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Undecided over John McCain or Barack Obama? Maybe not

Our colleague Denise Gellene has an interesting story today on the minds of undecided voters, and a project by scientific researchers that suggests most undecideds really have made up their minds.

Researchers from Canada and Italy focused on a local political issue in Italy about the possible expansion of a U.S. military base, and discovered that 30 of the 33 self-described undecideds had already decided unconsciously one way or the other. The research (details are in Gellene's story) focused in the subjects' response time to questions that linked the proposal to a series of negative and positive words. They say they were able to predict the ultimate choice by the undecided with 70% accuracy.

And you think political polling calls are already annoying -- wait till they start playing the word association games over the phone at dinner.

-- Scott Martelle

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The only way McCain gets my vote is with Huckabee, I was almost ready to give him a chance after the Broke Back forum, But then he started with all this Lieberman and Ridge VP talk. So now. The only way i will vote McCain is if he goes that extra mile and puts Huckabee on the ticket. Other wise I will cross the isle and vote Obama or Barr.

I'm French. I'm surprised to see that a lot of American people will vote for John McCain (november 4th).
But how can you vote for a man who killed men, women, oldpeople and children many years ago? This people still suffer from american attacks.
Actually, there is an economic and financial crisis in the world. We need, as the president of the most important country in the world, a pacifist man. John McCain isn't pacifist.

Please, at november 4th, think about people in the world, who're waiting for Obama as the president of the US, as the president of the world. The future of the world, you'll decide it. Don't think about the skin color... Think about the world!

You won’t wait long, for the obama party to come after your share of the wealth that they don't intend to spread around, read The American Thinker, search, "eliminating 25 hundred Americans" Oct 23, 2008. That was the socialist, Marxist intent. This is the reeducation, read Bill H.R. 808, The Peace Alliance, they twisted the meaning of our founders words to try to justify reeducation, indoctrination, gun control, money appropriations, ("at LEAST 2%" of the Department of Defense fund,”) creation of civilian monitoring and policing patrols that they will train modeled after our military academy, and much more. This bill is waiting for obama to be elected, as he will appoint all the principal officers. In turn these officers can set any wages for their employees that they want. The minute this Bill is enacted, they will make any “CONFORMING AMENDMENTS” they want and impose those acts on you at once. I love this, the establishment of Peace Day..."All citizens should be encouraged to observe and celebrate the blessings of peace and endeavor to create peace on Peace Day. SUCH DAY SHALL INCLUDE DISCUSSIONS OF THE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES AND THE ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE LIVES OF PEACEMAKERS." They will be patting themselves on the back while countries that hate us will be doing every thing they can to destroy us. Those countries won't have to work very hard will they, the obama party socialists and Marxists are doing it for them.


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