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Sarah Palin pick a big hit with social conservatives

Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, right, speaks as Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., listens Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. McCain announced Palin as his running mate at the event.

John McCain made strides in overcoming the reluctant attitude many social conservatives long have held toward him with his strong performance at the Saddleback Church forum earlier this month. Now, with his selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, he may have fully brought them aboard the "Straight Talk Express."

Typical of the effusive response to the Palin pick was a statement from Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition:

At a time when Americans want change in Washington, Sara [sic] Palin is a fresh and energetic voice joining the debate. I am thrilled with Senator McCain’s choice and I look forward to having this strong and independent woman who brings a lot of substance to the campaign.

It is interesting to hear all of these liberals whine about foreign policy experience.  Where were they when the Democrats were nominating Bill Clinton, a Governor of Arkansas to be President?  How about Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer from rural Georgia?

The audacity of their hypocrisy is galling.

This was a very wise move by Sen. McCain. He has done what Sen. [Barack] Obama refused to do -– pick a qualified woman to be his running mate. Instead, Obama picked a Washington insider who has been part of the old guard of radical liberals who are still trying to raise taxes, protect the abortion industry and pack our federal courts with activist judges.

This move – the day after Obama’s Greek Temple speech – has sucked the air out of Obama’s 15-minutes of fame. I predict that Obama will end up back in the Senate humiliated by a devastating defeat.

The coalition promises further comment on Palin during the Republican National Convention next week in St. Paul, Minn.; presumably, the group will correctly spell her first name.

-- Don Frederick

Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, right, speaks as Republican Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., listens Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. McCain announced Palin as his running mate at the event. AP photo by Kiichiro Sato

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Hi: I am a republican from Maryland, and my blood is boiling, that Sen. McCain did not select Gov. Mitt Romney as his VP and my thoughts about what McCain will do the Republican party are heavy, sad and angry. Consequently, the last great hope is that pressure will come to bear on the Convention Delegates, to draft Gov. Mitt Romney as VP....


I'm a Republican from Pennsylvania and I'm elated McCain pick Ms Palin. I called this as a terrific move months ago when her name first surfaced as a possible running mate. Romney was a truly unexciting prospect as President and brings nothing to the table as VP. Just more fodder for the liberals to say the Republican ticket is too rich and out of touch with the common man. Just think if the Hilary supporters come out in any force for this ticket! Go Sarah! Go McCain!

What a BOMB! This woman has quite a story. She is a real American that speaks from her heart, she needs no script, it's in her soul. She has quite an impressive record fiscally responsible, Pro life , NRA member, has experience actually running something besides her mouth. She has a Son in the army about to be deployed to Iraq! USA USA USA, how refreshing

The Obama camp must be reeling. McCain selected a woman who is better looking than Michelle and a better basketball player than Obama. Wow, what a pick.

it is not so uncommon for aging men in positions of power to try and embellish or mask their rotten aura with the presence of younger, somewhat attractive women. the math is simple, palin is to appeal to the republican core majority and the undecided of the younger generations and make forget that mccain himself is not the legitimate candidate, and that his agenda is that of the neocon gangsters and hijackers of the republican party, whose masters are also his own. that palin at the same time is in a position to grease the oily palms of mccain and his buddies, by them would not be seen as a demerit or detriment. to expect that palin could somehow exorcize or counterbalance the corruption of mccain and his administration, should he ever be appointed president, would be delusional. the constitutional republican presidential candidate without hidden agendas, and not involved in corporate corruption, and actually in a position to make independent decisions in the best interest of the people, is candidate for president, RON PAUL.

Very interesting choice. McCain can no longer go after Obama's youth and inexperience, that's for sure.

John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is a SOLID one for REAL Conservatives, and announcing the pick today is a strategic masterpiece, knocking out Barack Obama/Joe Biden’s after convention euphoria!.

Did I mention that I loved EVERYTHING she said after being introduced by John McCain?

EVERYTHING!! OsiSpeaks[dot]com

The Obama camp is not reeling from this. McSame went with the ultra-right base of the GOP. That is not a maverick. That is a sidekick. Independents, like me, will not go along.
By the way, how does Evangelical go with NRA? Jesus and guns? Not equivalent.

Obama, made a major political mistake on not getting Hillary and uniting the whole democratic party. Period!

McCain, helped his campaign by picking another maverick and female who can stand up to anyone. A new inspiring pick the republicans need. She has 80 percent approval in Alaska.

Obama is a smart inspiring speaker, but Palin's actions speak louder than political words. She has fought corruption in both parties in Alaska. When she speaks she says it like it is, unlike polished career politicians. Some people can talk the talk, but Palin can walk the walk.

Now the race is exciting! history will be made period with either Obama or McCain!

