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Sarah Palin's first 15 minutes of fame on John McCain's GOP ticket

It's a long ways from the deck of one of Sen. John McCain's uncountable houses in Sedona, Ariz., to the modest city of Wasilla, Alaska, that Gov. Sarah Palin calls home with her fisherman husband Todd and their five children to the Buckeye Corner sporting goods store in West Columbus, Ohio.

And to the home pages and front pages of a nation seemingly fascinated by the sudden explosion onto the political stage of a fresh, bespectacled face among a crowd of too-familiar folks who've been yada-yada-ing about the same old stuff for nearly 20 months now.

Alaska Governor and new Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin with her husband Todd and their fifth child, Trig

Now, just in time for Labor Day, a new drama series to follow.

But in a matter of hours the dramatic selection of the 44-year-old reform Republican woman with the sharp elbows under the basketball hoops as McCain's running mate suddenly changed the subject away from last night's immense Democratic evangelical gathering at Denver's Invesco Field.

And it instantly energized much of the GOP's conservative base that has been yawning its way through the summer with the aging Arizona heir to its party nomination.

Charlie Black, a senior McCain advisor, told The Times' Maeve Reston that he was just in a room with 300 conservatives where James Dobson, the Focus on the Family founder who reaches millions of evangelicals daily with his radio broadcasts and was once threatening....

...not even to vote he was so underwhelmed by McCain, walked in and announced that Palin had done the trick and he was gonna endorse the GOP candidate.

And the seas parted!

The Ticket reported this morning that Dobson wasn't thAlaska Governor Sarah Palin presiding. She's John McCain's vice presidential running mate on the Republican tickete only conservative pleased with the surprise VP selection, which McCain revealed at midweek to the self-described hockey mom.

And suddenly there she was this afternoon on center stage with her running mate visiting one of those souvenir shrines to the Ohio State Buckeyes and bumping into Joan McCann, a 61-year-old independent voter who called Palin's choice "brilliant, inspiring" and said she was now leaning toward McCain.

"Thank you so much," Palin replied before plunging into the sea of red gear to purchase a fleece hoodie for herself, a sleeper for her newborn Trig, and a cheerleader's outfit for her excited daughter Piper, who might be excused for thinking this sudden fame business has its perks.

Even Rush Limbaugh, the maestro of McCain skepticism on the right, reported to his millions of listeners and online subscribers an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the selection of a governor with a compelling personal narrative who cut taxes as a mayor and successfully stood up to a corrupt party establishment to become chief executive of the nation's largest state.

And the new energy couldn't come -- not accidentally, of course -- at a better time for the Republican's campaign as it heads into its national convention in St. Paul starting Monday, unless the German hurricane called Gustav changes the schedule.

At organizational convention meetings in St. Paul this afternoon, word was passed that about $2 million in new donations had poured into the campaign and Republican National Committee within three hours of Palin's announcement.

Scott Reed, who managed former Sen. Bob Dole's unsuccessful presidential run in 1996, told The Times' Michael Finnegan that the choice of Palin was a "bold and imaginative move" that "totally restructured the race. She brings McCain back to being a true reformer and an agent of change."

Reed said she's a good campaigner who upset a Republican incumbent and beat a better-known returning Democratic gubernatorial candidate. She advocates energy independence. Her husband works on an oil rig and belongs to a union. "The movement conservatives are ecstatic," Reed said.

Then, he added, "Her two years of executive-level decision-making as the governor are two more than Biden and Obama have combined."

It's a long way to Nov. 4. Many potential potholes for the national neophyte. But the first few hours were good. Then, as she left the Buckeye souvenir shop with her purchases, the Republican Party's newest national star turned to her daughter with concern.

"Are you sure we paid for it?" she asked, worried about shoplifting on her first day as the party's vice presidential nominee-to-be. There were no arrests.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Al Grillo / Associated Press

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Gov. Palin may have been caught lying in the ethics investigation taking place in Alaska.

Go to youtube and search for "GOVENOR Sarah Palin From Alaska under investigation" for a television news broadcast that outlines her inconsistent statements.

