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Obama's VP choice imminent via website, e-mail, text message

Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, is on vacation in Hawaii tonight. We believe. But, thanks to loyal Ticket reader Mark, just minutes ago we learned that the freshman senator's presidential campaign has confirmed that announcement of Obama's running mate choice is very near.

An e-mail just sent out says Obama "is about to choose a running mate." And when word comes, it will come by text message, e-mail and on the campaign website. An interesting twist that coulWho will be Democrat Barack Obama's vice presidential running mate? Questiond mean the word might be released this week even during Obama's family vacation.

The announcement will surely come before the Democratic National Convention starts in Denver on Aug. 25. It could even come while the candidate is on vacation, scheduled to end next Friday. If not, that leaves a 10-day announcement window of Aug. 15-25.

The traditional scenario would be for Obama and his pick to appear at a grand joint announcement somewhere with their families and dozens of TV cameras.

However, if hypothetically the announcement was to be made dramatically via cellphone texts, e-mails and the Obama website, the two candidates would not need to be together.

And if it came, oh, say, sometime this week, it would instantly dominate the news stream and erase any advantage Republican Sen. John McCain might have gotten from a week of campaigning without the Democrats' competition.

Then, the two Democratic running mates could appear together later at another event and get a bonus second publicity boost.

We're just saying.

This modern tech announcement gimmick, of course, also has the added benefit of presumably getting thousands of people to offer the campaign their e-mail addresses and cellphone numbers, a priceless, free recruiting and fund-raising tool.

When you sign up to receive the VP notification, you are offered another form to help recruit many friends and family to sign up too. NON-PARTISAN WARNING: You will soon also begin receiving regular pleas for money.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Say what you may about about the guy and his people really know know what they are doing

It's time for Obama to announce his choice for VP. The nation and Paris Hilton are waiting. Why Paris Hilton? Why Not? - She is perfect. She is lily white and would look good with him on stage. - What else could the media ask for? Like Obama, she has no track record. And, like Obama, she has accomplished nothing during the last eight years other than gaining world-wide celebrity. She can smile at adversity, of course maybe she can't spell it, but that doesn't matter in this world of media created darlings and candidates. By all reports Barack wants a running mate who is in-substantial and one who won't upstage him, and Paris would be perfect in that role. Of course she probably looks better in a bathing suite than he does, but as long as she doesn't wear it to the convention it won't matter. I truly believe that Paris is the one. The media would love it, and what else matters?

E-mailing the announcement to McCain would be futile as he does not know how to use a computer/internet.

This really does seem like a free publicity for him while he basically is out at the beach.

But who knows.. Maybe this is a way he is Changing conventional politics.

I want to see the breakdown of which crimes by the Bush administration are minor and which are major and who is reputed to have done the minor and major ones.
Obama's campaign said they wont go after the minor criminals. What about McCain's apparent crime of false propaganda leading to the Iraq war. McCain says he has a SOURCE that said it was the IRAQI's. Now the Feds say it was an American. Who is the source? Do they earn minor crime points or major crime points for false propaganda leading to war? Does Pelosi get a vote? Just Obama?

I think this is a very important decision for Obama. With Edwards of of the mix, he only has a few more choices that could help his chances at winning this election. Good luck to him, our country needs it.

Even if you accept the silliness that "Obama hasn't accomplished" much, that's much better than a flip-flop champion Republican, who has demolished his prized "Maverick" credentials to support the agenda of a president who
1. Destabilized the middle east on a lark.
2. Failed to capture Bin Laden in Afghanistan.
3. Converted the justice department into a political arm of the Bush family
4. Bankrupted the nation
5. Failed to get immigration reform
6. Failed to get social security reform
7. Presided over the largest expansion of government since FDR
8. Failed to make any progress in the nation's energy supply (though they had some fun with Enron)


"Do nothing" sounds good.

They are not going make any announcement this week it is all PR. But Obama is looking over the field while he is on vacation. They will run up a few more on the flag pole see how they fly. When he makes the decision I am sure he will do what he says. But that will make a lot of reporters unhappy since they all believe they are going to get the scoop. They have be told by their sources they will be the first to know. Well i guess everybody will be the first to know.

VJ Machiavelli

I think Obama is very very smart in using the power of the Internet to help his campaign. Bravo to his campaign managers!