It was stupid for John McCain to announce his running mate the day after Obama's speech.

Now there will not be a chance to twist his acceptance speech into something negative since all the news is now directed to his Vice Presidential nomination.

This is a nightmare for the spin meisters.

People will end up making up their own minds about his speech!!

This will be a disaster for the Republicans!!

I moved out of Alaska in June, 2006; Palin, is the worst choice possible, my wife and I thought it was a joke at first. My thoughts:
She stops the 'Bridge to Nowhere' (I've been to Ketchikan, AK and it isn't) because its pork barrel, but wants to move the state capital to her home town.
And, she is surrounded by investigations from trying to get her former brother-in-law fired.
These are just two examples of her being another Bush (one heart beat away.)
I hope all these so called American leaders, who are promoting her, are able to look themselves in the mirror in the morning after flushing their credibility down the toilet.

Thank you John w McBush

I could not be happier unless you'd picked Lieberman.

I see a dan quayle in a dress.

What a pick...

How demeaning of women for John McCain to think he can lure female Hillary Clinton supporters to his ticket by selecting this female VP candidate. People supported Hillary because she is a proven leader who is competent, knowledgeable, experienced, persistent, and a she is a woman. Sarah Palin has only one of these traits and it is unconscionable that John McCain perceives of women as not being able to make intelligent choices, but instead only vote according to one’s sex. I respect Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin is NO Hillary Clinton.

She seems to be a woman with subtance. Will wait and see.

I guess people who are rational think that McInsane's VP choice is a huge blunder. Unfortunately ,there are too many people who will vote for McCAin/Palin for the wrong reasons. I guess we shall see.
I know some people from Alaska and not to generalize too much, but they seem really naive, like they've living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

If Clinton supporters think anyone cares about their "protest vote" or if they vote for McCain just because "they don't trust" Obama, then they will shoot themselves in the foot. I'm willing to bet that this nation, already in a slide, will tank faster than you can say Third Rate Country.
Clinton supporters voting for McCain is like a straight man becoming gay because he can't get a woman to go out with him. It goes exactly against every thing you are supposed to be. Unless they were really gay in the first place, i.e. really a Republican only voting for Hillary because she's female.

I can't wait to laugh when McCain has a stroke and then we're stuck with Palin and she just starts crying at the Foreign Policy meetings. Ha ha ha!

And Sarah Palin has so much experience balancing the budget of Alaska keeping taxes low for Allaskans taxing by oil. Wait that is by taxing us in the rest of the country raising our cost for gas and heating oil. Gosh an empty headed beauty queen could do that. Oooops!


I think she is a very good governor of Alaska. But, she is used to a low key highly rural population and environment. New York City would eat her alive. I think also McCain chose her to sway the female vote that supported Clinton. It's pretty transparent. If McCain is too old to really be up to the job of President, the VP will have to take a big load of responsibility. A mother of five , in particular four young, children isn't up to the task either. Unless she gives up her role as mother for the most part. A first lady, yes, but not a VP. I'm a mom, and if she is planning on working those kinds of hours and doing the traveling the job requires, she won't be there for her young children. That alone loses a lot of my respect.

I don't think America can afford to have our government run by Chiefs of Staff anymore. It's been going on for decades. We need a president who can truly lead this nation.


How could McCain select Palin--totally insulting to women. There are a dozen more experienced Republican women he could have chosen, not swaying my vote for Obama, but how could anyone feel comfortable thinking Palin could become President, let alone McCain? A vote for McCain and the totally unqualified Palin is dangerous and in fact irresponsible.

She is an excellent choice. Very smart.
I have votd for the the Dems twice, a thrid party candidate once, and once for the Repubs. I will though, vote for McCain this time. The media is in the tank for Obama and that rubs me wrong.

I am glad that McCain picked Palin as she is very hot!!! I'd much rather see her stand up to the podium and speak anytime. Ya see folks...I think the most important thing that people are overlooking here is Palin's enormous sex appeal. And that is what it will take for Republicans to win the White House.

After criticizing Obama for alleged inexperience, McCain chooses Sarah Palin as his running mate? She's a nice enough lady, I guess. But she's not even remotely qualified.

Ms. Palin will not long remain the Republican candidate.
She is currently being investigated for abuse of power.
She apparently fired a Commissioner who refused to fire a State Trooper who was divorcing her sister.

This is a shame.

Republicans need to reassert their assertion that they respect the rule of law.
To nominate a candidate based on her record of anti-corruption, only to find that she is corrupt herself, is an embarrassment.
Cut her loose and start again.



Desperate Housewife meets "I-forgot-my homes"~

A gun totin' model in her first term of public office is fit to run on the ticket with a 72 year fly boy gone to skin cancer and pandering evangelical... hmmm?
Boy, no wonder the guy is against torture: they must have knocked his brains out.