She maybe a female Alberto Gonzales.

Wow - this is such a blatant insult to women that only someone from McCain's generation (or a misogynist) could think of this as an equal replacement for an intelligent running mate.

Not only does is Palin just another BIG OIL crony in a party plagued by such accusations, but she hasn't even displayed the same level of intellectualism or drive that we expect from men. She's not pushed herself to achieve so that she could go to the best schools. She could have at least earned the grades to go to a Harvard, Yale, or Columbia even if she declined later on.

And her exposure to the world is limited to a town of 9,000 people, and a state with one of the lowest population levels in the country?!? If this were a male candidate would he stand a chance of becoming President? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! And Huckabee's loss during this Presidential season helped prove that.

Obama has represented hundreds of thousands for 2 terms as a State Senator and millions as a US Senator.

If he had Palin's extremely limited knowledge, skills, and educational background, he never would have made it on ANY parties ticket less known been nominated to potentially become the next Commander and Chief.

Worse yet, apparently, her supporters expect that Biden will have a difficult time debating her because he may be overly forceful with her. LOL!!! There's a very realistic chance that she may become President and she will have to deal with world leaders who will most certainly treat her roughly. If she wants to play the weakling woman then she has NO PLACE in politics and certainly no PLACE IN WORLD politics.

What a pathetic choice!!!

Her only real drive has been to have 5 kids and to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies even though this is a democracy.

This is a resuscitated version of that unqualified idiot Qualye all over again, except this time it has Nazi women overtones.

Welcome to the Republican version of the Nazi Female leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink. Another 'cute' woman who happened to be a good speaker and the epitome of backwards thinking for both women and democracy.

The only ones impressed are the Press that continues to trumpet this woman as if she's the 2nd coming of Christ.

Oh...wait that's right most of the television commentators focusing on this woman ad nauseum are in that top 5% of income earners that would be affected by having to pay the same percentage in taxes that the 95% below them do.

No conflict of interest there ;)

One thing about McCain this campaign has shown; his staff usually is surprised by something in someone's past (see Hagee and Parsley). Something tells me this ethics probe in Alaska can't and won't be easily swept aside. And, once the euphoria settles down and more things come out about Palin (and they ALWAYS do when someone without a long track record is suddenly thrust onto the national stage), she won't survive the scrutiny and will be force to resign using her newborn son as the "official reason". Mark my words.

If you want to talk about scandals, why don't you talk about the scandal with Obama and Tony Rezco?

John McCain good for you, for selecting Governor Palin

For me, this selection made by John McCain is a bit surprising due to the fact that many attacks made by the republican party towards the Obama Campaign is that Obama has very little national politcal experience which also seems to be the case with Sarah Palin. She is a relative unknown to many Americans which may also affect the amount of trust that the American people will give to someone who they are unfamiliar with. Though seemingly a hypocrytical pick, it does make sense because with this pick, McCain is seemingly reaching out to the younger female vote who may have been on the fence between the McCain and Obama.

My first reaction to Palin was "Is this a joke?" What a bad, bad choice. And they think I will vote for McCain just because I'm a woman & so is Palin? Dream on, Republicans. Palin is another Quayle. I'm sticking with Obama. Sorry.

I keep hearing the same thing from friends and co-workers about McCain's pick:

He. Chose. A. Beauty. Queen.

For Vice President of the United States of America. Daring? More like dementia being punctual.

To the person who commented about the top 5% having to pay the same percentage of taxes as the 95% below them:
If the top 5% paid the same as the other 95%, the federal government would go bankrupt. Do some research. The top 10% of wage earners in the U.S. pay more than 40% of the taxes. The poor pay virtually no income tax. The rich people in America pay way more than their fair share of taxes.

I predict she withdraws before the convention. McCain is a total idiot and this proves it.

What does a VP choice like this say about the judgement of John McCain. This choice is SCARY! This woman was a mayor of a town of 6,000 pop. in Alaska and now she has served as Governor of Alaska(pop. just 670,000) for 20 months; that is all the experience she has. This woman is way too new and inexperience to be 'one heart beat away" from the Presidency of the United States. Thank You,

Matt B, we know about Obama and Rezko, it's now Sarah we DON'T know. It's her scandals we don't know, she has NEVER been fully vetted for the position of VP. Get over your sorry,pathetic posts and start talking about real isses.

