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School seals records on Obama's service with radical Ayers

These annoying journalists are at it again, trying to poke around into papers in the background of candidates' lives. This time it involves freshman Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, his friend and former radical activist William Ayers and the University of Illinois.

The university has refused to release records related to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's past service for a nonprofit educational project that put him in contact with activist Ayers, a 1960s-era radical who helped found an organization advWilliam Ayers former 60s radical activist and friend of Senator Barack Obama posed for this photo for Chicago Magazine in 2001 to promote his bookocating violence for political change.

Ayers is now an education professor at the school.

The university's Chicago campus maintains that the donor of the records that document the work of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge has not officially handed over ownership rights and, therefore, the school cannot open the documents to public inspection.

The university says it is "aggressively pursuing" an agreement with the donor, and as soon as an agreement is reached, the collection will be made public.

The university has not identified the donor and not indicated if the opening would occur before the Nov. 4 presidential election.

The Obama campaign says the senator does not have control over these records or the ability to release them, adding that it has made many documents related to Obama's life available to the public and that "we are pleased the university is pursuing an agreement that would make these records publicly available."

The conservative National Review this week posted an article online saying the institution had initially deemed the records open to inspection, but the university subsequently reversed its position. Tuesday, the university said that there had been a misunderstanding.

Ayers is an education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In his youth, he co-founded the Weatherman organization, later known as the Weather Underground organization, which espoused violence in the pursuit of political change.

Obama has acknowledged knowing Ayers but says he can't be held responsible for everything every friend did in his or her life. Our colleague Mark Silva has more on this unfolding story over at the Swamp.

-- Andrew Malcolm


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Obama won his Senate seat by having his opponents sealed divorce records unsealed. Full disclosure for thee but not me, Obama?

I have nothing so say, that cannot be read or heard, should be the way we get our info on candidates. However, it appears, through more slight-of-hand (tactical jibberish), Obama backers give lame excuses for their actions. It is obvious to me that the Wright timing and his actions, which prompted Obama to denounce him, were conspited and timed to squelch the negative impact it was having on his campaign. Does anyone really think for a moment that he would dump this man, except if his fingers were crossed behind his back? The timing was just too perfect and it was very effective. Flager helped Obama distance his church. How gullible we the people are, escape complete. I still see him returning to that church in some triumpant glory. After this is all over they will all be best buds again, patting each other on the back for a job well done. This Ayers thing would be just a little bit different. It sounds as if someone observing from the outside wrote down what he/she was witness to. My guess is it would be as damning for Obama as someone like Ayers is to this country. He couldn't blow it up so he has stepped into a more parasitic role to bore into the inside through someone like Obama and eat away at the gut of the country. That sounds like old school socialism to me, all any good radical socialist needs to pull it off is a good host, Barack Obama.

so what's new? both puppet candidates preemptively imposed on the people by the establishment in power, are verifiably not legally, ethically or otherwise qualified to occupy the office they are pretending to be running for, in this mockery of 'democratic' elections; while the legitimate and qualified candidates have been harrassed and systematically suppressed all along, as they care about the interests of the people and the future of their country rather than corporate money, financial power and global tyranny. none of the preemptively-presumptive candidates have been able or willing to produce legal documents showing them to even be eligible by constitutional standards, nor have the complicit media been willing to seriously scrutinize the fabrications of their past, their consistently unconstitutional voting records, their corrupt behavior and disqualifying mindset. not that it would really matter as anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see, and with a clear mind and conscience, could easily know what those candidates stand for, and that they have turned these elections into a contest of buffoonery and lies, and outright mockery of the people. so while the criminal and treasonous, neocon/neodem corporate fascist gang will be triumphantly revelling in their respective stomach-turning, mind-boggling, head-banging con coronation charades in st. paul and denver, a legitimate, sincere and honest candidate like RON PAUL, will be left to uphold the american republic, and the constitution, in his own convention, representing the people not their enemies ('rally for the republic' at target center, minneapolis, august 31st - september 2nd).

