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Oops, Oprah obligingly opts out of opulent Obama observance

Oprah Winfrey, one of the country's largest celebrities who knows it, has decided to skip the spotlight at her man Barack Obama's big acceptance speech on the Denver football field during the Democratic National Convention in two weeks.

The top daytime TV talk-show diva is reportedly afraid she'd draw away some of the natural luminescence of his nomination event that officially starts the fall's general election campaign against presumed Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain, who'll be nominated a week later in St. Paul.

TV daytime talk-show host Oprah Winfrey hosts a political rally for Illinois senator Barack Obama in Iowa during the primary/caucus season

Oh, Oprah will surely be there, according to her friend and co-worker (well, actually, employee) Gayle King. But the boss of her own media empire intends to blend in with the expected crowd of 70,000+. Good luck with the blending part for that billionaire.

She wants to leave the stage to her fellow Illinoisan, King maintains, whom she campaigned for so vigorously during the early primary season. Her hosting a Hollywood fundraiser at her California home, and her celebrity involvement in packed Obama rallies in Iowa and South Carolina, which he won, and New Hampshire, which he lost, helped raised millions, attract priceless publicity and thousands of newly-motivated campaign volunteers.

But Winfrey's sudden shyness in Denver may also have to do with the fact that she and her No. 1 show apparently paid a price in popularity for taking such a prominent political stance starting last year, as the Ticket has reported here and over here and over here and also here.

Many of her millions of female fans, who've made her rich and successful over the years, apparently disagreed with Winfrey's decision to get involved in partisan politics for the first time and/or to back Obama over the first serious female candidate for a major party's presidential nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Winfrey, who's an even bigger backer of Obama than Tom Hanks, Jane Fonda or Phil Spector, still plans to be on Invesco Field when Obama accepts the Democratic presidential nomination the night of July Aug. 28, King told "Entertainment Tonight," but with no stage role.

"Oprah has not been asked to introduce him, is not expecting to be asked to introduce him and I would doubt that she would want to introduce him,'' King said. "She thinks this is his moment. I know that she is planning to be there."

So will King. She's an editor-at-large of O, the Oprah Magazine, and also hosts "Oprah & Friends" on XM Satellite Radio's Channel 156, which will broadcast from the Democratic convention in Denver.

Our friend Mark Silva has some more details over at the Swamp.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Associated Press

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I absolutely adore Oprah.. I'd vote for Charles Manson if she endorsed him. That's how much I love that woman.

Shame on Oprah for not even mentioning Hillary Clinton's historic campaign!

That racist cow will take up the whole front row. She will continue to lose fans as she keeps backing this empty suit. Maybe she can sit with Rezko, William Ayers and Odinga- Obamas terrorist cousin from Africa. Bring the whole gang of terrorists,racists and criminals to Invesco field. Guest speaker-- George Soros --who bought and paid for Obama. What a joke this is !!! Get it over and done with so the Republicans can unleash the scandals that will bring down Bam Bam., something they wont do before the Convention because they do not want to face Hillary in November !!!

WHO CARES? Oh sorry maybe the dummies that follow her and him.

unless of course he picks her as veep.

Annette you are sick minded. . . Charles Mansion??? What kind of person are you, idol worshiper no less! How disgusting - guess if that Oprah Witch said to jump off the Brooklyn bridge, you would do that too. Really smart!! Obama is as disgusting as you and Oprah. So have at it, and a vote for Obama is a vote for Mansion, IMO!
This Obama Godless character is bought with a high price of evil devilish people. He is the worst choice ever and America is too good for this Obamanation. Obama is friends with every thug on the So. Side of Chicago.
A racist riot will break out and the police will have to use tear gas to get them back in control with who all is going to that Godless convention.
Glad to hear Oprah has lost her ratings. She has compromised her whole life for 'the love of money.' She forgot where she came from. I never watch her and boycotted her evil program a long time ago. This Gospel According to Oprah Course of hers is perverted and sinful. Some queer teaches that garbage which goes against God's Word and she thinks she can save herself, doesn't need Christ. OK then, we won't have to listen to her anymore in Heaven. That will be Heaven.
Oprah along with Michelle are just silly star struck women with no sense and no morals. They will say and do anything to be among the elitist and look down on everyone else. Obama worshipers are the kind of people that could care less about America, it's ALL ABOUT THEM. They are sick narcissist that will need mirrors all over the convention to see themselves every second. The golden idol boy BHO needs worship, remember he wants to be World Leader.

