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Oprah so moved by Obama speech she cries her eyelashes off

Daytime talk show diva and billionaire businesswoman Oprah Winfrey, who played a crucial early primary role in raising the prominence of her fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama, was so moved by her man's Democratic acceptance speech Thursday night that she cried off her false eyelashes.

Longtime successful daytime talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey comes under strong attack in reader comments in Top of the Ticket for her political involvement endorsing Democratic presidential hopeful Illinois Senator Barack Obama over a woman, New York Senator Hillary Clinton

Winfrey, who had previously said she would play a small behind-the-scenes role in Obama's speech to 84,000 close friends at Invesco Field, was herself mobbed by enthusiastic fans after the address.

"I thought the speech was transcendent," she said. That's "what I thought. I thought the speech made us all feel we can do better, be better, walk taller, be higher. I just have never experienced anything like that.'' And she said "ANYTHING" as if it was all capitalized.

Winfrey hosted several huge rallies for Obama at the start of the primary season in Iowa and South Carolina, which he won, and New Hampshire, which he lost. As reported here in The Ticket, her daytime TV audience, while remaining the largest, did shrink after her first involvement in partisan politics.

Many women expressed strong disappointment that the woman had abandoned the first serious female candidate for the White House, Sen. Hillary Clinton, in favor of Obama.

Did Obama win the election as a result of the speech? "I think what he won was everybody wanting to go out and make sure he wins the election,'' she said.

Then came the fashion admission: "I cried my eyelashes off just when he walked out. What was the best part? Every part of it. Everything he said. I thought it was the promise of democracy fulfilled tonight.''

"You can make him win,'' an admirer shouted.

"We can make him win,'' Winfrey replied.

With the crowd closing in, Winfrey shouted: "Excuse me. This is Obama's staff, and we would love to take a picture.'' So they did.

-- Peter Nicholas

Photo credit: Joe Raymond / Associated Press

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I agree! Even though I am not able to vote yet I am a strong supporter of Obama. I think that Martin Luther King Jr.'s goals advance further towards completion with Obama's delivery of this speech. I thought that some hits needed to be thrown McCain's way but maybe Obama threw one to many. I thought that a little more time devoted to himself would make his speech seem more devoted to the democrats then getting to caught up on what the other team is doing. Ultimately Obama needs to keep his eye on the ball and he will hit it out of the park!

Reading all posts worries me tremendously. So many people have their heads in the sand.

Don't they realize that Hitler was Germany's "Man of Change"?

He ran on the same platform .... he was going to bring about great changes to benefit everyone. Well, he certainly did! The citizens rallied to support him - cheered him on as they watched in idolization. Sounding familiar? And after all the "changes", we know what happened next.

With Barack we will be asking for bigger government, bigger taxes to support all the "giveaway" programs he is proposing, less money in everyone's pockets, and the loss of even more small businesses. You think big business runs everything now? Just wait!

The government already wants to tell us what light bulbs to buy, how our food should be grown (and who can grow it), what we can and can't wear, what can legally be put into our childrens' vaccinations, etc. Pretty soon we'll be told we can only have so many children (like China already does). Where does it all end?

I have thought and have seen the paralleism between the Hitler campaign and the Obama campaign. It's scary but true.

The people of Germany idolized Hitler and fell at his feet, much like Americans are doing to Obama. Hitler had a hidden agenda as I believe Obama has as well.

There are way to many "unknowns" about Obama. I don't think America really likes this guy that much, they just want change and since McCain is a republican, America automatically tunes him out because of Bush.

McCain is very different from Bush and will be the best candidate to lead America. I pray America will come to her senses and vote Obama out.....if not...

America will enter very dark days as did Germany under Hitler.

To me it was a very good speech but, unlike MLK's speech, It became a bit to partisan for me. It became to much unison against the other guys. What I do think is important about this election is that so many people are motivated to vote on and debate issues they strongly believe in. So register to vote. Educate yourself on the issues, but don't vote for someone just because they can make you cry. Here is a site you can click a bar at the bottom of the page and register to vote.