Newsflash, Mike McAtee

You guys have a constitution. Paris is too young to run for prez or VP. She will be able to run 2016, so get your campaign ready :)

FWIW, it's very annoying that people with your level of knowledge of the US Electoral system are able to vote for the position of most powerful leader on earth, purely by an accident of birth, while the rest of the world hope like hell that you make the right choice.

obama should give john edwards a chance at vp.. have a good day.


Another gimmick, which pretty much sums up his entire compaign.

Sounds like a Hollywood stunt, or one from Surviver and Name that Tune. Terrible.

The e-mail from the Obama campaign was an offer to be on a listserv that when the announcement does come, the recipient gets it first (with the other millions). It was also a pitch for cash.
Nothing was said about when the announcement will be made. Like the VP would be announced while B.O. is in media remote Hawaii.

Jeez people!
Get back to the Olympics!!

This just in -- McCain will announce his VP selection by rotary-dial phone -- just call MO5-6221.

it probably doesn't matter who obama picks.....he is not ready, his lemming supporters and his campaign are too cult-like with their bi-polar behavior swings (saying one thing and doing another) and America needs a President who is ready and able to do what is right and necessary to help our children and our troops achieve a better future.....of course, mccain has more experience, but he is a dinosaur.....only Senator Clinton is capable of giving America the best chance at a greater

So, can I sign up just for the txt of the VP announcement, or will that get me on the full Obama '08 spam list...the opt in pages on his site aren't clear at all on this point, but it looks to me like it'd be the later. Anyone else signed up recently? How often to do get emails and txt spam from the campaign? Andrew, undecided in LA

God knows who they'll sell the number to. Do you really trust this guy, who chose an anti-American church, terrorist friends, crooked house deals, not being proud of his country (oh, wait, that's his wife), this non-voting, non-legislating liar with your cell phone number?

Puh-leeze. If you want to get more crap calls than you already get, feel free to share.

The ability to use "modern technology" does not necessarily equate with one's ability to lead. It does not suggest anything about an individual's experience, judgment, character, leadership ability, policy positions, etc.

And does this prove that Mr. Obama knows how to text? Will he personally send the text message? Whose idea was this? Did Obama come up with this idea or did the people working on his campaign?

Anyone with a shred of common sense will understand that a candidate's ability or inability to use technology proves nothing. It's just pandering to those who believe that it does prove leadership ability.

I hope Obama picks John Edwards. It will be a complete ingredient. Edwards can rub some of his machismo to our Obama. It will remove many of Obama's fruitcake mannerisms. It will totally erase the allegation that he is a bisexual to many of white male voters. Goodluck Obama!

I signed up at ~10:30am, just got my first Obama spam. At least there's a clear Unsubscribe link buried in the footer fine print. Does the campaign really think we all need more emails?!? Andrew, still undecided in LA

McCain probably announce his by postal mail jajajajaja

My choice is Joe Biden. He is as strong as they get on foreign policy, he's white and older, and even conservatives love him (McCain's perfect foil) and he has a 100% perfect track record of hitting Republicans hard and speaking the blunt truth - which means he could do the campaign's "dirty work" and leave Barack above the fray, able to remain the positive voice.

The only path to Victory is

I started a Draft Claire for Governor in which we had over 75 team captains statewide in 2003. She instead became a US Senator two years later. Claire McCaskill was a prosecutor in Kansas City, a single mom while serving as state representative for 3 terms and then a State Auditor. Her knowledge of local, state, and Federal levels of governments and how they work is extremely important. There has likely never been a vice presidential candidate which such a record of service.

She has become known as a center of the road legislator fighting for anti ear mark legislation and an accountability office for expenditures on the war. What she is most noticed for is that she has a pulse of the people that comes naturally and speaks out for the people when something is not in their best interest concerning government or important issues. Yes two inspiring candidates who bring out the best in people on the ticket sound real good.

Steven L. Reed

1441 South Estate Ave.

Springfield MO

It would make sense for Obama to pick Hillary Clinton as VP running mate. I am very much interested in "Change" in this country but also think it is time to have a woman in one of the top two positions in our country. I changed parties this year as I could not stand to be registered republican any longer even though I have not voted republican for over 16 years. I think Obama would have a better chance to secure the presidency by bringing Hillary on board and all here supporters. Obama, please give this some serious consideration. Also if asked I am sure Bill Clinton would stand up and support the party's nomination and he has stated so recently. I believe the Clinton's were/are given negative press which is unfounded and needs to be stopped and get back to the facts.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA U RULE UR GOIN WIN

If Obama is smart and upholds the campaign for change he will select me for his vice-president. Here is my answer for real change:

Statement Issued and Released

Statement Issued and Released on the world wide web at
Contact information:
Jeff Kenkel co-chairman
Cell 417 380 2530 or cell 417 336 9496 home

Dear Barack Obama:

It has to be McCaskill to win!

