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Ron Paul's own convention: Jesse Ventura. Goldwater Jr. And Tucker Carlson?

Well, Rep. Ron Paul, our favorite 11-term sort-of Republican congressman running unopposed in November in a district near Houston, has released a major statement on his Rally for the Republic, which is designed to compete with the second day of the regular Republican National ConventRep Ron Paul of Texas who raised a lot of money for his recent Republican Party primary race but lost anywayion in St. Paul next month.

""I consider this event equal to, if not more important, than anything I have done over all these years," Ron Paul said in a special unrehearsed videotape message to followers. (Click on the Read More line below.)

Loyal Ticket readers already know about the impressive fundraising success of the 72-year-old former ob-gyn, who's even older than the regular Republican nominee that Ron Paul won't endorse. Paul raised about $35 million this past year, way more than more famous guys like Mike Huckabee. Depending on whose count you use, each of Paul's convention delegates cost him more than $1 million.

He got more than one million Republican primary votes, despite persistent allegations of a mainstream media plot to ignore, play down and smother his campaign with such tricks as barring him from TV debates or minimizing his photo.

Paul got considerably fewer than a million convention delegates. More like 20. Or maybe 14. Which is one reason he decided to have his own convention, where he'll likely get them all.

But Paul did get the libertarian-like message out to many across the country and sold a lot of his new books and raised the awareness of how much alike he thinks the Republican and Democratic parties have become in their commitment to way-too-big government.

Paul and his energetic, committed followers believe they are laying the groundwork for a longterm revolution from within the not-so grand old GOP. Meanwhile, they hope to embarrass the GOP in St. Paul and cost it many votes on Nov. 4.

According to Dr. Paul (see video below), he's lined up quite a guest list of luminaries for....

...the Sept. 2 event, designed to underline how non-conservative the regular Republican Party has become, especially the guy from Arizona who supports the Iraq war, unlike Paul.

And as a fiscal conservative who carried no debt in his recent spectacular but little-noticed presidential campaign, Paul notes that some of his guests are actually from Minnesota, which helps hold down travel costs.

So anyway Paul says Jesse Ventura has agreed to speak at the rally. He's the hairless, former pro wrestler and former amateur Minnesota governor who's really sick of government getting into the nooks and crannies of our private lives but still chickened out on a Minnesota U.S. Senate race this fall against Sen. Norm Coleman and alleged comedian Al Franken. Ventura made the non-candidacy announcement on 'Larry Ling Live' recently, as The Ticket noted.


Barry Goldwater Jr. will be there, too, according to Paul. Goldwater's father, who was singularly crushed by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 presidential election, died 10 years ago. He was also from Arizona.

Paul has also lined up Rockie Lynne for the event. He's so famous he needs no introduction. The same for Aimee Allen.

Dr. Paul, of course, will be the headline event giving a speech to remember, according to the rally's website.

The emcee for the rally is a huge Ron Paul supporter, the notoriously bow-tied Tucker Carlson, whose political TV show was such a viewer success over at MSNBC that he got cancelled. So he's got some time this fall to help out.

Tickets for the event cost $17.76. Get it? They've already sold 7,809, according to the website counter.

It should be an exciting time.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Office of Rep. Ron Paul

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Thank you for the article, Andrew. I enjoyed reading it. Yeah, some of the speakers have done things that would make them personas-non-grata to other political camps. I'm speaking specifically about the strange Tucker Calson attempt to "help" Ron Paul's campaign by soliciting the endorsement of a Nevada brothel owner and Jesse Ventura's recent disparaging remarks about the Libertarian Party. My guess is that the Campaign for Liberty realizes that its goal of true government reform is hampered by holding grudges and wants to create a "big tent" for those who want to flee the damaging effects of a two-party stranglehold on power. I admire the Paul campaign's efforts here. I wish I could be in Minneapolis for the convention and hope it's covered either in streaming video or by a television network.

people familiar with this blog know that ron paul's message of freedom and of consistent application of constitutional principles in government and politics, is targeted by the interested corporate media as a nuisance to abate; and therefore ron paul, being the legitimate and rational, ethically and intellectually qualified presidential candidate, and actually worthy of the office he's offering to run for, would generally get denigrated and abased. but ron paul has consistently emerged irreproachable in character and attitude.
and 'his' delegates did not 'cost him more than $1 million each.' nor even one cent. ron paul, unlike other candidates, does not believe in slavery. the people who support and share his message, do so of their own accord, and are not owned, or bought or sold. and this is one major reason, why it is so very likely, that millions more of people, hundreds as delegates, will join his cause in time.

