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John McCain may turn to Virginia for a VP candidate

First came speculation that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was on Barack Obama's short list for the Democrats' vice presidential nod.

Rep. Eric Cantor (right) has been asked by John McCain's campaign for personal documents -- a clue that he's under consideration for the #2 spot.Today, the Associated Press is reporting that John McCain's campaign has asked another son of the Old Dominion, Rep. Eric Cantor, for personal documents -- a pretty good indication that he is under scrutiny as a running mate for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Cantor, 45, has racked up overwhelming victory margins from his Richmond district since he first ran for Congress in 2000. He serves on the powerful Ways & Means Committee and, as chief deputy minority whip, is a member of the House GOP leadership. As the only Jewish Republican in the House, according to the Almanac of American Politics, he has been in a position to reach out both to Jewish voters and, through his strong support of Israel, to his party's Christian conservative base.

Why else might McCain like him? Well, ...

Cantor is a prodigious fundraiser and serves as finance chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. His voting record in the House is solidly conservative -- more so than McCain's, according to several national ratings. And given that the veep nominee is often called on to take more pointed positions than the person at the top of the ticket, it probably doesn't hurt one bit that Cantor was labeled a "Bush attack dog" by the chairman of Virginia's Democratic Party during the 2004 presidential campaign.

Through a spokesman, Cantor declined comment, the AP reported, and the McCain team offered a "no comment" as well.

So why are both presidential candidates looking at running mates from Virginia? In today's red state/blue state divide, Virginia is decidedly purple: The governor is a Democrat, but the lieutenant governor and the attorney general are Republicans. The state's two senators are split -- Republican John Warner, who is retiring this year, and Democrat Jim Webb, an early Obama veep favorite who has removed himself from consideration -- and the congressional delegation has eight Republicans and three Democrats (with the Dems targeting four of those GOP seats this year).

Virginia has not voted Democratic in a presidential election since 1964 (when incumbent President Lyndon B. Johnson crushed another Arizona Republican senator, Barry Goldwater), but the Obama folks are so optimistic about their chances that they've opened 28 campaign offices across the state. And with speculation rampant that Kaine will be Obama's #2 pick, McCain may have his eye on Cantor to keep those 13 electoral votes in the GOP column.

-- Leslie Hoffecker

Photo: McCain and Cantor (right) at a Feb. 13, 2008, news conference; credit: Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

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I guess they are running up the "FLAG POLL" he see how it fly's but keep your eye on Peter King. He could be the sleeper in this race. But from now till the convention a lot more names will be running up that flog poll. it does keep us all busy writing and commenting on the choices.

VJ Machiavelli

The Virginia play another copy cat move from Mc Cain too bad it is going blue this time regardless of Mr. Cantor.
Fellow Americans please join me in supporting Barack Obama for President you can donate at this link feel free to use my name Raul Pedraza as the person who encouraged you.

Now please allow me share my personal reasons why I proudly support Senator Obama and am certain he is the correct choice for our great country.

Senator Obama supported our countries troops by authoring and passing passing vital legislation to make conditions for our injured better at Walter Reed and other Veterans hospitals.

Senator Obama was a strong supporter of Jim Webbs’ improved GI Bill. George W. Bush and his cohort in crime John Mc Cain both came out against the GI Bill which would give the troops a college education until the bill had overwhelming support and the threatened veto had no chance. I am a veteran and my son fought in Iraq and we are both proud to be part of the thousands of veterans for Barack Obama.

Senator Obama is an embodiment of the American dream and a uniter not a divider. He picked himself up from meager means to a Harvard Law degree and became editor of the Harvard Law Review the first black person to ever achieve the honor. He chose to serve as a community organizer rather than as a highly compensated corporate attorney. He served as an Illinois state legislator and then became a Senator from Illinois. He is today the Democratic party’s nominee for President. To come so far is an incredible story and one that proves again the value of hard work and tenacity in the land of opportunity. Add in the fact that he is black and it is incredible how far we have all come and also how far we have to go.

His judgment on foreign affairs continues to shine through. He was right that we did not belong in Iraq and that our treasure and the lives of our troops are getting plundered for no good reason. He was right that Afghanistan was where our enemies should be battled. He was right that diplomacy needed to be a bigger part of our arsenal and has stated he would negotiate with our enemies but not bow to them. Today you can see the Republican Bush administration making exactly the moves Senator Obama has called for and then of course taking credit for the correct actions.

As a Cuban American I am happy to see Senator Obama willing to try a new strategy for relations to Cuba besides the failed embargo we have tried for fifty(50) years with no results. Why should we keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome?

Our nation needs allies to confront the big issues that face our country we cannot go it alone and can no longer act as if we own the planet. Our allies all support OBAMA.

Please don’t let John Mc Cains’ campaign and its lies and negative propaganda cause you concern or make you believe it is too great a risk to back the candidate with the better intellect and integrity. Shout out YES WE CAN! PROUDLY and vote for Barack Obama. You wont regret putting our country on the right path.