I have never, ever cried based on anything a politician said. Frankly the idea that someone would scares me. How can anyone give a politician such power over them.

she might as well have said she thought the speech so heart moving that she popped her breast implants - somehow it does not sound right, not genuine and sincere. both faux candidates propped by the establishment, are not constitutionally eligible.
the authentic, constitutional republican candidate who has a longstanding record of integrity, and is by far the most qualified, and worthy of the presidency, with viable solutions to solve most fundamental problems, of the american republic, is candidate for president, RON PAUL.

I couldn't agree more with Oprah's reaction. I first became a fan of Obama after seeing Oprah's enthusiastic campaigning for him, and I'm thrilled to discover I had the same reaction to his speech that she had.

He has not won everybody. Its too bad the presidency isn't based upon brains instead of marketing.

She was probably more moved that someone half black had become the nominee. And his speech clinched that fact. He could've gone up and said "I'm the man", then sit down and she probably would have still cried.


People are so gullible and taken in by celebrities that it is embarrassing for our country. Obama was just as partisan and political as most politicians. Just because he says one thing doesn't make him different. Think people for crying out loud, don't be so gullible and taken in by smooth talking actors or politicians. This is not a popularity contest, we are electing someone to lead our country. Obamas speech was a joke. He promised the world to everyone and has no way of delivering what he promised. Free from Arab oil in 10 years??!! Tax breaks for 90% while keeping deficit down??!!! Come on, he is bogus and anyone seriously thinking he will make a difference needs a check with reality. Stop being so simple and easily influenced!

Thank God we could watch the entire convention on the computer. For the short time I was forced to tune in to the corporatized CNN I was disgusted. About 6 clowns in black suits, so-called pundits. Hey CNN..l. We want to hear the speeches. Not your BS. Tim kaine was completely missed as was much of Richardson's talk! I would never tune into that crappy station again.

I love Oprah so much I can't stand it! Not only did she wake me up politically and inspire me to support this brilliant brilliant man, but she got over a million other Americans to support him too. Throwing her enormous influence behind Obama was the most brilliant thing Oprah has ever done (and she's done A LOT of brilliant things). What a brilliant use of her influence right when America needed it.

The reason Oprah came from nothing to become the most successful woman in the history of the planet is that she had the wisdom and judgment to pick the right people to run her empire. And now she has picked the right person to run OUR empire. She's so BRILLIANT and so is he!

Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I do not idolize Barack Obama, but I do love his plans and policies to rebuild the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

He will breath new life into the auto industry by building cars that get 150 miles per gallon and help reduce our dependence on foreign oil, cars will be manufactured here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and create HIGH-PAYING JOBS for us here at home. As our President, Barack Obama will invest in green technologies and create 5 MILLION HIGH-PAYING JOBS here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our new President, Barack Obama will invest $10 BILLION in early education for OUR CHILDREN, and he has a program so that any child who wants a WORLD CLASS EDUCATION can get it in exchange for service in our military or public service.

We have the greatest opportunity in front of us to elect a great leader WHO CAN MOVE THIS COUNTRY into the 21st century to more jobs, a green economy, a safer and more secure world, a more educated society. YES WE CAN!

pekopper - I commented to a friend yesterday that I was SO THANKFUL FOR CSPAN - I watched the entire DNC on CSPAN and didn't have to hear ANY of the repulsive, offensive, and divisive jeers of the so-called liberal media pundits (HA!) except when I saw them on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, Guess Who's Coming To Denver where a spoon full of laughter helps the republican stupidity go down.

The vp debate will be interesting. Joe Biden wont be able to attack her without looking like a d_ck. If he does, he might upset women because they will say that once again people are saying that a woman isnt qualified to be president while a black male with little experience is. They might argue that she has executive experience while Obama doesn't.