According to Greenpapers, Ron Paul has 42 delegates formally in his corner:

Mind you, if the Nevada delegates count, that's another, what, 20? But the state GOP alleges the state delegates they appointed by conference call are the real ones, of course.

Given the economy, you'd think the GOP would be eager to get Ron Paul as nominee, but there are always those little conflicts about personal power within the party...

Never voted third party before, but come November, I guess I'll find out how it feels.

In anticipation, it feels righteous.

Are you going to be attending Andrew?

Hey Malcolm, I don't like your sarcastic, sniveling tone one bit. You're about an amateur a journalist as the rest of your pathetic ilk these days. You know, those sell out bought and paid for hacks who prance around masquerading as journalists. While constantly lying to the American public about most everything imaginable. Viva La R3volution!

(You bet. And thanks for reading!)

Golly, Mr. Malcom. "Amateur Minnesota governor"? "Spectacular but little-noticed presidential campaign"? Little noticed, because people like you deliberately ignored it. Now that it's been successfully buried, you can talk about it just as long as you continue to snipe and mutter under your breath. It's no wonder your newspaper is going under. Who would read your article and think it anything other than a personal vendetta against someone who has actual principles? "Won't endorse", of course Paul won't endorse McCain. He doesn't agree with McCain, so how can he endorse him! Yet you treat that like a betrayal. So much for anything like "principles" that you might have had. Your "immigrant parents" are disgraced.

I don't know much about Ron Paul though he seems to have definitely gotten the attention of millions of people. But come on Andrew, doesn't he deserve a little more respect than your sarcasm? The man is trying to do something positive for our country and he's out there doing it. Its pretty easy to sit back in your blog and lightly poke him with needles. What are you doing to improve the situation we are all facing in the U.S? Leave him alone. Pick on those that are making things worse.

Morning Andi, not bad, But if I was you I would not call Jesse names, You forgot to mention that Jesse is decorated Navy Seal, That served his country with honor, also he use to ride with the Mongols in Califorinia, I sure hope he does not read your artical, He takes stuff like name calling personal, He is anything but a Chicken, I am sure you will find out for yourself. Have a good day Andi, Hope you can breath with all those fires going on down there in Cally

I've got to correct you, Andrew. Our goal is not to "embarass the GOP" - it's simply to spread our message. With thousands of Republican leaders and the media all descending on Minneapolis, the opportunity for us to plop down our soap box there too was too great to miss!

But the truth is - any "true" Republican would be embarassed beyond belief at what's been going on in Washington!! Our Founding Fathers would be embarassed, though the neo-cons surely aren't. If the big-spending war-mongering, globalist agenda doesn't embarass the neo-conservatives, then there's certainly nothing that Ron Paul and his supporters can do that would ever be more embarassing than that!

It's the other way around - we're going to Minneapolis because WE'RE the ones who are embarassed. We're embarassed that the neo-cons have stolen our party, they've trashed our platform, they've disrespected our Constitution! It's hard these days to call myself a "Republican" because the party has strayed so far from what that word used to mean to me. So I'm fighting to take my party back! Perhaps we didn't achieve success this year. We'll keep fighting and Minneapolis is a great place for our next battle.

Our goal is simply to continue to spread our message - that it's time for our country to stop the runaway spending, return to a foreign policy of a strong national defense through diplomacy, limit the Federal government to it's Constitutionally-authorized role and restore the civil liberties that have been surrendered in the name of "security." It's a simple message really. We'll keep finding new and creative ways to spread it.

Meanwhle - Minneapolis will be taking the Campaign for Liberty to the next step - Campaigning for Liberty. Minneapolis is not just a rally, an education awaits our supporters who'll be joining us. We're just getting started Andrew. This is a Revolution - and so my guess is that you'll be writing about us for a long, long time. .

Are there any statistics on the ratio between mentioning Ron Paul anywhere on the net and a spike in unique users?

