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That B Obama Biden vp txt msg sent 2 nrly 3 mil; no word how many got it

According to somebody, that "Joe Biden is my VP choice" text msg/e-mail that Barack Obama's campaign sent out last week went to 2.9 million people. That's a lot of button-punching....

All right, the messages didn't all get there, as The Ticket reported here.

Many were really, really late.

And at least two Democratic Party sources leaked word to reporters hours before, taking the edge off the breaking news long before it was official.

But, hey, it shows how cutting edge the campaign wanted to be, which isn't too hard against the Republican presidential nominee, who admits he has difficulty with e-mail. Our blogging colleague, Jim Puzzanghera, has all the details over on our sister Technology blog. But please click back here!

-- Andrew Malcolm

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