Wake up America
When Bush came into office eight years ago, I was working at one of the largest state office in the U.S.. One of the first thing on G.W. Bush's agenda was to remove Affirmative Action from the hiring process. When he did that, I heard my managers speaking, they said "Now we don't have to hire or promote anymore blacks". That year and the years to follow, African Americans in my unit did not receive any promotions and their was no new hires for blacks. Yes we need equal opportunity for all races when it comes to hiring, but first we need to tilt the scale to balance equally. Only then can we remove the need to enforce affirmative action.

On the predudice issue, everyone is predudice to some extent, some more than others. As for McCain, Yes he is very Predudice against Blacks and all other people of Color. He is also smart to take advise and adopt a black child to cover up his predudice persona in order to win black votes. But the truth is, it just makes us angry and we are not fooled by his feeble attemps and lies. Throughout the years, we have heard all of the lies, tricks, and simple minded attemps to fool simple minded people in order for a presidentual contender to become president. We are watching and we are no longer simple minded. We will never vote for a McCain. By the way I'm White.

Cantor has no name recognition. The media has not vetted him. He is virtually unknown. With the short time remaining before November, there is no way the people , democrats, republicans. independents or even the Obama-crazed- media will know him
I think Cantor will not help the McCain campaign.
Mitt ROMNEY is more likely to win more votes in any state. I think it is best that ROMNEY is the VP. Romney is squeaky clean and we do not know about Cantor. We are very comfortable with ROMNEY as VP..


Raulster, It sounds like you drank the kool-aid and more than one glass. The Balls suggests that you might want to change your name. It makes you sound like either a mexican wannabe or an illegal alien. Oh, yeah, the Ballster forgot, not only do illegal aliens vote in many states, but they no doubt vote the leftist ticket. Wonder if that has any connection with the leftists trying to keep states from checking IDs? Hmmmm. Just a thought. HB

How can anything so obvious as picking Cantor be so brilliant? Not only would Cantor on the ticket bring me back to the Repub Party but he would lock up Fla. He might also swing enough Jewish voters in Mich., Ohio and Pa. to make the difference. And it doesn't hurt that he's from Va. He's a great fundraiser, young, articulate, and above all, a conservative who would ease concerns on that front. Finally, Cantor, win or lose, would give the Repubs an excellent bench for 2012 and beyond.

How can I possibly listen to a poster who goes out his way to mention that Senator Obama is 'black'. I didn't realize that one's skin cooler was an advantage either way to be elected for president. If I were to post on here that we should elect McCain because he is 'white' I'd be decriied as a racist. The person who posted the comments concerning Senator Obama, and implied that we should cast our vote for him because he's 'black' is the worst king of racist out there. I find such retoric despicable at best.

If one wants to talk about a candidate based on how much they've overcome, etc...take a look at McCains record in the Vietnam war. He was a war prisoner who refused to be released without his soldiers. Obama on the other hand, who claims that so-called Reverand Wright is like and 'uncle' to him, threw him to the wolves when it became politically expediant to do so.

No, I''ll not be voitng for Senator Obama, in spite of the fact that he is a 'black' man and that would be the politically correct thing to do.

Scott W.

McCain will pick Leiberman or Cantor because they are both Jewish and because McCain is owned by AIPAC and the Israel lobby...if he dies in office we'll have a non-christian jewish president.

I'm confused with statements that Obama is the first black presidential candidate. Considering that he is half white and half black, I would assume that makes him the first mixed-race candidate to run for president. That being the case, he should simply run as an American candidate for president.

Vote for McCain if you want. I sleep well with my vote the last two times. 8yrs with a republican President. 7yrs with a republican congress. Look at our nation. Enough said. BUT you republicans still think you can fix things huh? Idiots.

'As for McCain, Yes he is very Predudice against Blacks and all other people of Color'

McCain is prejudiced against blacks and all other people of color? Hmmmm, last I checked, white is a color too. I suppose that McCain is prejudiced against white's too based on your report. The only people, according to you, immune to McCain's so-called prejudice, whould be albinos.

I intensely despise this element of the campaign when a 'white' candidate is labeled a racist because he/she criticizes a candidate with a different skin color. True racism belongs to those who make a issue out of the differences in the candidates' skin color. I've never thought of Obama as more than just another candidate running for the presidency. The true racists are those who think we should vote for Obama because of the color of his skin.

Scott W.

whats wrong with our nation? - Thats Bush's fault too?

look at the problems you see, and i assure you the problem is not Bush or the Government...its ourselves.

We must take care of the work within the walls of our own home first - be a good husband, father, or mother, be educated, be kind, considerate, work hard, slow to anger, hold true to those good family values.

if you do those things, no storm can toss you.

Our country is great - we're free, we're safe, we can pursue any dream we want.

Our country is not screwed up . . our own personal lives are. We can't blame Bush for everything.

Take responsibility for your actions.

A conservative president who provides saftey under his watch, and lower taxes is our guys. Thats not Obama. - Heck, thats not even McCain... but McCain is close enough.


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