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Clinton catharsis on the convention floor: Was it enough?

Alan Kessler, a major Hillary Rodham Clinton fundraiser, watched the speech from the Pennsylvania section on the convention floor in Denver's Pepsi Center.

Kessler said he got emotional during the address. Taking out his BlackBerry, he showed an e-mail he got from a friend as Clinton spoke: “I still want her," said the message.

Pointing to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, standing a few feet away, Kessler said, "I saw the governor wiping his eyes."

For his part, Rendell, credited with helping Clinton win the Pennsylvania Democratic primary soundly, said, "She blew the lights out." In an interview on the convention floor, Rendell said Clinton's mission, in part, was to "send a message to her recalcitrant supporters that there's no time to look back. We have to keep going and get this done."

Kessler added: “People all around me were saying it was hard to believe a year ago she wouldn't have been up there giving her acceptance speech. That's why tonight was great. It's a great opportunity to show the emotions and then get down to business and do our work."

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who competed in the Democratic primary before rejecting longtime Clinton ties and throwing his support to Barack Obama at a crucial time in March, described the speech as "a home run."

"It sends a huge signal that the Democratic Party should be unified," Richardson said. "No more divisions. Obama and Clinton are together."

We'll see about that over time.

-- Peter Nicholas

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I was skeptical about what Hillary would say. But she said it all. It is not about her, it is about the need to end the Bush nightmare Any Clinton supporter who cannot grasp what she said in her excellent speech and get behind Obaama is against all that Hillary is fighting for.

There goes again LA times = Zimbawe Gov Press asking
"Clinton catharsis on the convention floor: Was it enough?" LA Times should change its name to THe Reps Mouth Piece!!


Good Sportsmanship!


Sniff :'(

As an early Obama supporter (and independent), I was very impressed with Senator Hillary Clinton's speech. She showed a level of vision, commitment to this country that completly eclipsed the petty disputes between Obama/Clinton in the primaries.

No longer can repugnant wing of the Replican party replay Obama/Clinton bashing with any degree of credibility.

With this new clarity and passion for our country, Senator Clinton will enjoy a legacy and influence with a much broader base than the 18 million suppporters she already had. I am ready to pay respect to her again.

Well, for sure this is an emotional event. That said, it is imperative that the Dems get behind Obama to take the Oval Office and all its exec wiles away from the hubris-hugging, power-mongering "neocon"(fidence tricksters) crazies that succeeded in their two-decade long goal of pulling a coup back in 2000 when they got their boy in the White House and uploaded the tenets of the Project for the New American Century as policy, the results of which being, for one, okaying torture in the guise of national security, which comes down to some paranoid type hoping to keep a job.

Uh, sorry for the long sentence. But only Obama or McSame, no one else, will be in the White House next year, and the Obama-Biden team has a much more level head than anything that seeps out of the BFEE. The Dems absolutely MUST win this election, or its goodbye any sense of integrity whatsoever the US ever had.

I pretty much agree with the earlier poster. It seems the whole point of this column is to cast doubt on the Dems day in and day out. How does it turn up as one of the featured links in Google news so regularly anyways?

No Way, No How, No McCain!!!!!

That says it all. Clinton hit a Grand Slam.

Well here we go into the vote. Her speech was good but I felt a bit held back. She just doesn't seem to have her heart in it.

It is important for Clinton supporters to be strongly behind Obama. If he should loose and thier backing is only luke warm, Hillary will get the backlash next time around. The Clintons are smart people and they understand this dynamic. Her supporters need to be smart also.

Great speech by Hillary last night! More good reasons to support Barack Obama for president. Share these with everyone you know in a swing state:

Bill & Hillary Clinton have done their part in trying to bring Hillary's supporters over to Obama. It is now time for Obama and his supporters to show respect for Hillary and her supporters and stop screaming insults at us and trying to shove Barack Obama down our throats. It's Obama's job to comvince us to vote for him and each one of us have the right to decide ourselves who we vote for. Obama's zombies kicked Hillary's supporters under the bus during the primaries, why do you ask for our votes now. My vote belongs to me alone, until I decide who I want to give it to. Barack Obama will never get my vote.

Resignation is not unification.

Bragging about winning by avoiding the large primary states and instead winning in the caucus states is not a winning November formula, that is what will be learned from this years shenanigans.

Don't blame Clinton supporters for sneaky, clever, but ultimately obnoxious and snarky methods used to win by the Barack Obama camp in August, at the expense of this fall.


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