I will say it again. Barack Hussein Obama is democrat Affirmative Action Run Amok. This guy is no more qualified to be POTUS than I am (and I know I am not, but he doesn't).

Never could understand what people see in Oprah, she is as over-rated as Obammy is.


I get it, Andrew, you hate Obama. You think that John McCain is such a beacon of hope for the future of this country that it's worth repeating any of his garbage talking points in order to warp the public's opinion of his opponent.

But I have to wonder, when you step away from the keyboard at the end of the day, and really consider where this country is headed... do you really think John McCain and the Rovian politics he represents are what's best for America over the next four years? Do you think he's going to be the strong leader that we need to get us out of the awful economic and foreign policy disasters we've been led into over the last eight?

Personally, when all is said and done, ridiculous talking points and campaign ads aside, I just don't see it. Whoever it is that's been pulling the strings in the Bush administration, they've clearly got their hands on McCain now... and I just don't think our nation can handle another four years of this.

Why are some people stuck on race issues,flip its like dealing with small unmanageable kids.

Oprah made BILIIONS, yes BILLIONS, off of middle class white American women (soccer Moms) and stabbed them in the back. I have never watched her show again. She should not have endoresed anyone. And she had not in the past. But this time, she gave the millions she made to Obama. Obama is a racist. Look at the HATE and Black Supremacy that Obama followed for the past 20 YEARS. And Oprah knew it! Is she truly a black supremist, too? It appears that she is! No Obama and NO Oprah

She can hide but America knows she chose race before gender and catapulted her man Obama into the realm of stardom. Obama's just another Oprah star like Dr. Phil. An empty suit peddling politicobabble.

Please ..... Oprah, get over yourself, Girl. You're getting a bit lost in your own hype, aren't you????? Believe me, both conventions will go on whether you're there or not and, while you may be able to sell products, I think most Americans are intelligent enough to make their own political choices without your Divine Guidance!!!!

Curtis - do you watch her show? How can you be sure that she never mentioned it? Granted, I personally have never watched her show, and I actually don't care very much for the woman beyond admitting that when shopping on, she tends to have good taste in books - I'm just curious how it can be considered "shameful" to pick the candidate whose policies and viewpoints are most in line with your own and voice your support. As sexist as it is for male voters to have not voted for Hillary because she's a woman, it would've been just as wrong for Oprah to only align herself with Hillary BECAUSE she's a woman. Who cares that HIllary's campaign was historic? Oprah was in a lose-lose situation; I think people would've expected her to speak out with this being such a historic election year but - go for Hillary, and minorities would have jumped all over her, go for Obama, and women would freak out. So she did what many of us in the same position chose to do - pick the candidate we agreed with the most and call it a day.

This is the worst title for an article I have ever seen. Where the heck is the editor? Was this article titled by a high school yearbook committee? Awful.

There's is no worse scandal than for Senator mcsame to try and continue the dismal policies of the last 8 years.This is the problem with Republicans and thier sympathisers...they ran the greatest economy to the ground and still want to be elected to lead.So much for stupid pride and living in denial.Whatever the gimmicks they try,people are FED UP.You will surely know this come November...OBAMA WINS WITH A LANDSLIDE.

The woman above who said she'd support Manson if Oprah endorsed him cannot be for real. No one could be that imbecilic or intellectually bereft.

Oprah squandered her influence and popularity when she arrogantly decided she would get Obama elected.

She continued to turn her back on her audience, and petulantly thumbed her nose at them when dissatisfaction with her actions was expressed.

It was only when it began to hurt her in the pocketbook that she backed away some. Probably her reps told her to back off as so much money is at stake in her new ventures. But, Oprah herself continues to appear unrepentant about overstepping her place and offending the audience that built her empire.

Her popularity and respect will continue to erode as these things happen gradually, and the full effects take time to appear.

Influence is a precious commodity and should be used wisely. Oprah squandered hers on Obama.

What is up with that headline? Opulent Obama observance? 1. It's not an Obama observance - it's an Obama event! 2. What makes it opulent? Are there going to be dinnerware made of pure gold? Costly Persian carpeting? What? What?
Please tell me, so I can watch.

Stop all you Oprah haters. Oprah has donated and has done great things for the community especially the Katrina victims where she build houses for the homeless and numerous other community services programs. She has done more and still doing more for the Katrina victims than what McSame ever did. When the Katrina victims were waiting for help from Bush and company, where was McSame ... in the tarmac infront of airforce one with President Bush and holding a birthday cake. He could have got in the plane and fly to Orleans to help the victims.
Oprah has done more for the poor and the hopeless than McBush.

