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Feds probe feared assassination plot in Denver, say no credible Obama threat

A flurry of concern flashed around the Internet late Monday over reports of a possible thwarted assassination plot in Denver against Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, allegedly timed to occur during the candidate's acceptance speech before Nathan Johnson one of three men arrested near Denver in a feared assassination plot against Democratic Party presidential nominee Barack Obamasome 70,000 at Invesco Field on Thursday night.

Police in suburban Aurora made a routine traffic stop early Sunday morning after spotting a rented pickup truck swerving between lanes. Inside, they discovered drugs, ammunition, a bulletproof vest, two rifles, walkie-talkies and a rifle scope. This led to the arrest of three men.

Local authorities declined to elaborate beyond saying there were "federal implications." U.S. Atty. Troy Eid also declined to elaborate beyond saying federal authorities were working with Aurora police and the investigation continued.

The arrested were listed as: Tharin Gartrell, the 28-year-old pickup driver; 32-year-old Nathan Johnson (see photo), arrested in a hotel about three hours later; and Shawn Adolph, a 33-year-old hospitalized after suffering injuries from jumping out a hotel window when police arrived.

Eid, who scheduled a news conference for late Tuesday afternoon, added: "We can say this: We're absolutely confident there is no credible threat to the candidate, the Democratic National Convention, or the people of Colorado."

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Associated Press /Aurora Police Department

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Looks like another news story cooked up by the liberazzi to inflame passions, and put their golden child at the forefront of the news. Glad to see it got squelched.

No, actually looks like typical incompetent inbred idiots that apparently reflect the anti-Obama mindset. Fortunately, most Americans are smarter than him or anyone using the idiotic term "liberazzi."

A GUN IN EVERY POCKET – Probably not what the framers of the Constitution really would intend today.

Emotions make this an endless debate, and solutions will be hard to come by.

went to school with nathan, cant see him doing anything of this magnitude...probably just needs rehab and better friends


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