1. Claire McCaskill needs to be the Vice Presidential Candidate to capture the female vote in November.

2. As Missouri goes so goes the nation. JOHN MCCAIN 50%
BARACK OBAMA 44% John McCain leads Barack Obama in Missouri , according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey. When "leaners" are included in the survey, McCain leads Obama 50% to 44%. When just solid supporters are tabulated, the results changes slightly: McCain 48%, Obama 41%. Clearly Claire McCaskill as a dynamic campaigner can turn that around and help win Missouri and other states with her down home talking.

3. To run a real campaign based on “Change” having two candidates who are outside the beltway and that have not only the feel but the real pulse of the people.

Mr. Obama Please consider Senator McCaskill this week as you make your decision.

Thank you and enjoy your vacation time.


Jeff Kenkel


I know that is a lot of hard feelings between Barack and Hillary but we need to regain the White House and the only way too do that is to join together and pick Hillary. She would be ready on day one to run the country, God fobid that something would happen. She is a Washington insider, she would be challanging, she has domestic as well as international experience and over 18 million voters to bring to the ticket, it would be a sure thing. We definately do NOT want 4 or 8 more years of Bush. Just my 2 cents.

Now that Obama has picked Biden for vp I will vote Republican for the first time. The State of Delaware allows the high interest rates on credit cards thanks to Biden.

i am a 6 grader from miami florida.sincea few months ago i beacame extremly interested in politics.i know i cant vote beacuse im only 11 but the other day i was watching a tv show on how kids can get influenced to help the candidate we support! obama and mcain are both great.but i give all my support to jhon mcain,i would love to write a letter to him but i dont no a web site or email address were i can be shure hes going to recive it,please help!

I cannot believe the Almighty Obama went after John McCain the way that he did in his speech tonight. I am a lifelong Republican and I am getting sick and tired of my candidate issuing a Job Well Done speech to the Dems, and then go and smear him the way that he did. Obama is not the President, (and never will be, in his dreams maybe) even though he acts as if he has tied up the election already. What will happen to Obama after this speech is going to be fatal to his campaign. But he is fatal to his campaign and he doesn't even know it. He has NO experience to be President, talking to Iran to cut their nuclear program, give me break!! This campaign has given him a GOD complex, (look at his set up in Denver!!) And myself and millions of Americans can back me up with everything that I have said. He needs to get over himself. He had his big night. But it is the only big night he will have. He is one big fatality the United States does not need in the White House, he has no idea what foreign policy is. What will he do if he ever has to answer the phone at 3:00 a.m.? Call Biden and ask him what he should? He needs to understand the world around more, he is still a baby and he still needs alot of nurturing. Grow up America and you can see right through Obama.

dear obama
my name is bethsheba sims i live in schenectady ny
i have been struggling for years to get on top. ive been tease for being black and wanting better for me and my kids, by every race.especially blacks i live in the hood
because i stood up for human rights and this is the thanks i get. and here you come along and evetything is
hunky since the poor blcks will listen to you
why arent you living in the hood stressing them how important it is to clean thier life you know im tease for not selling drugs,doing drugs, not being a prositute,not abusing my kids,not letting a man live with me and use me,and not sleeping around which leads to catching aids. i am having promblems with the city and job force all because iim strong and believe in morality.
you say you are going to fix america and move forward,but every president has said that,and nothing has change. listen this is 2008 and we still have the same promblems. which is thievery, blackmail, lying,murder,sexual crimes,drugs,inferdlility, dont that all travel under the category of behavior. once ithe people behavior get fix all the things you political peeps tell us will come to be real. this all deal with morality. we dont take responsibility for our actions,as indidivisuals.people are in debt because of their money spending the goverment didnot tell them to get that credit card when they know they cant afford it. people are out in the street because they didnot pay their rent. people who dont have food in the house have sold thier foodstamps or spent it on drugs or gave ther money to their boyfriends..
so you know you wont fix it neither and the next guy after you will say the same thing to. once all the americans grow up and stop being children things will change. and of course you will be scare to tell them this
because you wont get elected if you did. now there a promblem aint it everybody lives by a lie.

obama is a fool if he thinks he is going to get any female voters after the pig thing he is a fool i know we will not be dumb enough to elect him

Today is a very significant day for the US and by extension the world. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and I know that Senator Obama will be the next President of the US. I'm blessed to witness this event even if I'm miles away. My aunt lives in the US, and she is working with his campain in Boston today. I've prayed about his victory and his safety. I also know that he will visit the Caribbean Islands including Trinidad and Tobago and I truly wish I could just see him in person. Even just to shake his hand. I will be absolutely honoured. He has inspired me and so many others. I wish to just Thank Him.