If I hear "soccer mom" "9-11" "basketball player" or some other such stupidity mentioned one more time by the people that are going to decide whether or not to send our children to die in wars or make policy decisions on who should be nominated to the bar of the Supreme Court, I'll scream!

What a pandering, shockingly insulting choice made by Mr. "Experience" McCain! I don't care how "politically suave" this choice was. I want the kind of people in office who are intelligent, reasoned thinkers, who have compassion for the poor and believe in the power of government to help the helpless.

Please, God! We're sorry for killing all those Iraqis for oil, but don't make our children pay for it by giving America this choice! Please help us!

As a Virginia Independent Women I would have loved to see HIllary, but I am THRILLED by Sarah Palin!!!!

Go Sarah!!!!!!!

MCcain and Palin is a great ticket and gets my vote hands down.....

Scott Reed may be right about Palin's 2 years of executive experience being more than Obama and Biden have. However, iit is also 2 years more than McCain has as well.

McCain can't have it both ways - does he say you need executive experience or not? Which is it?

The VP Debate will be interesting. Anyone remember Perot's VP answering that he didn't even know why he was there? And even he had some foreign policy experience. What is Palin going to debate?

Obama and Biden are smart folks though. I have every bit of trust that they will continue talking to the American people as if they're adults. Something McCain apparently doesn't understand.

John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is a SOLID one for REAL Conservatives, and announcing the pick today is a strategic masterpiece, knocking out Barack Obama/Joe Biden’s after convention euphoria!.

Did I mention that I loved EVERYTHING she said after being introduced by John McCain?

EVERYTHING!! OsiSpeaks[dot]com

There are certainly a lot of idiots who are quick to criticize Sarah Palin's years of experience as a reformer.

Too bad Obamessiah doesn't have any such experience. By the way Barry, how are Rezko and Ayers doing, anyway?

This choice shouldn't have been a surprise to the MSM. Most online polls for McCain's Vp consistently had her in 3rd place after Romney and Huckabee, so I ckd her out weeks ago. She seems to be an excellent choice. Waaay more executive experience than any of the three men running.

Everyone talking about women voting for her, but not much about how many men will vote for her because she is "hot". lol

I hear that MILF Hunter is trying to get her to do a spread! Woudn't that be nice. Beaver from Alaska! I'll bet she has the teeth for it too!

I was shocked by this announcement this morning- and was ready to say that I just wasn't going to vote- who is this woman...and what the heck was McCain thinking- THEN I got smart and did a little research and found that I deeply admire this woman and everything she has done in her years of leadership- - She ran for each office she held because she believed she could make a difference- and SHE DID!!!- Did you know in her first term as mayor she cut her OWN SALARY- and went on to balance the budget and create a SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR ALASKA as the governor...not only that- but She is your AVERAGE GAL- who has actually had to fill her own gas tank-- And whoever said that she was another "BIG Oil person" Obviously hasn't done any research. She shut down big oil companies INCLUDING the one her husband worked (on an oil rig...not as an exec) for in a pretty big deal in Alaska-- and turned the deal over to the only people who were within the guidelines they set... upsetting many- but doing the right thing. She is for drilling, yes- but not to put money in Oil Companies pockets- TO PUT GAS IN OUR TANKS THAT WE CAN AFFORD!!!- I am tired of people ignoring the facts and the history behind someone and just jumping to conclusions- thats what I did when I heard this morning- and now I am glad that I did some research. GO SARAH PALIN- refrom America like you reformed Alaska!!!

Man Alive! Someone who dislikes the division between church and state (creationism), adverse towards gays, caught in a scandal... Sounds like a tried and true republican to me.

Oh, did I also mention that she's untested? Being governor of a state that has less than a million people is practically like being a small town mayor. Under that metric, let's bring in Jerry Springer... former mayor of Cincinnati (metro pop: 2.1 million)!