Where IS his Rue Paul looking wifes' College Thesis Paper? Why can't we see that? I would think that she would be PROUD of that. Wouldn't you? And what about Bajesus Obamas' Illinois State Senate Records? How about a peek at those babies? If my memory serves me, I believe that the BULK of them were DESTROYED. And where are Skinny Boys' MEDICAL RECORDS? Hmmmm? I understand that the old codger, John McCain, has released some 1000 pages of HIS Medical Records. We never got Bill Clintons' Medical Records, and now it looks like we won't get this IDIOTS' Med. Records either. What the Hell are these people HIDING? And WHEN will the MEDIA DO THEIR FREAKIN JOBS?

First, WIlliam Ayers is not a "radical activist", he is a self-admitted terrorist.
Second, as he said in 2001 that he wished he had "done more" (re the Pentagon bombing), I have to question that he is a "former" terrorist; he is simply semi-retired.

The Annenburg Challenge was SUPPOSED to help fix Chicago's inner city schools, which are still deplorable. Obama failed miserably at the only leadership role he ever had and squandered 100 million dollars, much of which is unaccounted for. That is why he and his buddies don't want you to read the records.
Why it has taken so long for the MSM to do their work and look at Chicago I have no idea. But you better keep looking because all of Obama's friends here are criminals.

Welcome to Obama's Marxism.

You will be investigated, and His relations to terrorists like Bill Ayers will be censored and suppressed.

"Fairness" will be used to destroy free speech for all who oppose Him.

Where's the real story about McCain's very scary ties to the Georgian lobbyist, Randy Scheunemann, who spent years aligning the eastern bloc into an hostile allegiance against Moscow - who also helped perpetuate the lies leading up to the Iraq war? Can we spell W-A-R-M-O-N-G-E-R?? McCain's response to the Georgian/Russian conflict was to grandstand, acting "presumptively" as president (something Obama was accused of for merely speaking with a foreign leader) and saber rattling ominously - again. Then McCain apparently advocated instilling a Draft while speaking at a townhall meeting on Tuesday. "Bomb, bomb Iran" seems so much more threatening now than ever. And yet, we have LATimes writers handwringing over Ayers and Obama "ties" that are as mundane as McCain's ties to nefarious lobbyists are alarming.

What about McCain's advisors who are all lobbyists of questionable repute? Scheunemann and Gramm both have neocon ties and Gramm helped legislate the Enron Loophole that has us now in a housing and financial crisis. Where's the outrage on THAT?

Instead, the LATimes punditry would rather focus on barely existent Obama "ties" to Ayers. Get real, guys - you're not helping the American people here with this crapola.

Obama whined about Hillary's tax records and spewed all kinds of vile venom about her, but refuses to come clean for his "CHANGE MESSAGE"? What is he hiding? He tried to hide his church, but got busted...So the Obama halo is tarnished. He is a hypocrite, pretending to be above the rest, but he is the same as the rest.

darn those journalists and their "investigating" !!!

really there's probably not much there at all, but as they say the coverup is worse than the crime.

Oh Jilly, it was Jack Ryan's former business partners that revealed his divorce papers. They'd had it for years waiting for an opportune time to screw him over with it.

Of course the Republicans here in Illinois were very happy, they don't like those independently wealthy types since they don't take as many campaign donations and thus can't be handcuffed into doing the Party's bidding. That's why they keep torpedoing Oberweis as well.

Rev. Wright - "GD America", Obama - 'I was napping in the pews'.
Ayers pictured above, Obama - 'just a guy in my neighborhood'.
Pertinent questions, methinks - the guy want to run the place now, not run it down?