"I absolutely adore Oprah.. I'd vote for Charles Manson if she endorsed him. That's how much I love that woman."

Wow, I'm really having a hard time wrapping my mind around this statement. Just on the face of it, it shows amazing vapidity - Charles Manson?? But to actually admit it? Sheesh.

Sure hope you don't have kids you're raising to think (and vote) like that. And I'm not being facetious here. That really scares the hell out of me - for their sake and ours.

Comment sections, especially when commenting on political articles, are often a cess pool of negatvity and judgment. I can't believe some of the comments written here, which I have to believe, most people feel only comfortable typing out anonymously behind a computer. I guess these thoughts are buried in people and have to be released in some form. It's just a little sad.

Oprah is just another person, like you and me, with an opinion. She likes Obama. That's fine. Why is this a personal affront to anyone? And making this a racial thing is beyond me.

Thank you Oprah for putting your influence to such good use. Obama is a wonderful man and you allowed me to see it. You have been such an inspiration in my life, and if you've finally found someone who inspires you the way you inspire me, then I will open my heart to Obama with open arms.

Curtis, you wrote "That racist cow will take up the whole front row" Wau! thats serious. I just wanna ask you to look at the policies of either Man and base who you are supporting from the policies and lets make America a better place the next 4 yrs! else we are doomed! I can't see a Mccain policies taking us anywhere.

I think we are all missing the real point. Obama is only the "presumptive nominee". He never was the nominee.
He never even won that title. It was bestowed upon him by corrupt politicians (the DNC) Donna Brazile and Karl Rove worked together along with the many, many, many, billionaires, millionaires, big corporations, CEO's, powerful black organizations and on and on. The thing that bemuses me is that they STILL HAD TO CHEAT, with all of that POWER and MONEY!!

If you study how the election went state by state you would be sooo angry and disgusted. There was so much obvious cheating and manipulation on the Obama side Hillary Clinton did not have a chance ,and this should worry you all, including blacks. Obama is not for you, he is for Obama and what will promote him. Rev. Leah Daughtry(real head of DNC) the Dean brothers, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pilosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy are some of the powers. It seems that the Dems. want him in so they can control him because he is really green(only knows how to cheat in elections) and the Repubs. want him nominated so they can beat him in Nov.

To those of you who remember what the Clintons did for everyone, I ask "how could you turn on them just because Donna Brazile took over?" You were race baited and they are all laughing at you poor fools who fell for it. Now that they have paid off enough of the Super Delegates to get the nomination "for real" at the convention, Obama or what ever his name is, can afford to be arrogant as he pleases. Yes the Supers have been paid large sums of money. Richardson thought that he was going to be VP so he switched to Obama. Now he wants to Help Hillary pay off her debt. I guess he knows he was lied to. Hillary was forced out because she was winning. Satan and the terrorists have in common, they can both win by using tactics. Satan by allowing great things to happen from evil doings and then later, WAM! Terrorists win by doing below the belt things that no one can fight. I think in the end, again WAM! THE DNC WILL GET A DOUBLE WAM WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT, SINCE THEY HAVE EMPLOYED BOTH TACTICS. Hey Brazile, when you buddied up with Rove did he tell you that he would help you get Obama in because he knows the Republicans can beat him but not Clinton in November? Check out Leah Daughtry and her Granddaddy's church! Let's see if the white hate message is there since it permeated the primary against Hillary Clinton.

Oh give me a friggin' break. You mean Africa is who Oprah has done more for - not America. All her BIG GIVES she calls them making herself Queenie for a day, have been donated by the companies she is sponsoring not Missy Prissy Oprah. The Pontiac's were given by Pontiac, which still to this day stands for __________ !

So don't give me that crap. It's all about Oprah, and all of us know it. She's playing God and it is sickening. You noticed she pulled back though from Obama when she saw it was hurting her darling career, it's her rear alright. She's had so much air brushing on her body to erase half her butt on her magazine, it's taken an army to fix her up for her BIG HEAD AND BUTT SHOT! She has the big head and it has gone to her butt, she has what is known as HUA disease, Incurable. We've been cured of Oprah a long time ago, setting a bad example running around the country with her boyfriend, not marrying him. Trashy Skank, and she can't condemn anyone the way she behaves. May I ask just one question why the ____ would anyone want to see Oprah naked? Her 4 o'clock in the afternoon show for all the young school kids to watch after school, Oprah has a show telling everyone how to 'Look Good Naked,' gagwithspoon. Oprah would black out every one's TV across America ane the world with that ugly fat you know what! Let's call a spade a spade. Oprah and Obama with all your thug friends, reprobates!