There is something about the pitch or the tone of her voice that hurts my ears. I haven't been able to really hear what she is saying, as I have to turn the TV so my ears won't hurt . I will have to read what she is saying or have someone else tell me what she is saying. This has never happened with me before with anybody else on TV.

Ok. So, yes. She WAS a beauty queen. So what?!! That doesn't mean she's not intelligent. That's such a stereotype. The same as the stereotypes liberals are fighting against. I don't get your point!

And all the reasons you hate Sarah Palin for are the same reasons you hate McCain for - her political stances. So, it's not that McCain is 'an idiot,' it's just that his views of what is good for this country are different than yours. He merely chose someone with the same values as him. So, face it! That's why you oppose her.

WOW! As a woman I'm really insulted. First of all, all Hillary supporters are not stupid enough to jump ship from the Democratic party because McCain picks any 'ole female to be on the ticket. This woman has a BA in journalism from an average state school. She has two years of experience governing a state with less people than the city of Charlotte, NC. Prior to that - whoa, she cut taxes in a city of 8,500 people. PS - for the Limbaugh fans who don't know the difference...Alaska is the largest state in terms of square footage. It's the 48th smallest state in terms of population. If I want someone to manage an iceberg, I'll vote for her. So, if Mccain has a heart attack, this person is going to lead the United States of America????????

Alaska has a population of 670,000 and an economy of a city even smaller than that. Even then she's only had 18 months in the Govs office. Team Obama doesn't need to do a thing. Just sit back and watch the McCain campaign implode.

This MUST have been a desperation move on their part.

I served as the principal of a school for 6 years--an executive position. I also served in a different executive position for 9 more years. I, thus, have more executive experience than all of our President & VP president candidates, including the one who was the mayor of the mini-Mayberry in Alaska (don't remember the town's name). I'm sure I supervised more people as principal than she did as mayor and, perhaps almost as many as she does as governor. I do not, however, by a long shot, feel qualified to be vice-president or president of the United States. So....let's not get carried away with this "executive experience" nonsense. On a different note, we might want to remember that the reason many female voters supported Hillary was because, not only is she bright and accomplished, but she is also in favor of a woman's right to choose. Sarah Palin is opposed to a woman's right to choose. Is she really advancing the cause of women? Why would a pro-women's rights women possibly want to vote for Sarah Palin?


While your pompous buddies were hiding in the library at Harvard and Columbia reading about what America is about.........

Palin was living what America is about. Fishing, Hunting, camping.....and living with a family she didn't knock off in an abortion clinic.

Wasilla and Anchorage have over 350,000 people. Anchorage and Wasilla might as well be considered connected just like the communities in Los Angeles.

Mathematically speaking....most people have about 5 people they could visit for an hour a day each. In seven days time they could possibly have 35 really good friends mathematically.

The notion that Obama serviced so many more people, in a much bigger city, is a mathematical joke. He hasn't even been a governor of a state. He has just kissed hiney with 50 other senators, and cut deals behind our backs.

He has no more experience than Palin in this respect....except the corruption end.

Where she hung out in college never taught her anything but book work anyways. At least she wasn't doing drugs on her leisure time like Obama. He must have been enlightened in your opinion, on the drug trips he took, while hiding in the Liibrary on the East Coast at Harvard and Columbia.

You can vote for the clowns who shut down oil development and do there best to keep America dependent on foreign oil.

Palin has gotten a pipeline rolling towards completion, in her term as Governor. We have sat through 30 years of Democratic blockage of energy legislation to benefit the United States. The Democrats offer nothing to offset oil dependence.

The Democrats argument against ANWR is a joke. Your enlightened buddy Obama knows nothing about Alaska or the environment of Alaska, any more than all the other idiots that went to Harvard and Columbia combined.
Most of the nitwits in the lower48 still think we live in friggin igloo's up here.

When you can get the Caribou that calve under the warm pipeline, to leave it, when it's 50 below zero. Then you come talk to us about what you know about the harmful affects of oil, and a pipeline, in Alaska.