Well Diana you sound so dumb..ur actually the pig he was referring to btw..Get over it i understand ur a racist girl but guess wat he is our president and yes he's black..its funny how people hate him because he's
1. he's smart
2. respectful
4. and believes in Peace.
so for you to say he is a fool because he made a joke that i thought was hillarious than who's the real pig..start showing him some respect as your PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Dear Mr President
you have not only won the presidency of America. You have have made all really wise persons American. I wish to make a humble suggestion. It is as follows:

1) Either you issue International Government Bonds ($10) payable after ten years to9 be made globally available to support America. Or:
2) Instead of people buying land on the moon you can offer one square metrer plots in the vast unpoopulated parts of America at US$ 5 or 10 per square meter. Although I am 78 years old (and I am a very devoted Sudanese moslem and I never think of leaving my country yet I will feel great pride and honour to stand by the good American people because they are really good people.
Lastly I wish to assure you that we know that the American people are definitely not that bunch which left to means to destry the repution of America. Believe me, sir, the worl without aprosperous, and cobscioncious America is half a worl.
Ahmed Karrar

I would like to use my hobby of drawing & painting to turn into a 2nd career. I am trying to complete school to get into the field of
Visual Communications –Multimedia.
An Ex-boyfriend who owes me $3000.00.For breaking a restraining order since still owes it to me since I kept trying to get it & he had me put in jail. Then I found out he sexually molested my daughter.
I paid for breaking the restraining order by serving 298 days at the Las Colinas Detention Facility. This Ex-boyfriend has gotten away with what he did to my daughter plus the $3000.00. My daughter and I are moving on with our lives. The money I have just written off as a bad debt and a bad experience.
I was working at a skilled nursing facility where the main problem was not enough help to give good quality nursing care. For that reason I voluntarily quit due to that and other multiple problems so I was not allowed to get any unemployment insurance.
Since 15 September, 2007, I have been living on money I was going to use for retirement. That money has now run out & I am about to be turned out in the street since I will soon loose my apartment.
I am trying to work toward a 2nd career using my long term hobby of drawing and painting to get into the field of Visual Communications-Multimedia or advertising. I was in school for that but cannot even finish the program due to lack of money. MVA education benefit I used for nursing school. So I have a BSN in nursing which I can no longer use and I am about ½ finished with a program I cannot complete.
If there is any way I could get some kind of help I would even wash dishes or wait tables just to have some kind of job. I have gone on interviews though I for some reason cannot get hired anywhere.

On 23 August, 1991 I met a guy who is the reason I wish had NOT stayed in California after Desert Storm. This person after a while became a boyfriend who later borrowed $3,000.00 which he never repaid. He also sexually molested my daughter. She at that time was 12 years old. I know this was the same person who I know turned my name into your office with an alleged complaint. That person was Bernard Aloyious McLaughlin. It was his way of getting even with me for what I knew about what he is – a sexual child molester. Evidently that does not matter. . I obtained an Associate degree then a Bachelors degree in Nursing. I worked as a Registered Nurse

from 13 July, 1995 which included military duty as an Army nurse. I worked even after the 1 January, 2005 felony due to a non-violent, non-drug and non-alcohol related problem with an EX boyfriend. I was still working as an RN until 15 September, 2007, which was the last shift I worked. I quit since there was just 2 nurses working night shift it was impossible to give good quality nursing care with way too much to do.
On 23 October 2007 the state of California
Took back my license back without even the chance for rebuttal. This I felt was totally unfair.
Since that last shift I have not worked & have been living on money I planned to use for retirement. That money is now gone and I have been unable to get any unemployment money because of this mess. I cannot even get a job due to this mess. I will soon have all my utilities turned off and be turned out of the apartment I currently have. That too obviously does not matter. For that reason I will join the ranks of homeless out on the streets. Since all I am is a jailbird, a criminal, and a criminal I guess as a human being I am not worth dirt so none of this matters.

Hello, your website is very friendly. Congratulations!


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