It neutralizes Joe Biden and John McCain. McCain won't be able to keep saying that Obama has no experience without being asked why a very pretty lady with only 18 months of experience is a heartbeat away from becoming president of the US. She is younger than Obama, that hurts McCain. She should have been as old as Hillary. Hillary will definitely try to stop her from stealing her supporters otherwise she won't be able to run in 2012 as the ONLY woman with a chance of becoming president.

The problem with McCain will remain the economy. Mitt Romney would have helped. Gov. Palin doesn't have much to run on and McCain made the mistake of being honest about his lack of understanding when it comes down to the most important issue our country is facing the economy.

Obama was a roll of a dice. It got less risky with Biden on the ticket. McCain will look more like a maverick now, but both of them will look more like a couple than a strong team.

The fun part is that it will be harder for Obama to respond to attacks coming from gov. Palin. He would be tempted to say that she has no experience, but knows that he has to keep his mouth shut.

Obama made a better choice than McCain. Because what he doesn't get is that people who are voting for Hillary are mostly doing so thanks to Bill. They loved what Bill did for the country, and they wanted him back through her wife. Even though I must admit that Hillary got so much better as a public speaker during the election.

There are two themes that will make or break both presidential candidates. Should the question be: Do you want more of the same or lack of experience aka change? I think so.

George Bush went to Yale and Harvard even though he was a C student. But McCain was 894th out of 899 students (no Ivy Leagues), that's worse than C. Plus he was governor of Texas, which means executive experience. I wonder what was the average IQ of the 899 people, probably 100. All that means is that McCain is worse than average, Bush was average. McCain is a bit worse, Bush would have been the 449th student out of the 899. Anyone can be a senator, basically you can just vote yes, no, or present most of the time like Obama. The hardest part is winning a seat, but if you're rich and connected, problem solved. Being president takes much more than blowing an airplane (maybe he wasn't good at it) and being war prisonner for five years and a half. Anyone would be mentally affected ask Bettancourt. Those prisons are worse than Sing Sing. Obama is smart, but can't seem to be able to pull the trigger. McCain would probably blow a country up if provoked.

Terrorism will exist as long as radical islam will. We have to learn to deal with it without sacrificing the economy. Otherwise they win. They are winning so far, because some of us are losing their homes, and the mastermind of the most horrible attack to our land is still at large. We have to remain strong.

Whether you vote for McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden, I want you to think, just think. Don't let the so-called political analysts and pundits think for you. What's good for them is not necessarily good for you. Think of this election as one of the most important decision you will make for your kids. Because it is.

Barack Obama's speech gave us, here in Canada,
hope for America.
It was breathtakenly moving.
I hope Americal is ready to work together for change.

This is stupid news. I am sorry I clicked on it. I don't care what Oprah did, I care about what Obama said and what he plans to do.

I knew you when you were yourself in Baltimore. Make sure you are right on this Oprah. Every reference from Obama has been directed toward his white ancestry. As Tiger Woods responded when asked about being the first black golfer to win the Masters - - "I have a mother too." So did Obama and his father contributed pigment and little else.

That Oprah is a goof ball, and a silly woman. She shows her small mind mentality and just plain stupidity.
Oprah forgot where she came from. Oprah sets a bad example running around the country with her boyfriend not even considering to marry.
Liberals are godless as it gets, and Oprah heads up the list. I would be scared to death to go to sleep at night being as evil as these people.
'Twinkle Twinkle little star, make me the biggest star and If I should die before I wake, the devil my soul would take. ' That is the liberal prayer.