So wait, let me get this right. A radical leftist foundation at a radical leftist university is covering for a radical leftist candidate because of his radical leftist connections. All I have to say is, those documents better not just disappear.

teecee, good catch on the whole Rev. Wright denouncement being contrived and orchestrated by "Fred Sanford" and his son, "Lamont". Fr. Phleger as "Shady Grady" played his bit role in a what would be perceived as the only thing a reasonable person could do, quit his church of nearly 20 years. Rev. Wright is conveniently out of the country in Africa and will remain so until post-election, rumors of a book tour notwithstanding. Does anyone else find it odd that this man would go on a self-promotion tour at that particular time and then completely flame-out in the very hgih profile setting of the National Press Club?

The Obama/Ayres connection will test the power of the younger Richard Daley to stonewall the press. His father did a pretty good job. One reason the records may be concealed is that over $100 million went to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge with no benefit to Chicago public schools but plenty of ex-Weathermen ended up on the payroll. Google Mike Klonsky, for example. One day, he's a taxi driver; the next he heads a center funded by the CAC. It's like magic, and Obama was the chairman.

"These annoying journalists are at it again..."

Cut the crap. Nobody in the mainstream media has pursued this story. When it comes to Obama the Los Angeles Times follows the motto "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil," or maybe "to protect and serve."

there i think id vote for someone looking out for our interest and take on those who wish to kill us. then someone who is best buddys with someone who does want to kill us

Bill Ayer's is just some guy who lives in my neighborhood.

Oh this thread is hilarious! A journalist pretending to be an annoyance in the side of those perpetrating a sinister cover-up! In case you have not read the paper yourself lately journalist have the same respectability as a used car salesmen. The left will have nothing to do with you because of your trades lack of ethics in letting Bush/Cheney Co. get away with murder without a single question asked. The right cant stand you because any time you do speak the truth is always seems to have a left wing bias. But, as always, the right wing loony tunes make the this thread down right huggable. Always convinced that the proof of some grand Marxist, Islamo-facist plot is always about to be revealed when suddenly Osama's (or Clinton's) allies in the LIEbural media scurry it sway. These anti-obama threads are better than fairy tales!

The picture above shows you the kind of people Obama has as friends. Obama is not fit to be president of this country. His friend Ayers is standing on the american flag with total disrespect for it. Now I know why Obama didn't want to wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart during playing of our national anthem. This snake in the grass has no real love for this country, he just wants to rule it and change it to suit the extreme radicals. He should never be given that power.

"Please" you had better look out!!!

There is a radical Islamist-Liberal-Homosexual-Black-TaxAndSpend-Flag Burner underneth your bed!

Hurry up and vote for McSame before he gets you. QUICK!

Could you republicans be more racist? It's so obvious that the idea of a black man running the country is so TERRIFYING you're actually starting to repeat things you've already LIED about! You want "real" journalism? What about McCain and his KEATING FIVE connection? What about the Palin's Alaska Independence Party connections? What about McCain's gambling problem and DIVORCE (christians?)? What about Cindy's pill popping problems? What about Sarah Palin's city government CHARGING RAPE VICTIMS for RAPE KITS!!! What about the fact that McCain wants to continue a war that's cost us over 600 TRILLION $ and over 4000 lives. Oh, right that's what you call "patriotism". Just admit it: Republicans have screwed up every single positive element this country had when Clinton (who you all LOVE to hate!) left office... the world is less secure, the economy is messed up (remember the SURPLUS?), standards for education are worse! You should be ashamed of yourselves. A black man is going to be president. Get over it, stop the ridiculous ad homenem attacks. You just look ridiculous and NOBODY IS BUYING IT!

Why doesn't the Freedom of Information Act of july 4, l966 allow that the college records of Barack Obama be unsealed for public knowledge. He is running for Commander in Cheif and we can't even see his thesis. Give me a break. We can know anything about Joe the Plummer, but nothing about the history of our possible President of the United States, who will control wars, money, Supreme Courts, education of our children, etc....We, the people, have a right to know exactly who this man is!

America, no "transparency" for you!


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