Oprah makes me so proud to be an American. She is quite simply the best person in the entire country. Yes it's true that Oprah has brilliantly been able to get Pontiac and other corporate sponsors to give TENS OF MILLIONS worth of goodies to her audience, but behind the scenes Oprah has PERSONALLY given over THREE HUNDRED MILLION of her OW N HARD EARNED MONEY to charity. This is documented by Business Week which ranks Oprah as the most GENEROUS African American of ALL TIME and the most generous TV performer of ALL TIME. All the Nobel Prize winners in history COMBINED have probably not given anywhere near as much of their OWN money as Oprah.

And Oprah started with NOTHING. She had to overcome racism, sexism, sexual abuse, poverty, teen pregnancy, fat discrimination, illegitimacy, drugs, a thyroid problem, and now look at her. She's given THREE HUNDRED MILLION of her own money away.

I think she's absolutely beautiful inside and out. She is the best thing America has ever produced. I have nothing but love and the highest respect in my heart for Oprah Winfrey. If Obama is even half the human being she is, he'll be the greatest president in American history, so I say GO OBAMA, you have my full support!

oprah is irrelevant and her ratings are dropping faster than a lead waffle.

Barack is a fraud. Her audience has turned on her. She shut down her own message boards on politics on her site because her "fans" were blasting her for backing this racist, dangerous, inexperienced man. An empty suit.
The very population that made her a billionare are now turning on her. And they aint votin for BO. They've flipped to McCAin. Can u say PUMA?

She's a cow.

If Oprah's ratings are down why does she have the highest rated talk show on daytime TV? Why did Oprah rake in $385 million this year? The only people who don't like Oprah are racists who can't stand to see an influential black woman supporting black man. I love Oprah more than ever!

I grew up watching Oprah and love her like a family member. I can't go a day without my Oprah fix. At first I didn't understand why she was endorsing Obama but since Oprah was backing him I decided to keep an open mind and watched her rallies in Iowa and South Carolina. From what I saw Obama is one hell of a candidate. Oprah picked a winner, big time!

I agree with many of the previous comments - Oprah and Obama don't deserve to be where they are today.

They both came from poor backgrounds and worked their ways to the tops of their chosen fields. Oprah singlehandedly built a successful media empire and is the most philanthropic African American of all time - can you say "redistribution of wealth?"... um.. although I guess it is her wealth. And Obama had the audacity to work hard in school and got a scholarship to go to Harvard where he graduated near the top of his class. Teachers's friggin' pet I bet! He then returned to help his community rather than take a million dollar job at some corporate law firm. Bastard! What's the matter? Got a problem working with rich white people.

Real Americans are people like my grandaddy who made a small fortune running illegal liquor for the mob. There's also my father who took that money and used it to buy out and sell off small companies in th 80's, making millions while rightfully putting lazy workers out on the street. All their hard work is what this country is about. I am the culmination of that because I don't have to work at all. I just travel around and do drugs with my friends while living off my tax-free trust fund. That is my place in this world - Barack and Oprah should remember theirs.

There's no one I love and respect more than Oprah Winfrey. She cam from nothing to rise to the absolute top of America, and had the courage & integrity to campaign her heart out for a good good man. Thank you Oprah. I love you!

Oprah is a traitor to the cause. Its one thing to vote for "the guy," its one thing to even endorse him (although I think she has caused a racial and gender rift that will stay with the Democrats for a LONG time), but its entirely unacceptable that she would join the silence as Hillary was taken down through the sexist media. Not ONE show about sexism in the media or sexism in politics over these past crucial months!!! Not one show at a time when the country (and Women-Americans) needed to hear it most! Oprah has made her position clear. She doesn't really care about women, she cares about making money off of them. Just wait...she'll do a show later on...when its safe to cover her butt!!!

Oprah gives advice on relationships, but has a boy friend who is a door mat ... gives advice on marriage, but has never been married ... gives advice on child rearing, but has no children ... gives advice on Obama, but was a member of Jeremiah Wright's anti-American racist church for several years. Now, her white women's audience, which made Oprah rich, wants to know more about Sarah Palin, but Oprah says NO !!!


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