Know it all book worms went to Harvard and Columbia.
Turns out.......they don't know squat.

good to look at and i can not wait for the next word to come out of mouth when she speaks. good choice, i'm voting het ticket and i'm depression democrat.

Can I just say I'm confused? This election is going to be a fantastic case study in the ol' Dewey saying: "politics is the shadow cast by big business". None of these people have the power or ability to run this country. As every election continues we, the people, lose the very power we supposedly hold. This whole thing is about image. All of this is a show to make us feel powerful. We get the "choice". Right. Eat it up America.

Under-estimating the Intelligence of Women:

We do not vote merely on gender. We vote on issues. Sarah Plain is too far to the right and in no way even remotely comes close to any issue that Clinton or the majority of women in this country stand for – equal pay, health care, education, pro-choice rights, gun control, violence against women, social security, peace, prosperity etc. It shows how little McCain thinks and understands about women. Newsweek reports that back in March, 2008 at a Women and Leadership event Palin's view of Hillary wasn't quite as charitable: "She said she felt kind of bad she couldn't support a woman and she didn't like Clinton's whining”.

If John was serious to have a strong woman as his VP, why could he not pick Olympia Snowe? In April 2006, Snowe was selected by Time Magazine as one of "America's 10 Best Senators." She was the only woman so recognized. Time praised Snowe for her centrist views and eagerness to get beyond partisan point scoring. Snowe is the fourth woman to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the first to chair its sea power subcommittee, which oversees the Navy and Marine Corps. In 2001, Snowe became the first Republican woman to secure a full-term seat on the Senate Finance Committee. She is involved in every policy debate in Washington. It is disappointing that on one day; John has squandered his election chances in Ohio, PA, FL, Michigan and Minnesota but solidified his base in deep Red states. History tells us such votes alone would not be adequate to carry one to the White House.

To the supporters of the selection of Sarah Palin, I say, enjoy this moment. No, not her selection (although it sure is nice), but the implosion of the democrat's palace they thought, as of last night, was uncollapsable. I'm delighted to know that the cynical, hypocritical dribble the dems are so well know for has returned so quickly after what was their shining moment. They couldn't keep it going for more than 12 hours. Enjoy it, I say! The world is a happy place again!

Eight is enough!

Assumption to the Presidency from being Vice President would likely be sudden, such as after an assassination, illness or accident.

With the worse case the new President would make immediate decisions necessary to protect the nation by using diplomatic and possibly military means. It could mean the fate of millions.

I am not confident Mr. McCain has made the right decision.

Steven...You seem very confused and desperate. You can write 10 paragraphs of lies and it is still justa pack of lies from a very scared man.

Palin isn't a reformer, she herself is under investigation for ethics violations. Her drill, drill, drill, oil policy will do nothing for oil know what will? Pulling these oil people like Palin and McCain from the tit they suck...oil lobbyist money , oil industry influence, and the money of the good American people. It's sad that you can't see how another Oil Administration is exactly what the nation does not need. I guess you'll have that silly Republican grin when they're charging you 10 bucks a gallon, going down the road that short-sighted Republicans favor. We need to start new economic growth by developing alternative industries, not propping up more of these oil thieves. Steven, take a few minutes to read about a little concept called "peak oil" and you might start to see more clearly.

You said...
"Palin was living what America is about. Fishing, Hunting, camping.....and living with a family she didn't knock off in an abortion clinic."

Oh brother... another anti-choice, fetus-obsessed, fact-challenged ideologue to deal with. Why am I not surprised you adore Palin, who opposes a woman's choice even in cases of rape and incest. She is a radical, from a homogenous, Baptist, far flung outpost way removed from the reality of most Americans... I have news for you Steven: America isn't about fishing and hunting's the year 2008 , and if you didn't notice most of us are now urban dwellers who buy food in a store. It's great that Palin wants to squeeze out babies at the rate of a gerbil, but most women want to make their own choices in the matter without some bible toting throwback pushing her views on everybody else.

You said:
"Wasilla and Anchorage have over 350,000 people. Anchorage and Wasilla might as well be considered connected just like the communities in Los Angeles."