I was scared about the tyrant boy flipping out while he's carrying the 'football'. Now I'm more worried that Jesus may speak to the Little Lady while John is getting his face peel, and tell her to start Amageddon 'just because it's time.'


I think they call this a "birdie" in golf.

Thank goodness she is no Hillary Clinton. I was skeptical on SP until I heard her speak and read about her. She has more experience than BO and you can see it in ten minutes rather than 18 months. In fact, I'm still trying to find what BO has done of substance.

Well, McCain always liked younger women!

Thanks to this less than bright move on his part to garner the support of Hillary's fans, we Democrats are sure to put a winning team in the White House for at least the next two terms! We can then go about the business of protecting women's rights and getting rid of the crooked oil barons who put all of us in peril with their mismanaged, unnecessary war in Iraq.

Thanks again John - we love your choice!

Palin is no Hillary, but Palin is a proven maverick that has actually implemented reforms in Alaska. She is a fine example of the average family in small town America. Palin's star will rise just like Hillary's when people get to know, she is real and does not waste tax payer money.

Yes, a publicity stunt and obvious pandering. Isn't this to be expected from these desperate pukes?

Palin is under state investigation. Wonder when that will come out...

I'm an Ohio republican and I never heard of this lady. Now John McCain wants her a heartbeat away from the presidency?? No way.

There goes the experience argument.

McCain just gave the election to the dems.

Funny because nobody ever heard of her and now she wants to be next in line after McCain dies. Ha!

This lady has 5 kids. She's already taking up more than her allotted share of space in the world. Who is taking care of them?

Innocent until proven guilty, right? So why are so many people assuming that Sarah Palin did something wrong when she tried to get her brother-in-law fired?

You know whether or not your brother-in-law is a crook, right? You know whether he's morally fit to be a police officer, right?

If you know bad things about him and, as governor, do nothing, you're not doing your job.

Of course any good defense attorney would say it was a revenge thing. And of course the charge has to be investigated. Fine. So let's wait and see what the decision is.

Palin must have been vetted extensively. It seems unlikely to me that any politician would choose her for a running mate if there was any chance she would be found guilty. If she is found guilty, we have good cause to think that McCain's team won't be very good at vetting judges and other appointees. That would, indeed, be a serious fault in a presidential candidate!

How can intelligent voters call Palin corrupt when they don't even know what accusation she brought against her brother-in-law? Good grief. I hope you folks never make it onto a jury panel!

Best use of the sic notation I have seen since high school!

Sarah Palin is a smart choice. Although she has not had much international exposure she has that small town appeal, which is actually much more than just appeal. People from small towns are more honest and moral. It comes from being accountable to your peers. Jimmy Carter was / and is still an excellent representative. We are all tired of slick politicians like the 'Bush' clan. As a secure male with children , I say its high time for a woman president or at least VP. In my opinion women are less corruptible so better leaders in a stable democracy. Obama was stupid for not choosing Hillary as VP , but Sarah has even more punch now right as the election comes.

Nice to see that McCain takes women seriously. Isn't it about time women broke through that ceiling?

I cant believe how wreckless Obama is by putting the lifeline of experience in the hands of another Old White Guy. What happens if Joe Biden dies in office? 7 out of 44 VPs have died in office you know.

Gov Palin has ALL the survival skills necessary to handle the election, senate & global barracudas ANY PLACE ANY TIME! She has my vote!!

Attention New York Woman:

Are you by chance suggesting that as the female in the relationship it is 100% her responsibility to take care of the kids??? Why isn't B.O. home taking care of his kids?
What a sexist question on your part.

BTW, two of them are old enough that they don't need taking care of at this point. As in many large families, the older children do help her take care of the younger ones.

Please...all you republicans rejoicing in the desperate attempt by McCain to add some life in his campaign. Yea, what a good choice. LOL Someone with virtually no experience on the national and international scene. He can't play the inexperience card with Obama any more. Good move for the democrats.
Trying to steal the Hillary voters...well she's no Hillary!!!

Sarah Palin IS THE American success story!! For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud to cast my FIRST Republican vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!!!!!!!!!!!

The audacity of Ms. Lafferty and the conservative Republicans is appaling. What about family values? Sara Palin has an infant with special needs, and a pregnant teenage daugther. Who is going to raise her son and be there to nurture her daughter? Not to mention the other children...

Sara Palin is not the person I would want to run our country if she needed to step in. Only 2 years as a governor and very little experience beyond that. It is a very scary thing to think about. I am switching parties this year.

Do you really want more of this vindictive, hate mongering? C'mon, America, it is time for a change. Let's vote for hope, not hate.


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