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John McCain fundraises in Sacramento, claims he'll compete in California

SACRAMENTO -- And now for a change of pace, some actual Republican news:

With many political eyes on Denver and the Democrats this week, John McCain came to Sacramento to raise money today and offered straight talk that raised a few eyebrows. FirstGOP nominee Senator John McCain raises money in Sacramento today, he revealed that his wife, Cindy, is on a humanitarian trip to the nation of Georgia.

But he wanted to talk about this fall. “I also want to look you in the eye -- and I appreciate your generosity -- but I also want to tell you we will compete in the state of California," McCain said, as reported by the pool reporter Kevin Yamamura of the Sacramento Bee. "We will compete and win in the state of California. We will not take your money and leave.”

Democrats hold a registration edge in California, 43.75% to 32.53%. Barack Obama almost certainly will win California, just as Democratic presidential nominees have done every election since Bill Clinton carried the state in 1992.

"I ain't going to be the sucker in your story," a veteran Republican politico said, declining to discuss McCain's prospects but laughing at the notion McCain might win the Golden State.

Whether he competes here or not, McCain's trip was a little more successful than the last time he came through town. In November, he held a fundraiser at the same downtown hotel, and his rented SUV broke down. He had to take a cab to the airport.

In November, he took time to answer reporters' questions. This time, he had to rush off to tape "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (check back at The Ticket for details on ...

... that later, but before broadcast time). In L.A. McCain was also to attend a high-dollar fundraiser.

Now that he's the nominee and has chosen to have Secret Service protection and many media reporters want to travel with him, McCain's motorcade stretched a block, with a bus for the traveling press, several large vans, cars for the candidate, Secret Service and his immediate staff, and a heavy CHP escort.

Importantly, 500 to 600 people showed up in the state capital, and McCain soaked up an additional $500,000, maybe $750,000. McCain’s haul wasn’t bad, given the difficult real estate market, said fundraiser and McCain backer Marty Wilson. He'll raise much more in Los Angeles.

Actress Patricia Heaton, best known as Raymond's wife on "Everybody Loves Raymond" and one of a handful of known Hollywood Republicans, introduced McCain and was disappointed that beer heiress Cindy McCain was not there.

"I have a vested interest in seeing her become first lady so I can get invited to those White House keg parties," Heaton cracked.

C.C. Yin was in attendance. Yin came to this country from China and Taiwan 42 years ago. He owns 24 McDonald’s franchises in Northern California and is active in Republican circles. In June 2007, Yin hosted McCain at his Vacaville home. Maybe 50 people showed up.

Yin was one of five chairmen, each of whom raised at least $50,000 for McCain and the Republican Party. McCain recognized Yin, telling the crowd that his friend had been there at the “darkest time” of his candidacy.

Yin, active in Asian-Pacific Islander politics, helped organize people who held pro-McCain signs outside the Sheraton, countering Obama backers. Yin sides with McCain because he views him as a “proven leader with great knowledge of foreign affairs.”

Another bundler was Red Emmerson, the billionaire chairman of Sierra Pacific Industries, the nation’s third-largest timber producer and by far California’s largest timber company.

Rep. Dan Lungren hosted the event, along with former California Secretary of State Bill Jones and former e-Bay chief and now McCain adviser Meg Whitman.

Of course, lobbyists, consultants and other denizens filled the seats. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up but didn’t speak. McCain offered this straight talk assessment of Schwarzenegger: "one of the great governors in not only the history of California but the United States of America."

-- Dan Morain

Photo credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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Mr. McCain should spend a great deal of time campaigning in California, New York, Massachusetts and even Illinois. Obama isn't going to waste a great deal of his time in states he thinks are locks for him.

I strongly advise that the Democratic National Convention remove Paul Begala and James Carville from serving as spokespersons or Democratic Strategist for the Party. Both their behavior on Monday evening was reprehensible. I had difficulty discerning if they were working for George Bush or the Republican Party. The comment made by James Carville about opening nite was uncalled for. Further, Paul Begala's comment about nobody cares about what Jim Leach is talking about was the lowest of them all. He should be sanctioned. Remove these guys or they will be the death of the Party. Their comments were personal not professional and if they are being paid by CNN or MSNBC you should call them on this despicable behavior. People are not stupid they see the sabotage going on around this convention and they don't like it. It is up to the leadership to shut this behavior down. Immediately.

What makes Cindy McCain qualified to go to Georgia?

So let me see if I understand this: Cindy 'Stepford' McCain jumped on her Gulfstream to fly to Georgia and "assess" the situation? Wow! Did someone explain to her that this wasn't Atlanta Georgia but Gori Georgia?
And so then she'll fly back home and do what? Report to old 'Grizzly Guts' that "Yup, somebody bombed the place and I couldn't even find a Starbucks!"
No doubt, she'll claim the trip as a tax writeoff. This gets more bizarre every day.

What experience in foreign affairs are we talking about? Heartily endorsing invading Iraq under false pretenses? Saying we should stay up to 100 years? Making fun of Obama about the bin Laden in Pakistan remark, and then our govt. did that not less than 2 weeks later? Making fun of beefing up troops in Afghanistan until Bush decided several months later to do that? As Gen. Clark said, being a POW doesn't make you automatically a good commander in chief. Our country will be in a third war within the first year of his term if McCain is elected. What a bunch of fools the American people are.

If Obama would of sent his wife, the Republicans would of kiddie cried she was acting like if she was the first lady. Mrs. McCain's husband is not the president for her to go around securing her investments and using this fake trip as an excuse. This Republican campaign is so arrogant and an embarassment to Christians with a candidate who obviously knows nothing about the bible.

Breaking News: Voters supporting McCain are urged to stock up on Soup Bowls.

George W Bush has given us two recessions in eight years. And he had an MBA. For a self-described ignorant of economic issues, John McCain will set a record and bring us two recessions in four years. As a results, economists are urging McCain supporters to stock-up on Soup Bowls and keep their shoes for the bread-lines handy. The recessions under McCain will make 1929 look like a prosperous time.

It is specially true for Seniors. After gettin rid the "disgraced" social security program, most of the seniors today will fall below the poverty line as they used to be in the past. Althougth it will be hard to watch for us, McCain and his buddies will be at a country club where they will be shielded from this ugly state of the country.

Spread the word.

I HOPE McCain tries to compete in California !
He'd be wasting resources that will leave him short in battle ground states

California is Democratic
Let's hope Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Virginia are too

Obama/Biden '08

Hey Cindy !
Where'd you find that DWARF !
Be careful, he just wants your houses !

"We will compete and win in the state of California. We will not take your money and leave."

Good god, McCain shamelessly lies in the face of his own supporters, then takes their money!
He and the GOP have 1 (one) combined office in the whole California and zero chance of winning there.

Maybe if Cindy could have been there McCain would have offered her up to do a topless dance to this crowd or maybe got irrittated at her and called her the "C" word again in front of everybody or maybe talked about how he cheated on his first wife or told some rape jokes to the crowd as he did during his campaigning for the Senate....geez Republican this really the guy you want?

The thought of John McCain as president of our great nation, sends a cold chill down my spine.

Look at the past eight years of GOP leadership
and what do you get-

Socialize the debt and privatize the wealth!

They should all be in jail not running another election!

Mr. McCain has a problem
Mr. McCain, the Republican nominee from Arizona is leading Senator Obama by mere 4% points in his own state of Arizona. Mr. McCain has a problem. The voters in Arizona know more than what the MSM wants to tell the public.

As an Asian American I will not vote for McCain. I don't know why this CC Yin is supporting him. McCain has used a very racist word against Asians.


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