So, by that logic the mayor of Poughkeepsie is like the mayor of New York City, right? I mean, they're practically connected anyway. Silly, silly man... It's also ridiculous for Limbaugh to tout her as the executive of the "nation's largest state" when Alaska has a population of less than 700,000 people! Yes, it's a big state, full of more moose than humans!

You said:
"Where she hung out in college never taught her anything but book work anyways. At least she wasn't doing drugs on her leisure time like Obama. He must have been enlightened in your opinion, on the drug trips he took, while hiding in the Liibrary on the East Coast at Harvard and Columbia."

You evidently take pride in ignorance. Wouldn't want to visit one of those evil libraries...all of those evil books written by baby killers! The Bible is the only book we need anyway, right! Your childish rants about the drug trips is just a nasty, false, typical Republican smear. So typical, and so hypocritical. I'm sure McCain never smoked a joint in his life, right? Please spare us this ridiculous pap.

You said:
"You can vote for the clowns who shut down oil development and do there best to keep America dependent on foreign oil."

What? Oil development? The usefulness and desirability of oil is dwindling fast...only misinformed people think we can EVER be independent of foreign oil by continuing to rely on oil. Intelligent people who don't have connections to big oil can see this. That disqualifies McCain and Palin immediately.

You said:
Palin has gotten a pipeline rolling towards completion, in her term as Governor. We have sat through 30 years of Democratic blockage of energy legislation to benefit the United States. The Democrats offer nothing to offset oil dependence. "

Stop the lies, right now. Democrats are offering the only sensible solution: getting off oil in 10 years! By that time, we'd still be waiting to see the benefits of McCain's "Drill here" empty rhetoric! We should be doing the same thing our advanced allies are doing...developing new fuel industries. If you think throwing more billions and more contracts at the oil corporations will solve our problem then you are delusional. It's just a sham, and you bought it hook line and sinker. That expression should be familiar to you since you are evidently such a big "fisherman" like your new pin-up idol Palin.

You said:
"The Democrats argument against ANWR is a joke."

No, the lies of the criminal Republicans are a joke...telling people drilling in ANWR can solve our problems is a sham and blatantly shows how stupid the Republicans think Americans are. When the American people have the facts about drilling and how useless it is in the long term, they're not going to buy that load of baloney anymore.

You said:
"When you can get the Caribou that calve under the warm pipeline, to leave it, when it's 50 below zero. Then you come talk to us about what you know about the harmful affects of oil, and a pipeline, in Alaska."

Yeah, until some lunatic shoots a hole in it, or a terrorist shows up with a snowmobile and a grenade. Some national security that is.
A devastating oil spill, like the ones we have seen so often in the past, is ever more likely with people like you wanting us to drill everything in sight. And again, we still wouldn't be independent of foreign oil.

You said:
"Know it all book worms went to Harvard and Columbia.
Turns out.......they don't know squat."

Yes, you sound like such an intelligent soul, I bet you were at the head of your class in some hick town 8th grade. Again, people like you apparently take pride in your ignorance, and it's sad to witness.

I admire Gov. Palin for her reform minded spirit and for not being afraid to stand up for what whe believes. So, she doesn't believe in gay marriage.....voters in numerous states have defeated the legalization of gay marriage has been legalized only in two states and that was only due to the judicial activism. Also, have any of you pro-abortion people seen the heartbeat of a 6 week old fetus? I amazed me that there was such a strong heartbeat in the little life growing inside of me. I had been taught believe that it was only a mass of cells, a blob of radically changed my view of abortion....Furthermore, my friends who are still pro-abortion cite reasons such as "it is better to abort a baby then to risk having the child be abused, or molested if they are born" They are assuming that all children aborted would have had a horrible life so it is better to end the life before it has even had a chance to really live. How twisted is that. On one of my town's local radio stations a pro-choicer and self described liberal said it is better for a woman to abort her child then to have it born to a single mom and live in poverty. I do not understand their logic. It's mind boggling. It's fine with me if you want to abort your child...I will not stand in your way but neither will I hesitate to call it what I believe it is...murder. That is my respect it too!