WOW! Andrew, it has been a little while since I have read your spot, but I have to say that I am overwhelmed at how far we have come this year. I understand your point of view, and I wish we had more journalists that would take such a great risk to bring us real events that are relevant. I was watching CNN, and the only news I saw on there was nauseating comparisons of the candidates to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears (maybe if someone searches for britney or paris this comment will lead them to some REAL news ;-)



Thanks for the coverage friend.

What a nasty column! What's your point, except to demonstrate how utterly biased you are against the only candidate in this year's presidential election who really is talking about changing things for the better?

Its nice to see that some of the media is doing their job of reporting the news.
A very good job!

"Meanwhile, they hope to embarrass the GOP in St. Paul and cost it many votes on Nov. 4."

Not true, but it sure sounds good. hee hee

A bit of a snide article, but thanks for at least talking about it Andrew Malcolm.

When you hear of the people in anguish because of our financial collapse, remember your prose.

When dissent is no longer allowed, remember you prose.

When the gathering storm overtakes your house, remember your prose.

Knowledge is not wisdom. Education is not intellect.

"Goldwater's father, who was singularly crushed by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1964 presidential election"
I'm assuming the writer of this article was pulling for Johnson, lol. And what a great president he turned out to be. He gave us Vietnam and the "Great Society". And btw congratulations on being about the millionth person in the MSM to attempt to make Paul look ridiculous. Very original.

Am I the only one to note sarcasm in this writing? Too many landmines..


Another Ron Paul smear piece, although very well disguised.

To the author, you have earned your 10 shekels this week. Give it a rest.

The modern GOP is in very sad shape. Imagine if Edwards or Richardson was doing this.

Many angry Republicans are looking at Libertarian Bob Barr. He is much closer to being a conservative than McCain could dream of.

Well, it's a free country and the lunatic fringe is exercising freedom. One must admit the far-left lunatic
fringe has much more success than their right wing
colleagues as it has taken controll of the democrats with
the freshman senator from Illinois. So grat is Obama's
success that super fringe stars like Nader are under the
radar....some accomplishment.

Byron Wolf got to you!

I hate Byron Wolf.

It's so not worth the keystrokes.

But it would be interesting to see you call a former Navy SEAL a chicken to his face.

Thank you, Andrew.

Has it dawned on anyone else that the Rally for the Republic is the REAL convention under constitutional law as upheld by the republic of the united states of America? Watch some historic events happen unfold and he next month should be verrrry interesting, although you may not like the end results Andrew, millions of others surely will.

I tend to agree with Adam T. "Hey Malcolm, I don't like your sarcastic, sniveling tone one bit."

If Ron Paul was left out of some of the media debates, why ridicule the allegation that he was left out by the media?

I'm still for Hillary Clinton however.

this article is one (of many) you will one day look back on, Andrew, and wonder about the person you were and how you, too, had been so jaded and manipulated and kinda clueless on how the political process actually works - which is baffling, seeing as you've had over a year with folks more than willing to try to help educate you to the truth and the facts. I've read quite a few of your articles - you toy with people, including yourself. But I know, someday, you will understand why so much hard work and dedication went into this particular campaign. You really don't understand yet - it's still just a game to you, a source of entertainment, something to write about. When the fog clears and you get the clarity, I know I'd welcome you without hesitation to the revolution - I just hope you reach that point a lot sooner than this particular writeup would make one think (another couple of years... ouch.) Please research things more - you're one journalist I hold up relatively higher than most, as I sense you've actually got a pretty decent functioning mind and heart - stop playing, start pushing yourself to discover, investigate and really seek out the facts. After this eleciton, MSM of all kinds (tv, mags/newspapers/blogs), will be taking a pretty big hit loss - might want to start honing your skills as the new audience being created by this tsunami of misinformation, unprincipled propaganda and invalid information is one that will demand to know the 'real story' - and there are many alternate news resources already being created, in all mediums, and it's time to decide for yourself what kind of writer, journalist or blogger you want to be - one who delivers substance or one that delivers more of the same old poop that every other bought and owned resource out there is peddling.

For crikey's sake, Andrew, stop going for the 'poke poke poke' - how about you bait yourself into finding out how the whole delegate process actually works?