in fairness to pres. obama he won the battle not because of oprah winfrey. God know's how much i love ms. O....she has a lot of fans including me... in a way yes she helped him...but people are smart. they know what they want and they know its time for a change..... maybe not in a blink of an eye but it will happen if all americans support their leader, then it would be possible. as what obama said... im not an american nor african im from the philippines but i follow his campaign... i first saw obama in ms. O's show he was then a senator and no plans of running for president... the way he talk u can see the inner part of him thats how transparent he is.. and even though im a filipina he captured my heart. people keep on asking me why am so happy that obama won the us presidency im not an american, this is what i answer always, US will have a better leader and it will start from there and soon for some countries its like a chain.. so i hope and pray that war in different part of the world will end because of this "right man" in a "powerful country"..... for now maybe who ever read this wont agree but soon you will

Obama knows how to talk. He's very mannered and doesn't show if he's angry like when he did the debates. I wasn't an Obama fan until I started listening and watching what he was all about. The man got my vote. He's VERY intelligent and he knows how to use it. I wish him and our country the best of luck and I think we can pull out of this mess-TOGETHER!

To a very concerned American: Comparing Obama to Hitler? As a Jewish woman I find this to be very insulting.

Don't worry about your fear of change. Plantation owners were scared of change as well- but later realized it would be okay.

As to all Mary: I am so tired of republicans calling us gullible. Remember we are of the 'elite' group. We are educated, we do our research and we make sound choices by careful reasoning. We didn't come to our decisions by blind acceptance *uhum* like other people may have.

Our party doesn't say words like 'terrorism' loudly just to intimidate and scare their followers. NO fact finding involved with that nonsense.

Americans: It is now safe to travel abroad without fear of embarrassment! Way to go people....we did it! We can be proud of our country again. Last time I went on a trip to Greece and I was constantly criticized for being an American (they believe we support Bush- as if).

I wish the idolizers were right, but it just doesn't add up. Obama stays in a church for twenty years with a virulently racist anti-white minister, yet has no clue what this man thinks? Nonsense.

Obama is a racist and he is married to a racist. Read Michelle Obama's senior thesis --weakly written and full of bias against whites. No trace of gratitude that she was allowed to attend an ivy league university as part of a quota.

Obama supported his cousin Odinga in Kenya and has no problem with vicious attacks against Kenyans who did not vote for him.

Obama is cheered and supported by Castro and a host of other radicals. Is that because he is going to oppose their policies and ideologies?

Obama plays down his ties with terrorists

Obama is a socialist "to the left of Mao" according to people who worked with him in the senate.

But we just really really really really want a messiah. So let's just put this out of our minds and hope that Obama is the answer to every problem --not a far worse problem.

Sad thinking. We meet a nice man. He tells us he is very trustworthy. He says --What do you mean? You don't know me well enough to get into my car and go for a nice drive? That's so mean!

We say --Well, ok!

We jump into the car and off we go. After we are bound, gagged, slashed, raped and murdered, we can't take back our foolish haste.

Wouldn't it have been nice if the man had been some kind of saint?

But this Obama is not. Just look at what he believes. Look at his associates.

How creepy it is to think of those pleasant bios about Obama and how that word "fair" was repeated so much. His mother wanted things to be fair. She said that people have to stand up and make things fair. Fair fair fair.

Only after checking about Obama on the internet did I find out that fair means that we should work hard to earn money and have our money forcibly taken away by the state and handed to anyone who doesn't feel like working.

Finally, I regret very much, but it seems that the American people have put Al Qaeda in the white house. I do not think that Obama revealed his true beliefs, emotions, attitudes at any point during the campaign.

He recruited women, children and blacks, just like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. These groups are uninformed, political innocents, who made it possible for him to mislead radically to get what he wants.

Obama is not going to do anything sudden, once in power. He will look and sound reasonable at all times. Everything will be perfect, just the way it was in his coup-d'├ętat campaign.

He will not reveal anything. It will all happen quietly behind the scenes. Only when the USA is bound, gagged, raped and murdered will it become very clear to those kind-hearted and dreamy folks who voted him into power.

so happy I don't think like Mark Jones....


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