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USC leads UCLA in White House showdown

The USC-UCLA rivalry usually gets played out in football and basketball games, but as our colleague Adam RoseUsc_has_three_alums_vying_for_a_pla points oUsc_has_3_alums_vying_for_a_place_iut on the "All Things Trojan" blog, USC has the upper hand in another quadrennial sport: the presidential campaign, as our co-blogger Adam Rose notes over at All Things Trojan.

USC can claim three links to the campaign, counting Cindy McCain, Bob Barr and Cynthia McKinney as alums on the trail. UCLA? Um, still looking ....

Of course, the links aren't really up there in bragging territory. John McCain once referred to USC by UCLA fans' favorite -- printable -- nickname for the home of the Trojans, the "University of Spoiled Children." And Barr, a former Republican, and McKinney are out on the political fringes, Barr running at the top of the Libertarian Party ticket and McKinney heading up the Green Party ticket.

Still, heading into the fall competition season along the 10 Freeway, this gives USC a 3-0 start.

-- Scott Martelle

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