Your conclusion of the motive for this alternate 'rally' clearly shows you've embarked on no further learning for yourself - what, do you think you learned everything you needed to know in high school and whatever college you have under your belt? They don't even teach you about your State Constitution and the power and responsibilities within those documents, and you expect they taught you well?

Good gosh, man...

(Thanks for reading, Renee. Don't forget, this is a blog.)

I kinda like Ron Paul ( would not consider myself a supporter but as a libertarian we agree more than not), but this one made me laugh.

Especially this part:

"Paul has also lined up Rockie Lynne for the event. He's so famous he needs no introduction. "

Malcom's recent blog post read at 90% on the snark meter. I have wonder if you don't hold some sort of Texas-sized grudge against Rep. Paul given that you once held the position of press secretary to Laura Bush. it's too bad her good nature never rubbed off on you. You probably spent too much time with Karl Rove or Joe Allbaugh for that to happen.

What gives Mr. Malcom? What is it about Ron Paul has you so worked up that simple column stating: "Ron Paul is holding his own political gathering on Aug.2 in Minneapolis and Jesse Ventura will be there." Just quite isn't enough and leads you to such sarcasm you have to wonder if it isn't an act? Either Rep. Paul really is irrelevent which means there's no point in writing about him at all or really do think he's relevent, but you don't want to take him too seriously. So you snark because you have no respect for the man. Fine then, but why waste your time be insulting if you think Rep. Paul isn't worth it? Could it be you do think he's worth it and could it be that you and your fellow scribes may very well find your way to the Target Center because absoulty nothing of importance is happing in St. Paul?

After all its a short drive away....

Of course, how I could forget that all important web traffic numbers Mr. Malcom. For you and a few others, Ron Paul is the gift that keeps on giving, especially when you can jab a few tims and get his fans to react. How cynical.

Ron Paul is our voice, the only one who never deviates from law. What is wrong with this picture? We love you Dr Paul!

Dr. Paul is the only congressman working for the people. He is the genuine thing and all he gets from the media is snickers and ridicule.

You media people wouldn't know decency if it bit you in the butt.

You won't find him having ties with the oil companies, wasting billions of taxpayer's money on unjustified wars or socialized heath care programs, having savings and loans scandals with developes like Keating, real estate scandals with shady developers like Rezko, you won't find him in the middle of a scandal like Whitewater, or discover his associates come up missing or DEAD, you won't find him flip-flopping on issues that matter to our constitution and our republic, his values and integrity encompasses beyond having extramarital affairs with men or women or concealing love babies while pretending to champion the poor on the dime of the taxpayer.

No, he is a man of honor, decency and a relentless fighter of the constitution. No the media can't control him so they either ignore him or ridicule him.

We know your game and we won't play it. For it is disgusting and vile to think you can take from us what we know is good and noble.

His name and the honor he gives our constitution leads me to say please, do us all freedom fighters a favorite and "don't utter his name on your contemptuous lips"

Your sarcasm towards Ron Paul is wearing thin. If you were an honest person who really thought for himself, you would aim that sarcasm directly toward you and all the rest of the status quo Republicans. Let's talk about this great legacy of the modern GOP. In 94 Newt led the GOP revolution they had the contract with America....The Republicans take the reigns of power and for some strange reason the elephant who never forgets, forgot the contract. The elephant then forgot Bush 41 was a failed one term president and for some reason thought that his far less intelligent son would be a good choice to lead the GOP....9/11 happens in 2003 the elephant forgot that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The elephant also forgot the constitution and hundreds of years of the Christian Just War Principals and started a preemptive war. In 2006 the American people remembered that the war was supposed to be about al qaeda and the debt was bigger then ever. So a whole bunch of elephants get thrown out of congress and join the circus. Here we are in 08 and the elephant forgot that no one liked McCain in 2000 and he's no better now. But hey he's just like Bush and wow those Bush boys has been so good for the GOP. We really didn't like controlling both houses of congress anyway, it was much too much like work. Perhaps McCain will win the election but considering the wonderful things George Bush has done for the party I suspect that the elephant might soon be extinct if he does.

Bet you won't be so sarcastic when the country's finances go down in flames and your Social Security and Medicare checks aren't worth enough to buy a can of soda.

Down with Congress!
Long live Dr. Paul and the rEVOLution!


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