCain what Hillary could have done for Obama. But "the one" thinks all he needs is himself.

I was very disappointed with the RNC, Palin's speech was terrible and very similar to the one she gave last week
I am sorry but a hockey mom can not run this country

There's simply no there, there.

The speech did not have a wow factor. It probably inspired traditional Republicans but did not seal the deal with moderates and independents who will decide the election in November.

So their plan for the middle class is ??? what???

I thought so. Obama 2008.

And yes, Rudy Obama was a community organizer. Sorry you find that something to ridicule. He also graduated at the top of his class, was a state senator and a US Senator.

Embarrassing to say the least; she didn't wow anyone other than the delegates who were told how to howl and respond. It's republicans at their worse and she should be shameful - I'm surprised that a minister didn't marry her daughter in front of the audience - totally embarassing - especially when she voted and wanted to have Alaska separate from the other 49 states - thanks but no thanks - she's a risk not worth taking!

Interesting that all you liberals cannot believe this small town women just gave your boy barry a standing 8 count. While the republicans have an up hill battle, I am glad we have the Gov on our side...I think the Dems are sweating a bit after tonight.

Please remember that it is critical to have someone intelligent, worldly and thoughtful lead this country. John McCain just lacks judgement and Palin is not up to the task to have her finger next to the nuke button. They offer nothing more than the continuation of the last 8 disastrous years. This is not American Idol. It is about the issues and not the personality. Remember W was the one more Americans wanted to have a beer with. The hangover these past 8 years should make everyone change the channel from Fox News!!!

I thought she was fantastic. I work full time and have 3 wonderful children. Lucky for us my husband works out of the house and can do the doctor visits and school activities, just like the Palins. Although I am pro choice, I admire her stand on other issues and now believe she is capable of the job of VP.

Sarah Palin did an eloquent speech and criticize Obama of indecisiveness. Obama is inexperience to govern a town, a city, govern a state or managed a business. Obama always Flipflopping. I'll change my mind. I'll vote for John MCCain & Sarah Palin...

"Interesting that all you liberals cannot believe this small town women just gave your boy barry a standing 8 count."

You are absolutely correct "Indy." She laid out a repeat of the last miserable 8 year leadership plan. And even though she needed a team to write that speech, she 9is just one woman and is not representative of small town women.

The Governor on "our side?" Whose side? Certainly not the middle class. Certainly not my side. I don't want creationism taught to my children and I don't want my taxes raised the way she raised them in Wasilla.

I thought she knocked it out of the park!!! She was tough, funny, poised and very personable!!!!!!!! The Democrats are running scared! Reports are that plane loads of reporters are scouring her hometown looking to drum up dirt on her!!

If she spent more time talking about the issues, and less time with the catty attacks, I'd be more impressed. And the rednecks yelling 'drill, drill' seemed like a scene out of Idiocracy.

I saw this comment "So their plan for the middle class is ??? what??? "

Simply the McCain/Palin ticket realizes there is more to the United States than the Middle Class. They understand this country is made up of Americans not "Classes". What is good for all, not just a selected class that was echoed throughout the DNC Convention.

My final comment is simple with reference to “So what is their plan for the middle class”
Simply, what is your plan to better yourself, what is your plan to quit playing the victim, what is your plan to quit having the government in every orifice of your being, and what is you plan to get out of your own way?

Good speech. Full of lies. How can you brag about being involved in the PTA then turn around and diss community organizing? How can you talk about your special needs child but not about how you cut funding for special needs while governor? How can you over and over again lie about your role in the Bridge to Nowhere? How can you talk about ethics reform while trying to subvert an investigation into your own possibly unethical actions? How can you not even mention that you're a religious extremist? And, how can you trot your family out into the limelight then complain about how harsh the light is?

Boo hoo hoo She was terrible, bearly able to speak, lied, showed disrespect to all those news oultlets and bloggers that have been treating her with respect, why I think her husband should be strung up for buying her shoes, we all know bare foot is better, blah blah, and what about that baby? I say DNA test. She can't be haven no kid without proven it ain't her daughters! What do you think these reporters are, idiots! Small hick town mayor, not as sophisticated as Obama, why do you think they call him "The One" And why do you think Obama was smart enough to pick a token white lap dog for VP, that will go along and not upstage "the One" Where is this country going?


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