As to peace and prosperity, I do not see how we prosper when the federal govenment mandates law after law regardless of regional and community variances in economy. How having the government set the salaries for jobs. Wouldn't it better to teach our daughters to do their homework when going for a job, to know their worth, and to value their worth and not be afraid to ask for what they want. If they are talented and hard working they will be respected, because they will be amongst the best.
Grow up liberal women of already have it all and you don't even have the brains to realize it!

As a military member residing in Alaska with a child old enough to enter kindergarten in most states and a wife whom has worked in education for the state of Alaska, Sarah Palin is not the candidate you wish to support if education is high on your list of priorities. Schools in her state (specifically the Fairbanks area, interior Alaska) are not in accordance with the "No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001 signed into law by President Bush. They lack Special Education teachers and tutors for special needs students and students behind the learning curve on the suggested curriculum. Alaska does not fund its schools using state taxes. Rather, it uses federal income tax to fund its schools. Alaska schools refuse to become Title I schools. Title I schools are those schools required under the “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001 to provide supplemental instruction to students that are special needs or falling behind in their curriculum. The state of Alaska, under Governor Palin, has cut the aforementioned programs that the federal money was intended to provide for by labeling these students other than special needs in the areas stated and not classifying as Title I. In doing so the State of Alaska, under Governor Palin, deceptively has accepted federal money for services not rendered, while continuing the permanent dividend fund. She is quite a reformer indeed. This is quite a disturbing revelation considered she has mothered a special needs child.

It looks like McCain may have made a mistake. He only talked with her one time and that was last week about being VP. There appears to be several major issues. I'm not a Rep. But he am shocked about a rash decision. He was close in the polls. This just does make sense.

Now the talking heads are starting to talk about McCain's 2 serious runs with cancer. And that the cancer could set i again. The last one needed a 5 hr operation. Is she really ready for the President. She not a very worldly. She is not brillant.

The difference between Palin's lack of experience and Obama's is that NO ONE HAS TO GET SICK/INJURED/KILLED for the democrats to put the leader of the Children's Crusade in charge.

Obama, made a major political mistake on not getting Hillary and bringing the whole party together, period!

McCain helped his campaign by picking another maverick and female who can stand up to anyone. Palin has as much experience as Obama on top of his ticket. Palin is a new inspiring pick the republicans need. She has 80 percent approval in Alaska and is the most popular Governor in America. She taxed oil companies and gave it all back to Alaska's taxpayers at $1,200 each. Sarah also has a son entering the military unlike many other politicians.

Obama is a smart inspiring speaker, but Palin's actions speak louder than political words. She has fought corruption in both parties in Alaska. When she speaks she says it like it is, unlike polished career politicians. Some people can talk the talk, but Palin can walk the walk. Anyone with doubts about Palin should watch her interview with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC.

People are talking negatively about Palin without knowing all the facts about what she has achieved, including the media because they are in love with Obama.

Now the race is exciting! History will be made with either Obama or McCain!


Governor Palin is a real person with a demonstrable record of commitment to her family and political values. Governor Palin has successfully stood against political waste and corruption in government. Governor Palin is still in touch with the lives of average Americans because she is an average American leading an extraordinary life.

Do the Democrats think Governor Palin isn't qualified to make important decisions or "do the right thing" because she's "only been a mother of five children, a mayor of a small town and a Governor of a state for two years"? Someone mentioned that she only attended an average state school. Does her lack of an Ivy league education mean she can't make good decisions? Does the President of the United States have to be a man with an advanced degree from Harvard?

What ever happened to the notion that government should be "by the people, for the people". I suppose that the Daily Kos set would amend that to "by the people with Harvard law degrees, for the people who cling to their guns and religion".

I think Washington DC and the entire United States of America will be just fine with people like Sarah Palin calling the shots. It is a refreshing and bold choice by a man who has always tried to do the right thing for this nation.

This is going to be some ride. It seems that Palin is immature and quite willing to laugh while a radio host calls another women, Alaska Senate President Lydia Green (who is a cancer survivor), a cancer and a b----. (Actually she laughs several times at tasteless comments from the radio host.) See "Update" in article below. A tape of the broadcast appears to exist. I am sure that we will hear it soon.

"McCain Just Lost the Election with a Hail Mary"

What is coming out about Sarah Palin makes me wonder whether she was fully vetted. Or if she is a timebomb waiting to go off due to McCain's apparent rebelllion against being first forced to abdondon Joe Lieberman and then being told to pick from a personally unpalatble llist of fully vetted also-rans. It doesn't look as if she was on that list until te last moment, if at all. So she may have receieved only the skimpiest of vetting.

If not, the McCain campaign will have to deal with several issues:concerning Sarah Palin:
1) her own troopergate scandal that incolves her husband and a state legislative investigation.
2) her decision thiis week to fight Endangered Species protection for arctic polar bears. A decision that points to her close ties to the Alaska energy lobby,, which is a font of corruptiion in that state.
3) The relatively crushing debt she left behind as mayor of Wasilla. About two years ago, while serving as mayor, her office seriously mishandled the purchase of land for s sports arena cmmplex, costing the city over ten times what it should have paid for the property upon which the complex is going to sit.

Geraldine Ferraroand all the ethical brushfires she engendered in 1984 may prove to be a piece of cake compared to what McCaiin has taken on in 2008.

I am offended that McCain and his campaign thinks that American women will elect anything with a vagina.
And, this must be a joke:
"Her two years of executive-level decision-making as the governor are two more than Biden and Obama have combined."

Face it, you feminazis and pro-aborts, you can't stand the fact that a woman can look hot, be brilliant, debate the hell out of the issues, have real substance, AND be a honest to goodness mother who doesn't kill her mentally challenged child. It must really suck to be you.

You'd rather support a do-nothing, Harvard elite graduate, who votes "present" instead of taking a stand, and has nothing of any real significance to say. You'd rather just follow the self-proclaimed Pied Piper Messiah to hell, without even asking why.

It's funny how you attack her experience, but you don't blink an eye for The Chosen One.

Go ahead and spew your hatred propoganda. It's not going to work. And the more you try and insult her, the more ridiculous and petty it's going to look.

You people make me laugh.

This is a brilliant and bold move, and it's driving you crazy! Whatever are you going to do now?

Go McCain/Palin!!!!

Wow. What a terrible choice. WIll she even have time to study the WORLD, ECONOMIC, and NATIONAL issues while she is busy campaigning just trying to fend off the questions of her lack of experience. All she knows is Alaska...has she even been to DC. It is amazing how the pundits praise this choice but what else can they do. She will eventually demonstrate her lack of knowledge on these important issues facing our nation. By the way I am sure here voice will get even more annoying over time. Thank you McCain for changing this electing and creating such a mess of a campaign.

I heard Obama on the news this morning stumbling through partial sentences as he tried to react intelligently to Palin's nomination. He can't do it. He knows he nominated a political hack instead of a bright energetic woman. That shows you what his judgement is like.

Nice to see all the libs squirming.

Why on earth would a woman (like myself) who supported Hillary Clinton for President because she is pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-environment, and with decades of experience in Washington throw my support to an anti-abortion, card-carrying NRA member, married to Big Oil (literally - her husband works for British Petroleum), environment killing person with no real experience JUST BECAUSE SHE'S A WOMAN?!? I always suspected John McCain had little respect for women - although clearly he's in love with their inherited wealth - and this is the clincher. I suppose this will play with the Crazy Christians, but I'll bet most people will be as disgusted as I am.

By the way, are there no decent hair salons in Alaska?? 1973 is calling and wants that wad of hair on Palin's head back.

This feels very much like Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court; remember that?

so she's a beauty queen - could McCain have tired of Cindy like he did of his first wife? He's an old dog by all accounts. I wonder how Cindy is holding up and if she will stay on the campaign trail with this new woman taking all of John's attention! Remember the lobbyist he was having an affair with? His aides had to scramble on that one and tell the woman to stay away! The man ain't got a lick of sense. Seems to follow his, um, well, not his head.

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